Lilly's POV

I'd been rather uneasy since they carried Percy off to the infirmary. But now, I strange feeling spread through my body. I heard a gasp go through the camp. "What?" I asked Thea. "Dude….your glowing pink." She responded. I looked down at myself. I was indeed glowing pink, and I was wearing tight turquoise tunic, and sandals. I swallowed. Most of the campers were staring at me. "All hail, Lillian, daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite, goddess of Waterfalls." A mighty voice boomed. All the campers bowed. I winced. "No bowing. Please." I insisted, then fled into the Poseidon cabin. Thea ran in after me. "DUDE! That was so freakin' weird!" She said. I nodded, then motioned for her to leave. She half-smiled, then left. She had a weird gleam in her eyes. Was it…..Happines? Tension? Crazed? I didn't know. I laid down and stared at the ceiling until I fell asleep.


Thea shadow traveled to a super old looking house. A boy's face appeared in one of the windows, and she waved. He gave her the 5-minute sign and she nodded. Another face appeared in the window, and Thea used her ability to blend in with the shadows, being a daughter of Hades. About 5 minutes later, the boy I had seen earlier ran out of the house, yelling something about "a major break through" When he came closer, he gave Thea a quick kiss. What the Hades? I've tried to set Thea up a million times, and she said "Lil. I don't want to date." every time. "Thea, what are you doing? The risk is huge!" He moaned. "I'm so sorry Jared, but I couldn't stand to be at camp anymore." She said. "I don't want you to appear in the forest with her on the loose!" He said softly. His eyes grew moist. "What? Another attack?" Thea asked urgently. "Yes. Nick called, saying I needed to come over right away. Laurie was…pretty beat up." He explained. Thea moaned. "I otta beat the crap out of her, for doing that to my boyfriend, my friend, and Mallory!" Thea growled. "Jared! Mom wants you!" A boy's voice called from the house. "I don't have much time. Thea, what do you need?" Jared asked. "I'm running away from camp. I, well, might have fought with Nico and Electrocuted Percy." Thea explained. "Well I'm going with you." Jared insisted. Thea hesitated, but nodded. "Simon, I might not come home for a while!" Jared yelled, then grabbed Thea's hand, and they disappeared into the shadows. A note was on the ground. A black haired boy ran out of the house and grabbed it. I read over his shoulder. "S,M, and Mom, I'm sorry, but I can't explain why I left, or who I left with. It's a very long story. Don't look for me, if you value your lives. My friend received a prophecy, and I've left to help her complete it. Simon, I think you know exactly who she is. Don't you dare say anything to Mal or Mom. Also, only tell Laurie and Nick I'll be gone for several months. Thanks, and Goodbye,


"Thea." The Simon boy spat.

End dream.

I woke up screaming. I ran into the hades cabin, and screamed at nico, "Order a camp serch for Thea! Now!

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