Resurrection of the Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 27: Worth it

I opened the door.

To say the least, the scene which greeted me, was utterly ridiculous.

First of all, I have no idea what happened to my apartment. The place was a mess, of expensive furniture and trash. There was a giant chandelier sitting in the middle of the room. Large boxes were everywhere, and my old sofa was thrown to the side, along with my small TV. There were clothes everywhere – expensive, designer dresses and shoes – so many shoes, as if someone had thrown a VIP party in here.

A moan of pleasure came from the side. I looked over, seeing a luxurious sofa, far superior to my old one, black and leathered, sitting in front of an obscenely large flat-screen TV. Lying on the floor was pink flamingo statue, the pieces of a grand piano, and a… moose head?

Sitting on the sofa was my… newly acquired slave, the Kyuubi, and she was straddling someone underneath her. Her hands massaging and kneading, she concentrated on her work, a smug, self-satisfied smile on her face.

And lying on the couch, her face buried in a pillow, was none other than Kurenai, moaning in pleasure, as she arched her back to respond to the Kyuubi's ministrations. "Oh yes, Kitsune-chan… up… up a little more… yes… left… YES!"




The door slammed behind me, as I stood there at the doorway, shocked, at both the state of the room, and the two women on the sofa…

"…Naruto-kun!" Kurenai turned her head over and greeted me with wide eyes. "You… you're back!" Her face became redder than a tomato.

Kyuubi, while continuing to massage her, turned over and gave me a devilish smirk. "Naruto-sama. How was your day?"

"…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?" I roared, incredulous. The room looked as if a rich family had just moved in, decided that the entire place needed renovation, and were now waiting for their servants to clean up the mess.

Besides the mess, I wondered, how the hell did Kyuubi/Kurenai afford all of this?

"I can explain!" Kurenai hastily turned over, while Kyuubi shifted to let her stand up. "This was my fault…"

Before I knew it, she glomped me, her arms were wrapped around my body, as she hugged and held me tightly. "Naruto-kun… I've missed you so much." She mumbled, her smooth mane of hair brushing past my cheeks.

I could hardly believe it. I came back expecting to see Kurenai demanding to know why there was a naked woman in my house. Instead, I come back to find my room trashed, and find Kyuubi seducing Kurenai, who seemed to accept Kyuubi's presence as if it was perfectly normal!

"Kurenai-chan…" I held her close to me, mixed feelings of confusion, yet closure washing over me. "What… happened?"

She pulled back, her brilliant red eyes peering into mine, as she gave me a simply radiant smile. Then, she kissed me, gripping me tightly, her fingers running through my hair, the immense feeling of her soft curves tightly pressed against me.

Deciding to temporarily ignore the reality, I kissed her back, our lips interacting in the most passionate way, each kiss emanating warmth and pleasure. Her scent was that of cherries and glacial water, and the familiarity of her persona came crashing back on me, it was as if we had just seen each other yesterday.

"I will explain everything." She stated, pulling back and giving me a warm look. "But first, I just can't believe it, I'm so impressed that you managed to summon such a powerful familiar!"

"What?" At that point, I noticed the Kyuubi, an evil glint in her eye as she watched us.

Kurenai hugged me once more. "Kitsune-chan… she opened the door for me earlier, since you weren't here. At first, I was surprised to see her, since I didn't know who she was, but in the past few hours, we've become quite good friends!"

"… really now…"

I expected quite a bit of awkwardness when I came back, expecting the Kyuubi and Kurenai to be uncomfortable with each other, but never would I have imagined this… they were already on "-chan" terms!

My Jounin girlfriend beamed at me, quite uncharacteristically. "Indeed, Naruto-kun. A lot has happened, in fact. You are curious, what happened to your place, correct?"

I slowly nodded.

"Well… it's quite a long story…"

She led me to sit on the sofa, as she leaned against me.

Meanwhile, Kurenai began to speak.


