I Spy With My Little Eye

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Skunk.

Summary: Weechester. Enjoying Mother Nature just isn't Dean's cup of tea. Too little Cheese Burgers. And way too many creepy creatures.

A/N: Happy Birthday, Mad Server, hope you've enjoyed your pinata :-) Thanks for an incredible tricky challenge that had me sweat a lot, and none of it caipirinha, unfortunately.

"Mushroom", he said, snipping a mosquito from his bare arm. Bloodsucking bitches. God, he hated camping.

"Aw, you're cheating" Sam whined, running deeper into the forest.

"Ok, new one. I spy with my little eye something beginning with S", he shouted.

Dean sighed. Please Dad, kill that Wendigo and take us back to civilization.

"Err, squirrel", he muttered.

"Nope", Sam squeaked delighted.

"Sasquatch, coming to eat you", Dean growled.

"Nooohoo", Sam sang.

"Sequoia" – he secretly cast a glance through the shrubs, prying.

Sam knelt in front of a small furry creature... back white with a black stripe...

"Sammy, run, skunk!"