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The sudden movement from the bed disturbed the still of the night, as the occupant woke with a start. Bolting into upright position, he drew his knees up to his chest and rested his elbows on top of them before pushing back the dark sweaty bangs; he then placed his clammy face into the palms of his hands.

He was panting heavily as he tried to calm the agitated beating of his heart and appease the discontented thought that ran through his mind over and over again…

Shit! He thought bitterly, it was just a fucking dream!

Staring into the darkness of his room, the man's thought wandered back to the dream. The touches, the kisses and the heat—it felt so real; the hard-on he sported did not refute the fact either. The way the petit male squirmed beneath him in ecstasy whilst moaning so seductively was divine; the feeling was unrivalled to anything he had experienced before—but it was all a fucking dream! As the memory of the encounter recaptured his senses, his cock throbbed restlessly.

Yami, he thought as he massaged his temple. Could he really get that exotic man make such a face? The lips, red and swollen from the punishing kisses and the flushed face that clearly manifested the result of their rigorous lovemaking; could he be the sole reason for the licentious expression whilst he moaned his name?

"Seto…" Yami had called out breathlessly…

"Fuck!" swore the man as he gripped his hair in frustration. How did this happen? These erotic dreams that haunted him every night for the past month; affording him a little taste of heaven in his slumber only to be cruelly forced back into the hellish reality when he awoke. The subsequent feeling of emptiness that filled him was too painful to endure.

Reflecting back, it had begun from the time he met Mutou Yami; the exotic beauty with the mesmeric crimson gaze and the alluring charisma that unconsciously drew others towards him—just like he was drawn and entranced. His infatuation deepened with each encounter until he could no longer help himself; not contented with seeing the man, he wanted to touch and embrace him too. But it wasn't until he was beaten in that game did he realise the extent of his defeat. It wasn't just the game and the money that he lost—no, it was much more than that…

It was laughable that after countless unmemorable and promiscuously tepid love affairs—he, Sakaki Ryuichi, would unwittingly lose himself to the King of Games.

Admittedly, he did himself no favours when he gave in to his temptation; he had learnt that the hard way. Having left the club after he had bade Yami farewell, the need to obtain the Game King's cell phone number along with the urge to see him one more time was too great. So he returned. The security man had attempted to announce his presence—just to be severely reprimanded and threatened by his employer's employer!

Kaiba Seto! Sakaki gritted his teeth at the thought of that person, his nemesis and the cause of his present plight!

When the "Sudo" guy was dramatically shot down, he grabbed the phone off him to personally demand for Yami…but was struck dumb as he was generously treated to an audio of Kaiba and Yami's salacious coupling. Worsened by the fact that he was unable to hang up, Yami's alluring vocals had him completely immobilised and adhered to the spot—not that he would move even if he could! Being shown another side of the Game King only made the man more desirable and he, Ryuichi, desired him more than anything in his entire privileged life!

Henceforth after that incident the dreams began, harrowing him with its brazen imagery and bittersweet sounds; taunting him with the very person he desperately wanted but could not have…yet.

"Fuck!" Sakaki swore again. He needed to resolve the matter before it drove him insane from want. The answer could be very simple. If he reminded Yami of "him" then maybe he could capitalise on it, if this "pompous jerk" could resemble enough to that "pompous jerk" then not all is lost. It was a plan, at least.

With the set resolution, Sakaki felt a little calmer.

"Beware Kaiba Seto", he whispered into the enveloping darkness. "I won't lose to you—just you wait and see! Yami will be mine."


Somewhere, far away from the hustle and hubbub of Tokyo, in the stillness of Domino City; a pair of lovers simultaneously sneezed.

Finding the anomaly highly amusing, Yami burst into a fit of giggles as his lover scowled at him.

"What? Didn't you find it funny that we both sneezed at the same time?" Yami said as he wiped a tear and sniffed delicately. "Someone is talking about us, you know." He nodded all knowingly.

