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Chapter 46

"So kid, been quite a ride hasn't it?" Casey was sitting back in his favorite chair, unlit stogy in one hand, and non alcoholic beer in the other, darn new Mama W. rules Casey grunted to himself.

Chuck started to panic somewhat as he squinted his eyes giving Casey a questionable look. "Don't say it like it's over or anything Case, it's just a baby."

Casey nearly spit out his weak tasting near-beer. "Just a baby? Ha, tell me that in a couple months when your knee deep in filthy diapers, sleepless nights, agitated and grumpy wife, not to mention your ever demanding newly acquired 'sister'."

Chuck thought about that for a second. "Touche." With that he raised his own bottle of near-bear and toasted Casey as they both sat back in their chairs, contemplating the future and how exactly they got here.

"You still like being here though right Casey? I mean I know this is a new direction for us but I really need you big guy. I can't do this without you." Chuck was staring at a point on the wall, trying with all his might not to turn this into a 'moment from the View'.

Casey gave a brief look over at the kid. He could see the truth behind the kid's response. Truthfully, Casey wasn't going anywhere. Matter of fact, he'd already looked into purchasing the house down the street from where the Bartowski's lived now. Of course, security reason's only, you know, making it easier for mission related objectives. Oh hell he thought, who was he kidding, he had grown so attached to Molly, not to mention Chuck and Sarah were more than a family to him anyway, he wanted to be as close to them as he could. Besides, Alex had grown so attached to the Bartowski clan that this would give them a great opportunity to be together as a real family. "kid, I ain't going anywhere, I think I finally found my home."

Chuck looked briefly over to his partner, surprised at his use of words. "Good, I can't imagine facing this all without you."

Casey did a double take. It wasn't necessarily the words that were spoken but how they were spoken. You don't become the top NSA operative without knowing how to read people. That was probably why he had let Walker and Bartowski live after those first few months upon meeting. And that is why something inside Casey changed once again seeing the purity in Chuck and his heartfelt honest words. He did something he rarely did, he took a deep calming breath.

"Okay kid. This is the one time you'll ever here me speak of this, so if anyone ever questions what went on this night, I'll deny everything." And here goes the lady feelings Casey chided to himself.

Chuck's full attention was on the big guy.

"Bartowski, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. Walker wasn't the only hardened spy you got to and honestly, I owe you my heart and soul." Casey had to pause as he tried to gather himself. Not that he was emotional, just bad Thai food he tried to convince himself.

"You've made me human again. You've taught me how to care, how to be part of a family, and you've taught me how to love again. I'd buried all that stuff deep down where I never thought I'd see it again. But you never gave up. From the moment we met, to the Memorial, to finding my daughter, to giving me a niece and soon to be nephew, and most of all, for bringing me into your family, you changed me. You've made me want this, or maybe better, you've made me need all this." Okay now the Thai food was really acting up as Casey was fighting down the feelings pouring out from the pit of his stomach.

"I love you kid. I love your wife, I love Alex, I love Molly, I love Ellie and Devon, I love our family. I'll never forget what you've done for me Chuck and I'll always consider you like a brother." Casey let out a deep breath as if blowing out a puff of smoke. "Okay, that's it."

Chuck could really only sit and stare at the big guy. They had been through so much and yes, while they have had a few of these 'talks', this one just seemed... different. It wasn't that it felt like the end, but it felt like the beginning of something so much more. He remembered back when he started his mission plan with Sarah. He remembered how his plan was just not about her, it was about becoming closer with Casey. Mission accomplished he thought as he nodded his head towards the big guy, thinking right now might not be a good time for a hug.

In the end, it wasn't just his wife he gained, but it was a partner and friend also. His wife taught him about true love, but it was Casey that had taught him about true friendship, and it was a gift he'd never forget.

{* * *}

Chuck had decided to make the rounds one last time as now he was sitting down on his sister's couch, waiting for Ellie to make her way in from the kitchen. Sarah was out with Carina, finishing up shopping for the baby's room and any last minute supplies, Devon was working a double, and Casey had tagged along with Molly and Emma, for security reasons only, to Build a Bear. Chuck wanted to take this rare opportunity to visit with his sister. After all, this could possibly be the last time either of them would have any free time to just sit and talk.

Ellie came in and handed Chuck a hot cup of tea as she settled down comfortably, or as comfortable as she could, into the living room couch next to Chuck. "I'm so glad you came over Chuck. I know in all the craziness lately we've barely had time to just be together."

