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Kim Possible: Devil's Child Redux

By LJ58

Part 10:

From: Emerald_Goddess-At-Flitmail/World-Com

Wow. I actually got into real trouble this time. (With mom). I was just trying to help, but…. I guess I went overboard. Mom is so furious she threatened to ground me until I needed a rocking chair.

Still, I think her and Kim are a lot more serious about each other now. I'm glad. It'll be like a real family for a change, and if we're not exactly normal, well….. Mom always says that normal is overrated. Things seemed to be working out pretty well, and I even made the cheerleading team! Yay, me! (You know Lena is really tweaked, don't you)?

Anyway, I hope your own problems are working out, too. I'm kind of grounded, so I have to go before I get caught on the computer.

All my best,



"You did the right thing," Kim reassured Shego as they flew south toward the projected convergence point for the Drakkens they had Wade and GJ monitoring.

"I know that. You know that. I just don't think Angel knows that," Shego sighed, sounding very much like every parent Kim had ever known. Including her own. She had a wistful moment as she thought of her late mother, and then she focused on the job ahead.

"Tough love can be tough on you, too," Kim surmised.

"There is a kind of irony here," Shego agreed. "She's taken care of me for most of her life. Watching me get sicker and sicker, and she was forced to grow up too fast. Now, when she has the chance to just be a child, and live the life I wanted for her, she'd still rather live….."

"Like you?"

Shego sighed heavily.

"You of all people know my life is nothing to emulate," she told her honestly. "Still, in a lot of ways, having her made me grow up. I saw things a lot differently once she came along. I wanted….different things. A different life."

"I'm glad. I know Dr. Director is still worried you might return to your old ways now that you're healthy again."

"No. No, I rather like not having to watch my back 24/7 any more. I mean, aside from the blue idiot, that is. Besides, now that we finally connected, I would rather live with you, than have to fight you again."

"Well, I hope that doesn't preclude sparring," Kim smiled. "I have to say, you're one of the only people I've met that ever gave me a real workout."

"Back at you," Shego grinned. "But you know I'm still top fighter here."

"Oh, please. I beat you three out of four with ease."

"No way! You had your monkey ninja running interference half the time, so that doesn't count."

"And Drakken's whack rays and drones don't count? Frankly, he's part of the reason I'm so scared to have children now."

"Yeah," Shego sobered. "He might be nuts. But he has his moments."

"Had," Kim told her. "I'm putting him down this time. I'm tired of him 'sprouting' every time we blink. I'm dosing every one of the Drakkens we find, and then locking them all up."

"You think that will be enough?"

"Without you to break him, or them out, he'll be in jail a long time," she nodded firmly.

"Well, that's a plan I can live with," Shego agreed. "How long till we get there?"

She glanced at the dash, and eyed the GPS. "We're still about forty minutes out from where Wade estimated they're converging."

"You think they'll be expecting us? That many showing at once, and coming together like this….. It feels like a trap."

"I wouldn't doubt it. But we have local GJ teams rendezvousing to help us, and it's not like we haven't faced this kind of thing before now."

"Maybe, but I'm glad I'm with you, instead of facing you this time."

Kim smiled at that one.

"So am I, Shego," she told her solemnly. "So am I."


"You have their location," Angela asked. "Are they still in transit?"

"Affirmative, Angela," the more mechanical voice of the Armory AI informed her as she used Kim's basement lab facility to access the powerful computer on the moon.

For someone with her skills, and all she had learned recently, she had easily gotten away from Dr. Possible, who was rather easy to distract, and then got back to her home. Where she proved her hacking abilities weren't bad by breaking into Kim's lab, and using her provisional authority given for her safety to access the Armory, and persuade the AI she needed to monitor Kim and her mother for safety reasons.

"Keep tracking them. The moment they stop, I want a satellite lock to monitor them."

"Affirmative, Angela," the AI replied. "Shall I coordinate with Annie O1 to maximize….."

"Not just yet. For now, merely observe. We don't want to distract them," she told the computer, knowing Annie would blow the whistle fast if the Armory linked with her.

She wasn't ready for that. Not until she was certain what was going on. Not until she was certain she might not need to do something more…active.


"I have a lock on two Drakkens in the Northern Territories."

"Where," Kim asked the GJ agent who radioed her with the update.

"Just southeast of the Warumungu area."

"That makes no sense," Shego frowned. "There's only a small regional airport out there, with nothing but wasteland for miles around unless you count the mines."

"We are talking about Drakken. I'm sure he's up to something. But how did you know about the area."

"Vacationed there once. It was about as far as I could get from Drakken when I was having issues with his issues at the time."

"So, where did you stay?"

"Are you kidding? I borrowed one of those RV campers from someone in Queensland, and just started driving."

"When you say borrowed," Kim sighed.