So, Team 8 had just returned from their mission to Wave the previous evening, and after a short de-briefing session this morning, Kurenai came straight here. (While team 8, of course, went to Ichiraku's…)

Since I wasn't home, the Kyuubi answered instead, and introduced herself as Kitsune, my summon. She told Kurenai that I had somehow managed to summon her during my mission to Snow, and that she was a minor summon of the legendary demon, Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox.

All I knew was, the Kyuubi's ability to lie and deceive were literally unmatched. So evidently, Kurenai believed the Kyuubi's story to be true, as to who she was (a minor fox summon), and how she ended up in my apartment (to protect me until the Kyuubi calls her back). And then they began talking about Kurenai's mission.

So the mission itself actually went quite well. Kurenai's recounting was very similar to Kiba's, except without the bragging and some misrepresentations.

Guarding a bridge-builder to complete a bridge in the poor country of Wave, Kurenai and Team 8 soon encountered two very powerful Ninja – a swordsman named Zabuza, and later, a boy named Haku.

By herself, Kurenai defeated Zabuza using a combination of extremely high-level genjutsus, which caused Zabuza to believe he was stabbing Kurenai, when he was in fact stabbing himself. Needless to say, by the point he realized his mistake, he was already suffering from near-fatal wounds.

Then, a hunter-nin interrupted the fight, and tried to pretend that he had been hunting Zabuza the entire time. He disappeared with the swordsman, and tried to run away.

However, Shino managed to place a bug on the Hunter-nin before he disappeared, and Team 8 realized very quickly that Zabuza and the hunter-nin were in fact, working together.

They easily tracked the pair down, since the hunter-nin was slowed, having to carry Zabuza on his back. Contrary to Kiba's "story," they didn't actually defeat the two. Instead, after a short conversation, the hunter-nin, whose name was Haku, agreed that he and Zabuza would abandon the mission, in exchange for sparing their lives.

With that encounter, the mission was changed to an A-rank, but the following weeks were relatively peaceful. They stayed at the bridge-builder's house, and protected the builders as they finished.

Only until the final day, did further trouble occur. Gatou, the shipping magnate who originally hired Zabuza and Haku, showed up with 100 bandits, and threatened to kill the bridge builders and blow up the bridge.

However, they got nowhere – Kurenai's genjutsu, along with Hinata's Byukagan, Kiba's Fang techniques, and Shino's energy-draining bugs, defeated the bandits easily, leaving them as prisoners to the rest of the Wave citizens.

Gatou managed to escape, vowing revenge. He vowed to destroy the economy of Wave by imposing an embargo, trying to mess up the economy by barricading the surrounding areas with bandits, making it incredibly risky to do business.

Because Team 8's job was only to see the bridge to completion, they left and returned to Konoha, knowing that until Gatou was eliminated, Wave Country could never truly be rebuilt.

And that was what would have happened, given Wave's lack of resources, and Konoha's unwillingness to help (Wave was too poor to afford anything higher than a C-ranked mission from Konoha).

That is, until Kyuubi entered the picture.

Apparently, as soon as Kyuubi heard Kurenai's story, she disappeared.

Then, five minutes later, Kyuubi reappears, with Gatou's head and a… rather large bag of money. When Kurenai told this, Kyuubi, who sat smugly with her arms crossed, leaning against the other armrest, puffed out her chest a little, arrogantly.

"WHAT?" I yelled, dumbfounded.

Kurenai nodded, smiling. "It's not unusual for a Jinchuuriki to have a summon so powerful, Naruto-kun. Your parents would be very proud of you."

My mouth opened and closed, like a fish.

She gestured to the room, the chandelier, the flat-screen TV, the luxurious couch, the pink flamingo statues, the moose heads and the grandfather clock on the side, the absurd amount of dresses and shoes piled on boxes of god-knows-what. "And then she said that you wanted her to buy some things for the house! So we went shopping."

"I didn't ask for it, but she bought me these dresses and shoes… she also gives amazing massages too… she told me she's been trained at some bath-…"

I stood up, abruptly. "Kurenai-chan… can I have a few words with… Kitsune-chan, in private?"