Chuck wasn't exactly emotionally strong right now, especially after his recent visit with Casey, and so now, sitting this close to the person that raised him, the emotions were almost like a tidal wave waiting to consume him. Chuck was trying his best to hold everything in, he didn't want this moment to turn in to a Bartowski cry fest. But when he continued looking upon his sister, it wasn't just a sister he was seeing; it was a best friend, a provider, a counselor, a… a mom. Ellie was everything to him and the memories of what his sister went through for him, so he could get to this day, it just was overwhelming to him.

Ellie could read Chuck better than anyone, save his wife, and she could tell the emotion that was filling him. She could feel it too and she placed a loving hand on Chuck's knee as she too began to swell up with tears.

"El… I love you so much. I just can't tell you how thankful I am for what you've done for me." Chuck could recall every situation, every hurt, every pain, every hug, and every good advice, everything she had done for him. It was like the Intersect was melding into his heart, allowing Chuck to see and feel everything his sister had done for him. Of all the wonderful memories, of all the things that made him fill with love just thinking about, the greatest thing of all was the time where she sat with him right after the Suburbs mission when he had lost all hope. It was Ellie that saved him which allowed him to receive the greatest gift of all, his wife.

"I know Chuck, I love you too." Ellie became really serious as she looked deep into Chuck's eyes. "And little brother, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I loved every minute I had with you and there is nothing in this world that would make me ever think differently."

"El I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for what you did for me after the mission in the suburbs." This time Chuck couldn't hold it in, thinking about if that moment in time would have been different. If he hadn't decided, with the urging of Ellie, to come up with his plan, what heartache and pain he and Sarah would have suffered. The road to their finally getting together might not of ever happened or taken years of frustration and disappointment. But because of Ellie's guidance and help, he stuck with his plan and now he felt like the luckiest man in the world. "I owe you so much and I just want you to know that besides Sarah, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having you as a sister means everything to me."

This time the emotion was too much as Ellie and Chuck both stood at the same time and held each other in a tight embrace. "I love you little brother."

"I love you too sis."

{* * *}

Chuck had finally gotten home a little after nine as he was still feeling the effects of the powerful emotions he and Ellie shared.

"Hey honey, how did…" Sarah never finished as she saw the look on Chuck's face. She was so grateful that Chuck had Ellie in his life. She loved Ellie and considered her a sister, but the love Sarah had for Chuck, and the fact Ellie had done so much for Chuck just amplified her feelings towards Ellie one hundred fold. Sarah knew what it was like to grow up alone, wishing that she had a sister like Ellie, but the fact that Ellie was there for her husband just meant everything to her.

Sarah quickly got up and headed to the door where she embraced her husband, running her hand through Chuck's hair, doing her best to comfort him as he buried his head into her shoulder.

Words were not needed as both lovers held each other close. Their love was a force beyond reckoning and it is what allowed them to speak volumes, even when words were not needed.

It was only minutes when Chuck could hear the patter of small feet coming down the stairs. Chuck lifted his head and looked over and saw his little girl standing at the foot of the stairwell, a look of want on her face, but she was hesitating to come over. Chuck's heart just crumbled as he knew Molly still wasn't sure of her place in their family. She was getting better, but even now, her hesitation showed she was not quite sure if she really did fit in. If she only knew how much she was part of their lives, Chuck thought to himself as he motioned with his hand for Molly to come over.

She instantly ran into Chuck's arms as he picked her up and held her close as Molly wrapped her other arm around Sarah, holding her parents as close as she could.

Even Molly could feel the power of love emanating from the two people she loved so much. She had been hesitant at first, even though Chuck and Sarah never made her feel like she didn't belong. But now, holding both of them close and them in return holding her, she knew without a doubt that she was loved, she was needed, and most of all she was home. It was no longer Chuck and Sarah to her, it was so much more. "I love you Mommy and Daddy."

{* * *}

"Are you sure this is a good idea Chuck?" Sarah knew tomorrow was the day she was to go into the Hospital to be induced. She was already a week overdue and apparently; Chuck Jr. had no intention of coming out on his own. Even so, she didn't know if having a date night, right before delivery was such a good idea. Okay, it was not just that, she really didn't want to leave Molly yet again tonight, especially when she knew that she might be in the hospital for a couple days.

