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Finding the Wolf Queen was easy enough. Suspisciously so.

It turned out that there were a bunch of Lesser Heroes slaying the wolves of the Withering Woods.

I was thoroughly disgusted when I came upon the 'Heroes' joking amidst the slaughtered bodies of wolves and the cubs they had been guarding.

They weren't laughing when I raised the wolves as zombies to tear the group to pieces. That neat little spell was something Mortis had taught me before I left, but it only worked on non-sentient beasts at its current level.

It was as I was turning to leave, zombie wolves and the trio of blue minions I had with me obediently trotting along behind, I was distracted by a whimper.

Behind where the big, grey Wolf Queen had died, being sentient and thus un-zombiefied, was a russet wolf cub the size of a human infant, though its closed eyes and general shape said the cub was only a few days old.

A glance showed that the Wolf Queen had been weaning, teats heavy with milk. Two more large newborns were among the dead.

As I lifted the cub into my arms, it nuzzled into my chest and slowly shifted into the form of a baby girl with red hair and blue-grey eyes.

I named the little Wolf Queen Kelda.


There had been no issues with the take-over of Meadowsweet Town and the Farmstead, being human-controlled areas, though Lila, Lola and Elsa, along with their minions, were still routing out bandits from the deliciously named Skull Canyon.

There were now pikes with heads lining the canyon entrance.

Castle Gromgard and the surrounding wildernesses were overrun with Halflings, pumpkins and 'Sheepies!' I couldn't have stopped the Minions and Girls from going after the little blobs of fat if I tried. Within a month, there wasn't a Halfling from the Putrid pools to the Mellow Hills.

On another note, the Halfling head piled in the courtyard were starting to get truly putrid and wafty.

Despite their general inability to keep their spawning pits clean, Minions are actually pretty quick and decent builders…probably from learning how to take things apart.

The green forests, formerly known as Illirium and home to the now extinct Illirium Elves, were now fetid swamps of bright green, poisonous, carnivorous plants that not even the Greens were willing to go far into.

Hammerstone Gorge, and the dwarves in it, appeared to have been crushed under and earthquake-caused avalanche a couple of decades before. Some equipment and machinery had been salvaged.

Six months later, the Castle Gromgard was finished, the peasants were suitably cowed, the Halflings slaughtered and sheep happily frolicked to their deaths.

So, as I stepped though the newly fixed Gromgard Gate to the Dark Tower, infant Kelda nuzzling against my breasts for the milk I had begun producing, I pondered on how, exactly, I was going to explain the newest complication to the Lord that didn't involve Mistress Velvet trying to kill me.

I certainly didn't expect the Overlord to straighten on his throne, stare a moment, before hurriedly standing and striding over to me.

And it sent my Minion instincts into hysterics when he dropped to his knees to be level with the third trimester baby bump hanging out of my middle.

"That's one of the things My Lord needs to decide upon." I commented mildly.

Gnarl spluttered in the background in equal parts surprise, horror and glee.


My Lord was delighted with my predicament, and had had the minions carve out a chamber at the back of the Blue Hive for me, keeping Mistress Velvet from finding out I was gravid with the Lord's progeny.

He was also pleased about Kelda, who was now able to sit up on her own, blinking around at the world with her silvery-grey eyes.

Whilst I loitered in the pools, Kelda either slept in her floating basket or gambled around the burrows in her true form of a russet wolf cub, now the size of a Minion herself. The Overlord also spent a large amount of time hovering over me and my bulging belly, feeling his spawn pummel my insides whenever the Master's presence entered the room.

I also noted that my physical changes, having ground to a halt while away on my errand, which had been passed into the command of Freesia, once again sped up; my pastel blue skin darkening rapidly to a deep royal blue with pale blue lines running up my limbs, slight webbing grew between my fingers and toes, now tipped in long black nails, my ears morphed into fins like those of the Blues, and a set of gills split open just under my shoulder-blades. Don't get me started on my teeth. They all fell out and regrew sharp. It hurt.

Mortis, now a frequent visitor, commented that I now looked a bit like a Drowner; an Unseelie wight that lured men into the water, drowned and then ate them.

At one point, as My Lord was examining my finned ears with his tongue, I might have mentioned that it might be interesting to see if it was possible to turn other females into Minion girls.

I didn't expect him to bring me back sixteen Elven women.

I realise it sounds like the Overlord is in love with Lethe, but it's more a possessive type of affection one has for a new toy/pet. A) She useful and inteligent, B) she is a leader, C) she's interesting and D) she is now carrying his spawn.