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Quick Solution

Giles was shocked and held an empty whisky glass in his hand as he stared at the bottle he had nearly emptied. He shrugged and filled his glass again and gulped the contents of it down in one go. It was only a few hours ago that they learned about the true nature of the key from that damned monk. Damn, he really wished now that they wouldn't have found him, because now he had no choice left and he had to act.

He got up to his feet, a bit unsteady, and walked over to one of his cabinets, unlocked it and took an package wrapped in some oiled paper out of it. He slowly unwrapped it and as he looked at its contents, a tear appeared in his eyes. He placed the contents inside his jacket, closed the cabinet again, refilled his glass and emptied it in one go once more.

He let the glass slip out of his hand and just a moment later it hit the hard floor where it exploded into dozens of slivers of glass. Giles didn't even notice it, because he was already on his way to the door.

Outside, he sat down in the driving seat of his car, started the motor and then he drove out of his parking lot.

A while later he reached the home of Buffy and Dawn Summers and stopped the car in front of the house. Then he got out and without giving the poor car a second look, he went to the door and rung the bell.

It took a while, but after a few moments he heard the voice of young Dawn, "Yes, who's there?"

"Giles, Dawn. Is Buffy back from her patrol, yet?" Giles said.

"No, she isn't," Dawn answered trough the door she was just opening. She looked at Giles and at seeing his state of being, she asked, "Did something happen? You can wait for her, she should be back soon." She stepped a few steps aside so that Giles could enter as long as he was still human.

Giles nodded and entered the door. Dawn quickly closed the door behind him and led him to the living room.

Buffy looked at Xander, with whom she just returned from patrol. "Was that Giles who just went in my house?" she asked.

Xander just nodded.

"Ok, let's see what he wants," she said. Suddenly, as they both were nearing the house, they heard a shot from inside and when Buffy began to run, a second shot rang through the night.