Chapter 10

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(Aeon's POV)

I am Aeon, the unification of Arca and I. It's been a while since Arca and Sage had to use this form against anyone, but then again I don't really blame them. Arca and Sage don't like each other that much, so they wouldn't like occupying the same body and neither one could hide their secrets, since in this form, they know everything about each other, especially what recently happened. Being that close would make them feeling really uncomfortable.

(Hey, let's just get to the fighting!) I heard Arca shout inside of me. Forgot to mention, I can communicate with Sage and Arca.

I only let out a silent sigh as I faced Ire and drew out the hilt of my energy sword before activating its silver blade. "Ire, it's time to face your judgment," I told Ire as I walked over to him.

(That sounded bad***!) Arca commented in his usual hyperactive mode.

Fortunately, I could hear a whack as Arca let out an "oof." Then Sage spoke, (Arca, stop being an idiot. We need to take down Ire and fast!)

I couldn't agree more with Sage as I charged at Ire, swinging my saber at him. Ire quickly raised his katana in time to block Sage's before I blocked the next couple of slashes he swung at me, which wasn't too difficult. He was a little slow than usual, but that probably from fighting with the Sage and Arca. Going onto the offensive, I slashed my silver blade at Ire's left, but he blocked it before attempting to strike at my chest. Fortunately for me, I was quick enough for me to bring my silver saber around in time to parry the strike. I attacked Ire again, slashing my saber at his left this time only for him to block it. It left him open, so I kicked him in the side, and he staggered a bit to the side.

Seeing that Ire was getting a little weary, I decided to take advantage of that as I charged at him, swinging my saber down upon him. However, Ire brought the fiery blade of his katana up in time to block my silver blade before he swung his armored fist into my chest, forcing me back. I tried slashing at Ire, who merely blocked it before slashing at my chest, forcing me onto the floor. "You can't beat me! I've become too strong for you! Even in that form, you still can't beat me!" Ire boasted. "There's no way you can't beat me alone!"

If I had a mouth it would be grinning at Ire's boast as I stated, "But I'm not alone."

Ire looked at me with confusion as I raised my free hand and snapped my fingers, causing two dimensional rifts to appear and out of them came Arch and Lock. It seemed like they were confused; probably because they were fighting Ire's Wraths. "What?" Lock gaped, shocked at finding himself in the core of the kid's mind.

"Hey, Arch, Lock," I waved, greeting them with my voice, which was a combination of Sage's and Arca's.

The two Riders looked at me with shock on their faces, which was hidden by their visors and masks. "Sage? Arca?" Arch asked me. "What happened to you?"

"They basically combined to form me, Aeon," I summarized. "I brought you here for back up."

Surprisingly, Arch and Lock took my explanation pretty well as they stood next to me. "Well," Arch said as he gripped his sword, "let's take him down!"

Lock and I nodded at that as we looked at Ire who stood in front of us. However, Ire let out an evil chuckle, which made me stared at his with anxiety. 'What have do you have up your sleeve, Ire?' I asked myself.

Ire's laughter died away as he looked at us. "Looks like I'll have to kick it up a notch," he said.

With that, he let out a roar as red energy engulfed his armored form, making us three look away so we weren't blinded. Once the energy dispersed, we looked at Ire with shock to see Ire's flames that made up his body were now red, and his armor had black markings, starting from the center of his chest plate to his gauntlets and boots, his helmet the only thing that remained untouched.

(What?) Arca shouted. (When did Ire gain that power? It's immense!)

(Must have been when he took all that energy that came out of the rifts), Sage suggested. (He must've stored inside of him.)

(It would explain how he took control of me) Arca agreed.

I slightly nodded at their conversation as I looked at Ire's upgraded form along with Arch and Lock. "Now then," Ire spoke as he drew his sword, "let's continue."

With that, Ire charged at Arch, Lock and I, swinging his flaming katana at us only for us to back away in time to avoid it. Arch and Lock then charged forward, slashing their swords at Ire only for him to block them both. While Ire blocked their punches, I charged at Ire, but he noticed as he fired a fireball at me, which I smacked away with my energy sword. Arch and Lock moved out of the way, so I could my sword at Ire but he blocked it with his own sword. Still, it allowed Arch and Lock to draw their Final Attack cards, activating their Rider Kicks. "Final Attack!" their buckles announced.

With the cries of "Sealing Crash!" and "Portal Smash!", Arch and Lock kicked their charged foots into Ire's gut, just barely missing his buckle. "GAH!" Ire cried out in pain as he staggered back.

While Ire was trying to recover from the Rider Kicks, we all backed away to gain some space and soon regrouped. "Aeon, you fought him before, how do we defeat him? Does he have weaknesses?" Lock asked me.

"Maybe," I admitted. "Back then, Ire was a lot weaker and didn't have access to all of this power. All I had to do then was fire with a simple sealing blast."

Inside of me, I could hear Arca quickly suggesting, (Hit the gem in his buckle! We can get rid of him that way!)

(We can't! Ire's bonded with us, remember? If he dies, so do we!) Sage argued.

(Well, do you have any other suggestion?) Arca inquired.