Kaiba watched as his petit lover gave a lazy stretch, the joints popping when he flexed his graceful limbs. Lying naked next to one another in bed of the infamous bachelor, they were simply enjoying the cooling effects of their fervid lovemaking. It wasn't easy nor often for them to have these carefree moments, such occasions were few and far between as work tended to keep them occupied. Still, when they finally met up, they would avariciously make up for lost time; their last session lasted for most part of the evening. Even after a month into this relationship, their initial passion had not diminished one bit, in fact, if their appetite for one another was any indication to go by, it was safe to say their enthusiasm had steadily grown.

"You know, for someone who's allegedly in possession of three millennia of wisdom…your simpleton's outlook, never ceases to amaze me. I am confounded by the sort of nonsense you spout!"

Yami pouted at that remark. "Well, it's that or we are both coming down with a cold, which…" he added flippantly as he lightly rubbed a finger across his nose, "…I hope not as I have a date tomorrow."

"WHAT?" barked Kaiba, his body taut as he refrained from seizing his lover by the shoulders to shake an answer out of him.

"I am meeting Jou for lunch tomorrow, it's our regular meet-up thing we do when we get a day off together. I told you about it last week, we…plan…to…" a quick glance at his lover's darkened expression told Yami that maybe it wasn't a subject that he should be elaborating on. His unfinished sentence trailed off into silence as he decided it might be a shrewd move to engage in a hasty retreat and seek refuge somewhere away from his fuming lover.

The mutt, huh? We will see about that, thought Kaiba wickedly as he watched Yami slide off the bed and make his way to the bathroom.

"Where do you think you are going?" he demanded.

Yami instantly stopped—his feet shackled by the question and his body frozen by the authoritative voice of the CEO in tyrant mode. Oh shit! The Game King thought with growing dread as he slowly turned to face his lover.

The latter was reclined on his side with one arm propped up on his elbow and his head resting in his hand; the way his face was tilted at an angle gave him a cocky assured look. The relaxed pose he exhibited was extremely misleading; to an outsider it spoke of harmlessness and ease but the predatory glint in those icy blue eyes belied the leisurely calm exterior. Yami knew better than to be deceived.

Kaiba raised his free hand, crooked a finger at his lover and slowly wriggled it. The command was absolute: Come here, it ordered.

Yami shook his head vigorously causing his bed-tousled bangs to swing wildly about his face; he was nervous…very nervous as he cautiously backed up a few steps, his eyes never leaving his rival's.

Then Kaiba smiled—it was a frighteningly feral smile.

The smaller man turned and made a mad dash for the door in hope for a quick escape. Unfortunately, Kaiba with his agility and longer strides effortlessly caught the shorter male around the waist and lifted him off his feet. Then he proceeded to carry him backwards towards the bed.

"Let go, Seto… Kaiba!" the indignant Yami ordered as he frantically tried to unclasp the large hands around his midriff, but to no avail. "Unhand me NOW, Priest!"

With legs flailing and feet kicking, Yami was pleased when Kaiba inhaled sharply as his heel connected to the other's shinbone. That should leave a mark tomorrow, he thought with satisfaction.

Not pleased with the way the ex-spirit resisted and yet becoming very turned on from the struggle; Kaiba responded to Yami's ultimatum with a sneer, "As you wish, my Pharaoh," and threw Yami unceremoniously onto the bed. Dazed and disorientated on top of the crumpled bed sheets, the latter took a moment to recollect before turning around and on all fours, in a most un-Pharaoh-like manner, tried to scramble off from the other side—he had almost succeeded if Kaiba hadn't caught him by the ankle and dragged him back towards him again. Yami refused to concede passively, he clung onto the edge of the bed for dear life until his lover with mounting impatience pinched a butt cheek…hard! With a yelp, the smaller man let go and resorted to clawing the crumpled fabric beneath him as he was being towed. The effort was truly gallant, but dismally futile.

