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Chapter 14 – Coup de... ooops!

Somehow, Sanji just felt like jumping into the other's cell and hug Luffy. He knew that sounded ridiculous but he couldn't help it. The nineteen-year-old just felt too happy at the moment. Despite the fact the two of them were practically helpless, locked away in the darkest and dirtiest place he'd ever seen, Sanji felt deeply relieved. Plus, he'd promised Zeff he would find the All Blue – as a cook, because that's a reason to why he wanted to find it! Not only to proof Zeff and the world that it existed but it was also a true paradise for cooks with all the kinds of fishes and other things to cook. The nineteen-year-old wanted to create new delicious meals, find new different tastes! What point would it be for Sanji to find it as a captain? It would feel totally wrong!

Now things would finally turn back to how it used to be! But the best thing: FINALLY, he could cook his gorgeous Nami-swan and Robin-chwan delicious meals again!

Sanji's visible eye turned into a crimson red heart at the imagination of the two beauties. He couldn't wait to get outta there and get back into his kitchen! His hands began to itch at the thought.

Though, poor Sanji didn't know in what kind of state Luffy had left said kitchen – hopefully he wouldn't get a heart attack upon seeing the chaos there...

Anyways... Luffy, too, had a huge grin stretched from the one ear to the other, even though no one beside the stone wall was greeted with it. Luffy didn't care, he just was overjoyed that he could be himself again – the captain! And Sanji was his cook again! For the black-haired boy, things couldn't look better at the moment! After all, it was important for him to be captain, that's what he'd promised his idol Shanks, right? He'd said he would find at least ten crewmates and become the Pirate King – as a captain, not as a cook! Luffy couldn't just break the promise, it was a damn important thing to him!

Still, deep inside Luffy was a bit surprised though he'd actually asked his cook to make him something later. It had slipped out of his mouth – and it had been strangely easy to do so, easier than he'd thought.

The strawhat boy had just felt hungry and said that without thinking (as usual), like an old reflex. And it had felt oddly familiar to say that... though this phrase hadn't been used for some time due to their bet. Still it had felt damn good to say that. Now they could move on again. And, more importantly:

Soon he would be able to stuff his face into Sanji's awesomely yummy food again! He wished they were already back at their ship.

However, he knew very well neither him nor Sanji wanted to talk about what had happened really, and actually … there was no reason for it.

What should they tell each other? That they were sorry? That they had been wrong? Or that they had acted like a stupid four-year-old?

Luffy shook his head to himself. No. What good would it do to say that out loud? They both already knew that all – Sanji realized Luffy regretted his actions the moment the younger one had said 'promise you cook me something!'... and Luffy noticed Sanji was sorry as the older one had answered with 'aye captain!'

That was what broke the ice between them. Two little sentences just changed their current situation and made the silly argument being forgotten already. Forgiven and forgotten. And now they could face their true problems, like-

"Saaa,how do we break out now? I'm damn hungry~ What's the plan?" Luffy asked innocently and if it weren't for a two inches thick wall between them, then the captain's big brown eyes would have stared up to Sanji curiously.

Sanji on the other hand mentally slapped himself before answering-

"YOU are the captain, remember? It's YOU who should've thought of a way of esc- you know what, just forget it." The cook stopped himself in mid-sentence.

He just had to tell himself this was Luffy he was talking to, how could he expect some kind of escape plan? The only way the two of them could flee was if Sanji thought of a way. That meant the cook was their only hope as for the rest of the crew probably hadn't even realized they were captured.

Luffy blinked, and even if the other couldn't see it it was pretty obvious Luffy would show a clueless expression. "Okay." the seventeen-year-old just replied.

Then something struck Sanji. Luffy's voice sounded... foreign. "Luffy?"


That was it. Sanji's eyes widened slightly. The shitty seastone was making his captain's voice sounding so weak. It had sounded fragile before, but now Luffy's 'yeah' reminded him of a dyingcat! Did that dammed kairouseki have such a big impact on Luffy after all? Darn. The blond didn't even want to imagine the many seastone chains wrapped around his captain's wrists, ankles and neck.

So, first they somehow needed to get rid of those damned kairouseki chains! Sanji knew he wouldn't stand a chance against the marine fighters of this base, he needed Luffy by his side to support him in fights. Or maybe it was just the other way round, knowing Luffy was a badass fighter... but with the captain being in such a state Sanji couldn't really rely on Luffy's support.

Sanji sighed, not quite knowing what he should do next. The darkness around him made him shiver, as well as the sudden silence. Not even the weird guards spoke now as they didn't know what to talk about. Or were they perking their ears into their direction to hear what captain and cook were whispering about?

The cook absent-mindly scratched his head, pushing that thought to the back of his mind. Instead he was desperately trying to figure out how to flee.

'Well, let's see...' he thought, quietly making his way over to the bars. He tried to avoid any noise as best as possible, not to catch Ken'ichi's and Susumu's attention. Luckily, the two didn't noitce that movement and continued to do whatever they were doing (trying not to fall asleep).

Those bars seemed made out of pure metal, and Sanji reasoned with his razorlike mind he would not be able to break them with his kicks. The bars were made to kept anything inside the cell, no matter how strong 'it' was. Beside, even IF he could manage to break them, then hell would break loose. In less than two seconds hundreds of guards would arrive and then he still would need to free Luffy. Sanji couldn't do that all on his own! Nope, that was out of question.

The cook grumbled in slight anger as he made his way back to his spot where he talked with Luffy before. The blonde's chains rattled a bit due to that, but no one complained.

"This is bad," Sanji finally hissed to his captain, coming to the conclusion that there was no way they could break free,"What are we gonna do?"

Before Luffy could answer, one of the guards kicked against the bars, shocking the cook by that. "You there! Just shaddap! We don't allow whispering 'bout how to escape! So close your filthy mouth!"

Sanji grit his teeth in anger, growling 'Come and make me, bastard!' under his breath. Damn those guards. If only Luffy weren't chained with this shitty kairouseki...! That reminded him. It was silent in the other cell. That was rather odd. Silence and Luffy normally weren't mentioned in one and the same sentence!

Luffy didn't answer, and no sound of his chains were heard anymore too – leaving Sanji wondering whether the other had fallen asleep.

