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The Elven women, last females of the Evernight Elven community, were demure, timid and subservient, much like untainted Unicorns. It was just a matter of finding out how to break the pretty crystal women just enough to get at the jagged edges.

It had to be done carefully, of course, so that they didn't fall apart completely, but that brilliant Light Magic had to go.

Within two days, I'd gotten to know the women well enough that I could tell who were the possible weak links, mainly the younger Elves who hadn't yet given up on their dreams of being glorious heroines and such. These five were split off from the main group and sent up to the Red Girls at Castle Gromgard and under the watchful eye of Freesia.

Next were the seven who had been mothers; their children torn from their arms by the Dwarves and, being more a burden than a use, slain or thrown as distractions to the nightmare creatures dreamed up by Oberon while the Dwarves escaped. Under the eye of Triela, the Brown Girls took the mothers to the Arena and Dungeons. At a request to the Lord, Minions hunted down and dragged Dwarves into the Dark Tower where a murmur into the ear from Mortis had Mistress Velvet individually teaching the vengeful mothers how to the extract maximum pain from the Dwarves they recognised while dangling them along the threshold for days.

The four remaining women, the priestesses, were difficult, requiring a delicate touch to bring them about intact.

So I decided on a more direct approach and did as was done to us, throwing them into the Spawning Pits and wearing them down with back-breaking labour. They cleaned the Pits, rearranged the various items in the Pits under the watchful direction of Guard Minions, and began the mining needed to extend the Pits further back.

The seven mother Elves were the first group to have their Light Magic fade enough for their spirits to accept the Evil Energy of the surrounding environments. Not really surprising considering their grief. They were brought down to the Spawning Pits and instructed to ignore the priestesses no matter how they begged or beseeched them. It wasn't hard considering how the former head priestess went on about transcending attachments and releasing negativity when the Overlord had given them vengeance for their slain children. The mothers became quite attached to Kelda and doted upon me for my unborn child. The first began to turn blue within the first two hours in the Blue Pit with me. At the end of the week, five had become Blue Girls, their sensitivity to magic causing the changes to occur rapidly, so they were nearly as far along as I was. The other two went the other way and became Reds, rows of small goat-like horns pushing through their crimson hair and forked tails swishing around their ankles.

The youngest priestess snapped two days after the mothers were brought down, becoming a Brown Girl before anyone was aware of it. Interestingly, the bones in her arms, shoulders and spine popped through the skin in small boney spine-like nubs. I wouldn't want to be hit by an uncoordinated hand, that's for sure.

The five young Elves were in and out of the Green's Pit in two days, eager to return to the Illirium Jungle, having become enamoured with the viscous plants. Freesia said it was the smells and the way some of the plants got out of the ground and chased down sheep. While it would be amusing to see, I wasn't entirely sure what that said about Elf Mentality since it was Elves who made the plants in the first place.

As I got closer to my due date, another priestess fell to the Reds.

It was a moonless night near the middle of winter that I gave birth. The Overlord was away in Ruboria and couldn't be reached. It was after midnight, in the early hours of the dogwatch that I gave birth to my son.

The little creature was a solid, deep, royal blue with my finned ears and webbed digits, a line of soft violet scales down his spine that faded out to the blue of the rest of his body, and a pair of gills behind his ears.

The eyes that blinked up at me were bright, bioluminescent blue with huge black slit pupils for seeing in the dark. He also had a second set of eyelids and odd hooked barbs under his pinkie finger and toe nails.

He was powerful, true, but he was almost completely Minion, and so could not be recognised as the Overlord's Heir.

He remained unnamed until the Overlord returned, while I went about minor duties such as up-grading the Evil Ledger and having the newest Blue Girls re-count the gold in the Vault.

It was around then that I noticed there was a minute, almost unnoticeable, shift in some of the Minions' behaviour. Darker Minions I was unfamiliar with were in the Tower.

