Sometimes parents do thing they don't mean, as does everyone, but that doesn't make it any more forgivable. You can't take back what you've already done. Most people learn that the hard way.


Lily and James Potter had been ecstatic when they found out that they were going to be parents. When they found out that they were having twins it made it even better. And what made that even better was that their friends Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Alice and Frank Longbottom were expecting too. Remus and Sirius had both gotten married not long after James and Lily had. Remus to a blonde haired grey-eyed witch named Alana Masters, and Sirius to a brown haired blue-eyed witch named Christy Richard. Now their names were of course Alana Lupin and Christy Black.

Sirius and Christy had been first. All of their friends had gathered at St. Mungos and they all heard Christy curse Sirius for all her pain and claim she would kill him when she was out of the hospital. It had been hilarious. When they had brought out the baby boy, who looked so much like Sirius, but had Christy's icy blue eyes, they had all cheered. Sirius and Christy looked happier than they ever had before. They named their son Jake, Jake Black.

After Sirius and Christy it had been Remus and Alana. Once again all their friends had gathered at the hospital, but this time there was no cheering. Alana had gotten sick a few weeks prior and she was very weak when they brought her to the in. she didn't survive the birth, but her daughter did. She had Alana's Light blonde hair and liquid silver eyes that, even as a newborn had an intelligent look about them. Alana had named her Jackie before she had died. Remus had been so sad and depressed after Alana's death that he was in no shape to raise a child, not at the moment, so Alice had offered to take Jackie in, at least until Remus was well enough take care of her himself. Alice had been happy to help Lily's friend and she knew it must have been hard for Remus.

Alice couldn't help but be shocked when she discovered that Jackie never cried, even when she hurt herself. She would just look up at her and ask with her eyes "well? Aren't you supposed to take care of me? Do something!" Jackie was in all ways mature for her age, which was extremely odd, especially since she wasn't even yet a month old. It wasn't like she was walking and reading already, but it was in the way she seemed to understand everything going on around her.

Everyone had been surprised when Lily and Alice had gone in labor on the same night, Lily's twin boys and Alice's boy being born only minutes apart. Lily named her twins Harry and Harvey, Harry was the oldest by two minutes, and Alice named her son Neville. Harry couldn't look more different than his sibling. He had black unruly hair and bright emerald eyes, while Harvey had flat red hair and also had emerald eyes. Lily mad Sirius Harry's godfather and Remus Harvey's. A few days after Lily and Alice had left the hospital with their newborns Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts, had approached them about a prophecy that was about either Harry, Harvey, or Neville. He told them that Voldemort, a dark wizard that had started a war and was bent on killing all muggleborns and half-blood to make the wizard world 'pure,' would most likely target their sons because he had heard part of the prophecy and knew that one of them could possibly defeat him one day. The prophecy went like this:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches

Born to those who have thrice defied him

Born as the seventh month dies

And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will power the Dark Lord knows not

And with the help of his four friends who stand as strong as a pack

Will stop him of his wrong doings

One must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives

If the one with good intentions lives

Then the one with strength and intelligence will bring the worlds that were so long separated together

And all will be at peace

Bur fail to do so and the one with so much evil will tear the world to pieces.

Both families were horrified by this and went into hiding under the Fidelius charm. Lily and James chose Sirius as their secret-keeper and Alice and Frank chose Remus for theirs.

Remus had eventually gotten over his depression and had taken Jackie back, but he knew things would never be the same. Whenever he looked at her he saw Alana and he couldn't bear the pain.

On October 31, 1981 Lily and James went out to dinner while Lily's mother watched over Harry and Harvey. That night Voldemort attacked and killed Mrs. Evans while she attempted to protect her grandchildren. Then Voldemort went for the nearest twin, which happened to be Harry. He tried to hit Harry with a killing curse, but it rebounded and hit him instead, leaving a lightning bolt scar on the young boy's forehead. In the after math of Voldemort's destruction the ceiling caved in, but Harry and Harvey were protected because they were in their crib and a piece of burning ruble hit Harvey and made a 'X' shaped cut near his collar bone. When Dumbledore showed up he ran up to the twins room and was relieved to see the boys ok. The fact that lily's mother was dead was only a minor fact. He took one look at the black robes on the ground and the boys and saw the bloody cut near Harvey's collarbone and he assumed knew what had happened. Lily and James came only moments after Dumbledore in a state of panic. Lily had burst into tears at the sight of her ruined house, but was soon comforted when Dumbledore came out with Harvey in his arms. He held the child up and proclaimed him to be the Boy-Who-Lived, defeater of Voldemort. Both James and Lily were so full of pride for their soon to be famous son, that they completely forgot about Harry, which was soon to be a normal happening. Only when Sirius had arrived and brought Harry's name up had anyone even remembered him. He was found sleeping soundly in the wreck of his and Harvey's room. No one noticed to scar on his forehead.