The nineteen-year-old waited a few seconds for Ken'ichi to settle down again, then he pressed his ear against the cold wall, carefully whispering: "Oi, Luffy"

No answer. Silence.

Sanji rose his curly brow. Hadn't Luffy heard him? Maybe Sanji's voice had been too quiet? After all, this shitty wall was between them and he'd just whispered. No wonder Luffy didn't hear him.

That's why Sanji tried again, this time a little louder.

"Luffy!" he almost hissed like a cat. A blue eye travelled nervously towards the guards. Phew, they didn't seem to have noticed. But then the cook knitted his brows together in irritation. Luffy hadn't noticed as well, despite the fact the captain had good ears.

"Hello? Oi! Don't just fall asleep!" Sanji waited, then continued, "We need to get outta here, remember? Damn shitty rubber brain!" Somehow frustrated, the cook began to curse like he always did when annoyed.

Unconsciously he reached out to the pocket of his shirt, searching for his pack of cigarettes. To his surprise, he grabbed into pure emptiness.

"Shit." Was all Sanji could say right now. Honestly, could it get any worse? The cook wanted to smoke a cigarette, just a single one so badly. Actually, he would die for just taking one drag!

But Sanji was too proud to ask one of the guards for a little smoke, heh as if!

The next time he'd face Ken'bastard and Susumu-asshole was after he kicked their asses!

A weak cough coming from his nakama's cell snapped Sanji out of his daydreaming. "Luffy?" he asked, cringing at his own loud voice, echoing through the cell and hall. Uh-oh.

Susumu shot up from his sitting position and turned to look into Sanji's cell. "What part of 'shut up' don't you understand?" the marine guy shouted, not having the nerve to deal with an annoying prisoner at the moment.

That was it. "Goddammit, I don't care about that! Something's wrong with my captain and I'm trying to figure out what it is!" Sanji shouted back, at least as loud as Susumu but with much more force.

Susumu blinked and almost took a step back at the sudden outburst of the prisoner. "What the hell?" he asked back, by now he was more confused than angry.

Ken'ichi stood up as well now. "Darn it, do you think we're dumb?" Sanji wanted to reply something, half-snickering to himself, but the other was quicker.

"Don't try to fool us, boy! We won't be tricked that easily you know. It is like the oldest way to escape, pretending to be sick or s'mething!" The marine guy barked.

"Heck, I ain't pretending anything and nor is Luffy! I bet you made him sick with your friggin' seastone fuck!"

"Oh screw you!" Ken'ichi shouted. Susumu and Sanji shut their mouths for a second to register what the marine guard just had said. That had been rather... awkward; it simply came unexpectedly from the usually polite man. They blinked at Ken'ichi, but it was too dark for the man to realize their glances. But the sudden silence made him suspicious.

"What? This stupid guy annoyed me!" He said, a weak attempt to defend himself. Susumu and Sanji then decided to shrug it off. They had other things to worry about, hadn't they?

"I tell you, Luffy's sick or something!" Sanji said a bit less aggressive. They needed to understand! Luffy just wouldn't answer, and even though the cook would not admit that before anyone, he was concerned for his captain.

"Y'know, Ken'ichi-san, I don't think he's playing or something... now that I think of it, how should this Luffy guy have been able to tell his cook he would be pretending to be sick? We heard what they said all the time, didn't we?" Susume started in a low whisper but Sanji still caught it.

The younger one of the two guards continued. "Plus, do you really think that rubber head would be able to think of something like that himself?" A chuckle followed. A vein popped up on Sanji's forehead. Those two shitheads.

"Alright, alright. I guess you got a point there." Ken'ichi had to admit what Susumu said wasn't that wrong. It sounded logical to him, so maybe the stupid pirate captain really was ill? But then, why did they worry? Ken'ichi shook his head to himself, taking his time to respond before he finally answered:

"You know what's written on his wanted poster, right?"

"What do you mean, Ken'ichi-san?"

Ken'ichi smirked. "Dead or Alive." he just said and realization hit Susumu.

"Ooh, I see. So.. it's not our business if Strawhat feels uncomfortable, is it?" Susumu grinned.

"You got it right." was the answer.

"You two good-for-nothing twerps! I'll roast you as soon as I'm outta here!" Sanji yelled, causing the two oh-so-strong guards to flinch as the cook's face was right behind the bars.

"What was that, you-" Susumu started but was interrupted by a loud groan. Now all six- pardon Sanji, all five eyes wandered to Luffy's cell.

"See! Did that sound unreal? Luffy's everything but a good actor, you should be able to judge by looking at that dumbass! Now at least check at him, damn it!" Sanji said.

The two guards seemed to look at each other for seconds. Then one of them sighed heavily, murmuring 'Fine!' and walked up to the cell to open the door.

The two guards went in, calling out Luffy's name. No answer. Sanji began to nibble on his bottom lip. What was going on? What had the shitty marines done to his captain before?

Normally nothing could harm Luffy that easily, could it? Or was Luffy just... ? No, Sanji really didn't think Luffy could be able to do that with the rubber brain of his... on the other hand, the cook thought, the captain never failed to amaze him, did he? Oh well, the nineteen-year-old would just have to wait a little longer to get an answer.

"Oi, mugiwara. Answer!" Sanji heard them say. He himself held his breath, being unable to do anything else beside listening to what was going on in the other's cell.

"Mugi- ah, there you are lazy bum. Now quit acting like all dead or somethin'." Ken'ichi voiced, trying to sound gruff but failed as he touched Luffy's expressionless face. Still, the boy didn't answer.

"So, Ken'ichi-san, what's wrong with him? Is he unconscious?" Susumu asked, almost whispered as if he was afraid Luffy would hear him.

"I think he is, he doesn't answer at all." The other replied. Obviously, the strawhat teen was lying on his side, eyes closed, breathing even. Almost as if he was sleeping.

Ken'ichi let out an annoyed sight, before he turned around to face Susumu, although he couldn't make out the others' face in the darkness. Damn those pitch black cells with no lights.

"Let's go out, that damned brat's just sleepin'." He grumbled, and wanted to add 'such a waste of time!' but the moment Ken'ichi inhaled to speak, he felt something grab his ankle.

