Chapter 13

Enter Metal Static

Amy sat behind a rock and wallowed in self pity, not because of what Amy Gaga made her do but for what Sonic had done to her. Her Sonic, her darling Sonic, Sonic who was so close to her heart at one point. She reached up and felt her chest, he had manipulated her only to turn around and sink a dagger so deep into her heart it felt like the life was falling out of it.

Her heart was breaking.

She knew when Sonic said he'd hated her he was talking about Amy Gaga, not Amy Rose, but Amy Gaga is like the flip side of the coin that is Amy Rose. So when Sonic said he didn't like Amy Gaga he meant he didn't like her at all. She hated Sonic with all her broken heart, she wanted to go home and rip down all the pictures and photos she had of him, rip up all the drawings she made relating to him and burn all of it. She would gladly even erase her own memory of Sonic the Hedgehog if it would mean that she didn't have to feel this deep well of rejection again.

Amy tried to take her mind of the that stupid blue rat for a second and think about something else, pink, she likes pink, and red dresses, and make up and her friend Tails, who was also a friend of Sonic. No, think about another friend, Knuckles, who knows Sonic. No another, Cream and Cheese, who both know Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! It was hopeless, she couldn't think of anything that didn't have some relation to Sonic!

That's when something hit her. She couldn't just delete Sonic from her life. All her friends were also Sonic's friends. In fact she had no real friends of her own, the only friend she wanted was Sonic and true she befriended his friends but only because she didn't have any of her own. Whether she liked it or not, Sonic was at the heart of her life. Sonic had been her life for the past 8 years, and this made Amy sad.

For years she'd been chasing Sonic, trying to get him to at least try to love her. But he refuses to talk about himself and though he likes company of friends, including her, he is never interested in anyone else. He never asks her any question about herself, about her appearance or anything. She could turn herself green and Sonic wouldn't look twice. She was sick of him using her, tugging at her heart strings to get her to do something for his own ends. He was a selfish, immature little brat who wasn't worth her time nor energy. How stupid did she have to be to have to need a tainted lump of wood to show this fact to her face?

Maybe Sonic thought her storming off was just a game, that it was a tantrum that would pass and by tomorrow mroning she'll be running at him ready to wrap her arms around him asking him to forgive her -when she's actually done nothing wrong- begging for forgiveness so he won't leave her. Well no way, this had been the final straw, she never, ever, ever wanted to see Sonic again, NEVER, EVER, EVER! But though she screamed this in her mind the feeling wasn't strong enough to explode out of her mouth.

She'd realised earlier this night thanks to Static/Sonic that it was very creepy to not give someone personal space as Static had with her, it was also the same thing Amy did to Sonic which gave this epiphany more of a ring. Everything she'd done to try to get Sonics attention hadn't worked, actually it had worked to get his attention but it hadn't attracted Sonic to her, it had just 'weird-ed' him out, she was just so desperate to be loved by him that she went gaga every time she saw him, and that's what Amy Gaga was to her, her obsession, her impulses, her lust which had sprouted arms and legs. Sonic had called her a freak... and he was right! She was a freak! Amy buried her hands in her face and continued to weep.

She was really just a friendless, moaning, unloved, immature, little freak. Something else clicked into her head. Deep down, what she really wanted from Sonic was love, and she wanted Sonic or someone to love her in return. She smothered him with love in the hopes he would return it, but he keeps blowing her off or not taking her seriously. Didn't he see she needed it? To heal emotional scares that were years old. She decided not to go down that branch of memory lane, she had a ton of bad memories she'd prefer to screen and forget about. Her past was painful for her and her present wasn't much brighter either. Her whole life was chasing after one guy who didn't seem to acknowledge her love, her flirting or even –as she sometimes felt- her existence.

She hated Sonic but she also hated her past, she hated her present, she hated Amy Gaga, she even despised Amy Rose herself, and for the first time in her life she realised one truth she had been avoiding and running away from all these years.

I am wasting my life...

Sonic waited on the beach where Amy had left him, he was aware both he and Amy were still thousands of miles away from home and without any transport Amy would be stranded, though he wasn't going to piggy back her back home he was going to wait and guide her back home at least.

He lay in the sand and set the Mask down beside him and gazed up at the stars thinking and he had a lot to think about.