Imprisoning Yami with his long limbs, Kaiba pressed the smaller man firmly down onto the bed, his face so close to Yami's that the captured man felt the other's words caress his skin. "Don't you ever run away from me again, Yami!" he cautioned before biting hard on his lover's neck and sucking it intensely.

Yami groaned as the acute pain mixed with pleasure invaded his senses. Closing his eyes, he surrendered compliantly to the sensation—until he felt Kaiba's hands roaming down to his lower body.

"What the—Seto!" protested Yami, eyes wide as he attempted to twist away from the exploring hands; not pleased that his lover was horny and ready for another round before he had a chance to recuperate. "For goodness sake, can't we have time-out just for a bit? I need to recover first!"

"Aw, how cold! Weren't you screaming for me 'fuck' you just a while ago?"

"That was a while ago! I need a break now!" Yami replied pointedly.

Kaiba continued to ignore Yami's objection, in fact he was too aroused to pay the remonstration much heed. If Yami wasn't ready—well, too bad, he will take it upon himself to ensure the latter was ready by the time he'd finished with him.

Placing featherlike kisses from his neck to his chest, Kaiba's mouth found purchase on one of Yami's cinnamon nipples and proceeded to lavish his attention on it. Tracing the dark mound with his tongue, he licked the swollen peak before capturing it between his teeth and gently gnawed it.

A muffled groan could be heard from the smaller man as he covered his mouth with the back of his hand; trying hard not to divulge his enjoyment when he was still pissed with his partner. Kaiba glanced up at the sound and promptly wrenched the offensive hand away, pinning it above Yami's head; there was no way he'd be cheated of the beautiful melody that bespoke of Yami's pleasure—he fucking fed off the sound!

Returning his attention back to the neglected nipple, Kaiba sucked on it whilst his tongue lapped at the nub inside his mouth. At the same time, he fixed his eyes onto the ex-spirit's face as if that alone would prompt the desired response…but the stubborn man refused to accommodate him. Yami clenched his jaw firmly together so no sound would escape; he wasn't about to satisfy Kaiba that easily.

Upon seeing Yami's obstinacy, Kaiba gladly rose to the challenge. Relinquishing his hold on the nipple, he took hold of Yami's cock and gave it a generous lick before engulfing it in his mouth. Yami silently gasped at the sudden moist warmth that swathed his member. The way his lover firmly enclosed his mouth around the appendage ensured a feeling of tightness and enhanced by the steady suction he applied…the effects were overwhelming! Yami curled his toes and raised his hips in response, just barely containing himself in his soundlessness.

A hand swept up and down the smaller man's thigh, causing the victim to writhe in needy anticipation. Kaiba could feel the tension building up in Yami; the need to vocally express his enjoyment and the growing desire was taking its toll on the frustrated man. Releasing Yami's cock from his oral ministrations, Kaiba pushed a finger halfway into Yami and playfully wiggled it; he felt the moist stickiness of their earlier encounter still contained within. A concoction of bodily fluids and lubricant, Yami was wet enough for Kaiba to add another finger without further aid; moreover, being loosened from their previous laborious and lengthy lovemaking, the latter needed minimal preparation.

Yami almost mewled to the two-finger assault; his body obediently rose to welcome the intrusion and willingly matched the rhythm the digits set as it darted in and out of his body. So when Kaiba added the third finger…

"Fuck!" Yami finally cried out, unable to remain quiet any longer.

"Gladly…" Kaiba leered as he flipped his lover over so he was lying on his front with his pretty ass obscenely raised in the air. Presented with such lascivious image, Kaiba wasted no time in entering Yami in one swift motion; burying himself deeply into the lithe body until his balls met the other's rear.

"Fuck!" Yami cried out again as he felt himself being abruptly filled. The action was stimulatingly brutal.