Sanji was startled to hear the marine guard let out a surprised yelp. Immediately, the cook jumped up and went to lean his ear against the wall to hear better. 'What the heck is going on in Luffy's cell?' he wondered. Deeply inside however, the blonde had quite an idea of what was happening.

"Ken'ichi-san?" Susumu whispered in horror, unconsciously taking one huge leap back. Ken'ichi cursed.

"Damn you, mugiwara! Let go of my ankle, NOW!" the man barked, blindly kicking into different directions, hoping to hit the boy.

Luffy however grinned, eyes wide open by now. He was still on the ground, but now the captain's hands had a tight grip around Ken'ichi's ankle.

Then, it all happened really fast; Ken'ichi managed to land a hit in the boy's face. Luffy growled while using all the strength he could collect at that moment, and with one surprisingly powerful movement he managed to yank Ken'ichi off his feet.

Sanji slightly chuckled to himself upon hearing the dull noise of someone crashing onto the floor. Some chains rattled, apparently Luffy was standing up.

"Ya stupid, little-" Ken'ichi began and wanted to shot up again, eager not to let himself being beaten by a chained prisoner. But the marine should have stayed still; it would have been healthier for him. Alas, Ken'ichi wanted to fight instead. What a mistake.

The next thing the guard knew was that he was not only engulfed by absolute pitch black darkness, but also by some stars dancing before his eyes. Luffy had smashed the guy's head mercilessly into the ground.

"Y-y-you...! D-don't near me! S-stay where you are, that's an order!" Susumu stuttered in pure fear, his back meeting the bars. Oh how he wished he'd stayed out of the cell! Why had he given in in the pleas of the damned cook? Why had he been so naïve? But no, Susumu's curiosity had pushed him into that cell together with Ken'ichi.

Upon hearing that, Luffy laughed, stepping nearer to Susumu. "Are you stupid?" he began, his voice echoing through the cell, "I'm captain, I don't take orders! The one who gives them is ME!" he said half-amused, half-serious.

'Damn rubber brat' Sanji thought, grinning into the darkness.

Susumu's eyes widened. Luffy's silhouette was right in front of him, and the guard cursed the chains for being long enough for Luffy to reach the bars. But then, the cells were pretty small.

"F-freak!" Was the only word that could escape Susumu's parted lips as Luffy punched the man in the face. Being young and unexperienced when it came to fights, Susumu didn't even dodge (would have been hard in the darkness either way) and was out like a light after receiving the hit.

Luffy cracked his knuckles and turned around to Ken'ichi. He was sure that guy had to have the ke-


"Bingo!" Luffy said, and soon after that the keys rattled. Sanji cheered inwardly, but was too stunned to say something. So Luffy had planned it? His captain had actually planned something and it had worked? Okay, it had been a really really simple, old trick Luffy'd used, but still-

'WTF?' Sanji blinked. Wow, he'd never have expected Luffy to really... use his brain once! Stunning enough to know the rubber teen actually had one...! And the guards really fell for it, too! (Okay, Sanji did too, but in his opinion that didn't need to be mentioned...)

"Miracles really do happen..." the cook muttered. The teen always succeeded in taking him aback.

Seconds later, Luffy stood in front of Sanji's cell, the keys in his hand.

"You really did it!" Luffy nodded. "Now hurry before the other guards will realize!" Sanji added in a whisper.

"What other guards? There's no one else beside us in this area." the teen responded, sensing no one else's presence. And it was really silent there too. Still Luffy was frantically searching for the right key, he'd had trouble to find the right one for his cuffs before.

"... But I don't think they would let us escape just like that... it had been too easy! I got a bad feeling, so just hurry!" Sanji pressed. Beside that, he couldn't bear to think he was sharing the same room with those terribly huge spiders any longer!

Finally, the door to the cell made a 'click' sound and was swung open. Quickly Luffy went in and didn't waste any time to try the different keys out on Sanji's locks.

Minutes passed, no words were spoken, and eventually the cook felt the uncomfortable pressure on his wrists disappear. His cuffs fell to the ground, creating a nice echo through the hall.

Sanji hissed, hoping no one had noticed. It had sounded pretty loud considering it was the only noise that could be heard in the entire darkness.

"Ugh, finally!" Sanji said as he made his way out of the cell, followed by Luffy. He rubbed his sore wrists, then turned around to the other. "Good job, Luffy!" he praised his captain who just grinned.

"Seriously, I didn't think you'd come up with that old idea. Actually, that was a nice move on your side." Sanji admitted as they hurried through the hall, passing numerous empty cells. The more they walked forward, the brighter it got. At the end of the hall was a small light, the only light to be seen at all. Sanji prayed for it to be the exit.

"Ah well," Luffy answered, "not too long ago Usopp told Chopper and me this awesome story and-"

"The short version, Luffy." Sanji interrupted as he opened the door and found a stair that went up.

"-anyways, he mentioned someone who was a prisoner as well and-"

Was the word 'short' that difficult for Luffy to understand? Sanji rolled his eyes. "Luffy!"

"-ah well, anyways, the poor cool prisoner used a similar trick to break out so that's where I got it from!"

Sanji 'tchd' but a fond smile was to be seen upon his face. "I see."

He made a silent note to himself to give the sniper extra food for filling Luffy's and Chopper's heads with his story-crap again. Because today Sanji had learned that sometimes.. that crap could be really more than useful.

They raced up the stairs, and Sanji tried to push his negative feelings away. 'This is too easy!' he thought over and over again, silently hoping this wasn't a trap and that the marines there would be actually too stupid to notice Luffy and him escaping.

But who was he fooling? There was no way the marine would the two pirates with such high bounties flee like that! Beside, this prison didn't seem to have many prisoners anyway, so that was only another reason for the marine to focus on him and Luffy.

After what seemed only a few minutes, they stopped in front a the door and looked at the light above it. Sanji carefully opened it, and, much to his dismay, found himself in another dark room, but not as dark as the hall. The two almost could recognize the colours, not that the room was that colourful.

The room seemed bigger than the hall they had been in a moment ago. Luffy was right behind him.

