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His Escape

When I left Providence, it was usually only for a day or two. Six never let me go for long, the jerk. I was always out and about on my own terms, whenever I wanted. I never got to stay out long and that was why I had to keep leaving so many times.

The first few times, I just had to get the hang of it. An hour or two outside and I was fine. It was all I really needed. But then my schemes got more elaborate once people knew how I kept getting away.

The main problem with me getting away was getting me back. No one ever knew where I disappeared to, when I was leaving. I just left when I wanted to. That was that. No one ever really bothered me about at least writing a note. They just didn't want me to leave in the first place.

Then there was the problem that if I could get out, baddies could get in. And no smart Providence person wants baddies getting into one of the main headquarters. It's not good for the reputation, you know? So every prison break I made, they covered it up so I couldn't use it again.

That was when it became a game. I would have to find a different way out: the ventilation system, the skylights, even the plumbing one time. And it was like Providence was challenging me for fun. It was my game and the headquarters was my playground.

Being older, it's for freedom now. It's like not being able to walk to a friend's house because of a murderer on the loose. You know you'll be fine so you leave anyways. That's how I looked at it. I could leave whenever I wanted as long as I came back and as long as I didn't get hurt. That almost always kept everyone happy.

Sometimes, if I was gone long enough and Holiday was extra worried about me, I'd get a nice big hug from her... The idea of escaping usually just kept on getting more and more appealing.

Then I could sneak out and order pizza sometimes. Once or twice I snuck out to grab some tacos for me and Bobo. And the endless parties that I could run to when the clock struck twelve... My escapes came with so many benefits. It was all just a game for me. A game to bend a few rules, a game to push a few buttons, a game to see how far I could go.

I was never escaping the system. Providence was awesome with taking care of me and giving me what I wanted and at least listening to my ideas and such. They were usually lenient with me and my escapades. I was never leaving because I was a prisoner in a cell.

I didn't leave because I hated the people. Six was annoying, Bobo was awesome, and don't even get me started on Holiday. Knight wasn't too horrible on a good day and most of the agents were actually nice. I never left because of them.

I left to challenge myself. I escaped because I wanted to see how far I could go before being called back to home base. My escapes were a game.

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