"Sarah, it's alright. Molly is with Carina and Casey, your Mom is helping Ellie and Devon get ready, and you measured fine at the doctor this morning. Besides, the doc wanted us to move around more in hopes of inducing labor." Chuck reached into his pocket to pull out his spy phone. "And besides, Diane gave me her personal emergency number just in case something happened. Apparently we have the full resources of the United States Government if the need arrives."

Sarah just smiled and shook her head. Leave it to her husband to think of everything. "Whatever you say, my hero. " Sarah reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "I guess you thought of everything."

Chuck was not about to settle for just a peck on the cheek as he swept his lady up into his arms, giving her a kiss more representative of how much she meant to him.

The two were quickly losing control and Chuck knew if he wanted to finish this special date, he had to get moving. Besides, something about making love to his wife right before the baby was to be born just felt awkward to him. Apparently however, that was not a problem for his smoking hot wife as she quickly gave her intentions of what she wanted to happen right now.

"Sarah…" Chuck was trying to stop her hand from unzipping his pants. Man she got good at that, he thought. Focus Chuck, focus he tried to convince himself. "Sarah. I. Have. A. Oh what the heck."

{30 Minutes later}

Sarah was smiling from ear to ear as she sat in the seat of their recently acquired mini-van. She looked over to her husband who was nervously staring out the front window, trying his best not to look at her.

"So sweetie, where are we going?" Sarah said with a little tease in her voice.

Chuck just shook his head as he slowly looked over at his wife. "You do realize you're giving birth tomorrow right?"

"Whatever do you mean honey?" Sarah couldn't help but smile as a faint pink tint rose in her cheeks.

"I just can't believe you did that." Chuck started smiling too as he shifted a bit, trying to get more comfortable.

Sarah easily reached her hand over and started rubbing Chuck's thigh, slowly and meticulously working her way farther up to his…

"Sarah! For heaven's sake we'll never get through this date night if you keep this up." Chuck rolled his eyes as he realized his mistake in wording.

{* * *}

Chuck had heard that pregnant woman go into this phase called Nesting. Sarah had actually begun that months ago as evidenced by the constant rearranging of the house and baby room. But what he never remembered hearing about or reading about, was the sexual appetite of a soon to be mom. He had always assumed it would be the opposite. He had prepared himself for the inevitable. What he didn't expect was the ferocity and frequency of his wife's need for sex. He'd suffer through it though. Even he had to laugh to himself at that.

The two finally made it to their destination. After a few stops to 'eat', they finally were able to actually pick up real food and bring it to the beach where Chuck parked and the two ate Couple of subs from their favorite neighborhood sub shop. They parked just in front of the beach where they could get a perfect view of the sun set.

Sarah was so grateful that Chuck had decided to let them eat in the van. Although she looked forward to taking a walk with Chuck on the beach, she really did not look forward to sitting on the sand.

"This is nice Chuck." Sarah could feel the cool breeze splash over her as the sound of the ocean filled their van even from this distance.

They had worked up quite the appetite so Chuck was more than hungry, but he did stop to take in the beauty of where they were. That and also the beauty of the ocean as he stared at his wife who was turned towards him, reclining ever so slightly in her chair. "I love you, you know that?"

Sarah giggled a bit. "Yeah. I think I figured that out a long time ago. And I love you too Chuck. I really do."

"Do you remember that first time here on the beach, after our so called first date?"

Sarah would never forget that day; it changed her life. "I remember Chuck. I remember the night before too, you were so cute when you said you'd be my very own baggage handler." Sarah reached out to stroke the side of his face. "Bet you never thought I'd take you up on that offer did you?"

Chuck just smiled as he leaned into her touch. With him, memory was second nature. He'd always had the innate ability to recall even the slightest detail no matter how long ago. But to hear his wife speak of those times, it just meant more to him than anything. "I want you to know that I was scared. Scared of what happened the night before, scared of what would happen from that point on. But when you told me to trust you, I believed you Sarah. I'd only known you for what, 24 hours, but I knew, I knew you'd keep me safe. I knew that you'd always look out for me. It was then I truly started falling for you."

Sarah tried to lean over to kiss him, but there was a very large something in her way. Luckily Chuck helped her out by scooting over so he could kiss her too.

"Come on Chuck, lets walk along the beach." Sarah was already getting out the door, encouraging Chuck to follow.

"You sure, honey? We don't have to if you're not feeling up to it." Chuck deep down wanted to take a stroll down their beach but he was more concerned for Sarah.