"Tehee! The old tricks are the best after all!" Luffy then giggled childishly, thinking of how he'd managed to fool Ken'ichi and Susumu. Sanji, turning around, chuckled too, what Luffy said was somewhat true.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. The younger one fell forward and if it weren't for the cook to catch him in mid-air, Luffy'd have hit the ground face first.

"Oi oi, Luffy! Pull yourself together!" Sanji said, looking down at the teen in his arms. Luffy seemed pretty exhausted, probably due to the seastone cuffs. But still, this collapse had come out of the blue! "Seastone effect?"

He felt Luffy nod. "You okay?" Sanji asked, this time a little softer. Before his captain could answer however, the hall was floated with light and Sanji had to shut his eyes at the sudden brightness.

"Now now, trying to escape aren't we?" a voice chuckled and immediately Sanji felt Luffy tense in his arms.

Slowly, the strawhat boy went to stand by Sanji's side again, on his own. The cook was unsure whether Luffy could stand at all, he looked pale and his legs seemed to give out under his weight any second. But one look at the boy's determined and serious expression told Sanji there was no need to worry.

If Luffy wore that face, than he could be damn sure the boy wouldn't collapse any time soon. Because this was the other side of Luffy, the side he hardly showed anyone beside enemies. This was the Luffy you don't want to deal with, because if he was like this you were happy to be his friend and not enemy. There was no sigh of the usually happy, carefree, five-year-old face of Luffy.

"Masa" Luffy only said and looked with intense eyes at the tall guy in front of them.

Sanji frowned, this wasn't good! They were surrounded by lots of marines with numerous guns pointed at the two. Sanji's eye darted around the room, silently calculating if they would make it to the door in time without getting hurt, finding no other way to flee as there were no windows.

The nineteen-year-old however came to the conclusion that with the huge amount of marines at once it would be a damn difficult thing not to get shot while dashing to the door.

'Which is probably locked. Darn.' The cook clenched his fists at their hopeless situation.

"Oh, you actually remember my name? I feel honored." the man known as Masa commented and Sanji decided he didn't like that guy.

" I must apologize though, I can't remember your name. You know, I can't remember all names of the worms in that prison after all... you must have been no serious danger then... nothing important."

Luffy only glared at Masa, not bothering to answer to that. Sanji's visible eye twitched. What an ass. The guy only said those things to annoy him and Luffy, which pissed the cook off to no end.

Suddenly, Sanji noticed something in the right edge of the room. He blinked. "A camera?" he accidentally said out loud, drawing all attention to him. Sanji bit his lip as all eyes were on him.

Masa however seemed to find this very amusing. "Oh, so you've figured out how we noticed about your ridiculous escaping plans?"

As nor Sanji neither Luffy answered, Masa continued.

"Well, the truth is we've been watching your pathetic actions since your and your captain knocked the two morons out. That was a hell of fun to watch, and let you think you could actually flee. How hilarious. As if I would make it that easy for you! Naïve jerks!"

His laughter filled the deadly silent room, and the echo bounced off the walls, making it sound creepy and Sanji and Luffy feel a little ashamed.

"Are you done with your crap speech now? 'Cause I don't care 'bout that anyways, I just wanna kick your ass and break out. Got it?" Luffy caused Masa to shut up at once and look at him with wide, shocked eyes.

Sanji first looked at Luffy as if he'd grown a head, and then a chuckle left the cook's mouth. That was so typical for Luffy, he always said what was on his mind and got right straight to the point.

Sanji liked that trait of his captain; Masa however obviously disliked it as he glared daggers at the boy.

"Very well then, you dim-witted brat! If you're asking for it, then I'm not getting in your way! Men, FIRE!" he shouted and gave his men a sign with his hand.

Immediately, the too familiar sound of gunfire was heard, and Sanji instinctively went into dodging mode, not even thinking about how ridiculous it was to try and dodge that many bullets.

Luffy however got a hold of Sanji's tie, which the cook responded with 'LUFFY DON'T!' but Luffy was deaf to this. Instead, he reacted fast, too fast for anyone to stop him, and threw Sanji into the air before the bullets could reach the two.

The last thing Sanji could hear was 'Gomu gomu no FUUSEN (=balloon) !' before his face made contact with the ceiling.

As Sanji crashed back onto the floor - Luffy obviously forgot he'd thrown his cook into the air and didn't bother to catch him – he coughed harshly, trying to clear his vision. The blond wasn't that surprised to see a slight bulge in the ceiling that looked exactly like a copy of his face. 'You'll get that back later, Luffy!' he thought, rubbing his throbbing nose.

Not only the marines but Masa himself were taken aback by this sudden turn of events. The marine boss truly hadn't expected Luffy to just bounce the bullets back to them! Luckily, the man was an experienced fighter and did indeed manage to dodge those bullets that came back.

A lot of his men however hadn't been that lucky or rather didn't have the reflexes to dodge and lay on the ground, wounded or worse. Still there were a few tough men standing, re-loading their guns and ready to fire again.

"Men, FI-" Masa said, this time he wanted his men to only aim at the none-rubber human, Sanji. A few other marine fighter took out some weird guns and pointed them at Luffy, who didn't even see them, completely focused on Masa for once. Besides, Luffy was confident in his rubber powers that guaranteed him to be safe of every kind of bullet.

The strawhat captain growled and began a mad dash into Masa's direction, aiming for the man's head. Masa smirked, eyes narrowing and he quickly looked at the three men by his side, shouting-

"Shoot! NOW!" towards them.

Sanji saw this and wanted to warn his captain, but it was already too late. It happened too fast. Every marine in the room was firing with whatever they got. Just as the cook wanted to shout at Luffy to jump to the side, he could feel an awful pain.

A bullet just crashed through his right shoulder blade, another one had found it's way into Sanji's left leg, making him groan in terrible pain as he fell to the floor, grabbing his wounded area.

The other pirate stopped upon hearing his nakama groan, and turned around in pure horror.

"SANJI!" Luffy screamed his name, but Sanji currently was blocking everything out, trying to deal with the immense pain. Blood was splattered on the ground, forming a small pool around Sanji.