With one hand on Yami's shoulder and another on his hips, Kaiba pulled himself out before slamming himself back into that scorching furnace, using his grip on the smaller body for leverage as he repeated the movements. Yami gripped the bed sheets so tightly that his knuckles showed white, the feeling of being aggressively fucked from behind was incomparable, he enjoyed it rough and Kaiba knew how to indulge him. Unable to hold back his voice, Yami gushed forth a verbal torrent that consisted mainly of one syllabub swear words. Kaiba was pleased that he could reduce the proud Pharaoh into an incoherent mass beneath him; it fuelled his ego and stoked his vanity. Ever shifting his body subtly whilst still pounding relentlessly, Kaiba was finally rewarded with what he strove for…

Yami let out a guttural cry.

Found it, thought Kaiba with satisfaction as he remained in that angled position, fiercely thrusting in and out whilst maintaining his hold on his lover. He loved this position; the way the tiny opening was stretched to accommodate his full arousal was fascinating and he could watch his dick move in and out of that slender body as it became increasingly slippery from the lube and Yami's wetness coating it. What's more, it was so hot and tight inside Yami as his petit body kept pulling him deeper until he felt he was going to be completely swallowed up. Not that he minded, the sensation was something only Yami was capable of inciting—there could be no other!

He could feel Yami's nearing his peak as the smaller body began to tremble uncontrollably; abandoning his grip on his lover's hip and leaning over, Kaiba gripped Yami's cock and began to stroke it. The act was enough to induce Yami's orgasm and he came hard into Kaiba's hand, shuddering violently as his body rode on the waves of his climax.

Kaiba felt the spasms inside of Yami when he came; the taut insides clamped on to his embedded cock, smothering it in its burning heat and squeezing it mercilessly. Under such provocations, Kaiba could no longer hold out and with a deep throaty moan; he came in his lover.

Suffering from over-exertion, the pair collapsed onto the bed in a heap of entangled limbs, their forms spooned comfortably into one another with Kaiba still inside. Kissing Yami's finger-marked shoulder in a distracted manner, Kaiba felt an overwhelming sense of fulfilment. It was an alien feeling but welcoming nonetheless, in a peculiar sort of way and he almost sighed with contentment. Still in an absent state of mind, the CEO licked and sucked the bite mark left earlier on his limp partner, only truly focusing on him when there came no response. Intrigued, Kaiba increased his efforts with a nibble here and a kiss there, until Yami stirred slightly.

"Seto…enough…" Yami mumbled thickly.

Lick, lick, kiss…

"Seto, enough!" repeated Yami, only this time a little more forceful.

Lick, lick, kiss, bite

"Kaiba, I am warning you…!"

Kaiba's cock twitched inside Yami…


The next day saw a rather distracted Kaiba sitting at his desk in KaibaCorp Headquarters. Aware that he wasn't going to be very productive, the CEO gave in to the delicious feeling of anticipation that his straying mind had to offer.

It's should be about time… he thought eagerly.

As if on cue, the telephone rang and Kaiba picked it up immediately.

"Speak!" commanded Kaiba into the handset.

"Kaiba-sama, you have a call from Mutou-san."

Kaiba grinned before grunting a reply. His secretary faithfully patched the call through.



Kaiba held the phone a good distance away from his ear, momentarily fearful for his hearing.

"Yami?" he asked through a smile when he returned the receiver to his ear.

"Don't fucking 'Yami'' me, you nympho-prick!"

Kaiba's smile widened.

"Weren't you supposed to be meeting the mutt for lunch today?" he asked innocently. "What happened?"

"'What happened?' you ask! 'You' fucking happened, Kaiba!" growled Yami in response. Kaiba heard a faint whimper escape from the former before he continued. "You knew I was going out with Jou today and you still did it so many times! How could you?"

"But Yami, what's my libido got to do with your lunch appointment?" Kaiba continued to feign cluelessness, his smile full of mischief and evidently evil.

