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Amelie's POV:

I pushed Sam away. I pushed him further away than I could possibly admit, too many years ago. It pains me to remember that this is the thirtieth anniversary of my leaving him, telling him that I didn't love him and I couldn't be with him.

I have never felt so alone.

"Ma'am, you have a visitor," Verity, my maid for this evening, says as I allow her to enter the room. I frown slightly – I wasn't expecting anybody – as nobody visits me without an appointment, ever.

"Did they leave a name, or are you currently expecting me to be physic and know just who this visitor is?" I ask bitingly, rather too rude than I would normally be due to the stress of this being the anniversary of me leaving Samuel.

"Erm… he said his name was Oliver, ma'am," she says, causing a shiver of fear to rush through me. I have only ever known one Oliver… surely it can't be him? I know the name of every vampire and human in this child and I know that there is nobody called Oliver. It must be him.

"Send him in," I order coolly, not sure how this meeting will go. After all, it has been centuries. I sent him away from me centuries ago but when I sent my guards out to track him down, to make him come to Morganville, they returned in body bags. That didn't particularly make me inclined to believe that he wanted to come to Morganville, but apparently here he is.

"Amelie, it's been centuries!" he exclaims as he enters, his arms thrown wide open in greeting. I stand to greet him and he bows, kissing my hand as it was customary to in the days when we knew one another.

I suppose it was a sense of love that we shared, all those years ago. Then again, I would have called it hate as well. It was a love-hate relationship, until he tried to overthrow me from my position in England and I sent him away from me.

"I know… that was for a reason," I state, inflicting no emotion in my voice as I speak. "Incase you have forgotten, you tried to-"

"Overthrow you from your position and steal your power, yes, yes, I remember," he says cheerfully, sitting down on the couch next to me. I smile at his brashness but he seems to take the smile as meaning something else, something else entirely. "Amelie, I have missed you so much. I hope you can forgive me for my hasty and rash judgements that caused me to act so inexcusably," he presses, looking at me deep in the eye.

In this moment, I see why I loved him then. I see the sincerity in his beautiful eyes and want to jump into his arms to feel his perfect lips on mine once again. I see his perfect face, the exact same as it was many years ago, and I want to touch it again…

I love Samuel, but I need someone right now. If he, Oliver, feels the same as me, I should 'take the plunge' and kiss him. I want to be held by someone, to feel someone beneath me… I want to be close to someone right now. After all, I can always send Oliver away from town, can't I?

"Oliver, what do you feel for me?" I ask him suddenly, deciding to jump in and ask him straight, so I can feel relaxed so much quicker than playing subtly.

"I still love you, Amelie, as I always have done," he whispers, looking down at his knees. He is here. He is in love with me, and I think I can use that. I do care for Samuel, of course I do, but this is… how do they say it nowadays? It is no strings attached – I can use him to feel close to someone on this fateful day before discarding him, pushing him out of Morganville once again.

Without realising it consciously, my hand snakes out and lifts his chin up so that he is looking at me. I do not know what emotions my face is betraying, but he looks slightly shocked… and something else.

"Oliver… I need you," I betray the emotion inside of me, the part of me that hates being alone, especially on the anniversary of the event that made me be alone.

Before I realise it, I am kissing him, pressing my lips to his in a way that shows how much I need this. I wrap my fingers into his long hair, which has been twisted back, and he does the same, making sure that my hair is mussed up with intensity. I move closer to him and move at lightning speed to wrap my legs around him, pushing him backwards onto the sofa to lie flat.

"Amelie… what are you doing?" he asks me inbetween kisses, his hands moving over my back. I smile at him but don't answer, simply keep kissing him and enjoying the moment. It helps me forget… but not enough.

I wrench myself upright and pull him up with me within a second, moving at utmost speed.

"I want you," I say simply, shrugging my shoulders slightly. I cannot believe that I am doing this but I need to forget Samuel entirely and this is the only way I can think of, doing the one thing that I never did with him… either of them, before.