Two pairs of feet dashed towards the cook, desperately trying to reach him as fast as possible, and Luffy called Sanji's name again. Just the moment the captain was about to touch Sanji, he could feel something around him. Luffy's eyes widened and he yelped, crashing to the ground beside his nakama.

"HA, Got him!" Masa smirked at his triumph, showing his unnatural white teeth. "I'm so proud of myself! I managed to catch the infamous Mugiwara no Luffy! And his cook!"

Luffy looked utterly confused, despite being caught in a kairouseki net, not caring about that for a second. "E-eh? I thought you didn't remember my name before." he said weakly, the seastone net was already draining all his energy. "You make no sense!" he added, almost whining.

Sanji cracked one eye open and managed a small smile as he looked into Masa's direction and saw the man was practically exploding.

"You rude little pest!" Masa yelled, unable to control his anger. "How stupid can you be?"

"Oh shut up, will you!" Sanji half-goaned, half-barked. He was so tired of this man's behavior and this arrogant attitude of his!

A wave of pain made him closing his eyes tightly shut. "Uhh!" Shit, that shoulder and leg of his really hurt a lot!

"D-dang it..." Luffy said, weakly struggling to get rid of that net he was in. "You don't f-fight fair...!"

Masa chuckled. "Boy, if I had fought fair against evil, where do you think I would be today? Certainly not in this well-known prison, and I certainly wouldn't be the head of this all, the boss!"

"Maybe you would be better off dead..." Sanji muttered, panting like a dog. 'Damn' he thought, 'I'm losing way too much blood! If only I could help Luffy out of that shitty net... this can't be the end, right?' So many thoughts were racing through the hurt cook's mind.

Lucky for him though, Masa seemed to be deaf as he hadn't heard the last comment. Instead, he began to grin evilly. "So, I wonder what I will do next with you, now that you are my prisoners again?"

Both Sanji and Luffy looked at each other, both pale and weak, but still confused by the last sentence. 'What the hell?' They thought at the same time, raising their brows.

"That sounded like a pervert." Luffy commented, not caring if that sounded rude or not. He disliked Masa, and he wouldn't stop saying what was on his mind just because of him. Beside, Luffy wouldn't let himself being scared by the freak, and nor would Sanji.

"Indeed," Sanji agreed without thinking about it twice, and then realized his mistake.

"SHUT IT! That means death sentence for you!" Masa decided in a tone that didn't leave any space for arguments. Some marine fighters looked a little startled by this, but tried to keep their calm expression.

Masa went up to Luffy and grabbed him by the hair, causing Luffy to growl. "Ow! Bastard, leggo!"

The marine boss wasn't pleased to hear this and slapped the teen across the face. "Silence! You little good-for-nothing...! I could have spared your lives but I just can't stand seeing your damned face and hearing your shitty voice anymore!" the man nearly shouted, even though Luffy was only inches away.

"And as your punishment you will have to watch your crewmate die." A huge smirk was to be seen on Masa's face. That teen really had been easy to look through. Luffy gasped loudly.

"This is your greatest weakness, Monkey D. Luffy!" Masa added, laughing. "The weakness to care for your subordinates!"

Luffy saw red. What Masa said wasn't only pissing him off, it was making him FURIOUS. How dared that bastard talk about his nakama like that? As if his nakama were his subordinates!

"You damn...! How dare you!" the seventeen-year-old nearly screeched.

Sanji grit his teeth, and while trying to stay awake, saw how Luffy began to bite into the kairoseki net around him, making his lip bleed. 'Luffy...'

Sanji hardly ever saw his captain like that; Luffy was nearly out of his mind by now, only wanting to get rid of the net and kick the guys ass.

Sanji knew how much Luffy cared for all of his comrades, consequently it was no wonder that this was Luffy's biggest nightmare: Unable to help his nakama while watching them getting hurt... or killed.

"You... you bastard! To hell with you, I'll kick your ass as soon as I come outta that net!"Luffy began to shout frantically. Three marine fighters, those who were still standing, went up to him and dragged him away, leaving Sanji alone on the ground, surrounded by two marines with guns. Luffy watched helplessly as three pairs of feet stomped down on him to hold him still.

"Damn you! Lemme go! Let HIM go, bastard! Sanji!"

Sanji heard his captain's voice crack at the end and he himself could only stare as weapons were aimed at him.

"Dang it..." Sanji muttered, unable to get up or move out of the way. The pain was too much at once and it left Sanji in wonder whether the bullet had been poisoned. Sanji'd been shot before and still managed to get up and continue to fight. But this time, this time it was different.

He felt so weak and was about to pass out right there! There was nothing but pain and it made him wanna black out and being embranced by the hands of sleep... or worse, just to make this pain go away, just to stop this suffering. It was almost unbearable and it became worse.

Sanji, laying on the floor while desperately clutching to his throbbing shoulder, struggled. Was this his end? Would he die here, in this god forsaken, dirty and dark place? Just because of all this shitty bet that had triggered this misery somehow? …. Would he ever see his gorgeous Nami-swan and Robin-chwan again...?

There was one thing though that seemed to set his mind at ease, at least a little bit. Sanji was pleased to know he would die as a cook, as himself, and not as a captain...

The cook saw how his captain still tried to break free and it reminded him of a lion that had gone mad. That made him smile. Luffy would fight for his nakama til the very end, and that was one of the many things of him that made Luffy the best captain in the world.

Masa smiled, nodding his head into Sanji's direction to show his men that they should fire now. This was the time when Sanji's fuzzy mind seemed not to register any sound anymore. It became silent around him, the only thing he could hear was the loud bumping of his heart that struggled to continue.

And then the men were about to shoot with the intention to end Sanji's short life. Luffy practically exploded upon seeing this.

"No, goddammit, NO! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Suddenly, something seemed to break through the barrage that blocked Sanji's ears... and what he heard was none other than Luffy, shouting from the top of his lungs.

But that wasn't what caused everyone in the room, including the stunned cook, to freeze in place, mouth agape. Silence filled the room as the temperature seemed to drop four degrees.

Then the marines that surrounded the cook dropped their guns, they began to throw up and collapse on the floor, one after another.

Sanji felt how the blood in his vains seemed to freeze for a second, and an ice cold shudder crept down his spine. The cook could only gulp.

