Sam and Luke burst out of the grass just as the train sped past.

3 minutes earlier

Dan finished tying up Andy and pushed a scrap of cloth into her mouth.

He walked away from the track and turned his back on Andy.


Andy started to wriggle.

Dan hadn't tied the rope too tightly; he obviously thought there was no way Andy would get free, but he hadn't counted on her having already freed her hands.

She pulled her hands apart and twisted until she could she could bring them up in front of her body.

The rope was wrapped around her middle and around each ankle; all Andy needed to do was get her arms out and untie the ropes from her ankles and then do a sort of shimmy to get out.

Only problem was, she could feel the train coming.

She could feel the rope rubbing on her arms as she sat up. She looked towards to Dan to make sure he wasn't looking, if he did, she was dead.

Andy moved around as quickly as she could, trying to loosen the rope around her middle. She managed to make enough room for her to pull her arms out. She could feel the rope burning; she'd have some impressive bruises and rope burn later.

She leant over and tried to undo the rope around her right ankle. The knots weren't fantastically tied so she managed to do it without much trouble.

With one foot now free, she felt a surge of triumph, and then a sense of impending doom as the train track started to shake and the sound of a train reached her ears.

Her fingers fumbled over the knot on her left foot. She just couldn't seem to undo it. She tried the wriggle approach praying that if she made a big enough gap, she could pull her foot through, and get off the track before she was squished.

But wriggling didn't help; her foot just would not budge.

Andy started to panic, she could see the train, and the train driver could see her. He moved to try and slow the train, but Andy knew if she didn't get off this track right now, she was dead.

She desperately tried to free her leg.

Come on. Come on. Stupid leg. If I live through this I'm going to kill Luke. And then Dan.


The rope around her ankle had loosened enough for her to pull her foot out.

But the train was seconds away from squishing her; she had to get off the track.

She rolled to the left just as the train rushed past her.

She lay on her back waiting for her breathing to normal.

I'm alive! I'm alive!

She sat up, pulled the cloth out of her mouth and looked around with new found appreciation for the surroundings.

The driver had managed to slow the train down to a stop and it had ended up a few metres down the track.

But Andy was more interested in the two men stood by the side of the track.

Luke was kneeling on top of Dan so he could cuff him.

Sam was stood staring at the track.

Andy's heart swelled, she struggled to stand up. The ropes that were around her middle fell off as she stood up; they were no match for gravity.

She picked her way across the track and slowly made her way towards Sam.

He didn't notice her; he seemed to be in a sort of trance.

Andy coughed.

Sam looked up.

"You're alive."

Andy smiled, "Come on Sam, you didn't think it'd be that easy to get rid of me did you?"

Sam ran towards her, picked her up and swung her round.

"But-? How-? You-?"

"Did I ever tell you I'm secretly a ninja?"

Sam put her down and ran his fingers through her hair; he cupped her face in his hands and pulled her towards him. Andy looked up at and grinned.

He moved down to kiss her and Andy met him halfway.

When he pulled away they were both breathless.

"What happens now?" Andy asked, wrapping her arms around Sam's neck.

"Well, we can either go to the hospital or…go to the hospital."

"I'm fine."

Sam took her hand and pulled her gently towards the car, "Of course you are, but I would prefer it if someone with a medical degree took a look at you."

"You have first aid training. Does that count?"

Sam smiled and moved back towards her and leaned in, "I wish."

Andy went to kiss him, but Sam was suddenly gone.


He turned around, so he was walking backwards, "I'll be in the car, McNally."

Andy rolled her eyes at him, "You are the most infuriating person I have ever met."

"That's why you love me."

She smiled and walked over to where he was stood, "You're right, it is."

The end. You didn't really think I'd kill Andy did you? :0) I hope you enjoyed this story, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, favourited, or put this story on alert. It means so much to me. Feel free to tell me what you thought of it all, it'll make me a better writer.