"Everything, you devious bastard!" shouted his exasperated lover. "You've fucking incapacitated me—oww! I am hurting so badly that I can't even sit up—let alone, walk! You will pay for this, Kaiba! Mark my word!"

Kaiba laughed as his angry lover hung up, the mirth colouring the awkward silence.

That went rather well, he thought gleefully, obviously Yami hasn't noticed the hickey on his neck—yet!

Lost in thought, the CEO leaned back into his chair and rested his elbows on the armrests. Steepling his hands together, he tapped his chin with it. He felt triumphant! Needless to say, victory tasted very good and the process of achieving it was even better, he mused. He had killed two birds with one stone, so to speak.

It was true, where Yami was concerned he became insatiably fixated, especially when it came to their rivalry; even in bed, Yami was a challenge begging to be bested! Whether it was trying to evoke louder moans from the proud man or provoking him to call his name, making love with Yami was one hell of an experience. Never would he have dreamt he'd be sleeping with a man—let alone Yami of all people. But Yami was different. Being with the ex-spirit, the rules of femininity and masculinity did not apply; he made one forget about sexual preferences and the restrictions it entails. With Yami, sexual identity was of no consequence because he transcended beyond the boundaries of gender. Kaiba was certain he wasn't gay but it was acceptable have a relationship with the Game King because—well, Yami was Yami!

With a smirk, Kaiba's thought returned to the reason of his lover's wrath, the latter was every bit correct in his deduction of the former's zealous actions the previous night. The knowledge of Yami spending time in the company of another man, if the mutt could be called that, did not sit well with him. It triggered a feeling that overrode sense and rationality and it brought about a need to possess and claim. Only Yami was able to bring out such uncertainties from Kaiba, it made the CEO fearful and insecure.

Perhaps, he should get Yami to move in with him, he thought randomly. They would be able to spend more time with each other and it would allow him to monitor the other's movement…

Jealousy is a powerful motivator was the thought that came to mind and he contemplated its meaning.


His mind turned over the word over and over again, trying to associate the term with himself.

Me? Jealous? That's—

Yet looking back at his previous actions, it suspiciously indicated such convictions. The need to monopolise and consume Yami for himself, only entertained the concept further. It bought about the tendency to act in an unreasonable and temperamental fashion that even he could no longer overlook, yet for the lack of another acceptable explanation that elucidated such behaviour; Kaiba could only feign indifference. The ominous feeling that he was opening Pandora's Box if he openly admitted to such sentiments, compelled him to shrink from the subject; it wasn't a matter he was willing to broach just yet, but the need to have Yami belong solely to him nullified all other reasons. His dilemma deepened.

Unable to come up with a decisive answer to his predicament, he dismissed the matter entirely and returned his attention back to his neglected work. Dismissal was the best course of action; it wasn't worth pondering over if he wasn't able to acknowledge such reckless and destructive sentimentalities. No, it was best to ignore it.

So the CEO returned to his work.

But somewhere buried in the depths of his mind, Kaiba could hear Yami impishly snicker as he declared, "Reject and deny all you want, Kaiba Seto! You and I both know what motivates you…you jealous baka!"

Kaiba secretly smiled at the comment and thought with renewed determination that perhaps Yami moving in with him wasn't such a bad idea after all—in fact, it would be a challenge to get the crimson-eyed man to agree. Kaiba grinned as he thought about the task ahead of him; the delightful and perverse methods he could employ in order to persuade his wilful lover to accept began to distract him to no ends.

So pushing himself off the chair, Kaiba stood up and began to pack his briefcase; he was leaving. It was a moot point of him being at the office if his mind was elsewhere—besides, he had a lover at home who was feeling poorly and needed some tender loving care…

Yami, Kaiba thought arbitrarily as he left the office. I will make you understand you that you are mine and mine alone… Just you wait and see.

Unsuspecting and tucked snugly in the warmth of Kaiba's spacious bed, feeling awfully sorry for himself; a certain Mutou Yami unexpectedly sneezed…



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