let's just say you're right

An NCIS drabble

by mew-tsubaki

Note: Yet another McGony idea…one-sided slash… For once on the other side… *Only spoilers for the episode "Singled Out", a slightly major one…so…yeah.* So read, review, and enjoy! :] Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS, Donald P. Bellisario does.


Tony had no problem confronting McGee across the room. "What, you think I can't call you 'Probie' anymore?"

McGee raised an eyebrow. "With Lee out of here and back in Legal, there aren't any probies to be found, Tony."

"But that's what you'll always be to me, McGumpaste—Probie." Tony tacked on a big smile, to which McGee gave him a look.

"Tony, I can't always be the probationary agent. And you won't always be the boss around here. Gibbs returned, even. So you're just—"

"The Senior Field Agent," the Italian supplied.

"Yes, you are that. You and I are the same." McGee resumed typing something into his computer, ignoring Tony.

Tony walked over to the computer geek's desk and put his hands on the flat surface, leaning over McGee's machine. "What, you think I could never run my own team?"

McGee softly snorted and raised that same eyebrow. "Tony, if you'd been offered your own team, why would you want to stay here?" He returned his attention to the monitor, but he was gently smiling.

Tony pursed his lips, irked by what McGee had said. McGee didn't even know half of it. It took a lot out of him not to say, "There's too much I couldn't leave here"—no, if he said that, that might raise suspicion. They were investigative agents, after all.

But Tony couldn't leave NCIS. It wasn't just the building, which he'd come to know so well all these years. It wasn't just that he was in Jenny's—in the director's good graces, which could be a hard thing to attain. It wasn't just that someone needed to be around to keep Ziva's words and actions in line. It wasn't just that Abby and Ducky needed someone to bring them back down to earth in a non-gruff way, unlike the way to which Gibbs was used. It wasn't just that Gibbs… Yeah, Tony hadn't been lying earlier when he'd told Jenny that there was no way he could go to Spain without making sure Gibbs was one-hundred percent after his brief stint away from NCIS.

But there was also no way Tony could leave McGee behind to be the Senior Field Agent. Sure, McGee was plenty capable… And of course McGee had accrued some serious experience over his several years with the team… Yeah, McGee was valuable to the team as their little Einstein, and his fighting skills had greatly improved. But compared to Tony? McGee ought to take a step back sometimes and just let Tony handle things, let Tony…protect him.

And not in the little brother way.

Tony went back to his desk, not saying anything to get rid of the smile on McGee's face. Why would he? He quite liked the view.


:3 A little fluffy…but sweet. I love Tony and McGee is my soul mate… -w- If I can't have him, then either Abby or Tony can. *ends discussion* XD

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