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"As usual for any conviction we ask for the people who have any disagreements or queries concerning the sentence to approach a Volturi member not the offender or the offender's coven. Edward Cullen was tried today and found guilty of exposure to the humans and breaking out of imprisonment. After discussing the matter over between us we have reached a sentence that we feel is both appropriate and necessary. The sentence for these crimes, especially when combined together, is a life sentence of some kind. The most general is death."

I clutched Bella and Esme as they cried and cried, hearing that Edward's sentence was death. Despite all we had tried they were still going to kill my son.

"However," Shouted Aro over Bella, Esme, Alice and Rosalie's screams and cries. "Due to this unusual situation we are changing the life sentence from death to eternal servitude."

I stopped staring at Aro puzzled as to where he and his brothers were going with this. Yes I knew that the official term was a life sentence but the Volturi nearly always used a death sentence. I had never heard of any case with this severe a crime that ended in anything less than a death sentence and Aro was incredibly strict on keeping precedents in cases. He said that the vampires in the world needed to know what they faced if they committed an offence.

"Therefore Edward Cullen is charged with eternal servitude to the angel Isabella. He must care for her and protect her for eternity. No harm must come of her, she needs to be well protected from any danger and never be in need whilst she remains on this earth. We require reports each decade on her situation, emotions and physical wellbeing. Now release him so he can begin his assignment." Spoke Aro directing his last words to the guards at the back.

Edward was released by the guards and he ran straight to Bella. They held one another closely kissing one another gently and murmuring reassurances. Bella was crying and crying into Edward's ragged shirt as he kissed her hair running his hands up and down her arms just wanting to feel her close. They had come so near to losing one another and now they couldn't stand close enough together. Edward kept wiping away Bella's tears but looked like, if he could, he would have them streaming down his cheeks as well. I thought back to how Bella looked when we first came, dying on the bed. Her skin burnt and blackened, her breathing harsh and tiring and her wings encrust blacked spiders legs clawing out of her back. Now with Edward's arms around her and her skin looking ribrant and as full of beauty as she always was it was hard to believe that these two girls were the same. My mind flicked back over her back and I frowned in confusion at the sudden disappearance of her wings, could they have broken off in the fire? Or had she hidden them from us again? I put it to the back of my mind thinking that I would ask her about it some other time and just took in the scene before me, two lovers finally reunited after being so close to one another but held so far apart.

I smiled down at Esme and looked over to the rest of the family. All my sons were hugging their mates and wiping away the girls' tears. None of us could believe it. Yes Edward had been sentenced, to anyone else it would have been a punishment but not for Edward. Aro had basically told him off and sent him back home. Back to Bella. I couldn't understand how Edward had been this luckily.

"Sir! How can you allow him to live?" cried one of the vampire watchers. There were other shouts of protests from others. None of them were happy, they were confused like I was. Yet I was confused and incredibly happy.

"Silence!" shouted Aro. "Our decision stands. Edward Cullen has been sentenced to an eternity of servitude. He will be serving one of God's own angels, protecting her whilst she stays on the earth."

"Why him though?"
" Why not another vampire?"
"Surly death would be a greater punishment ?"

"Edward Cullen hurt this angel, he needs to be the one to repent his sins against her. Additionally we are unable to execute him without sentencing the angel Isabella to death. We swore to protect all angels and we will protect this one as well, which means keeping Edward Cullen alive. He needs to be put to use and therefore we'll assign him to protecting the angel Isabella and provide us with regular updates so that we can look after her. That should answer all the questions, if anyone else has more questions ask for a private hearing." Concluded Aro stopping all the protests that were around us. I smiled to myself at the way that the brothers had twisted the logic of the situation. They wanted to keep Edward alive to help Bella, but they needed to make the vampire society happy with the decision they made. They could not be seen to be making decisions that are swayed by personal opinion, and I believed that on the quite they had warmed towards our Bella. Mind you who couldn't like her? Yes they had done an excellent job at twisting everything, I thought back to how they had helped us all along. How could we have ever thought that they were going to actually kill Edward? They cared to much about Bella for that. The Volturi rarely used the laws of our world to their own advantage. They have always wanted stability in the law and here they were going against everything they believed in just to keep my two children together.

I smiled down at Esme and wrapped my arm around her shoulders leading her over to our children who were crowded around a relieved Bella and Edward.

"Edward don't you dare ever try something like this again." Scolded Esme hugging her son.

"Don't worry I never will." Said Edward, he pulled Bella closer to him tucking her under his arm.