The next day it was reported that Deatheaters had tortured Alice and Frank Longbottom for information on the prophecy, but they had not told them anything and had been killed. Neville was sent to live with his grandmother.


Jackie had always been smart for her age. She knew something was bothering her father. It seemed as though he couldn't stand to look at her. She knew she couldn't depend on him to take care of her, so she did it all herself. She could already feed herself decently at age three as long as she didn't have to use an oven or stove, and she kept the house clean and in order. Her only friends were Jake, Harry, and Neville. Harry understood her completely. He was in some ways even worse off than her. His parents ignored him in favor of his brother, the snotty little Brat-Who-Lived, and her father ignore her for other reasons. She hadn't figured out why yet, although Remus did tend to pay more attention to Harvey, and it hurt. It hurt that her father would barley look at her yet he played with his godson.

Jackie got the message her father was obviously sending. She wasn't wanted. So she stayed out of his way and taught herself everything she would need to know. By the time she was two she could read and write better than most first graders and she could speak perfectly. No more cute baby talk. Her father never noticed. At the age of three she could play the piano at a level that should have taken three years, and by four she could speak French perfectly and was moving on to other lauguages. Her father never noticed. Sirius, Jakes father and pretty much the only person that ever paid any attention to her or Harry, said she was way smarter than Remus had been at her age, but of course he never noticed.

By five she could do wandless magic so well that it couldn't be confused with accidental magic. She also taught everything she knew to Jake, Harry, and Neville until they were almost as smart as her, almost.

She didn't know why her father seemed to resent her so much, because no one would tell her, so she made up her mind. If no one wanted her why would she stay? She was going to leave and no one was going to stop her.


Harry was lonely, even in his own house. He was completely invisible to his parents. They barely remembered to feed him. Jackie took care of that whenever she was over, which was a lot. Her father, Uncle Remus as Harvey knew him, was always over talking with James and Lily and playing with his brother. He was invisible to him too; it just wasn't as bad as it was with his parents. Remus still sent him birthday presents and talked with his ever so often, but that was all. If it wasn't for Jackie, Jake, and Neville he would feel completely unloved and unwanted, but whenever he said that Jackie would hit him upside the head and tell him not to talk like that. Jackie knew how he felt. She was in pretty much the same situation.

Jackie was like his loving and smart older sister(Although not older by much). She taught him pretty much everything he knew. He could speak two languages and was amazing at wandless magic. She had offered to teach him how to play the piano, but that seemed pointless to him. She was extremely protective of him and their friends. One day she explained to him, Jake, and Neville that was that way because her dad was a werewolf and so she got some of the wolf's instincts from him. They were her pack and her family, and she was furious at how they were treated, never mind that she was treated horribly too, all she cared about were her pack, as was the way of the wolf.

He lived in a small room with just a bed, a small couch, and a bookcase full of books that Jackie and Neville had given him, whereas his brother had a huge room with a king sized red and gold (Gryffindor colors, Dumbledore's idea) canopy bed, two couches, a desk, a muggle TV, and a nightstand. He even had an extra room for the toys his loving adorers sent. It was ridiculous.

Sometimes he felt jealous of his brother. Harvey was famous and had their parents love, but he was also a clueless airhead, other times he was almost grateful for how he was raised. He didn't like having a lot of attention on himself and he was humble and selfless, something Harvey would never be.

Besides Jackie, Jake, and Neville he also had a house elf named Minky that was always there to take care of him. Unlike most wizards and witches he respected all creatures, especially house elves for their loyalty. This was mainly because he grew up with Jackie and she hated any kind of prejudice. Minky was more of a mother to Harry than Lily would ever be. She healed him when he got hurt, while Lily just told him to go bother someone who cares, and she made sure he always got food when Jackie wasn't able to come over.