"It was before us, okay. I mean, before Angela. You know how it was back then," she said, almost pouting at Kim's expression.

"Sorry. I know who you are. And what you were. I do trust you now. I do," she stressed when Shego eyed her again. "I let you stay in my bed, don't I?"

"You do know the frequency is still open," the GJ agent asked after clearing his throat.

Kim quickly snapped it off, both of them blushing darkly. One red. One green.

"Well," Kim said. "That wasn't embarrassing at all."

"Oh, nooooooooo," Shego agreed, her cheeks stained dark green. "So? How soon before everyone in the Harpy's outfit knows we're sleeping together?"

"I'd give them…..ten minutes."

"That long?"

"We're on the far side of the world. A few microburst transmissions via satellite, though, and I'm sure the news will be all over the place by the time we get home."

"Goody," Shego muttered.

"Well, I was looking for a way to break the news to dad."

"Uhm. What news?"

"That maybe….. I might be serious about a certain woman in my life. That I might be serious enough to suggest a trip to Massachusetts. If she were willing?"

"Are you serious? I mean….that serious?"

"The past few weeks, the usual stress aside, I've really enjoyed having you and Angela with me. The sex aside, though, I have enjoyed having you with me. As a friend. Maybe….more?"

Shego smiled as Annie chirped.

"We're two minutes out, ladies. You might want to wrap this up until a more suitable moment."

Both women sighed.

"Business before pleasure," Kim smiled wanly.

"Oh, putting this fruitcake, and his twins down, will definitely be a pleasure, too. But we are certainly coming back to this topic. Soon," Shego told her firmly.

"I look forward to it," she nodded, and put the Kimminator on manual as she began their descent.

"I see three….. Make it four Drakkens," an agent shouted over the radio link even as they began to seek a landing spot as they scanned for the converging madmen.

"Report," Kim ordered when the man fell silent. "What are they doing? Agent? Agent?"

"I'm broadcasting my locator, Miss Possible. You….. You have to see this to believe it," he exclaimed.

Kim and Shego frowned at one another now as the redhead gave a final burst of speed to the descending vehicle as she spotted the sleek, dark blue lines of a GJ transport not far ahead. Just behind a massive, oddly shaped boulder where a man in desert camo was laying atop that rock staring at…..


"So, you figured it out, too," Dr. Drakken asked himself as he met the first copy to arrive.

"My mutagen obviously invigorated every surviving cell that was viable enough to replicate," the second repeated, holding a tracker much like the one the other held. "But I am obviously the one and only true Dr. Drakken."

"I wouldn't be quite that certain," a third informed them haughtily as he jumped down from a hovercraft he had borrowed from Gemini once he learned he was not 'alone.' Never mind that the head of WEE was furious over delays in his plans, he had to deal with these imposters, and then focus on the important matter of punishing his disloyal sidekick.

"Oh, please. It couldn't be more obvious that you are all cheap knock-offs," the fourth who had just arrived on a jet-bike borrowed from some careless agent somewhere back along the coast. "It is I, the only real Dr. Drakken, who is the genuine article here."

"You? Never!"

"I could call mother," another suggested. "She would know her own son, after all."

"Mommy's boy," the other three sneered.

"Imbeciles," a fifth voice boomed as he jumped off a cloaked hovercraft he had flown from his lair after leaving Killigan to find and deal with Shego's brat long enough to distract Shego. And thus, Kim Possible. Giving him time to deal with the fakes, and then get back to business. "You are arguing like…. Like….. Children! Don't you realize there is a Global Justice agent just over that rise watching us?"

"Who are you calling imbeciles," four voices ranted in unison.


"Besides," one of the four sniffed. "What can one lone agent do to us?"

"What indeed," a sixth Drakken finally appeared from a dusty jeep he drove since he had crashed his own jet trying to land. "Or don't you realize that any GJ agent is likely to call her."

"And cue the hero," a smug, insufferable voice rang out.

"Kim Possible," one of the Drakkens spat as he looked around for the source of the speaker.

"Why do we always sound so surprised," one of the others asked.

"Well, I'm not," one of the drawled. "In fact, I was counting on Miss Possible showing. Because my recent research has shown me a new, and unexpected benefit to my mutagen," he said, holding up a small pneumatic pistol with a dark fluid in its hollow grip.

"You're kidding," another voice drawled as Kim and Shego both shimmered into view as their stealth suits deactivated once they were close. "You came up with something new?"

"Shego. How delightful. And, actually, I came up with something, too. You are now helpless! Completely in my power," that Drakken chortled.

"Oh, please," Shego fumed, and started to step forward.

And couldn't.

"What the…..?"

"Genetic-based gravitational plating, my dear," the crowing Drakken beamed. "I realized Kim Possible would track me down. And I surmised you would be accompanying her after I sent Killigan to stir you up a little. The moment you two stepped on my hidden plates, you became trapped by your own gravity!"