He wasn't moving from this spot for another reason, a reason that complimented a shift in his mentality. He wanted something, something he'd never wanted so badly before in his life, something he never wanted before now, he couldn't quite put his finger on it and he couldn't believe he was even thinking this, but he wanted Amy Rose.

Actually more specifically, he wanted her forgiveness. This was odd considering all the times he's humiliated Knuckles, the times he nearly got people killed, all the damage he does while having fun, not once did he ever say sorry and not once wanted forgiveness from anyone. He was saving the world after all. But this time he wanted forgiveness, he didn't understand why, as far as he was concerned he'd done nothing wrong, it was only natural to want to get away from such a grabby, clingy person like Amy Gaga, but that was a much younger part of himself speaking, the older part of him knew that while doing this he'd hurt Amy Rose's feelings. Amy who had stood by him along with Tails in the fights against Robotnik, though she's pretty useless in a fight it was just nice to have someone who appreciated what he did, for all these worlds and places he'd saved.

The world knew about Dr. Robotnik and his mad schemes to take over the world, but the world didn't take him seriously half the time believing all his massive egg carriers and robots to be just for show. Plus he'd bragged on for years about taking over the world and yet had never managing it despite his technological superiority, the only reason he'd failed was because of Sonic the Hedgehog constantly stopping him but Sonic himself was relatively unknown, very few knew it was him who'd defeated Robotnik and saved the planet and its people so many times. He actually preferred it like that, he may act like it but he's not too big on getting a lot of attention, in fact his life is pretty solitary if you didn't count Tails.

Tails was his best friend and could help him in these adventures but Amy was like a representative of the people, someone who appreciated him saving the world on the worlds' behalf. Usually someone saving the world would gain instant fame, glory or even money, but Sonic didn't have nor want any of those things, fame wasn't his thing and as far as he was concerned fame was just for people who craved attention and Sonic didn't crave attention at all, he only did what he did... for fun he guessed, and as long as one person thanked him for saving the world or knew of the deeds he'd done then it was all the gratitude he needed from it, and that person had almost always been Amy Rose.

However his original opinion of Amy Rose had started out different from how he perceived her now. He'd thought Amy was one of those girls who just wanted to go out with him so she could brag to other girls about going out with someone famous, Sonic didn't know much about girls but he knew this one fact at least, but Sonic wasn't famous, well known, nor was he rich, in retrospect he was quite poor. So it was also a mystery to him why Amy Rose still wanted him at all, she seemed too much like a giggling fan girl, the head of a Sonic fan club of which she was practically the only member. If it wasn't creepy enough to have your face plastered over a girls bedroom Sonic didn't know what was. Pop stars may lap up this kind of attention but Sonic in the pit of his stomach, though flattered, detested it. Okay, if one or two people asked for an autograph then maybe he'd oblige, maybe, but a whole crowd of Sonic fans? Some fan girls like Amy? Now that was terrifying. If he wanted to be followed by just one fan girl then Amy Rose was defiantly the girl for the job, he wanted no other.

But had he been wrong about Amy? If the Mask had taught him one thing it was that people can look perfectly ordinary on the outside but they could be complete opposites on the inside. Look at Tails and his alter ego. The fox seemed content with building machines and helping Sonic in his adventures yet deep down Tails wanted payback against all those who had wronged him at school and nearly went so far as to almost kill one of them, Tails had never talked about his days being bullied and seemed happy to just build and construct things that Sonic was surprised that he carried this heavy sadness in his heart. Was it the same for Amy? Originally he'd thought of her as a giggling fan girl who only wanted to go out with him because of what he represented in her mind, not for what he was. A girl so shallow she'd go out with him only for a while, then later grow up and decide her crush on him was just a phase she was going through. But were her feelings for him truly as deep as Amy Gaga made them sound?

Why was he suddenly caring about her? She's been chasing him since he was eleven and for all those years he was never interested in Amy, but at eleven you're not even interested in girls anyway. As he got older he stared to become interested in the opposite gender but he only ever saw Amy as this weird girl he sometimes hung out with.

Sonic wondered for a second why he was suddenly having all of these in depth thoughts about what his friends meant to him and so far all he could say for certain, the only thing that made all his feelings make sense is that, deep down he didn't want to lose Amy Rose.

But then why was Amy even behaving like this now? Dumping a sand castle on his head before fuming at him and running away from him? Silently he cursed, why did the opposite gender have to be so complicated to figure out?

