Chapter Three

How did this happen…

It was his first day on the job, and everything did the humans say it? Foot loose and fancy free? Well…sort of. The brightness of the star had attracted him to that local point that had changed his life forever… The star's gravitational pull had taken him bit by bit, almost as if he were made out putty and had slid into the back hole like melting goo. Then there had been darkness…all darkness. It wasn't like normal darkness that your eyes adjusted to, it was like being blind. After a small while in it, Vath could not tell whether his eyes were open or closed… Swallowing hard, he remembered the weapon upon his finger, the soft trickle of light piercing the darkness like an arrow. Lifting the ring to his lips, the rookie Green Lantern desperately whispered into his distress beacon. "Isamot, can you hear me? Speak to me dammit…" A soft rustling behind him caused the man to go on edge, his indented lips drawing thinly across his teeth… Something was next to him…

The reptilian alien drew close to his student, sighing gently as he tried to see through the inky blackness that surrounded them. Even with his advanced sight, he could not see beyond what little light their rings were shedding. "I hear you…you're not afraid, are you?" His voice whistled slowly through sharp teeth, unsure he should even bring the subject up to the inexperienced Lantern. The green element that powered the rings they bore was nigh indestructible, but only had one imperfection. The yellow element from the Quardian sector had proved to be linked to the emotion of fear, and if the Lantern that encountered it had not overcome their worst fear…it rendered any willpower that they could must useless. And the rings that were their defense became nullified…

The other Lantern shook his head, straining against the surroundings that he found increasingly claustrophobic. "Of course not, you?" Isamot paused briefly, turning slowly as something brushed against his sensitive hearing… "Hah, me? I'm n…wait…I heard something else too…Let's get some light on it." Apprehension clouded his voice even as the words drebbled out of his throat. Raising his ring up above his head, Isamot willed the light to grow stronger. As he did so, Vath stiffened as he looked upward, his voice becoming low and terrified. As his own eyes looked upwards, he realized that in doing so, it had been a large mistake. Bone littered the floor, explaining why there had been a crunching sound underfoot. Material snaked up the walls, sticking like white…webbing… As he followed Vath's gaze, Isamot felt his insides clench. His companion whispered low as he raised his weapon up, the soft growl snarling through his snapped teeth. "Not it…them…"

Above them scuttled enormous spiders, blood and parts hanging from their gleaming fangs….

Readying themselves for the next kill….

"You really want to go to Vega, Rayner? This is big time Lantern rule breakin y'know."

Guy watched the younger man above him, a wicked grin coming across his lips. Rayner had always struck him as a goody goody, and now that the man was showing his more rebellious side, he was beginning to like him better by the minute. He and the other two trainees had been minding their own business when Rayner had burst from the brush upon Mogo, and informed them that the distress signal had come from Soranik Natu. He remembered her from the rookie meeting, she had been arrogant…angry…beautiful…and best of had red skin that was barely covered by a skin tight medical suit. What was it about alien women that made him wish that suits were none sequential?

Seeing that Kyle did not make any retort, Guy decided to embellish, hoping to provoke a rise of some sorts. "I'm the bad boy, and they expect it. They can me and send me back to Earth, then fine… But you?...You live to be out here… Be the Guardians golden boy.."

That finally did it. Rayner snapped it head to the side, a glare exuding from behind the mask her wore. "When will you get over yourself, Guy? We both want the same thing. To do a good job and take care of our own… I respect the Guardians, hell I even respect you, but I have to follow my gut feeling. And right now that's to rescue Soranik Natu, wherever she is.." Guy's lips curved up into a lecherous smirk Edging closer to his partner, Gardner pushed himself higher into the vacuum as the planetary line showed ahead. "Face it Rayner, with you…She is hot…" Gardner looked back in his mind to when he had taken a mental picture of her supple chest… That lovely thing was something all men could thing of in the hard times in the middle of the night… Speaking of hard…

Rayner completely disregarded the comments, keeping his eyes upon the golden sphere ahead. If he went into the Vega system…everything could change. The Lanterns had no jurisdiction in this sector, and their permissible entry was denied here.. "Stel's triangulation gives us a good fix on where she is…if we work quickly, there are millions of asteroids down there, we would look like two more…" The rings upon both their hands in unison flashed in warning, the mechanical voice grating and angry almost in tone.


As the two pressed onward despite the warning, Guy cast a sidelong glance to his partner. The young man's eyebrows were furrowed, his teeth clenched at his lip in deep thought. "Crossing state line now, Rayner. Something up? You're looking kinda worried…" Rayner's expression slowly changed as Guy continued to watch him, his lips twisting to the side as a smug look etched onto his features. "It's just been so long since Natu's last distress call…

And whether or not you'll be able to keep up with me…" Before he seasoned Lantern could blink, Kyle Rayner was gone in a blink. Emerald energy left a small trail behind as he dove into the asteroid field, leaving Guy in his proverbial dust. Gardner frowned as his arrogance was squashed….

Along with his pride..


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