"You sent that freak after my little girl," Shego growled, clenching her fists.

"Yes," the Drakken with the ray gun shouted. "Keep them trapped while I drench them in my new mutagen. They'll not only become like us, they will be obedient to the master seed. Me!"

"You mean me!"

"No, I am the only true Great Blue here!"


"Shego," Kim hissed as the six duplicates continue to argue over who was the top dog. "Can you short out these plates? They have to be metallic, with electronic workings. So if you lit up…..?"

"You're too close," Shego hissed. "You could get burned…."

"Force-shield," Kim reminded her, reaching for her left wrist.

"Oh, right. Well, hit it, and….."

"Hey, posers," a shrill voice yelled from nearby. "Leave my moms alone!"

Green fire exploded, and both Kim and Shego turned in time to see Angela standing on a dune nearby as she fired almost pointblank at the ominous pistol in the one Drakken's hand. The weapon exploded like a soap bubble, drenching three of the Drakkens in fresh mutagen as a four howled as he was badly singed by the plasma that melted his remote, which immediately freed Kim and Shego when it melted.

"They're free," another of the Drakkens shouted.

"Never mind that," the one in the center of the mutagen splash zone demanded. "What is happening to us?"

"Well," the Drakken who held the remnants of his mutagen weapon in his charred hand frowned. "This is most unexpected."

"Let….. Me….. Go," another of the Drakkens shouted as tendrils now grew between him and the three doused Drakkens, who were also rapidly growing vines that bound them together. Only they weren't just being bound up. They were merging. Melding. Growing as they seemed to absorb one another into one greater form.

"Now there is something you definitely do not see every day," Shego admitted as she watched the Drakkens merging, and growing, their fusing forms already more than nine feet tall, and still growing as the other two Drakkens backed away, and started to bolt.

"No, you don't," Kim shouted, and fired her own weapon at both of them in quick succession. "The genetic accelerator," she told Shego. "Quickly."

"Genetic….what," one of the two Drakkens hit frowned.

"I'm removing your pollinator power," Kim told her as Shego tossed her the bulkier weapon she had been carrying. "Unless you want to join those other yous," she said, glancing at the now fourteen foot Super-Drakken that was fast losing any humanoid form as his clothing shredded away like the others, and his skin darkened, and became more bark than flesh. He was, she realized, becoming a real tree of sorts.

Even his toes were digging down into the course sand, trying to take root.

"No," the other wailed. "Shoot me! Shoot me! I'm too great a genius to be a plant!"

"Shoot me first," the other demanded as he stood upright, dusting himself off. "I'm obviously the only real Drakken here. Toss this one to the imposter plant."

Kim fired on both of them, and the searing trauma of the genetic modification had them both dropping unconscious where they lay still.

She quickly had Annie run a scan as Angela walked over looking a little smug. Annie assured her that both men were now just men. Exact genetic duplicates, but now just ordinary men.

"So, we have three Drakkens, and a…tree…..thingy," Angela asked. "Wow. How bizarre."

"You and I are going to have a little chat when we get home," Shego told her daughter ominously.

"I'm more interested in how she got here. I know you weren't on the Kimminator. I had Annie scan for you just in case you tried to be sneaky."

"Well," the young girl grimaced. "I kind of hacked your Armory computer, and linked up with Annie to give me transport coordinates."

"You did what," both women exclaimed as the GJ backup began arriving. Late as usual.

"Well, I heard what was going on through Annie, and thought you needed….help," she said as both women eyed her bleakly.

"We are definitely going to talk when we get home," Shego growled as one of the agents stopped to stare at the now nearly twenty foot tall tree with a bluish bark.

"Okay, we can arrest these guys, but… What do we do with that," he asked Kim.

Kim looked at the tree that was already blossoming with bluish buds on the thickening limbs that were fast growing. Very fast growing.

"I have no idea," she admitted.

"Let's just go home," Shego sighed. "I've had enough nuttiness for one day."

"Oh, Miss Possible. Dr. Director said to tell you she has picked up Gemini, so he won't be troubling you again anytime soon."

"Where did she find him," Kim asked.

"He, ah…..tried to break into your father's house. He seemed to think Shego's girl was there."

Shego, who knew all about the Possible's security, imagined that idiot running headlong into something the twins had upgraded for just such contingencies. "I should pay him a visit," Shego said blandly. "Just to assure him that….."

"Shego," Kim asked her, nodding at Angela.

"I'm just going to talk," Shego told her. Not saying that what she intended to say would be a very graphic warning to that loon about what would happen to his own family future if he ever even looked at her kid again.

"Let's go home. It's a long flight, and we do need to talk to a certain young lady about the dangers of hacking certain computers," Kim pointed out.

"Definitely," Shego fumed, though inwardly, she was a bit proud of her munchkin.