"… of course, Naruto-kun…" My all-too-innocent older girlfriend replied, expression confused.

Kyuubi simpered at me with doe-eyes. "Hmm? Naruto-sama, do you need something?"

I didn't buy the innocent act at all. Eyeing the Kyuubi dangerously, I grabbed her arm and roughly led her into the bedroom, closing it behind me and leaving Kurenai in the living room by herself.


Glaring at the Kyuubi, I was at a loss of words. Not only did she disobey me, she went ahead and killed someone, plundered a mountain of cash, bought a ridiculous amount of outlandish furniture, and now was seducing Kurenai shamelessly behind my back!

All of that… in the span of merely a few hours…

Kyuubi sat on the bed, grinning at me like a fox that just ate an entire family of rabbits.

"Master… no need to be shy… if you want to fuck, you know I'm ready." She purred, while sensuously undressing herself. "Perhaps, you should invite Kurenai-chan here too… we can have a threesome right now!"

I had to take a moment to recollect myself. "What the hell? I… I… I don't think Kurenai-chan's not that kind of woman!"

She frowned. "But master, I am! And I want to fuck NOW!"

"Damnit! Not right now, slave!" I rebuked, trying to remember why I brought her here in the first place.

Pouting, she positioned herself right next to my crotch and sniffed.

"… HA! You can say whatever you want, but you can't hide from your scent! You've had sex today with someone else!" She leered. "Who was it? Anko-chan? Ayame-chan? Hmm? Someone I don't know about?"

Groaning, I took a step back from her inquisitiveness. "It was… it was Ayame. And it wasn't sex, she just… well, ok, she did blow me…"

Kyuubi's face was that of pure triumph. "Master, I'm so impressed, teehehehe. You've gotten blown by two hot girls and you didn't even have to return the favor. Why not let me blow you too? You don't have to do anything either, as long as your cock is in my mouth, I'll feel pleasure!"

My face crimson like a volcano, I decided that this direction was almost certainly going to end badly for me. "Stop trying to distract me from what I was going to say! I told you to buy groceries!" I scolded, changing the topic. "Not… whatever's out there!"

Kyuubi stuck her tongue at me. "Why not, master? Once we set everything up, your apartment will look amazing. Kurenai-chan even said that she'll help me design your place. I know it's messy but we were just taking a break!"

"But I don't need any of that! I'm a ninja, not a noble... I spend all my time outside."

"So? The fact that you have me, as your slave, makes you a noble. And that means you have to live in luxury!"

"No. Just no. As your master, I command you get rid of it all!" I demanded, feeling my blood pressure rise.

A brief pause. Kyuubi looked a bit confused as to whether she was supposed to 'obey.'

Then she stuck her tongue at me. "No way! Master, I may be your slave, but as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, I demand a higher standard of living!" She smirked arrogantly. "You forget that I am the Queen of all demons? I refuse to live like the rest of you mortal trash!"

The wall looked like an enticing place to pound my head against. What kind of slave does this?

I sighed, judging the current direction of the conversation to be a dead end. "… ok. Fine. But can you at least… clean everything up?"

She nodded. "I will master, don't worry about that, teehehehe."

I thought of something else. "Also. What were you doing with Kurenai-chan? Why are you trying to seduce her?"

The red-haired, red-eyed demoness grinned. "Because she's hot. You won't fuck me, master, so I have to find someone else to do it with!"

"But… why her?" I asked, incredulous. "Of all people… and also, she's a woman, she can't exactly… you know…" I blushed, reddening.

She winked. "So? She can't fuck me like you can, but at least we can still touch and lick each other. I mean… it's not the same as a man… but if I can't have yours… I don't want anyone else's. You're my master Naruto-sama, only you can stick your cock in me…"

Following this revelation, I felt a deep magnetic pull to her. She… she wanted me so badly, yet, she was willing to wait until I was comfortable to be with her. Her statement of loyalty seemed far too out of character for a normal human woman to say, yet… for a demon… well, I don't even know, really.

