SUMMARY: Exactly how does one sum up a poem? It's angsty, it's vaguely romantic, and it rhymes… It's also from John/Aeryn POV.


SETTING/SPOILERS: No spoilers, really. I suppose it could be set either after/during "Fractures", or possibly during "Dog With Two Bones", in which case, it probably spoils that indirectly…

DISCLAIMER: I do not own "Farscape", nor do I own any of its characters or plots. However, I do own this poem…

AUTHOR'S NOTES: My God! I wrote a poem! I have really got to stop listening when lines repeat themselves in my head. Especially when Erik wakes up and John prods him… *ahem* Anyway, this was the combined effort of all three of my Muses, and I don't often do poems, but when I do, I try and make 'em rhyme. The only downside of this being that it makes them somewhat nonsensical. Therefore, please bear this in mind if you review :)

DEDICATION: This is for Ennixeve. She wrote me "One Perfect Moment", and I could only return the favour. And everyone should read hers, it's great :)


Would'a Could'a Should'a

This poem © T'eyla Minh 2002

Would you stay?

If I asked you this microt,
If I asked you today…
Would you stay?

If I told you I loved you
In every way…
Would you stay?

If I can forgive you
The things that you say…
Would you stay?

It's all that I ask,
And all that I pray -

Could I leave?

If you begged me today,
Without letting me grieve…
Could I leave?

You've said that you love me,
Tried to make me believe…
Could I leave?

After all that you've given,
Too much to receive…
Could I leave?

There's no escape,
And there's no reprieve.
I must

Should we be?

We've been some places
Nobody should see…
Should we be?

If we can prove
Our love is the key…
Should we be?

When love has to pay
The ultimate fee…
Should we be?

There's nothing to do,
And so we must flee,
And still