Seeing how both sides brought up pretty good arguments, I wasn't sure what to do. However, I had no time to think for Arch, Lock, and I suddenly lost our balance as we fell on the floor. I looked to see Ire was raising his hands over his head, using his newfound his powers to shake the entire core of the kid's mind. I happened to noticed that Lock drew a card from the base on the side of his belt, but Ire's powers made me divert my attention from Lock and Arch. "Fools!" Ire shouted. "You have underestimated my power and now you will die! "

"HYPER CLOCK UP!" I heard Lock's and Arch's belts announced, which soon followed with a "HYPER CLOCK OVER!"

Unexpectedly, Lock and Arch appeared in front of Ire and slashed their swords against center of Ire's chest armor, where the black markings originated from. However, it seemed to not have work as Ire grabbed Lock by the neck and tossed him to the side before forcing Arch back with a slash to the chest. Ire would have continued to attack, but something happened. I looked up to see Ire's body cringe in pain and I was surprise to see Ire staggered back and dropped his sword on the ground before he yelled out in pain.

My eyes in shock at the sight of Ire's black markings suddenly disappearing from his body and he reverted back to its original form. I guess all I needed to do was get rid of those markings, but it didn't matter as I charged at Ire and used this chance to sent a punch to his face. I continued my assault by sending a flurry of punches to Ire's gut before kneeing him there as well. I then brought my right back, announcing, "Rider Kick!"

"Rider Kick-Initiating!" my buckle announced as silver energy traveled down to my right foot.

I kicked my foot into Ire's chest, sending Ire into flying into the air before landed some yards away from me. Ire got up and glared at me before he brought his left hand down to his side and a red ball of flames began to build up. Quickly I summoned a ball of silver energy in my, which too began to build up energy, allowing it to expand a little. "RAAAAGH!" we both shouted as we fired large blasts of energy at us.

The blasts collided with each other, almost in a deadlock as Ire and I pushed our blasts against one another. I held my ground, burying my feet deep into the ground of the core of the kid's mind as I struggled to make sure Ire's blast didn't overwhelm mine. "C'mon!" I encouraged myself.

With that, I poured more energy into my blast and soon it became to push back Ire's as it came closer towards him. I could sense Ire struggling as much as he could to try and prevent him blasts being pushed back by mine. However, it wouldn't work for Ire as my blast soon overcame his Ire body. "GAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Ire shouted as I saw his body being disintegrated by my blast.

When Ire's screams died down, I dispersed the blast of energy, allowing my eyes to see the white void of the kid's core. I dropped my arm down to my side and I let out a sigh, relieved that the battle was over. However, I noticed something was lying on the ground where Ire stood; his belt.

The belt survived the attack, and as long that was intact, Ire was still alive. Wasting no time, I gathered energy to my hands and fired a small blast that engulfed the belt. Instead of destroying the belt, the blast engulfed it and began to take form into the old coffin that originally held Ire. Now I finally could relax as I reached down to my buckle and ripped it off of my body. I could feel my existence slipping away as I revert back to Arca and Sage...


(Sage's POV)

Once I assumed my body, I sighed with relief at the fact Arca and I were no longer occupying the same body, and we were not separate. I turned to look at Arch and Lock, who disengaged their armors, to see them looking at me and Arca with gaping jaws. "Arch? Lock? What is it?" I asked them with a hint of worry.

"You're... you're," Arch pointed at us, unable to finish his statement.

"You're human," Lock finished as he tried to remain stoic as possible, but failing.

I immediately looked down at my hand and I actually felt my eyes widening in shock at the sight of seeing a human hand instead of it being covered in armor. I looked down at myself to see I was wearing a black jacket over my white shirt and black pants as well as my hat that was still on my head. I placed my hands on my face to feel my facial structure looked like Arch's and Lock's. I pulled down on my hair see it was short and black. "We're human?" I repeated.


(Arca's POV)

"We're human?" I heard Sage asked in both in amazement and confusion.

I had the exact same thought as I looked down at myself to see I was wearing a similar uniform to Sage's, save for the fact my jacket and pants were white, and the shirt was black. As for my face, it looked like Sage's, same with the hair and the brown eyes. "Holy s**t!" I exclaimed.


Arca: Yeah, it turns out the blast turned gave us human bodies. For once, we can see, feel, and taste like human beings! Another good thing that we can still become Riders when we have to kick some a**! Also, after sealing away Ire, the rifts were taken care of as well. Good thing too, 'cause I don't want to lose this body to any monsters coming out of those things!

Sage: *enters the room* Arca, get over here!

Arca: C'mon! Can't I get one chance to monologue?

Sage: *walking over to him* No.

Arca: *pouting* You suck.

Sage: *dragging Arca away* Yeah, yeah, yeah! Look, Lock and Arch have got another job for us. We've got to go to another world and deal with some monsters, again.

Arca: Will it include girls?

Sage: *sighing* It might.

Arca: *standing up* What are we waiting for then? Let's go! *he runs out of the room*

Sage: *shaking his head* He's going to be the death of me one day. *follow Arca out of the room*


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