"Also… at least I can get her to play with my tits. That's also something you're unwilling to do!"

"What! That's not true! You never asked me to!"

The glint in her eyes was more predatory than ever. "Hehe, really! Mm, well, here they are!" She peeled off her "rags," until her two luscious, magnificent breasts bounced out and beckoned at me.

Turning her back, she pressed herself against me, grinding her butt against my crotch.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" My mind was in a haze – a rather perverted one, at that. She had trapped me, by first accusing me of something I never did, and then forcing me to make good on my statement. I had fallen into her trap, like a fat mouse on an eating binge.

She turned her head and licked my cheeks. "Just a little grope, master, please!"

Blushing, I resigned myself to my fate, with my instincts leading the way. I tentatively put my arms around her, and my hands touched her soft chest for the very first time. She was definitely bustier than most, and yet, her slim waist gave her a perfect body, captivating and enthralling, like a goddess.

As I played with her breasts, my fingers running over her erect nipples, she moaned huskily, her entire body radiating pleasure and satisfaction.

I felt mesmerized by the touch of her mounds. Each time my fingers touched her skin, I felt an electrifying sense, as if my hands themselves were having an orgasm. I twisted and folded her breasts, and lost myself in her curves.

So much that I completely forgot that I had another girl waiting outside in the common room, until I heard a knock at the door.

"Naruto-kun? Is everything ok in there?" Kurenai's voice came from the door.

Crap! I had completely forgotten about her. My eyes widened, as I snapped out of my daze. "… oh! I'll be right out Kurenai-chan!"

Kyuubi turned around and leered at me, her own hands rubbing her tits together like a potter molding clay, drool coming out of her mouth. "Master, I'm so wet right now... please, tell Kurenai to come in here, I will seduce her and then we can fuck!" She pressed her breasts against me, rubbing them against my shoulder, trying to stimulate me.

"Later, slave!" I shook her off. "I haven't seen Kurenai-chan in almost 2 months. Let me have some alone time with her, okay?"

"Aww. You'd rather hang out with her, than me?" She whined.

I shook my head. "It's not that. We can hang out after. It's just we have a lot to catch up on."

A pause, as she pondered the situation.

"Hmph! Fine. Do you want me to leave you guys alone?"

"Umm… no, you can stay. I think she likes you, anyway. How about we eat first? And then we can all clean the place together?"

Overjoyed at being allowed to stay, she nodded obediently, putting back on her clothes.


So we cooked and ate dinner, the three of us. To my relief, Kyuubi held back her… general naughtiness, and behaved quite normally. She easily answered any of Kurenai's questions about her background, which she essentially stuck with the "minor fox summon" storyline.

Dinner consisted of broiled eel, eggplant with miso, pickled vegetables and rice. I'm not a big fan of any of that, but since Kurenai chose most of the groceries while shopping with Kyuubi, the food was definitely much healthier than my usual fare.

Afterwards, Kurenai and I spent the night helping Kyuubi clean the apartment, while sharing stories and talking about our missions, and the upcoming Chuunin Exams. The Jounin told me about the dangers involved, and while she couldn't reveal any specific details, she wanted to warn me as much as possible.

"The worst is the 2nd stage of the exam. It's this phase that some Genin get severely injured, or even killed… so I'm really worried about you, Naruto-kun. And it doesn't help, that the exam proctor this year, she's an extremely violent and doesn't care about rules…" Kurenai warned.

Violent and doesn't care about rules… vs. arrogant and taking themselves too seriously. Yikes. Even though I didn't let anything show, somehow, I had the sinking feeling that Kurenai and Anko were talking about each other…

By the time we were finished, it was almost midnight. Unexpectedly, Kurenai wanted to stay the night. She wanted to sleep with me – not in that way, but just in the same bed.

