Bella was dead.

I couldn't understand why she chucked herself of that cliff. She must have known how much it would have hurt me and my family when we found out. Was her life really unbearable with out us?

I rounded the corner and stilled the engine. It had felt like a vampires life time since I had last set eyes on Bella's house. Charlie was yet to return home, probably still at a friends house trying to take in his daughter's death. I tried to stay in the car but I hated just sitting there waiting. I thought it might be better for Charlie to come home to a warm house, and perhaps a warm meal, if I could figure out how to cook one.

I sat waiting on the sofa, the heating was on and I had some soup warming in a pan, it was tinned so there wasn't much I could have got wrong.

Bella was gone.

I still couldn't take it in. She was my best friend, by only friend really. I got on with Rosaline but that's because we had to live together so we might as well get along, but we never had a connection like me and Bella.


Bella's truck? Why was Charlie bringing it back already? I sat waiting for him to come in. I wasn't sure how he would react to seeing me, but I had to do something and I know that Bella wouldn't want him to be alone, we had clearly ruined her life and forced her to end it the lest I could do would be to comfort Charlie for her.

Footsteps were coming up the drive, but they, they were to light and slow. I moved into the hallway, into the shadows. I listened as they came up the path, the door opened.



She was alive! Joy coursed though me, but when I looked at her, really looked, I realised, that she wasn't. Not really. Her skin was pale, as pale as mine, her lips as white as her skin, her eyes looked a hollow and empty brown not sparkling like they used to, dark rings stained her face. She had lost weight, far too much in the time that I had been away. Bella's skin appeared to be stretched across her face and her hands. There was no colour to her, she looked like a skeleton.

"Alice." She breathed in but it looked like it was a great effort. "What are you doing here?"

"For Charlie, I thought you were dead!"


"Come sit down." I said, before you fall down…

We went into the living room and I watched her as she walked, she hunched slightly as if trying to draw herself in, she stumbled on nearly every step, but this wasn't Bella being her clumsy self, this was worse. It was like she was struggling to walk. Something was badly wrong. I wanted to reach out and steady her, Edward had always thought of her a delicate, but now it looked like if you touched her she would shatter into a thousand pieces. A wet dog smell lingered in the air but I didn't bother about it I was too concerned about Bella.

"Are… are the rest of…" She trailed off either out of emotional pain or physical, I couldn't tell.

"No." I said as gently as I could, I was scared if I talked to loud it would hurt her. "I had a vision…

Once I had explained all about seeing her jumping and racing over here to comfort Charlie, she sat very still breathing heavily.

I wanted to know what had happened to her, but I was afraid of the answer. I had tried to keep an eye on her, Edward had told me not to look for her future but he didn't understand I was hurting being away from her, I need little flashes of her future just so I knew she was safe, admittedly I hadn't paid much attention to her physically, I just checked to see if she was still in Forks so we could always find her if he ever wanted to return…

"Bella." I whispered something told me I was stepping into delicate ground. "What has happened to you? You look so… ill." I waited tentatively for her reply.

She waited awhile not meeting my eyes, breathing in deep she uttered four words.

He's not coming back.

She hadn't listened to me explain about the vision her mind was still fixed on when I told her I was alone.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, I didn't know what else to do. Jasper wasn't here to help with her emotions and Esme always said food help when people when there upset. She didn't reply but, not knowing what else to do, I got up and went to get her some soup. She hadn't moved when I returned.

"Here, Bella try to eat some of this, it'll warm you up and make you feel better." I pushed the bowl into her hands and wrapped her fingers round it. It took her a moment to grip it but once she was steady I took my seat next to her, watching her carefully. She managed about two mouthfuls in the end but it took her so long it had gone cold. I hadn't said anything till she gave up on it, I offered to reheat it but she gentle shook her head.

I wanted to comfort her, tell her it would be ok. But we both knew nothing had changed, we both knew he wasn't coming back.

I couldn't stand sitting still in the silence, I had never been a quiet person but this silence was…painful. I stood quickly and went to the window, just meandering around the rom. I started to babble on about nothing in particular. I talked about her clothes and how she hadn't listened to a word I had said about dressing herself, I talked about how we would have to go shopping and spend some girly sleepover parties together. I talked for 10 minutes non stop, then turned back to look at Bella. She hadn't moved. I went and sat beside her again, I was going to take her hand but I thought about my cold skin and decided not to.

"Bella, please I know you must hate us all right now for deserting you like that but I really want to be friends with you and…

Edward, bedraggled and grief stricken standing before the Volturi. The Volturi guards ripping Edward apart. Edward throwing cars around in the centre of Volterra. Edward walking out into the sun. Edward going on a killing spree in Volterra. Edward burning on a bonfire surrounded by Volturi guards.

All these visions shot through my mind, years and years of practise enabled me to decipher what was going to happen. Edward was going to the Volturi and would ask to be killed; if they refused he would force them.

I jumped up startling poor Bella, who whimpered slightly; and begin pacing up and down making decisions and remaking them depending on what effect they had on the future.

Ring him, he wouldn't pick up.

