Anyhow, this is my first attempt at an AC fic. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, but the only thing I'm iffy about is the characterisation. I wrote Rebecca thinking that that was how she was, but then I rewatched a couple of cutscenes and was like, "...Oh hang on. D:" So, if she's a bit off, then I have only myself to blame and wrote thinking of her differently. Whoops. DX

IF YOU HATE SHAUN I'LL BITE YOU. D: Seriously, why does everyone hate him? He's mah favourite. 3

Shaun needed tea.

The English and their view of tea isn't just stereotypical. It's a life force. When the English brain runs slow, why else does it cry out for tea? You can hear it in their voice as they exhale Yes please, love. or their sigh of relief when the kettle finally comes to boil.

So when Shaun needed tea, he really needed tea.

The thing was, he'd have to go past her. Bloody sodding flipping bollocking her. Her with her perfect makeup, her with the black hair, her with her ridiculous clothes that she thought looked cool, her with her wit and quirkiness and charm and friendliness and stop it you bloody idiot. Shaun jumped a little in his chair as he thought it, and his eyes snapped back to his computer screen, reading up on a small tangent of the Templar connection with a family named Peard – it was pretty small and probably wouldn't lead anywhere, but it kept his mind off her pretty well, until his eyes slid to her reflection on his screen and saw her again, her lovely fingers toying with a pen idly as she stared at a computer screen.



Shaun started a bit and was plucked from the fantasy rampaging through his head, only to find her looking at him quizzically.

Oh shit, I said her name out loud.

Shaun snapped to defence.

'What're you looking at me for? Why would I possibly want you for anything?'

Lucy looked up from her own computer screen from across the room. Shaun did his best to ignore her watching him, but soon forgot all about her when he saw the angry look on Rebecca's face.

'Jeez, why're you such an ass Shaun?' She murmured, and turned back to her computer screen, watching Desmond's readings. Shaun watched her go, gaping uselessly like a fish, wishing he could snatch it all back and make the sarcastic arsehole Shaun go away. Lucy arched an eyebrow at him, and Shaun glared at her. Lucy shrugged, and her eyes rested on Desmond in the Animus briefly before going back to her screen.

Shaun never thought he would envy Desmond, but right then he did. Lucky sod. He's too busy prancing around in Rome for matters of the heart.

He slunk back around his screen, back to the Peards, bitterly disappointed and very cross with himself. He eyed her reflection in the computer screen, her head slowly sinking in her hand as she got bored, and he didn't want the fantasies, but they arrived with a vengeance. Him holding her hand, holding her, actually – that'd feel quite nice, holding her face, that'd be lovely too, and then kissing –

And that's where the fantasy stopped. He refused to let it go any further – he was pretty sure that his heart would sort of flop out of his chest and twitch on his keyboard, exhausted after all the beating it'd done after letting the fantasy run all the way through.

Stupid Shaun.

'I'm heading out to the city.' Shaun looked round as Lucy shrugged on her coat. 'Anyone want anything to eat?'

'A pretzel if you can find one.'

'I don't think they do pretzels anywhere here, Rebecca.'

'Then a sandwich. Same as always.' Rebecca sighed.


Shaun looked up from staring at Rebecca. 'Maybe a pastry. If that's not too hard.'

Lucy shot Shaun a look, and then headed out of the Sanctuary after looking back at Desmond. Her footsteps gradually grew fainter, until silence dropped like a huge silent thing in the Sanctuary. Rebecca briefly checked Desmond's pulse, and went back to her screen. Shaun went back to his, but the natural English instinct in him cried out a protest. TEA.

Steel yourself, Shaun. You've faced worse.

He eyed Rebecca and the table of drinks that had been set up, just beyond her desk. His courage failed him. Coward.

The tea instinct prowled around his head, running a big stick along its walls. His courage watched it numbly. He'd really have to do something.

And that something was a tiny piece of logic that proposed an instant allegiance between the two.

Offer to get her coffee!


No time like the present.

Shaun got to his feet, his chair rattling behind him as the backs of his legs pushed it away. His courage ran and hid, only to be dragged back by the tea instinct. Shaun almost shoved himself forward, his heart in his mouth. He was sweating, he could feel it. I hope it doesn't go through my jumper – I'll look like a twat if it does.

He was about to pass her.

Oh God.


Rebecca looked up, a pleasant sort of surprise on her face. 'Sure. Thanks!'

Shaun resisted the urge to smile at her, and marched onwards towards the table of drinks. I did it! I really did it! If only mum could see me now, talking to girls. Shaun fumbled with a tea bag as the industrial kettle came to boil, and spooned some coffee into a plastic cup.

'Do you take sugar?' He called over his shoulder. You're sweet enough already. He added inside his head, and then wanted to slap himself hard across the face.

'No thanks.' Rebecca called back.