Kyuubi, after I gave her a stern look, offered to sleep on the sofa in the common area. She looked as if she wanted to argue, but then merely pouted and took some of the old blankets I had and made herself a makeshift bed.


After showering, I tentatively got into the bed with Kurenai, who was already there, wearing nothing but a silky nightgown. Getting under the covers, my heart beat with anticipation for what would happen next.

As soon as I got in, Kurenai immediately latched on to me, giving me a warm smile, and kissed me. We made out for quite a while, her beautiful curves molding against me, as our hands wandered around each other's bodies.

Eventually, we relaxed, in a cuddling position, both of us sleeping on our sides, facing each other. I couldn't help but relish the feeling, of being able to sleep next to someone, for the first time in my life. Her soft curves wrapped around me, her nightgown was smooth and comfortable to touch.

"Kurenai-chan…" I mumbled. "Do you like Kitsune-chan?"

The red-eyed beauty smiled, as she rested her head against my chest. "She's very interesting, Naruto-kun. I like her. She's very beautiful too… even I feel attracted to her… and I'm not even a lesbian." She laughed softly. "Why do you ask?"

I exhaled in relief. "It's just… I didn't want you to feel threatened by her or anything."

She smiled. "Aww. Don't worry Naruto-kun. I'm not jealous of her living with you. She told me that you two have a very professional relationship. Plus, she's your summon anyway, I can't deny you such a powerful… ally, that will help you in the future."

I didn't say anything. Ally… more like, ticking time bomb. If only you knew, Kurenai…

Said "ally" was currently sleeping outside, on the sofa, with one of my old blankets, probably either plotting some devious plan to get into bed with me, or masturbating without abandon. Or plotting to take over the world… I'll never know with her.

The entire day had been simply exhausting. Mentally and physically… and the challenges that awaited me, the Chuunin Exams, recovering my skills and muscle memory, and now having to deal with the Kyuubi and Kurenai, and all of that...

But for right now, I wanted to forget about all of that.

"Good night, Naruto-kun." She gave me a quick kiss.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, the most amazing, and comfortable feeling in the world. The feeling of peace, of mutual affection, care, and satisfaction… the feeling simply overwhelmed me.


It was dark. Kurenai's sleeping form was curled around mine, her head sleeping on my shoulders, her form lightly pressed against my front.

Someone was poking my shoulder.

Sleepily, I turned over. It was Kyuubi, standing next to my bed. Her demonic red eyes almost seemed to glow in the dark.

Fuck! I almost jumped up in fright.

"Master…" She whispered softly. "I can't sleep by myself. Can… can I sleep with you too?"

Shaking myself lightly, I reminded myself that she was my loyal slave, and that if she wanted to hurt or kill me, she would have done so already.

"… uhhgh… fine…" I replied back, my head hitting the pillow once more in exhaustion.

Giving me a grateful smile, she quickly got under the blankets behind me.

"I'm so happy master… you're the best." She mumbled, as she curled up behind me, pressing her chest against my back. Her light breath hit the back of my neck, the scent of her – rose – mingling with Kurenai's cherry flavor, she snuggled against me.

With Kurenai's figure hugging around my front, and Kyuubi essentially spooning my back, I suddenly realized I was sandwiched between two of the most ravishing women on the planet. It was moments like these that made everything else worth it.

It was those chance encounters with Anko, full of passion and fire. It was those experiences with Ayame, our mutual understanding and compassion for one another. It is these experiences with Kurenai, always the feeling of warmth and safety, like I was being protected.

And the Kyuubi… perhaps, I should thank her most of all. For being there for me, when I had no one else. For saving my life. For being so loyal to me, despite me having done very little to earn that. Even though she was almost completely out of control, and in reality, her being a "slave" consisted of her making overtly sexual offers to skew my mind unbalanced and refused to listen to 90% of my orders.

But despite all of that, she was worth it, as well. So worth it.

And it was these moments, that are worth fighting for... damned I'll be if I let anyone, or anything take them away from me.