Hermione bolted upright in bed, covered in sweat and the sheets sticking to her body. 'Damn it. Why do I have to have these dreams, night after night? Why? Okay Hermione, stop arguing with yourself. You know why you're having these dreams and they aren't going to stop until you do something about it. Just get out of bed, go to his room, and flat out ask him. That would probably be better than jumping him when everyone else is around. Okay, you can do this. Remember, the worst he can say is no. Or laugh in your face. Or tell the whole school that you begged him to sleep with you. Oh god...NO! Stop this Hermione. Get your Gryffindor ass out of bed and show some courage.'

With that Hermione quietly got out of her bed in Grimmuald Place and snuck past Ginny, who was thankfully still sound asleep. She walked out of her room and tried to shut the door as quietly as possible, though it was in vain. A loud squeak resounded throughout the second floor of the old house. Hermione listened around her, but didn't hear any other sound but the storm going on outside. 'I hope no one heard that. They shouldn't have over the sound of the thunder.' She continued on to the staircase, tiptoeing up the old and creaky stairs. It was times like these she really hated forgetting about being able to use magic outside of school, she should've cast a silencing spell around her feet. 'And my heart, for how fast its beating right now. He could hear me coming if I started walking from Hogwarts.'

A tad bit scared, but determined, Hermione continued her way up to the third floor, coming to a stop at the last door on the left. His door. His bedroom door. There was just a little piece of wood between her and him. She could do this, she could do this. 'I can't do this.' She started to turn and head back to her room when she felt a pang of desire when she thought about him, lying there, probably shirtless. She turned around, yet again, and stared at his door. 'Just walk up, knock, he'll answer the door, and your sleepless nights will go away...hopefully. Oh Merlin, I hope he isn't asleep.' Hermione considered this for a moment. 'Of course he's asleep you idiot, its two in the morning. Oh well, you got this far, you'll regret it forever if you don't.' Before she could start talking herself out of it again, Hermione walked up to his door and knocked.

She stood there for a moment with her head tilted down towards her feet, she didn't hear anything, and stared at her hand in shock. 'I can't beleive I just did that. I just can't belie..."

The door in front of her flew open and appeared to slam against the wall inside the room, though soundlessly. 'That's why I couldn't hear anything. He must've put a silencing charm on his room. Wait... the door opened. That means...'

Hermione's gaze slowly drew upward, first noticing the pair of long, skinny feet, then the black silk pajama bottoms. She kept going up at once and noticed her wandering eyes landed on extremely pale skin. 'Oh my god. Severus Fucking Snape is standing half naked in front of me.' Her eyes continued traveling upward over his extremely toned body, taking in the six pack she knew in her mind he had hidden. She had got him correctly in her mind-long and lean, yet muscular, pale, hairless, and covered in scars. The one thing she didn't normally imagine was the terrifing look on the Potions Masters face. If looks could kill she would've been dead last week. 'Oh, I knew this was a bad idea. He hasn't said anything yet. He's only this quiet when he's truely angry about something. What am I going to do?'

Whilst Hermione was going through her inner panicing, Severus was silent, studing the girl-turned-woman in front of him. She had grown over the years, matured both mentally and physically. Long gone was the bushy-haired, bucktoothed, brown eyed know-it-all. In her place was a curly-haired, carmel eyed woman who knew how to use her knowledge correctly. Said gorgous girl was standing in front of him wearing nothing but boy-cut silver knickers and a black camisole. 'Does she know she's standing in front of me half naked. Shit, so am I. Oh well, too late now. Why does she look so scared? Oh, right. Its me. Speak you idiot!'

"Why are you disturbing my sleep at this late hour Miss Granger? You are aware of the time I assume?" Severus said with a slight bite to his tone.

"Yes, sir. I am. I'm terribly sorry for bothering you tonight, sir. I'm starting to think it might not have been such a good idea. I'll just go. Goodnight Professor." Hermione began to turn away, looking a combination of defeated and scared. 'Does she look a little frustrated too? Perhaps I should just hear her out. Neither of us are going to sleep until I do.'

"Wait Miss Granger,' He said, his tone a bit gentler. 'I'm already awake. You may as well just tell me what you came here to tell me.'

'Oh god. He wants me to go through with it. You can do this Granger. If you were able to knock on his door, then you should be able to tell him the truth.' She took a deep breath and began.

"I really am sorry to disturb you tonight, sir. But I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I think that you're the only one who can help me." she began but both he and a roll of thunder cut her off before she could continue.

"Do you require a potion, Miss Granger? If so they are available in the kitchen. You needn't have come to me."

"I've tried potions Professor, and they haven't helped me in the slightest." 'Just be honest with him. Come right out and say it.' "Sir I've been having these dreams. I've been having them for years actually, but they've begun to get worse. I have a problem sir." Hermione took one last breath before she dropped the bombshell. "They've all been about you. I dream of you every night, and I can't take it anymore. I'm sick and tired of feeling frustrated and edgy all of the time and I want this need to end. I know that the chances are slim to none, but I've come to your door tonight to ask you if you can help me with this." she finished her impassioned speech with a quiet tone to her voice, realising that what she was saying was ridiculous. A flash of lightening lit up the hallway for a moment, before sending them back into partial darkness.

'Dear Merlin, is she asking me to...' "Are you asking me to sleep with you, Miss Granger?"

"Yes sir, I am." She responed without looking at him.

'How long has it been Severus, since you had a young gorgous woman begging you to fuck her? Yes, the local whores love you, but this is someone it would actually mean something to. She really does look gorgous. Its the summer and she's technically 17 from her use of that time-turner. It'll just be a one night thing. I'll burn off some steam and she'll be sexually satisfied.'

"Look at me." Hermione slowly brought her gaze up to him, until she was getting lost in his fathomless pitch black eyes. "Are you sure about this Hermione?"

'Oh sweet jesus, did he just call me Hermione? It sounded so good.' "Yes, I am. I've never been more sure about anything." She responded with such desperation and need that Severus had no doubt that she meant every word.

"Well then," he held the door open wider. "Why don't you come in?"

Hermione stared inside the room at the blackness, took a breath, and descended into the Snake's Den.