Christmas wasn't a fun holiday for him. If anything it was slightly depressing. While Harvey was opening his vast pile of presents from their parents and his many fans, Harry only got seven at most. One from Minky, two from Jackie, two from Jake, two from Neville, and even twice, one from Lily. James never acknowledged him except to glare. It was almost as if he resented him for not being as famous as Harvey.

Christmas was hard, but not as hard as when his birthday came around. It caused an almost physical pain to see everyone celebrating his brother, and completely omitting himself. The five tiered cake only held one name: Harvey. Jake always decorated his room so he, Jackie, Neville, and himself could have a small little private party, but they all knew how he felt. One year when the music was particularly loud, Neville got so fed up he marched down to the Ball Room and blew up the birthday cake. That was the one year Harry laughed on his birthday.

If it weren't for his three friends he would run away, but then he really would be alone. Sometimes he wished one of them would suggest running away. If any of then did he wouldn't hesitate to go with them. He wanted to leave. He wanted out.


Neville felt pressured, like he would never be as good as everyone expected. He was constantly being judged and compared. Ever since his parents were killed and he was sent to his to live with his Gran, she would watch his every move and say things like "Frank could walk by this age, so it must be abnormal," or "Fran liked warm milk so you should too." He wasn't his father and his Gran wouldn't accept that. She had been crushed when she found out her son was dead, but thrilled that she would be her grand son's guardian. She just hadn't expected Neville to be so quiet and different.

He only had three friends, Harry, Jake, and Jackie. Gran had been trying to get him to be friends with Harvey, but he knew how rude and snotty he really was. Harvey milked his fame for all it was worth and made sure everyone near him knew they were in the presence of the Boy-Who-Lived. It was quit annoying when he came in the room exclaiming, "The Boy-Who Lived is here! You're lives just got better." He was mean and nasty to him and Harry, because he didn't see them as "worthy to be friends with him," but he always tried to get Jake to be his friend. Jake of course turned him down and defended his friends. Neville couldn't help but feel sorry for Harry. His parents acted as though he didn't exist and never even threw him a birthday party. They were only ever for Harvey. He wouldn't have been surprised if the wizard world didn't even know that Harvey had a twin.

Jackie's home life was no better, her father ignored her and she didn't even know why. Jackie was probably his best friend of the three. When they were both three when they discovered they both had the same thirst for knowledge. She would come over his house and they would just read for hours in a comfortable silence and they would be happy at the end of the day. Every year for Christmas they would both pick out their favorite book that they had read that year and they would send a copy of it to Harry and Jake along with their own individual gift. They always made sure to send a few presents to Harry, because his parents never gave him any. Jake didn't enjoy reading as much as he and Jackie did, but he always read the book they both sent him.

Jackie had taught him how to speak French and how to play the piano by age five. He had shown his Gran what he had learned, hoping she would be proud, but instead she had ranted about how Frank had never been couldn't do any of that at his age, so it had to abnormal. He had been devastated and refused to speak to her for a whole week.

He was getting sick and tired of everything. How Jackie and Harry were treated, the way he was constantly criticized and never was allowed to openly be himself. He wasn't going to put up with it any more. He was going to run away.


Jake was angry. He was angry about how his three friends were treated, and he was mad that his dad wouldn't do anything about it.

When he was two years old his parents started fighting. About what he wasn't sure, but he heard the yelling. By the time he was three his mom had left. He still remembered the day after it had happened. Sirius had felt so much regret that all he could do was cry. He remembered that he had tried to comfort his dad but he wouldn't respond. He wouldn't respond to anything until James had come and taken him to his house while Remus tried to calm his dad down. When he had gotten to Potter manor Harry, Neville, and Jackie were waiting for him. Jackie had immediately run to him and given him a hug because she could feel his sadness, and knew he needed his friends. He had stayed with them for three days before his dad was calm enough to take him back.

He did everything he could for his friends, although that wasn't much. He made sure he sent Harry more than one present for his birthday and Christmas, he constantly encouraged Neville, hoping he would gain a little more self confidence, and he made sure dad paid as much attention to Jackie as possible.

One time when he was four he asked his dad why Uncle Remus didn't like Jackie and Sirius just looked at him with sad eyes and said that he was too young to understand. But he was wrong. Sirius didn't know how smart he really was. Jackie had taught him well and he knew more then most third graders did. As did all his friends, thanks to Jackie.