The sweet aroma of tea hit Shaun in the face as he poured the hot water into his own cup. Sweet, sweet tea. His screaming instinct was soothed momentarily, drowsy on the smell, and his courage kicked itself awake. Everything can be solved with a good cuppa. He poured the hot water into Rebecca's cup, the coffee smell merging with the tea – the earthy twist on the regal aroma, and turned around with the cups in his hands.

He walked back to Rebecca's desk carefully, and placed her cup by her screen.

'Thanks!' She said, and smiled at him widely as she picked it up. Despite himself, Shaun smiled back, and regretted it immediately as he marched back to his desk.

Only he didn't quite make it back.


He wheeled around – the coffee was everywhere. It dripped off Rebecca's desk as she jumped to her feet, shaking her hand about which had obviously been hit in the spillage.

'Rebecca! The Animus!' Shaun yelled, plonking his cup of tea on his desk and marching back, pulling the sleeve of his jumper down over his hand and mopping up the coffee before it got to the computer.

'I'm sorry!' Rebecca said helplessly behind him, and Shaun felt his heart stumble a bit. Hope she's not hurt herself…

Moving with deliberate pace, he set the toppled cup upright. 'There.' He said, and turned around, and his heart literally stopped. Right there and then at the sight of the tears in her eyes. 'You've hurt yourself, haven't you?' he managed. Rebecca nodded, clutching her hand to her. 'Right, give it here.'

Rebecca held out her hand, and Shaun took it gently. It looked a bit red, nothing more – his thumb grazed the top of her hand, and he heard her wince.

'How much does it hurt?'

'Not an awful lot.'

'Then stop being a drama queen.' Shaun said, and looked up. 'You'll be –'

He was staring right into her eyes, which were wide with absolute, solid trust. She trusted him.

And with that, just that, the fantasy Shaun had been daydreaming about sort of laid itself out in front of him, like a step by step guide to how he'd always dreamed of doing it. Almost subconsciously, his fingers moved so they were laced with hers, and he locked their hands together. She didn't wince. It was like she'd forgotten that she'd burnt her hand in the first place. Their locked contact with each other fell gently to the side, and Shaun stepped a little closer, still watching Rebecca. A little part of him hoped she'd push him away, laugh at him, but it was just a tiny little thought in the midst of the others roaring at him to DO IT! Ever so gently, he reached out with his other hand and laid it on her waist, drawing her towards him. She moved towards him, and he forgot what breathing was, let alone how to do it. Gently, slowly, catch-a-monkey, he let go of her hand, and his moved up to cup her face. His thumb moved across her cheek. And slowly, her hand moved up too and made itself at home on his cheek, his unshaven stubble pressing into his skin. Not that he cared. Not that he even noticed.

The step by step fantasy in Shaun's head came to a halt. No guidance beyond this point.

Not that he needed it.

He knew what to do.

Closing his eyes, he leant in and kissed her.

Time stopped as feelings he didn't know he had exploded around his body and in his mind. The world fell away around them. They were the only two people on earth. Seriously, it felt like that. His stomach did flips and karate kicks, and he found it a perfectly reasonable idea to stay like that with Rebecca forever. Her lips felt right against his, corny as it was, like they were made for his. He didn't want them moving unless she was talking to him or kissing him – possessiveness crept over him and he held her tighter. She was his and he was hers and neither of them seemed to mind that much. They stood there for a long, long time, the kiss gradually deepening until it seemed like no return.

That is, until high heeled boots echoed with in the Sanctuary.

They jumped apart, staring wildly at Lucy's growing shadow on the wall of the entrance. Shaun looked desperately at Rebecca, bursting to say so many things – not only was he pretty sure that his voice box wouldn't be able to cope, but the seconds were ticking. Lucy was getting closer.

So he settled for the most unromantic thing ever.

'I'll talk to you later.' He hissed, and after she nodded quickly, he impulsively grabbed her face and kissed her hard before ripping himself away and diving back towards his seat.

When Lucy arrived, both Shaun and Rebecca were both at their desks, typing away.

'I got you a sandwich. No pretzels. Sorry.' She said, tossing the wrapped sandwich onto Rebecca's desk.

'No problem. I like sandwiches anyway.' Rebecca beamed, unwrapping it. Lucy smiled back at her and moved towards Shaun's desk.

'Hey Shaun. Anything on the Peard family?' She asked, placing a wrapped chocolate éclair by his keyboard.

'Nope, nothing. Fizzles out after Colonel Whitehead. Is that an éclair? Lovely!' Shaun snatched it up and tore off the wrapping. Lucy tilted her head, amused.

'You're chirpy.' She noted.

'Who, me? Nah, I just like éclairs.'

Lucy watched him tuck in for a moment, frowning, before giving a dismissive shrug and going back to her desk. The perfect place to eye Desmond in the Animus.

And in the corner of his monitor, Shaun watched Rebecca's reflection, which watched him back.


For the rest day, Shaun's heart made itself at home in the back of his throat.

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