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I was born is the village of Spree, Mellow Hills.

I had a mother, a father and two older brothers.

I was expected to get married young, have children, grow old and die with no further contribution to the village.

Happiness was a bonus but not expected.

When I was fifteen, my lot in life was changed for the better (now that I look back), when the halflings began to kidnap people and steal all the food. My father and eldest brother, Cor, were taken in the first few weeks, as was the balding, snaggle-toothed farmer my father had sold my hand in marriage to for three sheep (which were taken in the very first raid).

My other brother, Able, was kinder and, frankly, more intelligent than my father and eldest brother. He sent my mother off to Castle Spree to work as a maid there in an attempt to protect her. He had me dress as an elderly lady in rags so I couldn't be taken by the halflings.

Halflings had no use for frail old people, not even as food.

When I was seventeen, a man came, clad in dark steel armour and followed by scrawny, sinewy brown creatures.

He rescued the townspeople in the halfling slave camp to the south-east of the village.

My brother, Cor, came back a shattered man, having watched the halflings cook our father alive and eat him.

He forcefully took command of the family from Able and started looking for a husband for me.

Then the man, the Overlord, killed Melvin, the halfling whose tyranny had reduced Mellow Hills to what it was.

The sheep and fields began to flourish without the halflings compulsively raping the land of food.

No one was entirely sure what set it off, but one day the Overlord came from the sheep fields with his little creatures and carved a bloody swath from one side of the village to the other with no apparent warning.

This time there were red, horned creatures with him that threw fire.

Cor was badly burnt and was driven even madder. Even the other townsfolk began noticing.

If memory serves, I was down by the central dam with Harriet and Arietta, when Harriet's father came down with two of the militia.

She went with them to the inn.

We thought her father had finally found a man to marry the well-known 'Haystack' Harriet off to.

It was only when the Overlord entered Spree and set his little creatures to carry Lola and her twin sister Lila to the Standing Stones that Able came running and took me out of the village to the far sheep meadows. He explained that Harriet's father had gotten the bright idea of selling his daughter into slavery to the Overlord in an attempt to get him to stop killing people, but that the Overlord apparently decided to start enslaving more of the young girls for whatever reason.

I was down with some of the lambs, sitting half-hidden by a fence when there was a sudden cry of "Sheepies!"

I turned to find the Overlord watching me from the wheat-field gate, his brown and red minions flowing around him and beginning to kill the sheep and lambs.

There was something in his glowing yellow gaze that was oddly neutral and assessing.

Whatever he was looking for, he evidently found as, with a gesture of his gauntleted arm, two of his brown creatures grabbed and lifted me over their heads to be carried off.

I remember that I continued watching him even as I was carried away and he had turned his back to the slaughtering of the sheep.

No one ever comments on what happened to the 'servants' the Overlord snatches from Spree when sufficiently Evil. It will continue into Overlord 2.