This story is set in the 11th season and beyond.

I do not own this show or the characters. Michelle Craig, Ronald Philips, Janice Philips, Peggy Duncan, Marlene Cunningham, Nick Briscoe, Charmine Whitehurst, Jasmine Cunningham, Josephine Madura, and Jackie Cunningham belong to me.

A month before Joanie and Chachi's wedding—

Marion went to visit her mom again, since she had moved into a new house that was smaller. Marion rang the doorbell and was let in.

"So, I guess you haven't forgotten me, huh?" Mother Kelp and Marion walked over and sat on the couch.

"No, Mother, you will always be my mother and I will never forget you. I'm here for dinner, like I told you I would be," Marion smiled as she held her hand.

"So, did Herman try to keep you from coming here?" she distrustfully asked her.

"No, Mother. His name is Howard and he is working at the store today and the next few days."

"So, Joanie is getting married in a month, huh?" Mother said, as she acted offended.


"I guess I am not invited but that's okay. I got better things to do then to watch that Herman screw everything up."

"I'm sorry you didn't get invited but it was Joanie and Chachi's decision who to invite and not to invite. Howard is a good husband and a good father. I wish you would have seen that by now."

"Well, I don't like that Chachi boy and think he's wrong for her. You need to stop the wedding and break them up."

"No, Mother, I won't but I came to see how you were and well, how do you like the house?"

"It's nice and I made something for you in the kitchen that you used to like as a little girl," Mother said then she and Marion went in the kitchen to see what her mom was cooking.

"Oh, Mother it smells good." Marion saw the lasagna her mother made that she always loved. She was never good at cooking her own lasagna even though Howard, Joanie, and Richie loved it.

"So, you ready to eat or do you have to check in with Herman?"

"No, Mother, I don't have to check in with Howard but he knows I'm here. Let's eat."

Meanwhile at the Cunningham home—

Howard came home from work, and he was hungry; he went in the kitchen to fix himself some supper. He took some thawed fish from the fridge and cooked it along with some rice on the stove then when it was ready, he ate by himself.

After he finished, he cleaned up the kitchen then walked to the living room to watch TV in his chair then an hour later Joanie and Chachi walked in.

"Hi, Dad," Joanie said as Howard got up and walked over to them.

Howard looked at his watch, "Joanie, you are twenty minutes past your curfew, go to your room!"


"I'm just kidding, sweetheart. How was the apartment hunting?"

"It was fine," Joanie said.

"Actually no—" Chachi started then was interrupted by Joanie who covered his mouth then Joanie laughed then the phone rang and Howard went to get it.

"Hi Marion, how was the drive? Good. Yes, I had fish and rice for dinner and I put them away after I finished." Howard rolled his eyes then continued, "I just finished watching a movie and Joanie and Chachi are over. I'll talk to you later. I love you, bye."

"Chachi, I don't want to ask my father for the down payment," Joanie said while Howard was on the phone.

"Why not? It's a great apartment and I bet he would help us."

"No," she sternly told him.

"Fine." Howard then hung up the phone.

Joanie noticed Howard's nervous look. "What's wrong, Dad?"

"It's probably nothing but your mom just sounded stressed."

"Well, look at who she is visiting for a week, and Grandma is probably saying some nice things about you."

"I'm sure she is."

"Well, I'm going to bed. Good night, Mr. C."

"Hold it! Hold it! Whose room are you staying in?" Howard walked over near Chachi.

"Richie's old room. Why?" Chachi said even though he had stayed at Richie's room in the past.

"Good boy."



"We are getting married in a month and you have to stop treating me like I'm a little kid."

"Well, once you are married, I will stop telling you what to do."


"I think. I'll ask your mother when she comes home." Joanie scoffed but didn't realize Howard was being sarcastic.

"Good night." Joanie said as she and Chachi went upstairs and Howard sat down in his chair.

A week later—

Marion came home, very happy to see Howard and to sleep in her own bed.

"Hi, Howard. I missed you," she said with a smile.

"I missed you too, sweetheart." They kissed then he continued, "How is she?" They both sat in the chairs.

"She's good, Howard. She isn't happy she was not invited to Joanie's wedding and doesn't like Chachi. I told her that Chachi is a nice boy and we should be happy for Joanie."

"I'm sorry she isn't happy but it was Chachi and Joanie's decision. I got used to Chachi and I think he will make a great husband."

"So do I, Howard."

Three months after the wedding—

Joanie and Chachi had found themselves an apartment. Fonzie was learning the ropes of being a father and had come to Howard for advice. Fonzie and Danny were invited for dinner one night, when Marion went to visit her mother again, since her mom didn't call her back for a few days.

"So, how is fatherhood?" Howard asked after he took a bite.

"It's good," Fonzie said.

"Yeah, and he met a woman who has a daughter about my age. I think Dad likes her," Danny said.

Fonzie had a big grin on his face as he was a bit embarrassed.

"Do I know her from a convention or anything?" Howard asked sarcastically.

"What, you wanna meet her?" Fonzie laughed.

"Yeah, I wanna meet her or show me her picture at least," Howard said.

"Here is a picture of her. Her name is Maxine Johnson and her daughter is Robin who is Danny's age," Fonzie said as he took the picture out of the wallet.

"Nope, don't know her."

"That's a relief," Fonzie said then he and Howard laughed while Danny looked confused.

"I'm just making a joke," Howard said.

"Oh," Danny said with a smile then they finished eating.

A few minutes later Potsie rang the door bell, and Howard let him in.

"Hi, Potsie. This is Danny, he was adopted by Fonzie a few months back, I don't know if you met him before."

"Hi," Potsie said as he and Danny shook hands, while Fonzie did the dishes.

"Hi," Danny replied back then went back in the kitchen.

"I need to talk to you."

"Sure. What's wrong?" They both sat on the couch as Howard noticed the worry on Potsie's face.