"I just wanted to help," Angela sputtered. "It sounded like you were in trouble, and…."

"We've both faced worse, and we're still here, kiddo," Kim told her. "We had a plan, and were about to act when you…..popped up."

"Well, I helped, didn't I," she tried again, looking hopeful.

Kim shot Shego a helpless expression.

"I'm a little more interested in what you said, than what you did," Shego told her as they returned to the Kimminator to head home. "I think I heard you say…..moms?"

"Well, you were talking about marrying, weren't you," she smiled as she settled into her seat.

"You were listening to us all along," Shego frowned as Kim blushed.

"Geez, mom, it's not like I haven't noticed. You guys are all over each other every other second."

"Oh, you are so grounded," Shego fumed.

"But, mom!"

"So grounded," she stressed as Kim left GJ to mop up, and headed home.

With her family.

The thought made her smile. A lot. Especially when she imagined Shego in a wedding dress. She wasn't so worried about Angela's reaction now. Not after what she had heard, too. It sounded like the girl had already accepted her into her life. And her mother's.

"What are you grinning at now," Shego demanded when she turned from berating her daughter.

"Nothing," Kim smiled all the more as she couldn't help but imagine a wedding. And a wedding night. "Nothing at all," she less than successfully lied.


Elizabeth Director eyed the most recent email from an accidental pen pal made a few years ago, and which she gradually realized was none other than Shego's own daughter. She played along with the girl, using a general, if false profile to keep her talking, and help keep tabs on the child. Her mother, too, of course.

When she had learned Shego might be dying, that the girl was likely going to be left alone, and likely become a genuine threat, she had pointedly leaked just enough to help Kim find them. The idea had been to bring in the girl, and maybe help Shego in her final days.

Instead, Kimberly, in her inestimable way, turned everything on her head, and had made Shego and her daughter her own family, while not only saving the woman's life, but teaching the girl to follow her own example. If it were slightly colored by her mother's unique attitude.

For the time being, she did nothing. With luck, the child would make a fine replacement for Possible when she came of age. From the look of it, even Kimberly and Shego were going to have trouble holding her back.

It would be…..interesting. Very interesting.

"Dr. Director," Will peeked into her office after a knock, giving her time to drop the screen with her false profile, and email address.

"What is it, Agent Du," she grumbled, still not overly fond of her former top agent after the way he had nearly doomed the entire planet in his own paranoid reaction to manipulation from lesser men.

"They just brought in the two surviving Drakkens from medical. They check out as completely human, but…. Well, now we have three of them? What do we do with them?"

Dr. Director smiled.

For years, the cerulean lunatic had been making everyone crazy even before his alleged death and resurrection as the 'Great Blue.' When she smiled, Will knew it wasn't a pleasant one.

"Put them all in the same cell. Technically, they are all Drew Lipsky, so technically, they all share the same culpability. That said, they can share the same cell," she told him, the Drakken tree not an issue since it was decided to leave it where it was since it seemed to have 'rooted' so deep into the sandy soil that it might die if they tried to remove it. Besides, she wasn't sure having that particular 'weed' anywhere near civilization would be a very good idea.

Will only nodded, leaving to carry out his orders as she turned back to the computer, and brought up her email again.

"Dear Angela," she wrote. "My problems have resolved themselves far more easily than I dared hope. Things have finally calmed down in my family again, and I'm looking forward to some real peace and quiet. Maybe even a vacation if things work out. Do you like the beach? I love to sun. I just don't get much time to be lazy. I hope you don't have to be grounded too long. Talk later. Elizabeth."


Drew Lipsky sat on the end of his cot in his otherwise empty cell, waiting for his lawyer to call. Honestly, you think even a public defender would be more competent than the whining wretch they had assigned him.

The man actually wanted him to plead insanity!

He, Dr. Drakken, insane?


He eyed the cell door when a smirking guard appeared, and told him, "You've got company, Lipsky."

"It's Drakken," he growled, pushing his shaggy, black hair back from his eyes. They wouldn't even let him have a rubber band these days. Honestly, paranoia did make some people so…paranoid. "Dr. Drakken."

"No," the man behind the guard that was shoved forward by another guard sputtered. "I am Dr. Drakken."

"Oh, please," another copy protested indignantly as the blue-skinned duplicate in a horrendous orange jumpsuit like all prisoners wore declared, "It is obvious that you are mere copies, and I am the only true Dr. Drakken! Evil genius extraordinaire…"

"You," the first Drakken fumed, rising to his feet as the guards locked the door. "You are obviously a deluded, substandard copy, or you would know that I…!"

"Gonna be a long night," one of the guards smirked.

"Look at it this way. At least he has someone else to drive nuts for a change," the other told his companion.

"There is that," he nodded as they walked away, the escalating argument behind them growing more and more heated.