He had always hated Harry's brother Harvey with a passion. He was a conceded, self absorbed, prat who was blinded by his fame. He constantly made fun of and teased Harry and Neville, and he tried to do the same to Jackie, but she socked him in the nose when he had gone a little to far and he had wisely stayed away from her after that. She was strong for a little girl. Harvey never made fun of him because he had decided that he was 'a worthy person to be friends with the Boy-Who-Lived." He had glared at the git and claimed he would rather stick pins in his eyes than be his friend.

Now he knew his friends wouldn't be able to take much more of the neglect and pressure. So he was going to help them. He was going to get them away, no matter what it took.


November 02, 1985

Jackie stalked through the cozy cottage where she and her dad lived to the living room. She had made her decision to leave only two days ago and today she was going to tell her friends. As usual they were all going to Potter manor. Jackie and Jake because their dads were best friends with James and Neville because Harry always requested it (they were all surprised his parents even listened) and because his Gran seemed bent on him becoming friends with the famous Harvey Potter. Like that would happen.

She met her dad in their living room and took the floo powder he offered her without a word. She then stepped into the fireplace, threw the powder at her feet, and yelled 'Potter manor!' she felt the familiar and unpleasant tugs and pulls of floo travel and then she was stumbling into the Potter's living room. The Potters had been waiting for them, or really just Remus, and she accidentally tripped and fell into Harvey and the both tumbled to the ground.

"Harvey!" Lily Potter exclaimed. "Are you ok?"

She helped her son to his feet and then looked down at Jackie and scowled.

"Watch where you're going. You could have hurt my son." She said rudely.

'Great,' Jackie thought. 'You choose now to acknowledge me.'

She wanted to say it out loud, but knew it wouldn't help anything so she just glared at Lily. Her dad suddenly stepped Gracefully out of the fireplace, so she jumped up and ran to Harry's room. She knocked on his door and heard two people say 'come in.' When she opened the door and stepped inside she felt all her anger drain away and she smiled at her friends. Harry and Neville were both sitting on Harry's bed playing checkers. She walked over and jumped up on the bed with them, the springs squeaked underneath her.

She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"You really should get a new bed Harry. This one's old."

"Hello to you too, Jackie." They said at the same time, rolling their eyes.

"And I would," Harry added. "But you know Lily would not let me." He never called her mom, it was too informal, and he could not see her any other way. She wasn't worthy of the title.

"When Jake comes there's something I want to talk to you about." She said nervously after a few minutes of heavy silence. They both looked shocked at her nervousness. She was usually the confident one, not like Jake who was over confident.

"Actually I do too." Harry admitted.

"Me too!" Neville exclaimed. Simple things like that got him excited.

Just then the door was yanked open and Jake came running in, then he fell to the ground laughing hysterically.

"What happened?" Neville asked.

When Jake had finally calmed down he answered, laughter still in his voice.

"I wanted to get Harvey back for calling Harry a nobody last time we were here, but my dad had taken away all my pranks because of the last one I pulled, and all I had left were the stupid muggle ones. I decided I had to do something so I used one of those hand buzzer thingy's. I came through the floo network and told Harvey that I wanted to be his friend and he hot this really smug expression on his face. I put out my hand for him to shake and it buzzed him. He really hadn't been expecting that so he jumped back in surprise and made the table behind him fall over, and get this, the table had a bunch of cups with butterbeer in them and they spilled all over him. It was hilarious!"

Harry gave him a grateful smile, while Neville looked impressed.

"You shouldn't have done that Jake," Jackie said, the ever-present voice of reason. "You'll just get in more trouble."

"Don't care. It was worth it." Jake fought.

Jackie threw up her hands in a gesture that said 'why do I even try?'

"Besides I had to get at least one more prank in before-" he suddenly stopped and his face grew red. "Um guys, I have something important to talk to you about."

All three of them gave him surprised look. They had just been talking about this.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Well I know it isn't really my place say anything, but I know you guys can't stand how you're treated, so I was thinking it would be a good idea to… you know… run away. To leave this place." He finished sheepishly.

Jackie gave him a big smile.

"I was thinking exactly the same thing." She replied, surprising everyone.

