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What the hell did that mean? "Wishes do come true," Maura had said, lounging in Jane's bed with a glass of red wine. Jane had made a passing remark to the concept of 'going gay' and Maura's flippant reply was stuck in her head. "Wishes do come true." Of course, then she'd stated, boldly, that Jane wasn't her type. Too bossy. Which didn't help the confusion in Jane's head at all.

She was a cop. A homicide cop. A tomboy who liked to play rough with her brothers. The only daughter of a traditional Southie Boston Italian family. Hardly a week went by where someone didn't make a crack about her being gay anyway. She'd lived with the accusations all her life, and when Korsak and Frost came up with the idea of Jane going undercover at a lesbian bar, she wasn't annoyed with them. After all, her former and current partners were two of the only detectives who'd never made gay jokes. The just treated her like Jane Rizzoli: capable of anything.

And then there was Maura, who had joined in the boys in their plot, even after Jane had said no, and filled out an online dating profile. For women. If anyone else had helped them, Jane would have been actually angry. Instead, she found herself strangely flattered and enchanted to find out how Maura had filled out her profile. It was amusing to learn that Korsak had wanted to call her 'fine', and Frost thought she was 'butch', but Maura insisted on 'Sporty.'

There was another thing. Maura. She thought of the men at work by their last names. Korsak, Frost, Crowe, even their former lieutenant, Grant, whom she'd known in school and had every right to call Joey. But Maura was always Maura. She only called her 'Dr. Isles' when they were all being formal, or she needed to catch Maura's attention. The same as calling her parents by their given names.

That night, she'd been prepared for being flirted with women, which was an interesting experience. It wasn't uncomfortable at all, nor was it the first time Jane had ever been hit on by women. What had been awkward was what Maura wore. The dress wasn't her normal style. Low cut wasn't hugely abnormal, but the borderline tackiness and the in your face breasts had ... Okay, the breasts were what had caught Jane's attention. Twice. They were nice breasts.

Looking at her ancient coffee maker as it creaked along, Jane scowled. "Okay, Jo," she said to the dog, curled up on her doggie bed after their morning jog. "I make a crack about going gay and she says wishes do come true. Then I say I'd be the guy, and she says I'm too bossy. And not her type. Which means she has a type of woman. Which means she's thought about all this before." Jo whined slightly and Jane squatted to scratch her. "We hang out all the time. She talked me into yoga and running. She tries to get me to date uber-feminine Jorge, and tells me sex releases whatever-they-ares to fight off colds. I went to fucking yoga with her."

There were too many contradictions. Did Maura just want her to be happy? Entirely possible. Was Maura hitting on her? Impossible to tell. Maura certainly went out on dates with men. Hell, she'd been serious about the rich boy years ago. Then again, she'd turned on him, and informed Jane "I've got your back." Later on, Korsak admitted he'd explained the Southie concept to Maura, and Jane could have kissed him.

The coffee finished brewing and Jane downed half of her first cup. "She's got my back." Maura had it last night, too. Keeping tabs on her, handling all the evidence. All the useless evidence. They hadn't found anything of use yet. Drumming her fingers on the kitchen counter, Jane ran through all the suspects in her mind. If it wasn't one of the dates who had killed their vic, then it went back to the most obvious. The spouse. But how?

That was something only Maura could answer.

Jane found herself looking forward far too much to talking to Maura in the lab.

. . .

When Jane had come into the morgue and asked Maura to swab her neck, it filled Maura with conflict. Maura had, at the time, quickly analyzed her feelings about Jane when she deduced where the sample had come from and how. She was jealous. Jealous that Jane went back to the Merch on her own. Jealous that another person had kissed Jane. It was just science and evidence and the job. It should, in no way, make her feel this way.

Watching the sample spin in the MassSpec, Maura went over her facts.

Fact: Maura found Jane attractive.

Fact: Jane had evidenced signs of attraction at the Merch last night.

Fact: Jane did poorly dating men.

Fact: Maura was jealous of other people kissing Jane.

The facts were not enough for a working theory just yet. If Jane had been gay, or even openly bisexual, it would have been easier to determine what the situation was. Were they friends or were Jane's feelings reciprocal to Maura's? It would be presumptuous to assume Jane had never slept with a women. Most women had the ability to be sexually attracted to a person rather than to a specific gender. Maura knew she was no exception, and had dated both men and women, with roughly the same level of success, or lack there of.

The MassSpec beeped and Maura reflexively tapped out the code to print the results. She didn't have to concentrate on the science just now, which left her mind to dwell on the personal. This was not her forte. Jane was the people person. Jane was clearly strong and protective, traits Maura looked for in partners. She was also sensitive and caring, though that was not an aspect of her personality many people outside her family ever got to see.

Of everyone at the station, Korsak knew Jane the best, except for Frankie Jr. of course. Lately, Maura had mentioned bits of Jane's life that had caught Vince by surprise, which made Maura wonder why Jane was trusting her with that sort of information. Vince had saved Jane's life, but Jane unburdened herself to only Maura. Clearly they were friends. Perhaps best friends, though Maura was uncertain what that actually meant.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to determine what she wanted. Maura wanted to spend time with Jane, as it made her happy. She wanted Jane to share her happiness. She wanted Jane to feel loved and fulfilled. Clearly that wasn't happening with Lt. Grant or Jorge. Or Agent Dean. It would be easier if Jane was just direct about what she wanted. She didn't want a sensitive man to talk about her feelings with, or she'd be gay. But she did say she'd 'flip' for Celtic tickets. Maybe Red Sox tickets would work?

"I wonder if Jane's bisexual," mused Maura aloud.

The door opened a second later and Jane popped in. "Test results?"

Feeling her skin flush, Maura pulled the paper off the printer and skimmed it. How long had Jane been standing out there, watching her? Jane looked at her quite often these days, and had been arrested by Maura's attire the night before. "Just now," she told Jane, keeping her voice even. "Oh."

Jane quickly walked up to look at the results, upside down. "Good oh? Bad oh? Oh, Jane you're a genius who solved the crime?"

It was impossible not to smile at Jane's confidence. Maura gave her the good news.