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The Master

In the early days of the drums, the Master didn't even know that there was something wrong with him. He would hear things and see things, but he knew he wasn't crazy. Everyone told him something was wrong, even Theta. But he knew they were out to get him. He kept telling anyone who said he was insane that they were wrong, that he was fine. Until one day when Theta tried, and he hit him. Then he knew… He knew they were right.

But he didn't care.

Because he wasn't Koshei anymore, now he was the Master. It was a whole different side of him. Soon enough, he was hitting Theta every other day, and not caring that his best friend would bleed and cry. He had the drums, they were all he needed.

I'm not really sure what exactly this is…
The Doctor looked into the Master's eyes. He could see so many things in those eyes, but there were none of the things he used to be able to see in Koshei's eyes. Koshei's eyes used to be filled with love and a twinkle of mischief. This man in front of him, the Master, when he looked in his eyes, all he could see was hate, pain and the need for revenge. He could see war in his eyes. The Doctor so wanted to just walk over to him and pull him into his arms.

But it wasn't something as small as their parents dividing them anymore, no, now it was something much bigger, something the Doctor wasn't sure he'd be able to cross.

It was hate. But that wouldn't stop him trying to get through to the boy he once loved.

Um… Koshei probably…
He had walked into the bar wanting to get blind drunk and forget. Forget the fight, the yelling, the swearing, and the insults. He didn't plan it. But before he knew it, he was downing shots and laughing with a bunch of strangers. He didn't plan on calling one of the biggest guys in the bar a giant idiot, then getting in a fight and getting kicked out. But he did. So he did the most obvious thing to someone who was drunk out of their mind. He walked into the next bar he found. He sat down at the bar, no longer in any fit state to plan anything. He looked over as a girl sat down on the stool next to him.

Before he knew it, he was downing more shots and laughing with the girl.

And that was where his memory of last night ended.

44. DON'T CRY DADDY- ELVIS PRESLEY (What? Don't judge me…)
The Doctor was early in his first regeneration when his mother had run out of regenerations and died of old age. His father was quite a bit younger than his mother, a couple of hundred years he was pretty sure. But it didn't matter to them. They loved each other. So as little Theta, of only ten years old, stood in front of his mother's grave, with his crying father at his side, he slipped his tiny hand into his father's larger one, looked up at him and said quietly, "Don't cry Daddy. You still got me." He father just smiled down at him through his tears.

Theta/Koshei, Doctor/Master
He's cried for weeks after he'd ran away. He'd cried for his planet, his family, but mostly he'd cried for Koshei. He'd never wanted to leave him. He was his best friend and so much more. Without him he didn't know what he was doing, he was lost. He needed him; he needed him to be able to breathe. He didn't even get to say those three words before he'd left. They'd had a fight, they'd yelled at each other, not caring what might happen next. He thought he'd be able to apologise the next day. He was wrong. It wasn't easy, walking away from Koshei. In fact it was the hardest thing he'd ever done. But he was angry and he wasn't thinking about anything other than how he hated himself for loving Koshei.

But he didn't really.

"I'm sorry," Theta yelled through his tears to the empty TARDIS. "I'm so sorry…" he said quieter this time, almost as if he thought that if was quiet enough, Koshei would hear him.

Koshei had managed to block out all emotion, it had helped to start with. Everything he had once felt, everything that he'd once cared about. Now he was more or less a psychopath. More or less. There was only one thing- one person- he cared about now. But it didn't make the drums any less painful. It still hurt, no matter how hard he tried to block them out. He spent his days and nights alone, in pain. Until he'd had enough. He let the drums take over. That was the first time he killed a man. The poor kid was only twenty years old. He didn't even know what'd hit him. Koshei stared down at his hands, covered in blood, holding the knife he'd just used to stab the kid lying motionless on the floor. He didn't know what to do, so he ran, and kept running. He didn't stop until he broke down, still covered in blood, crying in Theta's arms.

the Doctor remembered when he and the Master were young, back on Gallifrey, without a care in the world. They didn't have to worry about their parents disapproving, the war, they only had to worry about each other. "Theta, I don't ever want you to leave." Koshei said, one night, when they were leaning against a lone tree on their hill. It was the one they met at every night. But this time was different. Theta was going to the Academy and Koshei… Well Koshei wasn't. "I don't want to be alone." He whispered.

Theta grabbed his hand and turned to the stars, watching, and thinking. "You'll never be alone." Koshei turned to the stars, looking the same way Theta was. Theta pointed out into the darkness, "See that one there? That's ours."

Even though he didn't want to, the Master would sometimes look up at that star and wonder what happened to them.

Theta/Koshei friendship
they used to run around Gallifrey, as if it was the last day they would spend together. They used to cause so much trouble that not even Rassolin himself would know what to do with them. They used to laugh as if they would never be apart. They used to hug each other at the end of the day, and whisper that tomorrow they'd do exactly the same. They made a name for themselves early on, and it became common knowledge in their hometown that you would rarely find Theta without Koshei, or Koshei without Theta.

49. DRUG BALLAD- EMINEM (Ahhhh… This will be interesting…)
The Master/The Doctor
When the Master was homeless; he'd really tried to avoid the drugs side of the life. He didn't mind alcohol, eating scraps, drinking dirty water, he really didn't mind. He convinced himself it was worth it, if only to see the Doctor's horrified face when he finally found him. But he refused to do drugs. He told himself it was because it would lower his intelligence, which he might need if the Doctor found him at that moment. But the truth was (the truth that he would never admit to anyone who he wasn't intending to kill seconds later) he was scared of what might happen when he wasn't in full control of himself. He was worried of what memories and emotions it might bring up.

No. He wouldn't risk it. It could compromise him. Make him weak. It was something he stuck to, almost until the day the Doctor came. He hadn't meant to try it, really. He'd just had a bad day and all he wanted was silence in his head. Something the drinking wasn't giving him this time. As he curled himself into a ball and rocked himself, he promised Theta, (who in the back of his foggy mind, he knew wasn't there), that he would never do it again. And as Theta lightly brushed his fingers across his sweaty brow like he used to do when they were young and the drums got too much, the Master cried, not caring if anyone was there to see it or not.

The Doctor/The Master
"One more time?" the Doctor asked nervously, "for old time's sake." He watched the Master carefully, making sure the other Time Lord wasn't going to try and kill him at any second. He didn't look like he was, which was why the Doctor had asked. On the days when the drums weren't so bad, he seemed to be that childhood friend from so long ago. The Doctor wanted his childhood friend back, and the Master was here, in front of him, he couldn't help but ask.

The Master had never been a sentimental person. He didn't think he would ever want to be near the Doctor again, not in the same room, not on the same planet, nothing. But here he was, and as much as much as he hated admitting it, the Master was wrong. He could feel that spark inside him relighting itself, no matter how hard he tried to smother it. He sighed. He wanted this, when he was with the Doctor, the drums weren't as bad.

He held out his hand. "For old time's sake." He said, as the Doctor took it.

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