"W-wow... what was that..?" he said to no one in particular as he tried to figure out what just had happened. Just as quick as it had occured, it was over again.

Looking around, Sanji realized that only Masa was standing anymore. The tough marine guy looked unhealthy pale. He just stared at Luffy as if the boy was an inhabitant who came from Mars. Luffy seemed unfazed and glared right back, making Masa taking a step back.

Sanji blinked.

Had Luffy... just done that? All marines were out like a light beside Masa! Just as if... they had been knocked out by some invisible force! Sanji still got goosebumps from that!

"Y-you..."Masa stuttered, all arrogance suddenly replaced by fear, nothing but true fear. The man began to shiver uncontrollably as he eyed Luffy while sweating up a storm. "Monster! Y-you FREAKY MONSTER!" he shouted, again and again.

Luffy only continued to glare back, then moved a little as he finally wanted to get rid of the net which made him so weak. The marines that had hold him down before were around Luffy, unconscious, so the teen could move a little now.

Masa bit his lip and reached into the pocked of his jacket. Pulling out a small Den Den Mushi, the man immediately gave order to send more marine fighter into that room to support him. Then he shut it off and glanced at Luffy, trying to hide his fear.

"I'll end this for once and for ever! So that you won't ever leave this prison of mine alive!" Masa pulled out a knife that glistened in the light of the lamp that hung on the ceiling.

Sanji, finally being able to snap out of it, shook his head as his vision blurred again. "Luffy, move! He's got a knife, you gotta do something! " he only managed to shout as his throat felt too hoarse.

Luffy struggled to get up, to somehow fight back, but it was useless. The more he began to move around, the more he seemed to grow weak. It was like a curse; the curse of the Akuma No Mi.

"You don't scare me, bastard!" Luffy said, still lying on his back. He felt like a helpless fish. A fish that got caught by a tight net and had to wait for its head to be chopped off.

Sanji cursed without holding back. Masa lifted his hand, smirking insanely down at Luffy, and then...


Before anyone could even blink, Masa was knocked away by yet another mystery force. But this time it hadn't been due to Haoshoku Haki but rather to... an object that had crashed through the stone wall.

Both Sanji and Luffy gasped upon seeing this, and if Masa had been conscious, he probably would have gone out of his mind seeing that. Or rather gotten a heart attack.

"I just wanted to beat them up… but no, she doesn't listen to me, of course not! Stupid witch!" a gruff voice was to be heard. Luffy blinked in shock. Zoro…?

"The hell, Franky? I said starboard! RIGHT! Not LEFT!" an all too familiar voice shouted from the deck of the ship.

"Woops! Sorry, Nami-sis, I guess I was just too caught up with my Coup de-" a cyborg said, sounding slightly stressed.

"I don't care, dumbass! Look what you did!" Nami cut him off roughly and made him shut up in her own special way. Means she hit him very hard across the head.

The two prisoners couldn't believe their eyes and ears. Was this really true and not a hallucination...? It couldn't be, could it?

"MINNA!" Luffy said, breaking out into his trademark grin despite the fact he felt like just falling asleep due to exhaustion. Though to say he was overjoyed and a bit surprised to see all of his nakama, including the Thousand Sunny, was a complete understatement!

"So this is where the two of you have been the whole time... we've been worrying sick about you two twerps!" Nami barked. "Oh drat, what happened to you? What's with that blood everywhere?"

And for once in his life, the cook completely ignored her.

"Holy crap what are you doing here!" Sanji couldn't help but shout in shock. This completely weird crew just flew into that damned prison with their ship! I's not surprising that Sanji's a little overreacting, was it?

Zoro chuckled, jumping off the ship as he walked into Luffy's direction. "Saving your butt, even though you don't deserve it." he simply replied. "Hm, Luffy maybe does." Zoro added while smirking.

Pulling out his sword, he freed his captain as the net was opened in one cut. Zoro helped Luffy up who looked totally happy with his current situation.

"Aaah, thanks Zoro!" the seventeen-year-old said cheerfully, grinning as he dusted off his clothes. Luffy shot one more glare at the cold out Masa, before he turned around.

"Oi, Chopper! You gotta take a look at Sanji!" he called for his little doctor and immediately a pink hat popped up behind the railing.

Two eyes became huge as they spotted the hurt cook in his own pool of blood. "Wha? OMIGOSH SANJI!" With that, Chopper was by the blond haired man's side within seconds. "Somebody, call the doctor, emergency!"

Usopp, who jumped down as well as the rest of the crew, only rolled with his eyes. "Geez, YOU are the doctor, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Chopper went into doctor mode and started to treat Sanji's wounds at once.

"What the heck happened here?" Nami looked around in the room, only to find numerous unconscious marine fighters.

"Yohohoho! My my, what a chaos!" Brook commented, also stunned by the fact you needed to look out not to step accidentally on one of them. "Are you alright, Luffy-san? What happened to Sanji-san?"

Luffy's head snapped around and he smiled. "Yo, Brook! Yosh, my energie's back!" he said and as if to emphasize his statement began to pound on his chest to prove his strength. "Well, they tried to execute Sanji." he then said matter-off-factly.

"NANI?" everyone, excluding Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Sanji, shouted.

"It's true, and they failed twice." Sanji said weakly. But he was glad to see the others were okay; first he thought they'd been caught too!

'But it has to take more than just a bunch of arrogant marines to catch my clever Nami-swan and Robin-chwan! The other idiots maybe, but not my two gorgeous beauties!' Sanji giggled inwardly upon thinking of the two women.

"Twice?" Nami asked, pretty sure she didn't want to know what was going on inside of Sanji's mind. She narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah, somehow... they got knocked out by something.. I think it was Luffy's doing." Sanji explained, only for Chopper to shriek.

"Sanji! No talking, you're terribly wounded!" But at that moment that went by unnoticed by the cook.

"Eh? What did I do?" Luffy asked dumbly and pointed to himself.

"That's what I would like to know, too... anyways, it had been like... a shockwave? No, it was different, but something similar like that... I have to admit, it was somewhat creepy." Sanji coughed and Chopper barked at him for talking once again.

