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Chapter 2

Illness and Letters.

Aya P.O.V

The next couple of weeks were long. I'd go to sleep, have a nightmare, and wake up screaming, with someone rushing in to calm me down.

After a while, my brothers started taking shifts, sleeping outside my bedroom door. I found this out when I woke up one night, looking for something to drink. I left my room, and tripped over Mikey. The commotion we both caused was enough for Raph and Leo to both rush out of their rooms, weapons drawn.

I was determined not to be overcome again, so I buried myself in my fighting training and my meditations.

Raph encouraged me in my training, thinking it would help me to release my pent up anger and frustrations. On the other hand, Master Splinter and Leo encouraged me to talk about it, and then meditate. Mikey and Donnie tried to get me to loosen up, and have some fun in between. It all helped, and I eventually started to get back to where I was before the attack. I was still a long way off, but even I could see my improvements.

It was a month before the end of the summer holidays, and if I had been normal, I probably would have been concentrating on the start of the school year. As it was, I was talking to Donnie about a computer program when I saw the news.

An apartment building had been set on fire, but that wasn't what had stopped me mid sentence. It was the guy being interviewed.

"What is it Aya?" Donnie asked, putting a hand on mine.

"It- It's one of them!" I started shaking. "He s-seemed to act like the leader of th-the group."

Leo quickly turned off the TV, but it was too late, the memories were coming back full force.

I felt someone else's hand on my shoulder, and suddenly my mind seemed to expand and touch two other minds, one more than the other. I knew that I was projecting the memories but I couldn't help it. First I was walking through the park, then I was surrounded, and then I was fighting. Finally, there was the memories of them all taking their turn with me. I was watching it all from the sidelines, like it was some horrifying movie that was forcing me to watch.

Suddenly my mind snapped back to itself, and I could no longer sense the other two minds. I became aware that my shaking had increased and there was no one touching my hand or shoulder. Suddenly I was in a vice like hug.

"Damn!" I heard Leo say. "She was doing so well until then."

At the same time, I heard Raph ask, "What the hell was that?" and I became aware that he was the one hugging me.

"I think Aya's developing Psychic abilities. Seeing the news report triggered her memories. And her emotions became so overwhelming that they pushed themselves out into the minds of those with skin to skin contact." Donatello answered.

"Uh, what are you talkin' about?" Mikey asked.

"We just saw Aya's memories of the attack." Raph explained.

"It was like watching some sick and twisted movie. I cant describe it." Donnie said.

"Aya, calm down. They cannot harm you now." Master Splinter said.

I was still shaking. He came up to me and Raph and placed a hand on my forehead. "You're burning up." He said in a shocked tone. "You need rest."

I shook my head. I didn't want to go to bed. I knew if I did, I would sleep, and I would have nightmares.

I heard him sigh. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him motion to something. "Raphael."

"Sorry Imoto, but you do need to rest." Raph said.

I felt Raph's hand on the back of my neck, on the pressure points. He squeezed, and I blacked out.

My dreams were not of my assailants, but of others like me. All of them had cats eyes, ears and a tail. There were men, women and children, all of various ages. My dreams changed. They could be in a castle, wearing robes as teens. Or fighting back to back against people in grey robes as adults. But I also saw quite a few kids my age sick in bed, being given a large book. My whole body was tense.

I heard a large crack, like a gunshot and I was brought out of my sleep. There was a man standing near my bed. He was wearing a large overcoat that hid his tail, and he also had cats ears and green cats eyes. Not as green as mine were, though. His had a tint of yellow. He was holding a large book.

Suddenly the doors burst open and my brothers rushed in. when they saw the man they drew their weapons.

"If ya know what's good for you, back off from our sister." Leo advised, twirling his twin katanas.

The man held his hands up, bringing the book with them. "I come with peaceful intentions. As you can see by my ears, I am of the same race as Aya. I am of the Cuchulainn's. I'm Aya's uncle." The man explained. "My name is Arthur."

"What are you doing in Aya's room?" Raph asked. "And for that matter, how did you get in here?"

"I'm here to explain a few things to Aya, and to give her this." Arthur motioned to the book, as he slowly brought his hands down. Then he looked at me. "The illness you're experiencing is normal for Cuchulainn's. It is just your magic… expanding if you will. It is our version of Magical inheritance, gained at eleven, instead of seventeen." He placed the book on the bedside table. "This should answer all your questions. By the way, I'd watch the tips of your fingers, you're growing retractable claws."

I quickly opened my hands, which I had balled into fists because of the pain in my fingers.

"There's a letter in the book to be read after you've received your school letter." Arthur said, just as Master Splinter entered the room. Arthur nodded to Master Splinter. "On behalf of my sister and myself, I thank you for taking Aya in." With that, he turned on his heel. There was another crack and he was gone.

"That was strange." Donnie said. He came over to me and picked up my left hand. "What do ya know, you are growing claws!"

"What?" I said hoarsely, and I struggled to pull myself into a sitting position.

"Easy." Don said. He put an arm round my shoulder and helped me sit up. My whole body felt heavy.

I looked at my hands. The tips of my fingers were red, and something seemed to be pushing its way through. As I watched claws tore their way out of my skin. They were wicked sharp, black, and reached one centimetre in length. Then they went back in and the skin healed over, leaving no trace of them ever being there.

"Wow." Mikey said.

