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Snowkit stared at Tawnykit and Bramblekit as they leapt at him. He battered at them, but his muscles weren't as strong as the other kit's so they easily pinned him down.

As soon as they let him up Snowkit went racing out of the nursery into the clearing! It was HUGE!

He padded towards a den that smelled like funny outside smells. As soon as he poked his head inside he saw berries of all kind, and plants of all shades!

Out of nowhere a silver-ish colored cat came limping towards him. She was opening and closing her mouth, but he heard nothing. So without thinking much about it he backed up and headed towards the den that smelt of must and age.

He stopped at the door and found himself face to face with a white cat with black spots; his muzzle was lined with grey fur.

Snowkit sat down as the elder cat motioned for him to do. The cat also began speaking Snowkit nodded his head pretending to understand. Snowkit lay down and listened to the nothing that surrounded his ears.

Snowkit woke up in the nursery, except everyone was asleep except for his mother so he said "Mother is this dream?" "Yes" she replied.

That night Snowkit listened to his mother telling the tales of the past and of the greatest warriors and who the leader was, Firestar. Snowkit thought to himself I wish that one day I will become as great as Firestar! One of the best leaders!

Once Speckletail was done speaking Snowkit asked "Could you tell me the names of all of the cats?" So for the rest of the night Snowkit made it his goal to try and remember every cat's name, the one cat that Snowkit especially liked was Brackenfur, the cat that watched Snowkit.

Snowkit blinked open his eyes as sun filtered into the den, he sat up and turned over to see Bramblekit and Tawnykit had gone outside.

Snowkit passed by a pretty light colored queen, remembering that it was Goldenflower he muttered, trying to sound as normal as possible "Hello Goldenflower!" He watched her mouth open and close, assuming she had said hello back he walked out of the den.

Speckletail came over to him and motioned for him. He sat down next to her, and then he saw the same silver-ish cat with the hurt paw mouth something, but he paid no attention to her.

Snowkit saw the she-cat's face cloud with sorrow and she said something to Speckletail, who suddenly put her tail protectively around him and her fur, began to bristle. Snowkit whimpered and stared at Brackenfur willing him to do something, to say something that Snowkit could hear!

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