"Really?" Neville asked. "I would've expected you to be the one to argue against it."

"Well I'm not. I think it's a good idea. My dad barely looks at me, Harry's parents are to wrapped up with Harvey to even notice him, Neville's Gran expects him to be exactly like his dad, and nothing less, and Jake… well I'm not sure why you'd want to run away." Jackie finished, giving Jake a questioning look.

Jake got a stubborn look on his face.

"If you guys run away I'm coming with you. I might not have family problems like you guys, but really my dad hasn't been the same since my mom left, and I refuse to be left behind with Harry's idiot brother." He stated.

Jackie just nodded.

"But what are we going to do once we're gone. We have no where to go." Harry said.

"I'm not sure," Jackie admitted. "But running away just feels right. I can't explain it."

"Then it's decided." Neville said happily. He didn't even have to bring the subject up. They all already wanted to leave.

"Obviously we can't leave now, we're not prepared, so next time we come to Potter manor bring anything you'll need in a trunk and shrink it so no one sees and gets suspicious." Jackie said, and then she told them the spell to do so. They practiced until their parents yelled to them that it was time to go. (Jackie was surprised her dad remembered she was even there) By that time they could perform it perfectly.

That night they it took them forever to fall asleep, because they were so nervous and excited. They were actually going to do it. They were really running away, to, hopefully, a better life.


November 04, 1985

Jake walked nervously down the stairs of 24 Grimmauld Place. Today was they day he and his friends were leaving. He butterflies in his stomach, but he was excited too. He friends would be happy and that was all that mattered.

The day before he had been practically everything in his room that would fit into his trunk, and then he shrunk it without problem and put it in his pocket. He had packed enough clothes to last three weeks, a toothbrush, a second pair of shoes; his favorite books and several spell books, and some personal items. They didn't know how long it would take until they found a place to stay, so he had practiced charm until he was amazing at it, it would be extremely useful.

His dad was waiting for him by the fireplace with a smile on his face. He always smiled like that when they were going to the Potters. After Christy had left James and Remus had always been there for him, and it made their friendship that much stronger. Sirius never smiled like to him. Not anymore. In away Jake was glad he was leaving, but he couldn't shake the feeling that by doing so he would hurt his father.

'It's to late to think like that.' He thought with a shake of his head. He grabbed some floo powder and flooed to the Potter's, the first step to his new life.


Neville sat waiting in Harry's room for Jake and Jackie to come. He and Harry had been waiting impatiently all morning although they knew they wouldn't be arriving until around lunchtime. They were both packed and ready to go. They both had no second thoughts about leaving. Harry's parents wouldn't even care if he left, and Neville now had so much resentment towards his Gran that he didn't care if he hurt her. She should have thought about that before she had gotten all judgmental.

They all watched in absolute silence as Jake entered, a troubled expression on his face. Now they only had to wait for Jackie. No one said a word. They were too nervous. It wasn't an awkward silence because they were all lost in thought. They almost didn't even notice when Jackie opened the door and stepped inside, but they all looked up when they heard a sniff.

Jackie's eyes were blood shot and puffy and she had a defeated air about her. Harry jumped up and put a protective arm around her.

"What happened Jackie?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"Well my dad finally paid some attention to me," she said bitterly. "He noticed my room was starting to get a little messy and he demanded I clean it. I muttered under my breath about why I should listen to him if he doesn't really care about me. I shouldn't have said anything because what could've been a small fight turned into a huge one. You could probably hear the fighting two blocks away."

"I'm sorry." Neville said comfortingly.

"He even cursed! He never curses! It's like all the anger he's been keeping pent up bubbled out, and he just let it. You should have seen his eyes! It scared me. My own father scared me." She continued, sounding devastated near the end. Harry put his arm around her and she leaned heavily on his shoulder.

"Is everyone ready?" she asked shakily, trying to change the subject.

"Yup, we're ready." Jake confirmed. "Now how are we going to give our parents the slip?"

"All we have to do is ask the house elves to let us out and we are home free. Come on they're in the kitchen." Harry said excitedly.

While Harry and Jackie tried to convince the house elves to let them leave the safety of the wards Jake and Neville watched the adults to see if any of them got up to go in their direction. They were too busy making sure Harvey was having fun to notice that he was the only kid in the room. Once the house elves were convinced Minky walked them out and waved goodbye. She knew what they were doing, but she didn't care. Her young master wasn't happy with his family and she knew it. He was mistreated, now he would hopefully have a better life.