Sonic took a deep breath and sighed. Then something caught his finely tuned senses, but his actions weren't quick enough as something slammed into the sand beside him causing him to fly through the air in a shower of sand. Sonic landed perfectly on his two legs and caught the Mask as it attempted to whistle past him from the impact.

Sonic waited for the dust to clear to see what the heck it was, it was tall, blue and gleaming, a factory fresh robot no doubt created by Dr. Robotnik. It was another Metal Sonic, but there was something different about this one, its head wasn't blue, but green and its red shoes were instead yellow with a red strap. This said to Sonic that this robot wasn't meant to face off against him, it was to face off against Static. This robot was obviously a 'Metal Static.'

Metal Static stared at him for a long moment as if it was considering what the heck Sonic was. It's head turned slightly and Sonic could tell it was focusing its attention on the Mask in his hand. Sonic quickly ducked it behind his back and jammed it between his back quills for safe keeping.

"Another Metal Menace from Robotnik labs, all ready for the junk pile?" Sonic taunted it, but it remained defiantly cool like Metal Sonic had. "You want me? Come and get m-agghhh!..."

In an instant Sonic felt a solid, metallic fist punch right into his face and thought for a second that he'd lost some of his teeth as he flew backwards into a sand dune that was a hundred yards away. The Mask fell from its perch on his back and as he made to grab it Metal seized both it and him and lifted him off the ground by the neck, Sonic flailed his legs trying to kick him while his arms grabbed Metals hand around his neck and tried to pry the machine fingers open.

"Hey, you're more solid then Metal Sonic mark 1 and 2" Sonic choked grinning again "But I'm just warming up." But Metal was ignoring him again and was instead looking from Sonic to the Mask as if trying to figure them out. Then it appeared to make a decision and he began moving the Mask closer to Sonics face!

"Not today pal!" Sonic said in a panic and raised his legs to kick the Mask clean out of Metals hand. But Sonic gave the Mask a bit more of a kick then he was intending because the Mask flew from the metallic grip and flew out of sight like it had been hit with a baseball bat. Then Metal did something Sonic did not expect, he dropped him. Sonic fell to the ground and Metal began moving away via the jet engine in his torso in the direction the Mask had flew off into.

Leaping to his feet Sonic scrambled after Metal, it was difficult to move on the soft sand but he put on as much speed as he could to catch Metal up so he could slam into the robot and knock it to the ground, and that's what he did and it all happened in the span of a few seconds.

Sonic quickly gazed upwards and could barely see the spinning glint of the Mask flying through the air, it was odd but to Sonics eye it looked like it was circling around like a boomerang, only it didn't come back, it just kept changing its direction like it had a mind of its own.

That's when Sonic felt something strike his stomach, Metal Static had now decided Sonic was a threat that needed to be dealt with and had already dealt a quick, unseen blow which left the hedgehog with a dizzy spell. Sonic could see Metal moving away again after the Mask, but Sonic could do very little with that information as his brain was still going in circles.

He willed himself to focus and get a grip, but the world wouldn't stop spinning.

Amy continued to mope behind a sand dune at how sad her entire life was when she felt something slam into the top of her head with such force her deep well of depression became a fiery volcano of anger. Amy leapt up to her feet gazed around at the offending person who'd thrown the object and ranted.

"Whoever threw that better have life insurance, because I'm not in the mood for childish games!" But there was no one there as far as Amy could see. She shifted her gaze to take in the offending object that had slammed into her head and her mood did not improve when she spotted it. It was that stupid Mask, Sonic must've thrown it at her! Was he making fun of her? She felt her head and a lump was starting to form where it had hit her. Her hammer appeared in her hands and she was tempted to stamp over the dune, finds Sonic and give that spiky rat a few lumps as payback.

But first she knelt down and picked up the Mask from the sand. There was no way Amy was going to give Sonic this back after how cruelly he'd just thrown it at her. She slammed the handle of her hammer in the sand so it stayed up right before she dumped the Mask down the front of her dress where Sonic couldn't get it, not if he had the nerve, then picked up her hammer again and went hedgehog hunting.

She froze however when she turned around and came face to face with a metallic hedgehog. Metal Sonic! Only it was Metal but with a green head! Amy had always hated this machine, not only because it duplicated Sonic but the evil thing had kidnapped her once when she'd followed Sonic on one of his adventures. Only last time she was helpless, this time she had a weapon.

