Origins of a Lantern


Surgery mats covered the floor, a man who was beginning to flat line on the table bleeding from the very large wounds that he had suffered. One woman was standing in the way of his death; one woman was trying to bring him back.

She stood barely over five feet tall, her slim body wrapped in the stark white dress of the Neurosurgeons wing. It was tight, but airy and maneuverable. Her face was obscured by the hygiene mask, but beautiful, almond eyes glistened over the cloth. They were attentive, wide, and calculating. It was her eerie calm that had gotten her this far into the field of medicine at such a young age. She was unstoppable when she had a skin knife in her hand, and repairing dying veins was her specialty. Despite the woman's best efforts, the alarm of the monitor sounded, wailing its deathly cries within the room. Gritting her sharp teeth together, the woman's jaw line distended in concentration. She couldn't let this man die, she wouldn't let this man this man die on her watch.

"Why do we not have the Microamniam machine installed in this hospital? It's the only thing that will repair his convoluted arien folfic valve." The short woman's voice was clear and confident, despite her patient's condition. The assisting intern's wavered however, the fear of losing their warden obvious in the tambour. "This is a teaching hospital, Dr. Natu, not a specialty hospital. We don't have a lot of the newer micro bots that some of the other facilities have." The doctor's slim brows furrowed, the woman obviously displeased by the answer her student had given her. Setting down the shining scalpel that she had been using to extract the live leeching tumor that was exposed within the man's neck, Dr. Natu shook her head. The monitor completely flat lined, no sign of life left within its waving chart. "Then there is nothing I can do. If Willpower alone could bring this man back, I would do it…but life doesn't work that way." Removing her facial mask, Doctor Soranik Natu lowered her almond, amethyst eyes to the floor.

Then…it happened. Green light showed its might, filling the room with the brightest glow she had ever seen. The ethereal voice of an unknown essence filled her mind and ears, its tones comforting despite her current situation. 'Soranik Natu of Korugar, you have the ability to use great Will. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." Emerald luminosity reflected in her fearful eyes, the beams emanating from a small circle of jade that had slid itself upon her ring finger. The piece of jewelry was no ordinary trinket. It was Death.

She had seen it once before as a child, upon the hand of the man that called himself 'Sinestro.' He had come to his home world to conquer and rule with the iron fist of intolerance, and enslaved his people to the binding light of Will. It had only been with the arrival of a human many called 'Jordan' that the planet had been freed. But Green Lanterns had been banished, forbidden to Korugar for quite some time, and was considered an atrocity to behold or become.

Her hands trembled, but slowly, her eyes turned back to the man she had been so desperately tried to save. He still had a chance…and if the legends were true, anything that she imagined would form from the forbidden power of the ring. Her colleagues were screaming, the rubble from where the ring had burst into the room smoking. Crying out in dismay as they beheld her with the ring upon her hand, the interns wailed with fear and anger. "Dr. Natu, don't…"

Violet orbs looked up at the male who whispered his horrified words. He couldn't be more than twenty lunar cycles, and yet he knew the story behind these rings… These rings, that could do anything the bearer wanted, including build a life giving machine from nothing. Bent over the man she had sworn to 'do no harm' to, Soranik Natu realized she had a choice to make. She could let the man die, let him bleed out on the table as she discarded the bateaus ring from herself ; or she could use the power to save an innocent that had put his essence within her capable hands.

Setting her jaw as she straightened her arms, the woman also realized she never did have but one choice to choose; she would never let a man capable of being saved die. Forsaking all that she believed in, all that she had thought forbidden, Soranik allowed her mind to open itself into the power that had been granted it. Olive beams began to curl in the misted air, extending from the ring that shone within the pious glory. The machine she had required earlier began to take form, its many blades and lasers twitching into their aligned sockets. She had seen this machine, memorized its components like a well oiled recipe from neural success.

It made no noise as the operation took place, the doctor's mind firmly fixated on her patient, even as her colleagues began to scream their branding obscenities. That day she saved a man's life. And that day she had become….

A traitor…..