"No way, you mean that moron knocked them all out without even touching them?" Usopp gasped, looking at his captain with some more respect. If that was even possible as the sniper held the highest amount of respect for the fool called Luffy.

"I know that Luffy is a badass when it comes to fighting but this is ridiculous. Even for him." Nami said, shaking her head with a frown.

Could it be true? What the heck had Luffy done then? How did he manage to hit them with his... pure will? This sounded...odd. Could someone really do something like that?

"Huh?" Luffy only blinked. He'd done something like that? "Weird, I haven't even noticed. I just know that I was pretty pissed off."

"Why am I not surprised to hear this?" Zoro said more to himself, crossing his arms.

The others seemed more or less lost in thoughts, wondering about what had happened back then. Robin had her finger on her chin, narrowing her eyes on her captain. "Some invisible force, huh..." she murmured. "Interesting."

"Cool move, Luffy-bro!" Franky posed, finding it all very super to hear.

"Oh, Franky!" Luffy greeted the cyborg. Then it made 'ding' in Luffy's brain and his mouth formed an 'o'. "So this is your doing?" the teen said, pointing to the Sunny.

"How come you figured that out so fast, captain?" Sanji said half-jokingly. At once, it went deadly silent again.


"We've settled our bet. Sorry for dragging you guys into that." Sanji said.

"Yup!" Luffy agreed happily.

Nami sighed. "Took you two pinheads long enough... anyways, let's get outta here, ne?" She winked and went back onboard. "Now that we have our two fools back, there's no reason for us to stay any longer, right?"

Everyone smiled at this. "Right!"



"How did you find us anyway?" Luffy suddenly asked out of the blue while picking his nose.

"QUIT DOING THAT IN MY KITCHENYOU NUMBSKULL!" and with a kick the captain was sent into the next wall. Soon he fell onto the ground, groaning. "G-gomen"

"I think Sanji's a lot better now..!" Usopp murmured as he watched Luffy picking himself off the floor. It had been somewhat shocking to hear Sanji was poisoned, but Chopper had done his best to heal the cook. Of course he'd succeeded; Chopper had magical hands- ehm… hooves when it came to doctoring.

"Yeah, obviously he's healing quite nicely." Nami said dryly, taking a sip of her tea.

Robin smiled calmly. "That's right, after all he recieved great treatment by our nice doctor-san here." The usual reaction followed, causing everyone to snicker.

"T-that doesn't make me happy, not at all you bastard! Do I look happy? I'm not, I'm not! Ahaha~!" Chopper giggled while dancing.

Then he shook his head and lifted his hoof, going back into his doctor mode again. "Sanji is okay now, but he still shouldn't move around like that. The wounds could open up again!"

"Alright, alright." Sanji quickly apologized, taking a drag of his cigarette. It still hurt a bit, he felt slightly light headed and walking was kinda difficult. But if he told Chopper that then the reindeer would chain him to the next bed he could find! That was something Sanji couldn't stand right now, he needed some space; air to breathe – or rather his cigarettes at that moment.

It had been a whole day since the incident with Masa and co. That day, as they went back to where a ship belonged to – the ocean – Sanji first needed to be treated. Which meant no meal cooked by Sanji for them again! The whole crew, excluding the two troublemakers who were to blame for that *coughSanjiandLuffycough*, felt like crying.

Instead of Sanji, Luffy volunteered to cook. It was turned down as Nami went berserk and sent him into the world of darkness. Afterwards she felt sorry for her uncontrolled anger but it had been too late then. Luffy was out like a light.

Mentioned navigator then prepared the dinner for the crew and surprisingly didn't even want to be paid for it. Usopp guessed it was Robin who told Nami not to think of money for once. The older woman was the only person who could tell the navigator something like that without getting hit after all.

Anyways, due to the fact both captain and cook were out cold, there hadn't been any chance for the crew to tell them what happened in the first place.

The next day, as Sanji woke from his sleep, they decided to celebrate a party due to the fact that their captain was captain and the cook the cook again. And much to everyone's liking (even Zoro's) Sanji was the one who cooked the meals and baked the cakes, even though the reindeer was against it. His patient needed a good rest, but Sanji insisted on cooking for his two beauties again.

"I need to stand in my kitchen again! Feeling the heat of the oven, hearing the sound of boiling water and smelling the frying grease is the only thing that makes me fully recover again!"

-Was what Sanji had said back then. Chopper couldn't argue against this and finally had agreed.

However, Thousand Sunny had witnessed the greatest party ever celebrated on her.

The crew acted as if nothing had happened at all; laughing cheerfully, drinking until they couldn't stand anymore and some of them even began to dance to Brook's party music. To make it short, it had been a really funny day for them.

After that, they sat together in the kitchen and Luffy even helped with washing the dishes. It had been a real surprise to everyone, most of all to Sanji. But Luffy simply had said that he knew how it was to wash dishes all on his own and that it was something no one should do alone. Sanji had grinned in return, an answer had been needless back then.

Now, they still were in Sanji's personal area, drinking tea or, in Franky's case, cola and other stuff. A few hours since the party had passed already, and everyone was still rather exhausted. Exhausted, but pleased.

"Naa? Did you forget to answer my question or did I just forget the answer?" Luffy's voice suddenly popped up, bringing everyone back to reality.

The boy sat cross-legged on the floor of the kitchen, not minding at all. He stared up at his nakama with big, curious eyes.

"Huh? Oh yeah, right." Usopp said. "Well, shall I, the amazing Captain Usopp-sa-"

"Thanks Robin." Nami sighed, grateful that the raven-haired woman stopped the sniper by covering his mouth with her powers.

"At your service." She smiled, then turned patiently to Luffy. "Well, it's a good question. As the two of you disappeared to go into the city, we noticed that we were being observed by the marine. It was quite obvious but we acted as if we hadn't noticed them. We weren't sure what they planned, however we knew that you and Sanji would sooner or later get caught." Robin paused, making sure the words sunk in before she continued.

"Not too long after that, the marine retreated for a short amount of time and vanished. We used that moment and made a move ourselves – we used a Coup de Burst to get away and out of their eyesight."

"Yosh, all thanks to great Sunny and my awesome Coup de Burst!" Franky butted in, grinning.

