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I knew I heard that book drop somewhere by the trashcan in my room. I had heard it drop with a little clang of metal on the end. I had already determined that whatever fell (just assuming it was a book) wasn't near my weights, and my tools were on the opposite side of the room from where the sound had come. So I was slinking around my bedroom in the dark on my hands and knees trying to find what had fallen and woken me from an already restless slumber at three in the morning.

I was too tired and lazy to turn a light on; I didn't want to anyways because it would've woken me up too much to the point where I wouldn't have been able to sleep again. At three in the morning, I was fumbling around in the dark on the floor to try and find what had fallen.

The only light I could see by were traces of pure white moonlight that trickled in through my closed blinds that usually kept out any specks of the silver orb's glow. Tonight, I had clearly failed when I was closing my blinds. I could see just a little bit in front of me, just enough to see when I was going to run into my desk.

I still ran into it, jumbling and jangling all the trash I kept on top of it: books, papers, files, work. All my current projects were sprawled out on my desk. That was why I was so intent on getting the book now instead of in the morning. I didn't want to forget about it.

After ramming my head into the desk, I looked up to see a mirror staring back at me, my haunted dark eyes watching me like a zombie come back from the dead. At first, all I saw was movement, and I had to take a few paces back, afraid that someone else was in my room. Then I remembered that I had dropped that mirror months ago and hadn't remembered to pick it back up again from where it had fallen beneath my desk. So I crawled a little closer again.

The dark doesn't only plays mind games. It can make you see the Boogie Man and every vampire from Edward Cullen to Dracula. It plays games with kids, but I've always been a victim to the shadows of night. It almost always scares me when certain shadows rise to certain heights or take on certain forms.

Shadows stretched across my face as I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked haunted, dark, vicious, brutal. And scared. I looked absolutely horrified of myself. Terrified, even. The shadows were hanging under my eyes and the moon's glow caught on the longer strands of my hair; the shadows of my ebony locks looked like the fangs that I had once upon a time...

I shook my head, stripping my mind of that thought. Not again. But I looked closer and saw a demonic gleam in those eyes... Those hateful eyes... I could only see fear and hate in myself as I stared into my reflection. Fear of myself and hate being thrown in the same direction. But I wanted to forget all that. That was my aim: to forget.

That monster, that creature, that beast... That was a thing of the past. I didn't believe in that monster anymore. The shadows could play with my mind all they wanted, but part of me was now directed towards the good in life. Now I could see the joy. I could read how happy people were. I wasn't just a mindless, soulless, heartless being anymore. I was capable of other things. I wasn't a brutal killer. Not anymore. I wasn't a monster.

I quietly grabbed my book and stuck it back on top of my desk where it had fallen from. And then, before I crawled back up into bed, I took one last look at myself in the mirror.

The pallid color of my skin glowed in the silver of the moon's tendril-like beams that kissed the earth. I wouldn't ever really look like this, hair shadowing across my face like fangs and dark eyes only filled with hatred and fear. I never really looked like this. Only in the darkness of the shadows. I would never let anyone see me like that ever again.

I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be a monster anymore. I made a pact that I'd be perfect from now on, or at least as close as a guy could get. I was struggling with some things, but I was only doing the best I could.

As I managed to get back up into my bed and beneath my blankets and put my head back onto my pillow, I promised myself that I wouldn't turn into that monster again. Not just the beast, the creature, the monster that had possessed my life twice now, but the criminal that I had a tendency to revert to. I pulled the covers up tight against my neck, shutting out the cold. That monster wouldn't rear its ugly face ever again. Nevermore would anyone see the darker sides of me. Nevermore.

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