"I want to Chuck, besides the doctor said we should walk as much as we can to help our son move out of his current residence."

He could not argue with that as he quickly got out of the car and ran over to help Sarah.

The two were silent for the first few minutes as they just enjoyed the view, the cool air blowing against their faces, bringing with it the freshness of the ocean air.

Sarah was securely holding on to Chuck's arm, leaning into him for support as they walked hand and hand down the beach.

"You know I remember the first time I wanted to kiss you, I mean really, really kiss you."

Chuck smiled a little as he looked over to his wife. "Oh yeah, and when was that?"

Sarah could recall it like it was yesterday. "It was during our Tango mission, back when we first met. You were so adorable when you were telling me what you'd do if we were actually dating. I wanted to go on a real date with you so bad at that time but I knew I had to stay in control." Sarah just shook her head, "But if you would've actually took the initiative and kissed me… Well let's just say things would've moved a lot quicker for both of us."

Chuck stopped dead in his tracks, thinking of that exact moment and realizing what he could have had if he would have just took the first step. "Well, you want to know the first time I wanted to kiss you, I mean kiss you like I really meant it?"

Sarah just gave him a mischievous look as she shook her head yes.

"It was after the blue diamond mission with Carina, when I stopped by your apartment and brought the pizza, no olives of course." Chuck paused as he held Sarah close remembering how intimate a moment it was for the two of them so early in their cover behind the cover relationship. It was then he really wondered if there was something more. "The big bad Sarah Walker looked so... so humble, so vulnerable when I asked you for your middle name. I just wanted to take you in my arms, hold you and try to kiss the sadness from you. I know I know, it was silly but I just wanted to comfort you even though I know you really didn't... Sarah, what's wrong."

Dang hormones Sarah thought, oh heck, these feelings had nothing to do with hormones from the pregnancy. "Do you even know how much I love you Chuck? I mean really?"

Chuck just smiled. "Yeah, I think its becoming an occurring question of ours."

Sarah grabbed the sides of his face as she brought him down to her lips. "No Chuck, I don't think you'll ever know the level of my commitment and my love for you. But I promise you I'll prove it to you every day." Sarah swallowed deeply as a horrible thought occurred to her. What if there came a day where she did not remember those times. What if she did not remember the incredible journey the both of them had gone through to reach this point. Luckily she would never have to live through such a horrible nightmare.

"Come on, lets keep walking down the beach, where we played that ultimate game of volleyball." Chuck could see Sarah was getting emotional, well they both were, but he wanted them both to remember so many of the good times and to just relish in each others loving companionship.

The two made it to the spot where a few years ago they played in possibly one of the greatest beach volleyball games ever played. Well for them at least. Sarah remembered how Chuck did not even want to play with her, thinking Devon would be so much better. Even back then Chuck did not realize the power of their partnership. It was such a wonderful day.

Chuck was recalling the game too, or more importantly, afterward. "I remember how much faith you had in me, how you always had so much faith in me. Our relationship was so strong and I really think that night started the next step for us."

Sarah knew that night meant a lot, and she could recall the feeling afterward when they had won. But as great as that was, there was one moment that she truly knew there was no going back. "Chuck, do you remember when we went to Reagan's Memorial with Casey? I knew then that I would always fight for us. The volleyball game meant a lot, but it was that day that I knew there was no going back."

Chuck remembered the solemness of that day, the pure love and friendship the entire team knew on that day. She was right, it was that special day that their relationship built its strongest foundation.

Chuck turned to Sarah as they both stood in the exact spot where they embraced each other after the game. "Do you ever regret anything about those days following our mission in the suburbs? Do you ever think about what we could have done differently?"

Sarah did not even think twice. "There was nothing I think we could have done differently. Thank goodness we both came up with our mission plans but I would've hated to see the outcome of not moving forward."

"Yeah, scary." Chuck thought about what it would have been like to just go back to his room and sulk after that mission.

"I was so grateful for you to be there as my friend Chuck. Even though I wanted so badly for everything that we did on that mission to be real, I knew we couldn't at that time. But for you to be there, especially after that mission with Cole, where I needed someone to talk to you. It just meant everything to me. It was when I started realizing that being a spy was nothing compared to having a best friend like you."

"I'm just glad you chose me Sarah or at least allowed me to be there for you. That night when you told me about your high school incident, and I just held you the whole night. That meant the world to me."

Remembering that moment and what walls were broken through because of it, they both could not help but just hold each other. Of course Chuck had to hold her from the side, not wanting to crush the baby, but still the moment was not lost on that minute detail.

