Okay, PLEASE just pretend that Sarah is still alive and that Jess is her sister. This is a Secker, Conby and Memily fic. No Jecker.

Becker and Connor sighed, looking up at the place where their friends had been murdered. Sure, it was five years ago, but the pain was still there. The screams still rang loud and clear in their heads.

"Jess!" Sarah yelled as Jess was dragged backwards.

"Sarah!" the younger girl screamed. "Help me!" Sarah lunged forwards, grabbing her sister's hands. "Don't let me die." Jess sobbed. "Please."

"I won't Jessie. I won't leave you." what ever was holding Jess's leg gave a sharp tug and Jess slipped even further over the edge of the building. Jess had tears streaming down her face and her hands slipped from Sarah's and she fell down towards the ground.

Becker shuddered at the thought. Sarah's cry had broken his heart. Jess had been the first one to be killed and Becker knew Sarah wasn't going to leave the house. He was right. Sarah had died in his arms half an hour later.

Sarah was loosing too much blood. Her tanned skin was unbelievably pale and she was struggling to breath. Becker was crying. "I'm s-sorry." she stammered, gasping for breath.

"Don't be. You'll see Jess." Becker tried to smile but he couldn't. Sarah laughed, the laugh turning into a cough.

"I-I love y-you." Sarah managed to get out before her eyes closed.

Becker cradled the body of his girlfriend close to him, rocking back and forth.

Abby and Emily were next. They died together.

Connor rammed his shoulder against the door. "It won't open!" he cried in frustration as Becker and Matt joined in.

By the time they'd got the door open, Abby and Emily were gone. The only reminder that they'd been there was a pool of blood and the locked Matt had given Emily for her birthday three weeks ago.

Looking back on it, it was clear to both men that Matt had never intended to leave the house.

Matt had picked up the necklace and wiped the blood off it. He'd tied it around his own neck, a sight the boys would've found funny if it weren't for the situation. Matt never cried.

He just helped a sobbing Connor to his feet and started walking through the house.

Somehow, they'd managed to get to the door until something happened. There was a crashing behind them and they'd turned to find the empty passage. "Go." Matt said, pushing the boys from the house. He'd shut the door and that had been the last they'd ever seen of him.

Now the boys were back. They wanted to learn the truth about what happened all those years ago.

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