B's pov

"No Jacob wait!" I yelled desperately as I began following him. I felt Edward's hand around me, holding me back.

"Bella no wait." He said looking at me sadly. "I'm sorry." He said looking down in shame.

"It's ok, just please let me talk to him." I said pulling my arm from him, and turned before he could answer and ran after Jake.

By the time I caught up to him we were onto of a small hill, but far away from the tent.

"Why should I?" He spat at me harshly as he turned to look at me. His words hurt, but I continued to try and stop him.

"Please don't just go out there, you could get killed." I said now glaring at him.

"Good, it's not like I have a reason to live anymore, you'll be happy with your leech and won't have to worry about me at all." Jacob huffed.

"No Jake don't you dare say that, I'll always want you in my life, and you're my best friend." I said tears starting to come to my eyes, making it hard for me to still see him.

"Yeah, just friends Bella, it isn't enough, and nothing you say is going to make me stay, so bye, I'm going to go get myself killed out there or die trying." Jake said and turned to leave.

"Wait, I'll do anything just say it." I said, and that made him pause, and he s

lowly turned.

"Just say the words Bella and I won't." Jacob said coming over to me now. I froze as I stared at Jacob in horror; he wanted me to tell him he could kiss me. Edward fly around my mind, Edward would never do that to me.

I shook my head at Jake.

"I'm sorry but no, I don't love you like that Jake, but getting yourself killed isn't going to change that." I said.

Jacob looked hurt and shocked now, and turned his back on me.

"Well being dead is better than me having to stay here and watch the woman I love marry a monster." He said icily and ran away.

"Jake!" I yelled in fear and went to run after him when suddenly something red flashed in front of me, and I froze.

Oh no. Victoria stood before me with an evil smile, dead was clear in her eyes, and I couldn't even open my mouth to scream for Edward because I was scared stifles.

"Why hello again Bella." Victoria said moving slowly back and forth, probably looking for the best way to kill me slowly and painfully.

Edward and Seth were there quickly, Edward pushing me behind him, and Seth growling at Victoria.

Victoria glared at the both of them.

I touched Edward's back, unable to hold myself back, he turned his head a little showing me that he had heard what Jacob had tried to do, his eyes brightened with pride, and happiness, but the worry in them covered most of it up.

He quickly kissed my forehead, and locked his eyes on Victoria.

"Hello Victoria." He said with a slight growl in his tone.

Victoria hissed at him.

"Edward," She said with a nod. "I see you brought you're dog."

Seth growled at that, looking angry now.

Edward glared at Victoria, shifting every time she moved, and soon she lunged forwards, and Edward attacked.

It looked like they were dancing together, for each attack the other would stop, and counter it, so neither of them seemed to be gaining any ground on the other.

Seth paced in front of me, protecting me while Edward was after Victoria, making low growls as he watched them.

I had to do something to help Edward, it was beginning to look like Edward was slowing down, I had to make a distraction, I looked around for a rock but found none in the soft grass in the hill.

So I took off running from Seth, and got out into the open, hoping this would get Victoria's attention.

I gasped as suddenly Victoria ran from Edward, and was coming straight for me. All I felt was fangs sinking through my neck, but then I could smell a forest type smell, and another set of teeth in the place were the first were.

They finally had let go of me, and pain began to swell in me, making me shriek in pain. Heat rushed through my body, making me shake, and sweat, but then there was a burning that began to pretty much light me on fire.

I heard more screaming, and the ripping to shreds of Victoria, I at least prayed it was Victoria, so when Edward's sweet voice called out to me I sighed in relieve.

But the pain inside me was still going strong, and I struggled to hold onto myself much longer.

"Bella, Bella, please hold on my love please." Edward said sounding so pained, and fear coated his voice so heavy it broke my heart to pieces.

I could feel someone else by my side, it was Seth.

"Is she going to be ok?" He asked sounding concerned.

"She will be I'll make sure of it." Edward said, and I felt myself being picked up. I had a sick feeling as he did this, but the pain of the fire now growing, and stretching to farther through my body I wailed into his chest.

I felt him hold me tighter to him, and we ran, this was agony, and I knew if we didn't stop soon I was going to puke, my insides began to feel like they were being melted together and transformed, and the fire now was entirely eating every part of my body in a sea of pain.

But to my relief we did stop soon, and Edward was laying me down on something soft, it had to be grass.

"What happen?" Anxious voices said around me, and I began to feel myself getting crowded.