"Wasn't expecting that." I said. My voice was rough and my throat was scratchy.

Don put his hand on my forehead. "You still have a temperature. It's gone down slightly. At least you've woken up."

"How long was I out for?" I asked.

"Two days." Raph said.


"Yeah, we've been really worried." Leo replied.

"Raph." I said.


"You'd better be fast, because when I'm feeling better, you're in for it."

"Hey, I was only doing what Master Splinter asked, and plus you needed the rest. You were just being too stubborn to admit to it."

I narrowed my eyes at him, just as an owl flew into the room, and dropped a letter in my lap. We all just stared at the bird, as it flew to perch on the book. It looked at me expectantly.

"What in the world?" I asked out loud.

"I do believe that you are supposed to open it." Master Splinter said, indicating to the letter.

I picked it up. It was made of a heavy parchment. It was addressed to my room and was written in green ink. I flipped it open to see a wax seal with a crest. There was a H surrounded by a lion, a snake, an eagle and a badger. I broke the seal, and pulled out the letter.

I read the first page through. "There's a school for magic?" I asked.

"Well, obviously, if you got a letter from them." Donnie said.

I rolled my eyes. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They await my owl?"

"I think you are supposed to send back a reply back at whether or not you are supposed to be attending." Master Splinter said.

"Are you going?" Raph asked.

"I suppose." I said. "It can't be that far away. And it would be nice to learn to control some of the… weirder things." I was of course talking about things like when I had accidentally managed to turn Master Splinter's fur pink that one time.

"Actually, Hogwarts is in Scotland."

"Ok, scratch that earlier remark. It is far away. Surely there's got to be a school closer to home."

"If there is, they haven't contacted you." Master Splinter said. "I do believe, that you should go however, but I have kept the letter your mother left with me. Perhaps you should read it first."

I nodded. That was a good idea. Master Splinter left, and soon returned with the letter. He handed it to me, and then ushered my brothers from the room. "Read through the letter, and then the other letter. If you are still unsure, we'll talk about it after."

"Alright, sensei." I said nodding.

He nodded, before leaving. I unfolded the letter, and began reading. I felt my stomach knot and twist. There was a prophecy about me? Could I really be that powerful? Then, I read her note to me, on the end of the letter. I felt tears spring to my eyes, but quickly wiped them away. But what was wrong with my real father? Why wouldn't I like what I found? I shrugged the questions off. Whoever he was, he was a stranger to me. Splinter was my father.

I opened the book, and pulled out another letter. I opened the envelope, and unfolded the letter.

My darling daughter,

My one major regret is not being there to see you grow up. But I have watched you through my visions, and I am so proud of you. I wish I had not been forced to give you up, but it was the only way to protect you- and the innocents that Voldemort, the Dark Lord, would murder mercilessly with your power at his command. But now I know you will not do that. Now I know you are safe from that fate. You will not be forced to carry out his will. And I am glad. You are an amazing young woman with so much potential. Potential you should explore. Go to Hogwarts. Learn to harness your powers and use them to protect yourself and those you love.

I will love you always, your mother, Ada.

I was stunned. The concept of killing anyone, let alone innocents… I shuddered. It was repulsive. I suddenly felt thankful for being abandoned in a random alley. At least now I was free to do what I wanted.

I sighed. Hogwarts seemed to be my only choice. The owl hooted, impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah, hold on! I'm still making up my mind." I told it.

"Geez sis, if you're talking to a bird, I think you've finally lost it, Basket Case."

I looked up, and saw Leo in the door. "It was getting impatient."

He snorted. "Yeah, suure."

The owl hooted again.

"I see what you mean. It does sound impatient. You'd think that after a flight from Britain, it would want to rest."

"I know." I said. I rested my head against the wall. If I went to Hogwarts, then I wouldn't see my family for months on end. And if I didn't go to Hogwarts… how would I learn?

"You're going to go, aren't you?" Leo asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"I don't think I have much of a choice. I mean, there has to be other schools, closer ones, but like Sensei said, none of them have sent me an offer. And if I don't go, how will I learn t control it? And, next time I let some slip, what if I do harm, instead of just turning Sensei's fur pink?"

"You have some good points, Imoto. If you do decide to go, we will support you. This will be hard for all of us, but we'll manage."

"You're right, Leo." I said. "Like I said, I don't think I have much of a choice. I'm going to have to go. Better give that damn owl a reply then."

Leo laughed, before heading to my desk, grabbing a sheet of paper and a pen, and bringing them over to me. I leant the paper on the book, and quickly wrote my response.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

I am writing to accept your invitation to attend Hogwarts.

Aya Homato.

"Short and to the point." Leo said.

"What else am I supposed to write?"

"How about, can you send someone to help you get school supplies, and actually get to the school?" Leo suggested.

I realised he was right, and adjusted the letter. I folded it in half, and the owl flew over.

"That's one smart bird." Raph said, coming in. That was two of my brothers who had managed to sneak past Master Splinter.

I laughed. "Yeah. It is." I got pecked for the 'it' comment. "Hey! Oh, here, just take the damn thing and get outta here!" The owl glared at me, before grabbing the paper in its beak, and flying away. "I never want to see that owl ever again." I said.

"Only 'cause it pecked ya!" Raph said, sitting next to Leo.

I grumbled, crossing my arms. I knew he wasn't going to let this one go. Damn.

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