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Once the plane lands Eric and I are hauled off and thrown in to the back of one of Felipe's limos, guards on each side of us and Victor and two of his vampires sitting across from us. Quinn and the others follow in another limo just behind us.

When we pull up to the back entrance of the Casino who but Sandy herself is waiting at the door with more of Felipe's royal guards. As I'm dragged from the limo I see her smile like a shark ready for the kill and it's all I can do not to try to break free of the vampires holding me so I can run over and kick her.

"Victor, well done! Sherriff Northman welcome back to Nevada, and of course my beloved Queen, I'm so happy to have you safely back." Sandy chuckles evily and gives me a mock bow. From there we're dragged into Felipe's throne room with the whole gang following behind.

Sandy was obviously going for shock value with this whole thing because as soon as we're hauled into the room Felipe stands up and looks around quite shocked. It's clear he wasn't expecting his night to go quite like this.

"Sandy, Victor what is the meaning of this?" He asks looking around, trying to make sense of everything that's going on.

Victor takes his opportunity and spins quite the compelling yarn about how Eric and I were discovered tonight naked on my living room floor engaging in only the most obsense sexual acts. And how poor Victor was only there to try, at Sandy's request, to find me and give me a message regarding my schedule for tomorrow when Sandy couldn't reach me on my house phone or cell. How when pressed Eric and I admitted that we had been engaging in a many years long affair that began when Felipe, so blinded by his misguided love, started allowing me to visit Louisianna. And of course, as promised, how Eric desperate to save his own skin begged and cried like a frightened little girl for his undead existance. Madden finishes off by telling Felipe how grief stricken he is to have to be the one to expose the henious betrayal of Felipe's Queen and Sherrif, but that as Felipe's most humble servant what other course of action could he take?

Victors vampires now step up and corroborate the story he's just told embroidering the tale here and there for maximum effect. I can see by Felipe's face that he so angry, so entirely enraged by what he hears that he isn't thinking straight. He won't bother to question why Victor came to give me a simple message armed with thirty guards or why Sandy wouldn't try calling my guards if she couldn't raise me on my personal lines. Nope common sense is not a part of tonight's proceedings and given that these people are vampires a fair trial won't be either.

Before Quinn can come up and add his two sense to Victor's tale Felipe holds up his hand and demands silence. He steps down off of the dias where his throne sits and walks straight up to me. His face is like the arctic sea and I don't dare try to say anything.

"I warned you," He says softly. "I warned you what the penalty would be for toying with me." With that he hauls his arm back and back hands me acrross the face, sending me flying into the opposite wall and then crumpling to the floor. When I can open my eyes without feeling dizzy I find that Felipe has forced Eric down onto his knees and is holding a sword in his hand. He was just waiting for me to regain my wits so that I could see, as he promised, the moment he ends Eric's life.

Eric and I share one brief but meaningful look before he lowers his head and accepts his fate. I can hear myself crying and I know that in moments the man I could never stop loving will be nothing but a pile of flaking ash on floor. I feel my sanity starting to slip away from me, and just as I'm about to scream everything just stops.

Suddenly there is a giant commotion on the other side of the throne room doors and before any of us have the ability to prepare ourselves the doors come falling down and on top of them are Pam, Bill, and Rasul all baring swords and flanked by some very familiar wolves, were panthers, and one particularly welcomed lion. Before anyone can react, and proving that he must have expected it all along, Eric takes advantage of Felipe's distraction and shoves him into the wall with all of his strength knocking Felipe over and causing him to drop his sword.

Then all hell breaks loose. I'm tucked up against the corner of a wall still chained so all I can do is watch as Bill, Rasul, and all the weres charge Felipe, Victor, and their men. I see Quinn hurriedly phase and decide to go after Sam. Pam rushes through the mele faster than I can track her and when she appears in my vision again she's slicing through the chains holding Eric with what must be one very sharp sword. Once he's freed Eric takes a spare sword that Pam was concealing and goes after Victor. The two werewolves that had been fighting him step back knowing, even in their phased state, that this kill belongs to Eric.

I'm still a little dizzy and so I'm very, very suprised when Pam suddenly appears in front of me and again cuts the chains that are binding me. I look up at her and I can't believe she would ever help me but apparently Eric must have told her to just moments ago. She hands me a stake and I'm beginning to wonder where she is keeping all of these weapons when I see Felipe come up behind her.

"Pam watch out!" Pam turns around and deflty paries Felipe's swing and they begin to fight. I look over trying to find Eric and in a blinding flash I see him sever Victor's head from his body. In a fair fight Victor never had a chance. When I look back at Pam though things aren't going so well. Pam and Felipe are not more than a few paces from me and I can see that he has somehow seperated Pam from her weapon. Unarmed she ducks to avoid his swing and he kicks her square in the head knocking her to the floor. He's just about to bring his sword down on her head when I seem to regain my ability to react.

With all the spead a mere human can muster I run over to Felipe and without a second thought plant the stake firmly in his back, shove it through to the other side with all of my might, and watch him disintegrate into nothing.

With his death and Victor's the fighting in the room seems to stop. I can still hear that there is a commotion going on outside and I know later I'll be wanting answers as to how exactly all this just happened, but right now I'm just glad that the people in this room that I love, Eric, Pam, Bill, Sam, Alcide, and Calvin are all alive and relatively unharmed. Sam seems to have Quinn cornered and roars at him in open threat seeming to tell him to be still, and Alcide and two of his wears have Sandy on the floor and she appears to be missing both a leg and and arm when Eric holds up his sword.