"I still can't believe you're not going to be punished." Said Rose half smiling at Edward.

"I've not not been punished." Edward said smiling broadly. "I'm just not at all upset by the so called punishment I've been given."

Emmet laughed "Oh yeah Edward, you really don't mind being assigned as Bella's body guard, bet you'll have to get to know her real personal."

"Emmet!" Scolded Esme, but the smile on her face didn't leave. It was wonderful to be able to see Emmet teasing Edward once more.

"And how are you Bella" I asked, she was stood quietly at Edward's side just watching him in adoration.

"I'm fine now." She said "I'm happy wherever Edward is."

"And I'm happy wherever you are." He replied and kissed her forehead sweetly. It was wonderful to see them together once more. When we left everyone was sad. Bella brought out the best in us all.

The brothers had waited until the other vampires had filed out before coming over to us.

"We mean what we said Edward." Spoke Aro seriously. "Isabella needs to be cared for and you must protect her from anything. And we want regular updates both on where you are and how Isabella is, it is important that we protect all the Angels that we can."

"Of course sir, And thank you for giving me another chance to make a life with Isabella. If I had known that she was meant to be with me, and that I wasn't leading her away from a life that she deserved I would never have left. And now I'll never ever leave her, ever." He vowed both to Bella and the Volturi brothers. I smiled at my son feeling proud of him.

"Good." Said Cauis. "We'll have to arrange dates and times that you'll have to contact us but for now we are happy for you to return home together. So long as you leave contact details and the address with us."

"Thank you." I said to the brothers wondering whether we should stay in Italy for a few days or move straight back home.

"There is just one more thing Edward." Said Aro "How did you manage to escape from the cells, and when you did, how did you know where we had taken Bella? You don't know the city."

I was glad that Aro had brought that up, I had forgotten all about it. I looked at Edward who was frowning in thought.

"It was the strangest thing. I was sat in there trying to listen to the thoughts above me but there was nothing. It was the weirdest sensation to be so quiet, but then I got a text. I don't know who it was from, the number was withheld, but it said that Bella was in danger and gave me an address of where she was, the only indication of who it was from was it ending with the letter G. Then somehow I just had to get to Bella and nothing was going to get in my way." He smiled down at her tucking a lock of hair behind her ear lovingly before continuing. "I found the strength to actually pull the bars of the cell apart, it was like nothing was going to separate me from Bella. Nothing at all. I just followed my heart from there. I just knew the way to the hospital and once I got inside I just knew the way to go. I know that it sounds odd but I was just following my heart, and I found Bella. I didn't care if I died getting to her, I just had to be by her side." We all couldn't help but smile as Edward just gazed down deeply in love at Bella and she gazed up at him with equal adoration.

"So someone text you letting you know where Bella was." Said Aro thinking it over. "But who?" he questioned, looking puzzled.

"Oh Emmet." Snapped Edward rolling his eyes.

"What," Emmet whined "could be." We just looked at them both.

"For those of us who are not mind readers." Said Jasper prompting them to explain.

Edward sighed and said "Emmet thinks that because Bella is an angel and that I suddenly gained unexpected strength from somewhere and that the mysterious text was sighed with a G. He thinks that the text came from... God."

"Well why not?" said Emmet. "The number was withheld, it was from someone who cares about Bella, you were mysteriously given strength to escape, she's an angel and God's her boss, he has ultimate power and can do anything he dam well wants."

"Emmet!" scolded Esme, annoyed that her own son would swear even whilst talking about God.

"So you think someone who in the past sent burning bushes, floods, famines and plagues as signs and messages. Would send a text." Said Jasper trying not to laugh.

"Well he must get very busy." Said Emmet trying to make his idea convincing. "What do you think Bella?" He asked being a little desperate.

She just smiled though and said "I really could not say."

Emmet looked like he was going to say something else but I stopped him; not wanting this to escalate into an argument. "Let's just leave it." I said "Bella is safe, Edward is safe. Now we can all go home, together." We left our contact details at the desk and ordered two taxis to come and collect us. We planned to stay in Italy for awhile. Taking a little holiday. Though not in Volturi. We were finally all together again, a family once more.

We pulled away from the castle and I couldn't help but look at it fondly. Yes, Edward had come here to try and die, but instead of taking our son from us it had revived our family and brought Bella back to us along with the knowledge that she was going to stay with us for a very long time. It was quite a sentimental moment, but of course Emmet had to ruin it:

"I still say the text was from God."

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