Something More Than Temporary

Disclaimer: Alright, this is the usual disclaimer I guess, lol. I don't own Newsies, but I guess I own Fleck. Okay? Okay. And the rating may not fit now, but I think as I keep writing, it'll become more and more appropriateā€¦

Chapter One: Getting The Goods

"Finally Cowboy! We'se only been sittin' here fer an hour," Fleck whined sarcastically as Jack walked in, holding a brown bag.

"Put a lid on it, wouldja? I made it, didn't I?"

"Didja get it?" Mush asked anxiously.

"Course I got it," Jack said, grinning. He reached into the bag and pulled out a large bottle of gin, placed it on the small table in front of him, then dumped out several packs of cigarettes, a couple cigars, and a few books of matches. "Dere, dat oughta last us a while. Let's take it up to da roof 'fore Kloppman heahs us. Ya know how pissed he gets when he catches us drinkin'."

"Right, come on," Fleck said nervously, though she was smiling widely. They all gathered their newfound treasure and quietly made their way out the window and up the fire escape to the roof. Once they were up there and the window had been closed, they laid out the goods on the ground again. Mush, Jack, and Fleck sat down close together and immediately dove into the stuff. Jack opened the gin while Mush and Fleck lit up a cigarette for each of them. "Ya done real good dis time Jacky boy. Almost double what ya got from two weeks ago," Mush said, happily taking a drag from his cigarette.

"Yeah I know. So maybe we don't gotta risk takin' any more fer a month or so," he said, passing the gin to Fleck.

She tipped her head back and took a long swallow of the gin offered, cringed a little, then smiled and passed the bottle to Mush. "Or we can just use dis stuff twice as fast an' go again in two weeks. Seems like every time I drink dat stuff it gets bettah."

"Nah, it ain't gettin' bettah, you just keep gettin' drunkah an' drunkah each time we do it," Jack said, pushing her shoulder lightly.

"An' why shouldn't I? I woik hard all day long, I desoive a lil fun now an' den. An' ya know dat da more fun I have, da more fun da rest a ya fellas have too, "Fleck said coyly. She took a long drag on her cigarette and let the two boys in front of her interpret that however they wanted to as she leaned back against the ledge of the roof.

It was nearly one in the morning and, as usual, Mush, Jack, and Fleck were the only ones awake, up on the roof enjoying themselves. They were close friends and more often than not, they were friends with benefits. Being the only girl in the Manhattan Lodging House, Fleck was a girl of loose morals, as can be expected when surrounded by so much temptation. The only thing she loved more than alcohol was boys, so it was only natural that she had slept with the majority of the Manhattan newsies. But she'd lived at the house for nearly a year then and was quickly becoming bored with the guys she was surrounded by. She needed a change. And to help her achieve this change, Fleck had her eye on a certain Brooklynite. "So how come we nevah invite Spot ta dese lil get tageddahs of ours?"

"Cuz we'se scared you'd jump him."

"Me? Jump him? Nevah! An' even if I did, dat was nevah a problem b'fore. What 'bout last night? If I remembah correctly, I balieve I 'jumped' both a ya."

"What I meant ta say was, we'se scared you'd jump him b'fore even gettin' any liquor in ya," Jack said, laughing.

"How come ya like him anyway?" Mush said, taking a swig of gin. "Ain't we good enough for ya no more?"

"I need a lil variety in my life."

"Ya know Spot'll just bed ya den leave ya."

"Yeah, I know, but dat's what always happens ta me. I'se gotten used ta dat by now."

"Doncha get sick of it?"

"Nah. It's just kinda fun fer me."

"But doncha evah wanna actually have a boyfriend? Be with only one guy at a time? Be in love or anythin'?"

"Look, I've tried dat love crap 'fore I moved heah, Mush. It was basically da same thing, but with more heartbreak on my part. Dis system's woikin' out much bettah fer me anyway. 'Sides, love's ovahrated."

"Oh really? But bein' a slut ain't ovahrated?" Jack quipped.

"Actually, it's highly undahrated. But I ain't a slut. I just ain't choosy 'bout who I choose ta associate myself with."

"Associate yaself with? Is dat what you'se callin' it dese days? I donno 'bout you, but I call it sex."

Fleck rolled her eyes. "Call it whatevah ya want. But bettah somethin' den nothin', dat's what I always say. Obviously da true love thing ain't woiking out fer you two neithah, considerin' I'se associated with ya both more times den I can count."

"Da love thing is too woikin' out fer me. I been with Sarah fer almost a year now," Jack countered, lighting up another cigarette.

"Dat ain't love."

"Oh yeah? Why not, huh?"

"If it was love, ya wouldn't be toinin' ta me every oddah night lookin' fer what she ain't giving ya."

"It's still love. Love an' sex are complete diffrent things."

"No dey ain't, Jack."

"Yeah dey are! I love Sarah, I have sex with you."

"You tellin' me dat ya don't sleep with Sarah?"

"Nah. She says she ain't ready, an' I ain't gonna make her if she ain't ready."

"How sweet a ya," Mush interjected sarcastically.

"So ya love Sarah, but ya don't have sex. Ya sleep with me all da time, but we ain't in love."


"An' dat's okay with ya? I mean, ya are cheatin' on Sarah all da time."

"It ain't cheatin'-"

"How ain't it cheatin'?"

"Two reasons. One, she don't know 'bout it an' nevah will 'less eiddah a you tell her. An' two, it ain't cheatin' if da sex don't mean nothin' ta us. I mean, you'se in it fer fun, an' I'se in it while I'm waitin' on Sarah. So no one's gettin' hoit. Right, Fleck?"

Fleck looked at him, and then averted her eyes. No one had ever put it so plainly before, and it kind of hurt. She knew he was pretty much right, but sometimes she liked to at least pretend that it meant something to them. Or at least to him. Truth was, if she couldn't have Spot, she'd take Jack any day. Spot was just a momentary infatuation, as were many of the other newsies, but Jack was more permanent. Or at least less temporary. No matter what happened, he always came back for more. Or was it her going back to him for more?

"Fleck? I'se right, ain't I?"