"Your King is dead. I claim his throne as a right of conquest. All who wish to live will surrender there arms now." Out of nowhere I see Quinn, still in his tiger form gives a terrible sounding roar and pushes past Sam. He takes a running jump and I hear myself scream when I realize that he's going to land on Eric and rip his throat out. At this point however Eric shows what a thousand years of fighting skill coupled with vampire speed and agility gets you, and why I should always have trusted him. He barely even reacts, just turns slightly, takes a half step back, and holds up his sword. The end result is that when Quinn lands he is impaled solidly on Eric's blade. The two of them fall over but Quinn is already dead when they hit the ground. Eric pushes Quinn's dead, and now human, body off of him, stands as though nothing much has happened, and proceeds to pull his sword out of Quinn as though he's removing gum from his shoe.

Those of Victors vampires and the royal guards that are left drop their weapons and surrender without a second thought. Eric nods to Wallace and Bill and they leave to tell everyone else that Felipe is dead and the fight is over.

Pam takes a hold of what is left of Sandy and orders two more of Eric's vampires to lock her up.

Eric himself is across the room and at my side in a flash. Before I can say anything he grabs me up in the single most passionate, toe curling, desire inducing, panty drenching kiss that any two people have ever shared. When he releases my lips and sets me back on my feet he's wearing a truimphant grin.

"I take it you were expecting our guests?" It's not really a question and Eric just nods and looks me up and down, eyes filled with desire. I want to just throw him down and take him right here on the blood drenched marble floor, but instead I frown and state the very obvious thing that just sort of dawned on me. "Your King now." Eric's smile widdens just a tad and I hear him chuckle.

"For the next few hours anyway." Before I can ask him what he means by that Pam, Bill, Wallace, and Rasul are all back and Eric is rapping out orders on what to do next to Secure the Casino and make sure his coup isn't subject to a coup.

I tell Eric where I'll be and leave him to the important decisions to go back to my apartments, wash off the blood and ash, and change into something that isn't crusted in my dead husband.

A while later, after I've showered and changed the door to the royal apartments open. I run out of the bathroom expecting to see Eric but instead I find Pam.

"Eric asked me to come check on you." She says, her voice completely flat. I feel flustered for a moment not really knowing what to do.

"Listen Pam, I don't know what Eric has or hasn't told you but..." Pam stops me mid sentance by doing something I never in a million years would have anticipated. She comes up in front of me and wraps her arms tightly around me in a hug.

"Eric told me everything. I happy to know I wasn't wrong all those years ago when I called you my friend." I just smile and hug her back. Just then the door opens again and this time it is Eric.

"Ah I see his Majesty has arrived." Pam disengages from me and gives me a kiss on each cheek before turning to leave the room. On her way out she passes Eric and they clasp hands, smiling broadly at each other. Eric give's Pam's cheek a soft carress and she gives his hand a final squeeze and then she's gone.

Alone now, Eric and I walk towards each other as if pulled by some unseen force and when we close the distance between us he takes me in his arms and holds me tightly, kissing the top of my head and caressing my hair. I just stand there for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of being in his arms for the first time in ten long years. I disengage from him just slightly so that I can look up at him.

"Eric what on God's green earth just happened?" Eric laughs loud and long at that, and then plants a kiss on my nose before telling me the whole thing.

"As you surmised already I was prepared for tonight's attack. Even though Victor has not made a move against me since that night he had Bruno attack you and Pam I knew that was not the end of it. We vampires are very patient creatures after all. So over the years I have been steadily gathering forces, and with Rasul's help persuading the vampires that were formally loyal to Victor to change sides. The vampires that you saw with him tonight are the only ones that were still truly loyal to him. Well all accept one who contacted Rasul earlier this evening to tell him that Victor was ready to make his move. We've been expecting something to happen for the last several weeks now and so my forces and our allies were ready, though I didn't have the least idea that Madden's plan would include you. I didn't realize the full extent of his plans until I was captured, which is why I allowed myself to be taken. Rasul was apparently just minutes to late to get to us at your house but he made it here in good time. Though I would have preferred him to have been a tad bit earlier, I guess in terms of dramatic effect, I couldn't have asked for better." Eric smiles down at me deservedly proud of himself.

"And now you're King." I state it blandly. Eric just chuckles.

"For the moment." I frown at him.

"You said something to that effect before. What does that mean?" He takes my hand and leads me over to the couch, sitting me down and kneeling in front of me.

"It means that as the leader of this little coup I have the right to claim Felipe's throne, no one would despute that. And if need be I will do so, but to be honest I had intended to pass my claim to Pam." I give him a puzzled look.

"Why would you do that?" He laughs, carresses my cheek, and kisses me softly.

"I had hoped that, in light of the things you told me on the plane, you might want to get away from all of this politics, and intrigue, and vampire shit- as you used to call it, and come away with me to some place quiet. Some place were we might try and forget about the last ten years, and maybe attempt to regain that which has been taken from us." I hear him say the words but it's as though I can't processes it. I just can't believe it. I can't believe that after all the misery and all the heartache I've caused him he still wants me.

"Do you really still love me?" I ask, my heart nearly bursting. Eric just smiles at me, tender and sweet and looks deep into my eyes so that I can see the truth behind his words.

"With the entirety of my being. I have tried to hate you, and tried to replace you, but never, not for a single night of the last ten years have I not loved you." Eric looks as though he wants to say more, and I know that a big conversation about the tragic mess the last ten years have been and about trust and honesty is coming down the line, but for the moment he seems to decide to table it and instead pulls me to him, his mouth descending again on mine. I wrap my arms around him and allow myself to be carried away by the overwhelming emotions swirling within me. When we break the kiss I take his face in both of my hands.

"Then I'll follow you anywhere in the world!" With that I pull Eric's face to mine again, and we spend the remaining hours until dawn rediscovering each other, beginning to regain what seemed like it would be lost to us both forever.