Sorry, I got really stressed with my laptop, coursework became known, I caught the flu in freaking spring and I generally forgot about this story.

"Wake up Quinn!" Becker nudged the other man awake. He blinked groggily until he saw that Connor was very still and pale.

"Connor?" Danny asked, but he already knew that the man wasn't going to answer him ever again.

"Dead." Becker replied. "In his sleep. No sign of poison or suffocation." Danny nodded, slowly sliding from his bed. "We'll leave him here and change sleeping rooms tonight."

"I wonder why he died." Danny muttered absent mindedly. "I wonder if Abby had something to do with it." Becker shrugged.

"I don't care." he snapped. "Come one. We have a whole other floor to search." Danny could see that this was tearing him apart. Connor was his best friend and he'd lost him. It was like loosing one of the others all over again.


It only took an hour to search the final floor before the boys rejoined in the room they were now to sleep in. they'd left Connor's body in the old room, making sure the door was locked. "Take a look at this." Becker said, handing Danny a folded up piece of lamented paper that he'd retrieved from Connor's jacked. Danny raised his eyes brows that the other man.

"You went through Connor's stuff?" Danny would never have put Becker as one to rummage through a friend's stuff, but right now Danny was more obsessed with the photograph he held in his hands.

"I lent him my watch and I had to get it back.2 Becker shrugged. "Do you think he knew?" Danny turned the photo of Connor over, reading yesterday's date on the back of it.

"I think he did. I think he knew." the boys were interrupted by the sound of searching glass from above them and they took off towards the source of the noise.

"It's coming from Sara's room!" Becker yelled, barrelling into the room where Sarah had died. The three windows in the room had both been smashed. Danny scanned the floor for broken glass but frowned.

"There's no glass." he muttered. "that means they were smashed from the inside."

"But there's only us here." Becker pointed out.

"Think again." the boys jumped at the female voice, the voice that was familiar to Becker although he couldn't place a name, and turned to find the room empty.

"Who are you!" Becker demanded.

"Oh, that's rich. You forget who I am after coming back after five years! What, did you forget those days too!" neither of the boys missed the growing anger in the woman's voice and Danny quickly intervened.

"Hey, don't blame him, his friend just died!" Danny exclaimed and Becker shot him a thankful look. "I'm Danny by the way."

"I know." the girl replied. "You're Daniel Quinn. You're here because of Jenny Lewis." Danny opened his mouth to reply but Becker cut him off.

"Where are you Jess? Why can't wee see you?" The woman's voice, Jess' voice, grew lighter as he said her name.

"I'm sitting on the edge of the middle bed and you can't see me because I'm dead." Jess pointed out with a 'duh' tone to her voice. Beck walked forwards slowly until the front of his thighs became cold. "Too close." Becker muttered an apology, taking a step backwards. Danny made his way over to stand by Becker's side, looking at where he hoped her eyes were. "I'm not that short. My eyes are a head farther up." no one needs to ask where Danny was looking.

"How come you're only just able to talk to us now?" Becker asked. "And where are the others?"

"The answer to both of them is 'I don't know'. We split up during the day. We're confined to the lot, but the gardens are huge. The only time all of us have been together for the best part of a year was last night, when Connor joined us. He's probably off with Abby now."

"Um, I don't want to seem rude," Danny begins. "But, shouldn't Sarah be in here?" He waited for Jess' reply and she was quiet for so long that the two boys thought she'd left. "I'm sorry if I offended you."

"No, I'm just trying to think." Jess said, her voice betraying that her mind was far away. "I think she's downstairs."

"How'd you work that one out?" Danny asked, gripping Becker's arm as he made to run downstairs.

"Something we've developed as sisters I suppose." Becker could Hear Jess shrug her shoulders. "There isn't much point in trying to get her to talk though. She's been yelling at you since you got here, Beck. You can't hear her."

"Then why-"

"I don't know!" Jess cut Becker off, getting more and more frustrated with the two men. Taking a deep breath, she continued. "All I'm saying is watch your back. There's something here, in the shadows. Something that's stalking you. Don't turn your back on it." with that, her voice faded.