Sam's Blessing

"We're gathered here, to remember Sam Puckett, a dedicated Jedi Knight, a powerful worrier and a very good friend," Freddie read from the note on the desk. "When we think of Sam, we think of a girl full with determination and willpower. When she was after something she wouldn't rest until she gets it. We were lucky to share such a great bond with a great, strong and wise Jedi Knight like Sam. We'll miss her, but soon we will be united with her and the Force. Carly and I were everything for her. We were her galaxy and her heart. She loved us and we loved her. All I wanted to say is, goodbye Sam. I'll see you soon," he wrapped his note in his pocket and sat down in the mornroom. There weren't many people. Beside Master Jost, Master Nolso, Carly and Freddie there were about ten other visitors in the room.

"That was a great speech, Freddie," Carly said laying her head on his shoulder and grabbing his hand.

"She'll be remembered by us," Freddie said. "That way she'll be kept alive,"

"Now," Master Jost, "I guess you want to place the tomb stone on the socket?"

"Yes please," Freddie said, but he moved to Carly and gestured from her to the tombstone. Carly stood up and walked to the tombstone, to pick it up. She walked to the right row of socket's which were all supporting tombstones from Jedi whose bodies disappeared at their deaths. Carly placed Sam's on a vacant one and took a step back. Then she read the text written on it.

Samantha Puckett

5229 ABY - 5247 ABY

Dantooine - Mustafar

Killed by the Black Rose

Freddie looked at Carly and noticed something he couldn't help noticing at the mornroom. In her shorter cut brown hair was a long blonde braid attached to the top of her head. Freddie smiled. Sam will never be forgotten.