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Chapter 1 - You think your job is easy?

It was a calm and sunny mid-day on the well-known ship of the famous strawhat pirates. The sea was calm and no cloud was to be seen in the sky. A perfect day.

Nami was reading the newspaper she had bought yesterday (although she found it way too expensive, but still she needed to know what was going on in the world), Chopper was busy with listening to Usopp's adventure story of a giant octopus he caught with his bare hands and Zoro was sitting against the mast, for once not up to train or watch out for enemies, and rolled his eyes at the sniper's silly tale. He couldn't believe how naive the little reindeer was and decided to wander off in his dreams instead of listening to 'great Usopp-sama's' story.

Brook was sitting on the swing on deck and played a few songs on his violin, enjoying the peaceful atmsphere around them, and watched the seagulls above them.

Franky was somewhere downstairs and thought of some new design for a new weapon, and scribbled some of his ideas down on a paper, taking a few gulps of his cola every now and then.

The other female of the strawhat crew, Robin, was sitting in the room with the huge fish tank, drinking a hot coffee Sanji had brought her a few minutes ago and red some historian book. And the cook himself? Well, Sanji was really busy... but not only with cooking.

"Pweaaase Sanjiii..." Luffy whined, sitting on one of the chairs around the table with his face lying down on the table. That way he looked like a half-starved boy who'd been in desert for two weeks without anything to eat or drink. Sanji was sure Luffy tried to look that way, so that maybe he would get something to eat from the cook.

But Sanji turned his back to the captain of the ship and ignored the whining. He had to prepare dinner and there was absolutely no time for sympathie! Besides, he knew very well that Luffy could survive a long time without food if he only wanted to. Apparently though, he didn't want to.

"C'mooon, just a little meat..I'm starving!" he continued and looked up, his chin resting on the table as his eyes pierced through Sanji's back. The cook flinched slightly upon feeling the pleading stare on him, but didn't stop to cook.

"No. Just shut up and wait, dinner's ready soon." he said, biting the end of his cigarette to not throw something at Luffy. Sometimes, he really got on Sanji's nerves!

"Sanjii I'm so hungry! Just a little! It's too long until dinner!" Luffy complained and sat back, his arms folding over his chest and he pouted like a little child. He was hungry and he wanted something to eat! Now!

Sanji sighed, getting annoyed as he rolled his eyes. "Don't be such a child, Luffy! Look, just wait a little, I have to prepare dinner and if you keep disturbing me then-"

"Just give me a bit meat and I'm satisfied!" Luffy grumbled as he could Sanji off in mid-sentence, sounding not amused. He was getting a little annoyed as well, which surprised both Sanji and Luffy himself. Normally Luffy would whine around like a dog and then go out to pout, but now he seemed to be more stubborn than ever! But Sanji recovered quickly and shot around, eyes narrowing at his captain.

"Luffy! Stop complaining! I gave you some cookies a few minutes ago and you promised to not come in until dinner's ready, and now you're getting on my nerves again! Just get out already!" he barked and inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself.

Luffy blinked at the harsh tone before he himself narrowed his eyes, too. "Why do you always have to be so bad-tempered? You don't have to shout, I can perfectly hear you!" he grumbled back, tired of being shouted at by Sanji everytime he asked for some food. The cook snorted and clenched his fists.

"Yes, but you don't seem to understand, that's why I shout! Now: out of MY KITCHEN!" he shouted, frustrated of the whole situation. He was having enough problems with cooking the damned huge dinner, he had to feed eight hungry mouths including himself, couldn't Luffy see that?

Luffy stood up, fists clenched tightly, too. "Don't order me around, damn! I just want some food because I'm hungry and if you don't give me some then I'll take some myself!" he shouted back and stepped towards the refrigerator. He was pretty pissed-off by now, very unusual for him, and ignored the warning grumble of Sanji.

"You WON'T do that..." Sanji grumbled dangerously, eye never leaving the strawhat-teen. But said teen chose to ingore the annoyed cook and was about to open the refrigerator, just as Sanji roughly pressed his hand against it's door.

"Stop that right now, you idiot! Go out!" the young blond cried, furious by now. He knew this was going too far for just a little fight, it was leadig to a huge argument! But at the moment he was too pissed off and didn't see were this would end. Nor did he really care now, if he had to be honest. Sanji just wanted to cook in silence without his whining captain! He glared at the younger one who didn't hesitate to glare right back.

Something was just wrong today. Ususally this would never have gone so far, Luffy would have given up eventually and Sanji could have continued to cook in peace! But now things seemed to escalate and the atmosphere in the kitchen began to tense.

"What is your damn problem!" Luffy barked madly, tone serious. Sanji had to hold himself back to not kick the idiot. Normally he already would have, but today Luffy seemed too serious and Sanji knew he would loose if Luffy tried to fight serious. The cook inwardly cursed himself for being too weak.

"Luffy, damn it all! What the hell is wrong with you? I need to cook and I don't have time for you, so just FUCK OFF!" he yelled and threw the cigarette out of his mouth to emphasize his furiousness. Silence settled in and for a moment the two only glared at each other. Luffy was at least as pissed as Sanji, and he twitched slightly at the insult.

Just as Luffy wanted to shout something back, the meat in the one pot suddenly began to burn and they both turned around in horror. As if that hadn't been enough, the two spotted the cigarette Sanji had thrown away in his annoyance before dangerously near the gas. Luffy's and Sanji's eyes widened. Uh-oh...