"Yeah, and that was what caused us later to crash into that stupid prison. With the whole ship." Zoro rolled his eyes and drank his sake. He wasn't the guy to drink tea and gave a damn that he was still drunken.

"Uhhh." They all groaned at the memory of that. Sanji and Luffy exchanged wondering glances.


"Nice one, Franky!" Usopp said, giving the cyborg his thumbs up for getting them away from that spot.

They'd decided to move out of eyesight of the marines as they didn't pay attention and thanks to Franky they were far away from them now, probably at the other side of the island. Not that it was a big isle but the marines still didn't see them anymore.

"Where are those two idiots!" Nami barked, looking at her watch for the sixth time already. She was getting impatient and began to worry.

"Well, there IS a marine base on the island after all…" Usopp reminded them.

"Eh? Do you think they got caught?" Chopper asked, gasping.

Brook gaped. "Oh no, that would be very suboptimal, wouldn't it? Yohoho!"

"Suboptimal?" the doctor asked innocently.

Robin smiled. "Brook meant it would be very bad, Chopper." the archaeologist said while looking at the island in front of them. There was nothing but palm trees. But then she frowned, spotting something ahead of them.

"Minna," she said and got everyone's attention. "I think there's something you should see."

The rest of the crew went to the railing to get a better sight at whatever Robin was looking at.

"Oh. That's the marine base." Zoro said intelligently, putting his weights down. "Why didn't we just beat the crap out of those guys earlier? They could have brought us here anyways."

Nami grunted. "Because we didn't want to cause a riot or anything again! What if they already have Sanji and Luffy? They could harm them and use them as hostages, you dumbass! Geeze, what's wrong with you and always wanting to cut everything? So brutal."

"Says you." Zoro rose a brow and earned a nice bump on his head for that comment. "That only proves it." he added in a murmur.

"Seriously guys, what are we gonna do?" Usopp bit his nails off. "I don't think the two had a chance to escape."

"Escape? They probably have kicked the marine's butts already and wonder where the heck the ship's gone." Zoro said bad-tempered ."It's Luffy we talk about, he's strong. And the curly brow can be useful sometimes, too. They're not babies."

"But if you think about it, Usopp-bro could be right you know." Franky said, " With the two arguing like that… plus, Luffy-bro IS strong as hell, yeah… but he's an airhead. And curly-bro could be tricked somehow too. It's not whether they are strong or not. It depends on how clever the enemy is."

"Yohohoho~~ Well said, my friend!" Brook said.

"Indeed…" Nami agreed. "See Zoro! They maybe need our help! So stop being so stubborn!"

"Whatever" Zoro responded.

"I guess it would be best if some of us go and search for them." Robin suggested."Maybe they just got lost."

"Luffy for sure, but Sanji? He's got a good sense of direction." Usopp said.

"That's true, but you can never know right." Robin countered and Usopp gave up.

"So we're gonna save them now?" Chopper wanted to know, looking concerned at the huge marine base.

"No, not we. But Zoro, Franky and Brook." Nami said, grinning as if it was nothing.

"WHAT!" the three said in unison, Zoro angrily and Franky and Brook just surprised. "Why us?"

"Because you're three strong men, aren't you?" Nami shouted, causing the three to flinch.


"Uh I don't want to interrupt or anything, but I guess the marine found us." The sniper commented suddenly, and everyone looked to see three men at the shore. One of them took a Den Den Mushi out hurriedly, probably to report what they've found.

Nami's anger vanished instantly, she paled. "Uh-oh. That's not good, guys! We need to get away!"

"Why again? Lemme just cut those bastards!" Zoro complained, pulling out his sword.

"Nononono! I don't want a chaos again! I just want Sanji and Luffy back and LEAVE THIS ISLAND IN PEACE!" Nami rose her voice at the end, being annoyed again.

"MEN! FIRE! Shoot them! Sink them! Kill them! They're the famous strawhat crew!" One of them shouted. The crew was just close enough to the shore to catch what was being said.

The men immediately pulled out their guns.

The crew only blinked at that. "Am I having hearing problems or do they really want to sink our ship with guns?" the long-nosed teen announced with slight irritation lying in his voice.

"They're insane. Completely insane." Nami said with an expressionless face.

"I agree." Zoro only said.

They fired, causing Chopper and Usopp to hug each other. "Waaah! We're being attacked!"

"Franky, get us out of here! We can still worry about Luffy and Sanji afterwards!" Nami screeched. "Do we still have enough cola left?"

"Sure thing, sis! We got enough for two more Busts!"

"Perfect! Then do one and we're outta here! Starboard, Franky!"

"Alright!" Franky said. "Coup! De!-BURST!"

"Make sure to go STARBOARD, you hear me Franky!" Nami shouted one more time, then they were blasted away, leaving the marines dumbfounded.

"What the heck was that? They flew away!" one of them shouted. "Oh well, might as well not return to our base for a while now.."

The other marine guy blinked. "Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"They flew off in the direction of the base…"

"Holy moly."

*Flashback end*

"I still haven't forgotten you know! That means your dept will increase40 percent." Nami said seriously. Franky looked as if he'd seen a ghost but decided not to argue with her.

"Shishishishi~! So that's what happened? That's hilarious! You're so dumb!" Luffy clapped his hands, laughed and the others paled. Nami rose from her seat.

"SHADDAP! YOU'RE THE BIGGEST IDIOT OF ALL!" she yelled, giving him a nice beating. Apparently the navigator was a little bad-tempered. "You and Sanji, you and your GODDAMN STUPID BETS!"



"Uhm, anyways, it's great we're all together now." Usopp voiced timidly, trying to change the subject and lift the mood.

Sanji grinned. "That's right, all is well that ends well."

"Nicely said, cook-san." Robin chuckled, using that nickname for Sanji intentionally.

"Aw, Robin-chwan!" he danced upon hearing her voice.

"Damned ero-cook." Zoro only grumbled. But even though he didn't show it, he was more than pleased that this all was finally over. It was good to insult dartboard as 'ero-cook' again. And Sanji and Luffy felt as least as happy as Zoro and the rest of the crew.

Now the strawhat crew were ready for the next adventures on the Grand Line. Together with a great captain and an amazing cook.



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