Stop his credit cards to stop him getting plane tickets, he's already paid for them.

Tell the airport there will be a terrorist attack to make them stop the planes, he'll swim to Italy.

Go to Italy and stop him, I'll be killed as his accomplish.

Tell Carlisle, he can't make it in time.

Go to Italy and scream at him that Bella's alive in my head, he'll not listen.

Rip Rosalie to shreds and burn every piece… do that one later.

Ask Carlisle to contact Aro and ask him to stop Edward, Aro will say it's out of his hands.

Bella… take Bella to Italy… get her to Edward… before he can revel himself.

Could I? Could I take Bella within miles of the biggest group of human blood drinking vampires in the world?

It was the only thing that would keep my brother around then yes I had to. It was dangerous and I couldn't see the ending clearly however nothing else would keep Edward alive.

"Bella." I said rushing back over to her, I was reminded yet again of her fragile state and wondered if she would even make the trip. I took out my i-phone and started surfing. "We need to go to Italy, its Edward. He's found out your dead, even though your not actually, but well he thinks you are so, he's gone to Italy trying to commit suicide, I know what your thinking why Italy how can he commit suicide there, well to cut a long story short there is big coven of vampires there that are like the royal family and you don't mess with them or else you die which is what Edward wants, so he's gone to Italy to annoy them, we need to go over there and show you to him because it's the only way he'll live, you know how stubborn he is he wouldn't believe me if I go on my own and tell him your alive, so you need to come as well, I know your probably scared I would be to but it's the only thing that will work and save my brother, ok?" It's a good job I don't need to breathe.

"Edward is… in trouble." What is the matter with this girl? Has this illness affected her brain?

"Yes, Bella. Please I need you to come to Volterra. Please."


At that word I ran upstairs and packed Bella a bag, it hurt to pack her so little clothes but even I didn't have time to think of style and fashion now. I grabbed a pad of paper and scribbled a note to Charlie in Bella's handwriting as I carried her bag down the stairs.

"Ok I've got your passport and some clothes, and I've written a note to Charlie so he should be fine but… Bella come on!" She was still sat on the sofa having not moved at all.

"We're going to Italy now?" She asked worriedly.

"Yes Bella come on move!" I dragged her up from the sofa, even though my arms were full with the bags, she stumbled against me and tripped numerous times as we half walked half ran down the drive.

Bella asked a few questions in the car going to the airport but not as many as I thought she would have done, considering how I had rushed her out of there. Once we were on the plane she latched into silence which was good in a way I needed to concentrate on my over reactive brother's future. The trouble was every time I glanced over at Bella I got distracted by how bad she looked. She kept gripping her sides and her face often twisted in what appeared to be pain. She shivered but never put her jacket on. She refused the in-flight meal even though she had become a stick insect since we had gone and her arms looked like they would snap of at the wrist if she bent them too far. I was worried about her yes but more worried about my brother whose flight had just landed in Italy…

Bella was coughing all they way through passport control. It was so bad that it seemed to shake her whole body; people at the airport were watching her, concerned by how ill she looked. I thought of finding a chemist maybe persuade her to take some parasitical or pain killers but we just didn't have time, and besides I wasn't sure what was wrong with her.

I soon had her on the next flight and I was watching my brother's decisions closely. Isabella had been trying to sleep on the plane but no matter how bad she needed it she couldn't drop off. I tried humming that lullaby Edward wrote for her, I don't think I got the tune quite right but it didn't matter because as soon as I started Bella almost went into hysterics over it. I was probably the most energetic thing I had seen her do since I came back. About half an hour before we landed I saw that the Volturi were going to refuse him. Good, it would buy us some time.

I left Bella with our bags at the entrance of the airport and went in search of a car. Yes I had to steal one and a fast one but I just didn't care anymore, my stupid idiot of a brother of mine is about to try and get himself killed and Bella was practically wasting away in front of me. I found a gorgeous yellow Porsh broke in and drove back to Bella. She was leaning against a wall looking like she was about to pass out or something I saw that a guard was on his way over to her to check she was ok, and that there would be a lot of trouble and time wasted if he got to her, so I flawed the car practically chucked Bella on the back seat and was of just in time to.

"Sorry about that Bella but that guard was going to stop us, Bella?" She nodded to show that she heard but she was so flushed. I leaned over to her and felt her forehead. ! I knew my hands were cold but she was boiling I'd swear she had just got out of a hot tub.

"Bella you're burning up! What's the matter with you? Is it a fever? Or a bug that's going round, what?" But she didn't answer just stared out the window I thought I heard her mutter the word 'Edward' But it was faint even with my hearing. "Bella your still shivering, why don't you put your jacket on it might help to sweat out what ever you have?" But she just cried out I wasn't sure if it was a no or just a cry of pain. I was about to insist when I started getting visions of Edward. All his ideas of what to do to aggravate the Volturi started flashing through my mind and I couldn't concentrate on arguing with Bella over her wearing her coat or not.

Edward finally decided on a plan just as we were getting towards the city. Bella appeared no better and the traffic was slowing us down.

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