(Summary: Percy has a dream about the future. Percy's 28, Nico's 25, Annabeth is 28, Thea is 10)

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Percy's POV

Suddenly i was falling into a forest. I landed in a tree with a yelp. Two boys, about 10, were studying a footprint in the ground. "Jared, I don't like this. She could be anywhere." The one on the left said. "I know, Simon. But if she's farie we need to know. Plus, now she looks more human than farie." Jared responded. I dropped to the ground. Jared and Simon stood up looking just past my shoulder. "Jared, you had to bring her into this." Simon hissed. "She naturally has the sight. She can help us." Jared explained. A girl, who also looked 10, ran up to them. "Hey Jared!" she said greeting him with a hug. She looked like Nico. Weird. She stuck her hand out to Simon. "Hi, I'm Thea Di Angelo " She said. I gasped and woke up. Just a dream. Good. But what if it could be real...

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