"BACK OFF METAL HEAD!" Amy shouted holding the hammer ready to attack "I'M ARMED THIS TIME!" Metal was so fast Amy nearly didn't have enough time to act. He reached out to grab her by the front of her dress but she'd jumped back with inches to spare. Bad move on his part because Amy swung her hammer and slammed it straight down on Metals head, there was a loud clang and everything froze. Everything that is apart from Amy who's body she could feel was shaking like jelly at the sudden impact as her hammer slammed into something that would not yield to its power

Then Metal raised its right hand and drew it back ready to punch her. "Why do I always think that will work?" she asked herself and as the punch came she screamed "SONIIIIIIICCC OOOOUUFFF!"


Metal had punched her so hard in the chest all the air was knocked out of her, and for a second she thought the impact had been so much it had stopped her heart and killed her, but the floating sensation she was having was due to her having been launched high into the sky by the blow. She flew back a good distance, maybe a mile or so before she slammed into another sand dune which cushioned her fall.

When she finally opened her eyes she realised she was still alive! She'd lost her hammer during her short flight and for a second she thought she'd broken some ribs, but as she sat up she felt no pain whatsoever though her torso felt sore where the Mask had been pressed into her.

Amy laughed, that indestructible curse had acted like body armour, cushioning the impact and had probably saved her life. She reached up to feel the Mask, but it wasn't there! She pulled open the neckline of her dress to check but it was gone! It must've fallen out on her short flight, but how? It was far too large to simply slip out from the sides yet it just wasn't there, it had just gone!

Panicking she looked left and right trying to find any trace of a faint glint in the sand that would identify where the Mask was. But it was no good, the Mask had vanished!

The high pitched whine of jet engines caught her ears and she realised that Metal was coming for her. She gulped and considered for a second. It was important that curse didn't find its way into the hands of Robotnik but at the same time Sonic also wanted to get his hands on that Mask, surely he'd find it without her help as he so often wanted. So she turned and hightailed it away from the beach, leaving the Mask to whoever found it first, she was done with that curse anyway, she never wanted to set eyes on it again.

Sonic raced after Metal after finally losing his dizzy spell. He'd heard Amy's unmistakable scream of "SOOOOOONNNIIIIICCC!" and this made him more determined to find Metal and stop him. Sonic leapt over a sand dunes and saw Metal just standing there. Sonic made to attack but before he could land a blow Metal had taken off again and was already disapearing into the distance without showing any signs he was aware or cared Sonic was there. Sonic was about to follow when he saw Amy's hammer left discarded on the sand like it had been dropped.

Sonic didn't speak, he knelt down and picked up Amy's fallen hammer. "AMY!" he shouted forgetting about Metal altogether, he didn't care about Metal or the Mask right now, all he cared about was making sure Amy was safe. But she was nowhere to be seen. Oh man, he'd never forgive himself if anything had happened to her.

He took a step forward and heard a crunch under his sneakers. He looked down to see what he was standing on. There, half buried in the sand was the Mask! Amy must've found it but Metal found her! But what did Metal do to her? If that tin tyrant's harmed her in any way then Sonic will totally obliterate him!

The hedgehog knelt down to retrieve the Mask, at least Metal hadn't gotten his hands on this stupid thing. Sonic grabbed it and pulled the Mask free. But it took Sonic a second to realise something was wrong with it.

Sonic's eyes went wide and he whistled in amazement. He rubbed his eyes with his free hand to make sure he was seeing it correctly and waved his hand around it to make sure it wasn't a trick of the light, but it was no trick. The indestructable Mask had somehow been broken in half!

"What the heck had the power to cause this?" Sonic asked to no one in particular. According to Tails the Mask was indestructible, it survived lasers, blasters, burning, pressure, everything, so what the heck caused the Mask to simply break like this? The half of the Mask he had was the left hand side and it possessed the metal bar that ran down the front of it, which meant the other half didn't. Wait, other half? Where was the other half? Sonic looked around frantically for anything that looked vaguely like the other half, but he couldn't see anything, mostly because it was still too dark.

Seeing Amy's hammer again Sonic's mind when back to what originally concerned him.

"AMY!" he cried again but again he got no response. He'd never forgive himself it something happened to her now, not just for decencies sake but also because he'd realised he cared too much about her. "AMY!" he cried again and raced this way and that, up and down the beach looking for any flash of pink and red that could be Amy, but there was none. There was no sign of either Amy Rose or the other half of the Mask.