Outside the kitchen, the rest of the crew was wondering what was going on inside. They all had known Luffy was begging for something to eat again and quietly waited for Sanji to kick him out, but somehow the two of them had began to really argue over something so pointless. But the worst part were the crew really started to seriously worry was when the loud 'BOOM' sounded.

"What the hell? Did just something explode?" Zoro shot up after being woken by the loud explosion and looked around. Nami's eyes widened and she and the others on deck jumped to their feet and dashed towards the kitchen.

Franky and Robin came from downstairs, confusion written all over their faces as they followed the others to the kitchen. "What's happening?" Franky asked, sniffling in the air, " something's burning!" he added, his own eyes widened at the thought of the things he had to repair now.

"Sanji! Luffy!" Chopper shouted, also sniffling the smoke that was coming from the kitchen.

"Look what you've done! You shitty rubber idiot!" inside the kitchen however, the argument went on. Both Sanji and Luffy looked a little burnt but they were alive.

Luffy seemed a little shocked and stuttered unsurely. "Uh.. ehm.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to.."

"You didn't mean to? You're a catastrophe in a kitchen! I'm surprised you even know what a pot is!" Sanji shouted. He couldn't take it anymore, now not only food was wasted, no, also half of his kitchen was destroyed thanks to his stupid capitan! How worse could things go?

Now all regret and shock was washed away in an instant, and Luffy went back to his pissed-off mode. " What? You think just because you are a cook you are better or something?" he snapped angrily.

"I didn't say that, but I don't think you have any idea how hard my job is!" Sanji answered in the same tone. He stood up and brushed some of the dust off his trousers, face pale as he saw everyone was watching in horror. Luffy ignored the rest of the crew.

"Oh yes? And you think MY job is so easy to handle, eh?" Luffy shouted at his cook who turned back.

"Of course! I bet I would even be a BETTER captain than you, you moron! All you have to do is to give an order every now and then!" Sanji said madly, not thinking about what he was saying. He'd had enough of Luffy's stupid behaviour!

Nami sensed where this was leading and decided to stop the two idiots. "Shut up, both of you! This is not the time for your stupid arguments!" she yelled but was coldly ignored.

Luffy pulled Sanji's collar towards him, standing now face to face with the blonde. "FINE! I bet I would be a much better cook than YOU! It's not that hard to cook three meals a day!

"Hey you two, calm down!" Zoro said, trying to stop what was about to happen, but it was already too late.

"That's IT!" A vein appeared on Sanji's forehead, "We switch places! Let's see who's better! But don't you dare and try to waste food, understand?" Sanji barked, holding out a hand.

Luffy bit his lip in his anger and took the hand, they both shook it. "Then it's decided!" he claimed, looking as determined as the cook.

"W-what? Are you nuts?" Usopp stuttered, blinking in shock. Luffy... as their cook? And Sanji.. as their captain?

"Now stop this shit, would ya?" Nami yelled madly and hit both over the head as hard as she could. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Luffy, it's Zoro's part to fight with Sanji, what has gotten into you?"

But she didn't get an answer as Chopper, full in doctor mode, immediately rushed towards the two and ordered into his room to make a body check up although nobody was seriously injured.

"What on earth happened here..?" Franky asked more himself as he sighed, scratching his head. He eyed the two who had caused all this and rose an eyebrow.

The others left the kitchen to give the cyborg some space to repair.

"Hey Luffy, what was going on? Just how the heck could things escalate like that?.. Are you two serious with... switching places?" Usopp asked unsurely as Luffy later was sitting at the figure head of the Sunny. He seemed deep in thoughts, chewing on his bottom lip.

He slowly turned around to look at his friend and let a sigh escape his lips. "Well, I was a little tense today, I admit..." he apologized. "I had a bad dream last night and got easily pissed off today, I shouldn't have let it come so far.." he trailed off, watching the ocean again.

Usopp smiled. "Things happen, it's okay for nakama to argue, right?" he remembered the time he and Luffy had a huge fight but pushed the thoughts aside. "Just go and apologize, then things will be okay again." he added, still smiling.

"No." Luffy said deadly serious and the sniper's smile fell. "I may have been an idiot, but still Sanji and me made a bet. I won't lose to him! And I won't be the first to give in! Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to show Sanji that my job isn't as easy as he thinks!" he said, adding: " After this all is over, I will apologize. But until then, don't call me captain." he said, and stood up and walked away. Usopp only stared after his friend in shock, at a loss of words.

"Y-you can't be serious!" Usopp said more to himself as Luffy was too far away to hear him.

"We are" a voice suddenly said and made the poor long-nosed teen jump in shock.

"S-Sanji!" he said, his hand above his bumping heart. "Where do you come from? Have you heard what we-"

"Every single word. And for once, I have to agree with Luffy." Sanji said, stepping away from the mast where he'd been leaning on to smoke. "We shook hands, it's like a promise that can't be broken so easily. Both of us were serious about the bet, and now there is no going back."

Usopp groaned, looking down. "This can't be true! Just because of a little argument!" He said and went silent, not wanting to start another arguement with Sanji now.

"Don't be like this, you baka." Sanji snorted. "Thanks to this I can finally prove Luffy how tough and stressing it can be to be a cook. Especially the cook of this crew!" He almost laughed at that. "And maybe he won't be so damn annoying, whining all the time about wanting to be fed."

"And you think Luffy's job is so easy?" Usopp asked.

"Sure. Don't worry about it, Usopp."


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