"What do we do now?" Neville asked. They were walking down the walkway in a nice little town five miles away from Potter manor. It had taken them forever to get there, but they were hoped up on adrenaline and didn't mind the exercise.

"We go to London." Jackie said simply.

"Ok first of all, how will we get there, and second of all, why London?" Jake questioned.

Jackie answered although she looked slightly confused herself.

"To answer your second question London just feels right, like how running away felt right and to answer your second question," she said with a mischievous grin. "We'll be apparating."

"What!" All three boys exclaimed.

"How the heck are we going to apparate?" Harry asked.

Jackie rolled her eyes, and put out her hand.

"Just grad my arm." She instructed.

They all did as told, and then they felt as though they were being squeezed through a pipe. If any of them had been claustrophobic they would have had a panic attack. The feeling was gone as soon as it came, and when they looked around they saw that they were in an alley way in a city, a completely different environment then before.

"Wow," Neville said breathlessly. "You really did it."

Jackie just smiled and led them through the city. For two days they just wandered around not really sure what to do. They slept in secluded places and casted warming charms wandlessly on themselves (courtesy of Jake) to keep them warm through the cold fall nights. On the third day as they were finding a place to eat (because they were smart enough to bring muggle money with them) they were suddenly pulled into an old abandoned apartment building.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A menacing voice said. "Some lonely children. Where's mommy?" It taunted.

"What do you want?" Jackie snarled, her protective wolf instincts were really kicking in and she looked scary for a five year old.

"Looks like you got some bite." The person said sounding slightly surprised. A man about twenty years old stepped out of the shadows of the room and for the first time they all got a good look at him. He had a scruffy beard, making him appear lazy and wild electric blue eyes. His hair midnight black was down to his shoulders and it looked as though he could use a good haircut. He had on a loose Football jersey and a pair of ripped jeans. His hands were in his pockets as he looked down at them with a nasty smile. He looked like he could use a hearty meal and a hot shower. Jackie knew he meant to hurt or take something from them, most likely money, but she couldn't allow that. They needed their money because really they didn't have much and she wouldn't let this man endanger her pack.

She made to walk to the door and he grabbed her arm, bad idea on his part. She unconsciously sent an electric current through her entire body. The man cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Then he lept back up and looked angrily at the kids. He took out a knife and made a desperate slash at them. Harry used wandless magic and sent him flying back wards into the wall. The man slumped to the ground, but made one last attempt to get them by lunging at them. Neville used to levitating spell and held him up in the air while Jake magically bound him.

"Never ever threaten my pack, got that?" Jackie asked angrily.

Now them man looked sacred, but he couldn't leave. He was frozen in place. All he could think about was how something like this was possible. He just wanted to see if the kids had any money and if they did he would have taken it. He hadn't been expecting them to be able to do some kind of freaky magic.

"I'm going to call the police and give them a tip about a mugger hiding out in an abandoned building. Hopefully they'll find you before you starve." Jackie said tauntingly. She was pleased when the man's heartbeat quickened. She would tell the police exactly where he was. She wasn't that cruel, but he didn't have to know that.

"Come on guys lets go." She told her friends.

They all headed towards the door, but they stepped in their tracks when they heard another voice behind them.

"Wow, that's some magic." It said.

They turned to see a nicer looking man in normal clean muggle wear. He didn't sent of threatening waves like the man on the floor did. He seemed to want to help them.

"You know about magic?" Neville asked.

The man smiled warmly and nodded.

"I also know a lot about you." He stated. They all stiffened nervously and the man noticed. "I don't mean you any harm and I'm not going to force you to go home. I know what you're home life's are like, and I also know you need a place to stay. I want to offer a place. I take in neglected wizards and witches and give them homes. The kind you always wanted. I can also train you. Although it appears you don't need that much." He finished with a smile.

The idea of a nice home and training enticed them all. Jackie knew the offer was legit and that this man wanted to help them, she nodded to the others and they all smiled brightly.

"We would like to go with you." She said.

The man looked happy and relieved at the same time. Jackie could feel that he really wanted to make them happy.

"Come on then and I'll have my wife make you some dinner. By the way my names Roland, Roland Jennings."



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