"I can see that… but why now?" he presses, pulling me closer to his chest. I relax against him, smiling as I process the question in my mind.

"You have just returned to me after centuries of the love between us being severed; are you really questioning why I want to do this?" I say, with disbelief in my voice. I suppose what I have said is true – but the love I have for Samuel overthrows Oliver's by a mile. Yet it is enough to forget…

"I suppose not," he shrugs his shoulders before kissing me again, passionately. I respond, allowing him entry into my mouth as my hands begin to remove the shirt he is wearing. The buttons annoy me, however, so I rip it apart to shreds, the noise reverberating around the room before I refocus on Oliver.

"Where?" he murmurs against my lips as I look at the planes of his chest; not as good as…

"My bedroom – this way," I interrupt my thoughts by acting rashly, pulling Oliver by his hand to the door in the corner of the room, the one that takes me into my bedroom. I open the door and reveal the four poster bed inside, the one that has been made to 90degree angles by my maids but shall be soon mussed up…

He pulls me into the room and I allow him to, not bothered about control. If he tried anything, I could destroy him in a flash. But this is what I want, so why not let him think he has control here, when in fact I didn't even particularly want this?

He begins to remove my dress and I smile, wriggling so it is easier to slip off.

Oh look, Samuel, you have been replaced. I don't need you anymore… so stop making me pine for you…


I roll my eyes as Oliver rolls over in the bed, deeply asleep. What was I thinking? I hate the man, for what he did to me all those years ago. I cannot believe that I took things as far as I have done, taking him to my bed… something which I didn't even do with someone I truly love!

I cannot believe that I have slept with him! I know that I was pining for Samuel and wanted to do something to forget him, but this was too far. I wish I hadn't have done it, but I have done.

"Amelie," he says suddenly – I thought he was asleep! He reaches over for a kiss but I shake my head and move out of the way, getting out of the bed entirely. He almost falls flat on his face, which he would have if he didn't have vampire reflexes. "Wait… what is going on?"

I shake my head again as I pull on the brown silk dress that I had removed only hours ago. Once I am dressed, the zipper snapped up in place with a large 'snap', I tie my hair back in a tight bun and motion for him to get up.

"Get ready and leave," I say simply, not elaborating any further. His eyebrows rise ridiculously high and he looks shocked at what I've said. I do admit that I sound rather harsh and disgusting, someone who I would define by the title 'lady of the night' in the olden days. However, it isn't the truth. I made a mistake doing this, just to protect my heart from Samuel and his absence.

"Excuse me?" he gags, unable to believe the order I gave him.

"I think you know what I said," I do not repeat what I said; simply tell him that what he thought he heard was the truth. "Once you have, get out of my house and get out of my town. I never want to see you again. Do you understand?"

"I thought you loved me," he says quietly, as he does as I told him to.

"I lied," I state in a tone barely louder than his. "I needed someone last night, as it was a hard night for me… but, you see, Oliver I am in love with someone as I have been for thirty plus years. All you are to me is someone who tried to destroy me years ago and just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

He shakes his head and his expression turns to anger, looking as if he wants to kill me. However, he simply gets dressed as I apply my makeup and put on some jewellery, before walking out of the room without another word.

I listen intently for him as he walks out of the house and into the sunlight before clambering into a car.

"There is a car containing a gentleman with greying hair heading towards the border," I inform the police coolly on the phone. "Let him through. I repeat, let him through and remind him that he is never to come back. Do you understand?"

The police officer agrees and I hang up the phone, breathing heavily.

What have I done?

Third person perspective…

Amelie continues to get ready, a forced smile on her face as she struggles to forget the actions of the night before.

But what will happen when the consequences of the night before catch up with her?

So, this story seems pretty silly at the moment, right? As if it has no storyline whatsoever? Well, my friends, that is wrong… it will be interesting and twisted and different, entirely like all my other stories :P

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