A little worried, I arranged for a small set of tunnels out of the Minion Burrows to be made discretely by some of the Minions I worked closely with. Mortis quietly suggested that a back door be put into the Vault and behind the Dark Throne.

A small cavern was dug out of the cliff not far from the tunnel exits.

I then settled down with Kelda and my baby and my Blue Kin to wait for the Overlord to come back.

During the wait, the remaining priestess joined the ranks of the Brown Girls. The first sign of this was when she initially snapped and violently murdered the high priestess. The screams echoes for a while as none of us really cared to save the Elf who had rapidly become a pain in the ass.

Three days after the birth of my infant, the Overlord returned with the Goddess Statue (which was promptly commandeered by Velvet for the Private Quarters) and the Thief Hero, Jewel. All the minion girls returned to the Tower to worship at the Overlord's feet, and I came to present the progeny to his sire.

I passed my child off to Thalia, my second among the Blue Girls who, after the pale lines settled into the blue skin, smatterings of black, violet and purple coin-sized spots had appeared along the back, shoulders and flanks of the Girls.

I moved further into sight and, at a glance and head toss from the Overlord, directed the spiky, dryad-like Green Girls with their large yellow and green snake eyes to take the begging and terrified Jewel down to the Pits for assimilation.

After Velvet had flounced off to direct the positioning of the Mother Goddess Statue, I took back my child and presented him to his Sire.

The Overlord took the child and began turning the oddly placid infant in his hands for a time before handing him back. "Acheron," was what the Lord had decided the child's name would be.

I took the child back down to the Blue Hive where the newly-named Acheron could already swim like a fish, resolving to inform the Overlord of what had been going on behind the scenes while he was gone. Preferably without Gnarl around to eavesdrop.


The Overlord was absent, hunting down the Berserker Hero, Kahn, when things started moving within the Tower.

I had had two of the Green Girls permanently lurking invisibly around the rafters of the Throne Room ceiling, so we knew within a minute of the Wizard being in the Tower that not only was he there, not only was he the father of both Rose and Velvet, but he was also the previous Overlord.

And Gnarl, the little booger, had known all along.

It had been lucky for us that we, the Girls, were, at that point in time, congregated in the Minion Pits for the now mandatory reading, writing and counting lessons. Apparently, female 'peasant' elves were not expected to do more than look pretty, learn basic sparkly magics, and breed. Overall, by that point only myself, Freesia, Jewel and the remaining former-priestesses had any kind of education beyond counting to twenty and signing their names.

At that time, the two Green Girls in the Throne room had been Stheno and Agape. Agape, being the youngest and most fidgety, had been sent back to warn us, while Stheno, the tallest Green Girl with a magical talent for hiding herself right down to her scent, went to warn and guard Mistress Velvet.

Lila and Lola commandeered a group of Browns, who worshipped them almost as much as they did the Overlord, and went through the tunnels to the Treasury, which would be temporarily moved to an outside holding, While Jewel led the Green Girls, Rowena and Mia, to stealthily steal some of the Artefacts from the Throne Room is possible. Thalia and Mara, two of my Blue Girls, as well as the Red Girls, Rica and Castellia, collected Kelda and Acheron with intent to go to Castle Gromgard if everything went pear-shaped.

That left fifteen of us out of twenty-six.

We were just on our way up to see if we could assist Our Overlord when the Tower Heart lit up and a roar of agony rang through the Tower.

Minion Girls -So far.

Green- (Human) Freesia(L), Jewel: (Elf)Heather, Rowena, Stheno, Agape, Mia

Blue- (Human) Lethe(L): (Elf) Mara, Thalia, Lorretta, Yelena, Ambrosia

Red- (Human) Moira(L), Elsa, Arietta, Rica: (Elf) Hazel, Darla, Castellia

Brown- (Human) Triela(L), Harriet, Lila, Lola: (Elf) Tana, Glory

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