It was starting to get dark out, the sun just now beginning to set so the two decided to head back, although not yet wanting to end this day at the beach.

"I also wanted you to know how much it meant to me that you got on that train with me in Prague." Sarah still had bad dreams once in a while about what it would have been like if he'd just left her there. "I couldn't have handled it if you would have just left me there Chuck. It would've broke my heart."

"Sarah come on. Are you kidding me, not in a million years would I have ever been that stupid. All we went through, and to just leave you. Nothing was more important than our future together." Chuck gave her a reassuring hug.

"Well, either way, thank you for not leaving me. Once was enough after the Bryce incident."

"Ouch. You had to bring up that night didn't you? But in my defense, I never knew he was gay." Chuck instantly rubbed his arm as Sarah slugged him again.

"Gosh you can be such a fool sometimes. It wouldn't have mattered if he wasn't gay, I fell for you and trust me when I say, Sarah Walker never fell for anybody, ever."

"Point taken Mrs. Bartowski." Chuck was smiling as he rubbed his arm. Thank goodness Casey tracked him down that night as he left Sarah and Bryce the tickets to the opera. Oh how screwed up that night was until they finally met up. And oh how screw...

"I know what you're thinking mister and that's not fair." Sarah blew one of her curls out of her face, giving Chuck the angry eyes.

"Fair? Are you kidding me, I've never been able to play Tron the same again. Do you know what that did to my reputation down at the pier?"

Sarah gave her own version of the eyebrow dance. "You still nailed the highest score though right?"

Chuck just started laughing at his wife's wonderful comedic timing. "You got that right." It was at that moment Chuck took her in his arms and spun her around ever so gently, just basking in the wonderful moment of playfulness. It was so nice to just be stress free for once.

"By the way, don't think I forgot about what you did to my wing-man just to have me to yourself." Chuck let her go but keeping her close still, folding his arms and giving her a stern look.

It was Sarah's turn to play the innocent victim. "I don't know what you're talking about." But even she could not hold it in, thinking about her mission objective list and all the things she did to Morgan to get him out of the way of her and Chuck. They had long ago made up but apparently some just could not let it go.

"You're one evil spy Mrs. Bartowski. I would never want to cross you."

"And don't you ever forget it." Two could play at that game Sarah thought as she smirked at him.

"Well, at least I knew how much I meant to you. Enough to take out my best friend I guess."

"Oh well it might not have been as noble as my cause, but the night we had game night at Ellie's and you revealed that I'd always been your hero, I think it was then I knew just how much I'd meant to you. That meant so much to me Chuck."

"Well, it was and still is the truth you know. I admire every thing about you and am so blessed to have you Sarah."

This time talking was done as they both embraced in a tender kiss. They had been through so much. From the first moment they met, to the defining moments in their relationship after the suburbs mission, to even now. Their life story was that of legends. Their love knew no bounds and it grew stronger every day.

In the beginning they started out as agent and mark. Then they grew into a partnership and from there just grew stronger and closer day by day. But if either of them had to chose a defining moment in their lives, a moment where they knew without a doubt that it was their eternal moment, it was after the mission in the Suburbs. It was then that both their lives had changed for the better, it was then that their lives had taken a direction not of heart ache and pain, of sorrow or grief. No their relationship had started a journey of its own, it was a journey true to their own hearts, a journey true to their very souls. It was the truest journey either of them had ever known. And to think, it started with something as pure and honest as a true friendship.

Chuck was so lost in the moment that he did not even realize they had stopped kissing. He could still feel the lingering kiss, feel the warmth of her lips on his as his heart melded into hers.

"It's time Chuck."

Chuck knew it was getting late and they had a big day ahead of them. They had been walking for quite a while and it was best to get 'Mom' home in preparation for the big day. His eyes were still closed, enjoying the last vestige of peace and solemness on the beach. "Alright sweetie, let's go home."

"No Chuck, I mean it's time."

As the sun faded into the horizon, and the moon provided the only light source on the entire beach. One would have been hard pressed to find a more genuine moment as the tall brown haired nerd from Burbank, shot his eyes wide open as he looked at his wife, a once hardened spy for the CIA. The only words spoken as the world seemed to shift in to second gear, was the words that defined the nerd within. The immortal words heard on the beach that night would forever be linked to Charles Irving Bartowski. "Oh Boy!"

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