Sonic looked at the cursed Mask again. He was in three minds at the moment, find the missing half of the Mask, find Metal and stopping him, and find Amy. Another thought occurred to Sonic. If the Mask was broken like this would it still work as it would when whole? Sonic scratched the back of his head as he considered this. If it was it could be a mixed blessing because though one half would still be missing, unless whoever found it had the half Sonic held in his hand then it would just be an inert piece of wood for good, then it means this big problem was solved. Also if the Mask didn't work he could focus more on finding Amy and stopping Metal, however to test this meant either two things. First wait to see if it glows, but that depended on if it 'wanted' to glow and the second was to try it on, and so far no glow seemed to appear before his eyes, taking a deep breath he decided on the latter option.

Sonic turned the Mask over and lowered it towards his face, he didn't intend to put it on properly, just to wait until he felt it trying to pull on his face and fuse to him, if that happened he'd know if it was still working and he could pull it away before it tried to take effect. When he couldn't feel any suction at all while it hovered just an inch from his face, he placed the Mask firmly on his face, closed his eyes and waited for something to happen, but still nothing happened. It didn't work! The Mask was now just an inert lump of wood, its curse had been broken!

As his mind celebrated this fact Sonic unprepared as he suddenly winced with pain as the entire left side of his face sharply felt like it was burning! Sonic removed his hand from his face but the Mask didn't fall with it. It was now glowing a shade of green Sonic had never seen it glow before, it was a green Sonic somehow associated with anger, like the Mask itself was furious at being broken, and from the pain it was causing Sonic it was taking its anger out on the next wearer.

The hedgehog reached up and clawed at the half Mask but this time the Mask was putting up far too much of a fight that Sonic couldn't get it off! As it stretched over the left side of his head he felt half of his body go numb and he couldn't breathe, his entire left side was going into spasm! But then just as quickly as it had started it had stopped and Sonic somehow knew he'd become Static again. But something was odd, something didn't make sense. He didn't feel any different...

He held up his right arm and checked it, it looked fine, no difference at all. No sleeve of clothing he wasn't wearing before, no change in anything, even the shine of his blue coat, nothing, he was totally normal. Then he lifted his left arm, but strangely it wouldn't obey this simple command. He tried again but his left arm stubbornly refused to move and remained by his side.

"Whoa! Man, I've got a splitting headache!" Sonic said as his left arm moved up to feel his head, but Sonic had not wanted to say any such thing, his mouth, lips and tongue had moved of their own accord and the voice, the voice that came from it, it was...

"What?" Sonic asked meekly not wanting to accept the thought that was forming in his head, this time it was his voice that did escape his own lips.

"Who said that?" said the voice that had taken over Sonic's mouth before and had done so again. Sonics left hand then moved of its own accord and it ran itself through his quills. Sonic had feeling in his left arm but he couldn't control its movements. He was aware he had an itch on his stomach but was too stunned to scratch it. His left arm dived down and grabbed his right and pulled it up. "What's with this limp arm? I've got an itch that needs scratching!"

Sonic took control of his right hand and began feeling his face and could feel his left side had a rubbery texture his right side lacked and it was divided perfectly down the middle. "Hey, what's with the rogue arm?" the voice asked.

"Hey, wait a minute?" said the new voice as Sonics left arm had somehow produced a handheld mirror and his hand automatically tilted it so Sonic could get a good look at his own face.

Sonic stared at his reflection.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" said Static from the left side of Sonic's body. Clearly the Mask stilled worked but instead of turning all of Sonic into Static it had just transformed half of Sonic into Static. The Mask had split Sonic the hedgehog perfectly straight down the middle, the right half of his body was the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog, the left side of his body had the green, rubbery face of Static complete with those large teeth. Static's red eye glared at Sonic accusingly while Sonic glared in disbelief at Static.

"You have got to be kidding me!" both of them said at the same time.


Authors notes: One story arc people wanted me to do in my Mario and Luigi: the Mask cartoon is have a story where the mask breaks into two pieces, and though I'd love to do a story like that unfortunatly the way I have constructed the series makes it difficult, due to both Mario and Luigi having no voice and comunicating in gibberish and hand gestures.

So instead I decided to write it into this one for the main reason that think seeing Sonic argue with himself is something worth writing about.

This one took a while to write because I kept changing my mind about what I think would be going through the characters heads at this moment, but so far I feel happy with it.