"Victoria bit her, it's too late to suck the venom back out, it's all through her now." Edward's low pained voice said.

"NO!" Someone screamed, and I recognized it was Jacob, I whimpered as the fire began to get hotter, and the sick feeling in my stomach had me gagging, I could feel the sweat running down my forehead now.

I could feel someone's gently arms touching a few places on me.

"This is strangeā€¦" Carlisle's voice spoke out, and at that I opened my eyes, in fear that something deeper is wrong with me.

Everyone gasped at that.

Everyone was there, Emmett, Rose, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Sam, and Jacob, Embry, Quil, and a few other boys I've never seen before.

"Bella, how do you feel?" Sam asked looking down at me curiously, yet looking concerned.

"Sick, and fire." Is all I could choke out with, and my eyes moved to Edward, wanting nothing more than him to be close to me.

He was quickly at my side now taking my hand, looking pained, and just broken. I stroked his face trying not to scream, or cry.

"You're going to be ok Bella." He said kissing my hand, before locking his eyes on mine.

"Did you say you felt sick, that's never happened in a change before?" Carlisle said frowning a little as he crouched down beside me, Sam did the same, looking over me closely.

"Feels like I'm going to puke, but I can't." I stuttered out and bit my lip as the fire increased even more, making my heart beat go wild.

I watched as one of the boys cringed.

"That reminds me of how I felt when I first turned." The boy said, and frowned a little as he went back to watching Sam, and me.

I watched Carlisle as his eyes widened, and he became urgent.

"What else do you feel Bella?" He asked remaining calm.

"Hot, sweaty." I gasped, and Edward put his hand on my forehead. I sighed a little as my burning head cooled, I felt better, I could actually think a little now.

Sam looked to Carlisle with a raised brow.

"That's just like how we feel when he turn." Sam said frowning.

Carlisle was now getting a mixture of excitement, and concern.

"Do you feel any burning in you at all Bella?" He asked.

"Yes, everywhere." I said in a gasp.

Carlisle glanced at Seth for a minute, then Edward, but then went to Seth again.

"Seth did you happen to accidentally bit Bella in the same place Victoria had while her flesh was opened?" Carlisle asked.

Seth froze, and thought at that.

"Yeah, I think I did, I was trying to get her away from Victoria so Edward could do the final blow, I was aiming for her shirt but I got her neck first." Seth said looking down, but I could see the confusion in his eyes.

Edward gasped as he looked up at Carlisle in shock, and fear.

"What? What's happening?" Jasper asked looking between Carlisle and Edward.

"I think Bella is turning in a half vampire, half werewolf." Carlisle said looking at all the others.

All of them froze including me.

How could this be possible, why couldn't my life just be normal, I just wanted to become a vampire, and live with Edward forever, now Edward is going to hate me.

Sadness hit me, and tears began to spill down my cheeks.

Edward began anxious now beside me.

"What is it Bella, what hurts?" He asked looking helpless as he stared at me.

"Now you're going to hate me." I said and now the thing that hurt the most was my heart that was now breaking.

Edward kissed me gently.

"Bella I could never hate you, if it is even possible that this is true, you'd be half vampire, and that would be enough to cancel out anything I would have against werewolves." Edward said.

That did make sense, and it was the only thing that I could hold onto at the moment.

Sam stared at Carlisle.

"Are you sure that's even possible?" He asked looking down at me for a few seconds.

"No, it's just a theory, we just need to wait for this change to be over, and see what happens." Carlisle said.

Sam and the other wolves nodded.

"So let's get Bella to our doctor." Embry said looking at me now to.

"Umm, no, Bella is just fine at our house with Carlisle." Rose said glaring at the wolf's with a cold glare.

"Well if she's part wolf she's family, and she shouldn't have to go stay at some leeches house." One wolf boy said.

"She's also part vampire, so I don't think she wants to go live with you fee-bags." Alice said frowning at the dogs to.

"Look, Esme and I made a little house just a little bit on our side of the boundary line; if you wish to come and see Bella you are free to come over just to visit her." Carlisle said calmly.

Each of the wolves looked at each other and finally Sam reluctantly nodded, and he shook hands with Carlisle.

Then I was suddenly back in Edward's arms.

"We will meet you back here tonight to talk about this." Carlisle said looking at all of the wolves.

"Alright, see you then." Sam nodded, and then he led his pack back into the woods.

I hid my face into Edward's chest, trying to hold back my pain enough now to scream. I had no idea what was going to happen to me, all I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to die to get away from this pain.

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