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The Forgotten





I slowly opened my eyes. It was blurry – very blurry. But I forced myself to keep my eyes open. Even half lidded will do. He was there. I could see his crimson hair. He was saying something. It was my name. "Deidara…" He whispered.

I tried to speak but words can't seem to escape my mouth. My vision was still blurry. He repeated my name, "Deidara…" This time, I could tell that he was very happy. I don't know why I know that he's happy but I could just tell.

He pulled me into his arms. All I saw was his crimson hair. His locks were like blood but I didn't really mind. If he's happy, then why do tears fall from his hazel eyes? I started to question myself. Then again, I can't think straight. It's like my thoughts went blank.

He whispered into my ear, "Danna's here. You don't need to worry." Danna? Why? Was that your name? How did you know my name? How did I know that 'Deidara' is my name? I started to ponder again. Still, I couldn't answer those questions.

I was tired. I was exhausted. I don't know why but my eyelids started to close. No, please don't! I wanted to stay in his arms. I don't know why. "Da- Dann –" I managed to stutter.

His embrace tightened around me. "Deidara…" He cried, desperate to keep me awake. I wanted to stay awake and wrap my arms around him, too, but unfortunately, my eyes became wide shut. Everything went back to pitch black. Wake me up again, please… Danna…