Well, here it is, another Teen Titans/Young Justice Crossover. I was inspired by Green Gallant's "Teen TitansYoung Justice: Criss Cross Crisis", except in this case it's the members of Young Justice who cross over into the Titans' universe. If you like this half as much as you like Criss Cross Crisis, I will be very pleased.


"Kid Flash … recognized …" The computerized voice echoed in the cavern. Still dressed in his civvies Kid Flash emerged from the portal, chomping on a slice of pizza while carrying a pizza box in the other. As he licked his fingers Artemis locked eyes with him.

"You're late, and you're out of uniform." She addressed him with a heavy dollop of contempt.

"Want some pizza?" He replied.

The archer rolled her eyes and began to leave.

"I wouldn't keep Batman waiting if I was you."

Wally dropped his pizza box, which hit the floor with a dull thud.

"You mean we have a mission?"


Wally bent over and picked up the box.

"So where are we going?" He asked as he zoomed to catch up with the perpetually angry girl.

"I'm not sure. All I heard was that we're going off world."

"You mean like to Mars?"

She sighed impatiently.

"I would know more if Batman hadn't sent me off to find you. You're such a goofball Wally, why can't you take your job more seriously; I know you're not stupid. We're members of the Justice League. It's an honor and privilege to be a member of this group. Do you know how many other sidekicks would kill for a spot on this team?"

Wally consumed the last slice of pizza and tossed the empty box into a trash can.

"Just how much do you eat?" She asked in a cross voice. "You're always eating."

"I need my energy."

"Maybe if you thought more before you acted, you wouldn't need so much energy."

Before Wally could reply they reached the room where Batman and the rest of the team were waiting. Batman stood in the middle, his stoic face did not betray any emotion, yet Wally could tell he was annoyed.

"Thank you for joining us Mr. West." The Dark Knight acknowledged his presence in a terse monotone.

"Sorry I'm late … sir … I mean Batman."

Batman ignored Wally's apology and turned to a console, where he tapped a few keystrokes. A hologram of an alien world appeared above them. It looked foreboding and desolate.

"This is Epsilon Eridani 4. It's 10 light years away from Earth. A consular ship from the Rigellian system has crashed there and they have requested our help in rescuing any survivors. Unfortunately no one is available right now from the Justice League so you will have to do."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Connor Kent mumbled sotto voce.

Batman turned towards him.

"If you focused more on your training, you would be able to perform this mission by yourself Superboy. Regardless, this will be a good training mission for all of you."

"How will we get there Batman?" Aqualad asked.

"You will travel on M'gann's ship through a jump portal. You should arrive there almost instantly. That will be the easy part of your mission. Epsilon Eridani 4 is a hostile world. The atmosphere is barely fit for humans and most of the planet's surface is a thick jungle teeming with deadly predators. You will leave immediately, or at least once Kid Flash has changed into his costume."

Wally shot out of the room and was back in a split second, now donning his superhero costume.

"Thank you Mr. West." He acknowledged Wally before addressing the rest of the team.

"Remember your training. Your most valuable power resides between your ears, so use it. Don't take any excessive risks, if you can't rescue them, pull out and return. Good luck."

Megan made herself comfortable in the pilot's seat on her spaceship as she completed the preflight checklist. She then plotted a course to the jump portal, which was located 1,500,000 km from Earth at the L2 LaGrange point, sitting motionlessly while following the Earth around the sun.

"The jump portal is preprogrammed for us." She announced to her crew and teammates. "We should reach the portal 56 minutes after breaking Earth orbit."

The alien spaceship lifted off and began its steep climb into the ionosphere. Wally watched in glee as the ship rose higher and higher, and rattled off all sorts of technical and scientific jargon to Artemis, who for some reason wound up sitting next to him. She rolled her eyes, regretting her seat choice.

"Do you know what a LaGrange L2 point is?" He asked her.

"No, but somehow I know you're going to tell me."

Ignoring her snide remark, he continued.

"The Lagrangian points are the five positions in an orbital configuration where a small object affected only by gravity can theoretically be stationary relative to two larger objects. L2 is the point that 1,500,000 km past earth that forms a straight line through the Earth and the Sun."

"Sounds thrilling." She remarked dryly.

Robin and Aqualad chuckled their amusement while Connor was his usual taciturn self. Megan smiled at him and invited him to sit with her at the pilot's seat. He declined.

30 minutes later a loud beep was heard on the pilot's console in the Martian ship. Megan pressed a button and Batman's voice was heard over the loudspeaker.

"I have bad news. A solar flare up occurred and the ionic storm should be reaching you before you arrive at the jump portal. We believe this one will be abnormally powerful."

Megan tapped a few buttons on her console.

"We should be OK Batman. The shields on the ship should keep us safe from any radiation. We can proceed with the mission."

"Are you sure Megan?" The Dark Knight asked.

Miss Martian muted the mike.

"What do you guys think? Do you want to turn back? We should be able to reach the protection of Earth's magnetic field before the solar storm reaches us."

"Go back? No way!" Robin replied as Kid Flash agreed with him.

"We will be in any danger if we continue?" Artemis asked.

"We should be fine, I can hurry up and try to beat the storm to the portal, but it will be close. Connor, what do you think?"

"I don't care. If anything, the storm should make me stronger."

"Aqualad?" She asked. "You're the team leader. What do you say?"

"Those Rigellians are counting on us. I say we proceed forward as planned."


Megan had quite literally "put the pedal to the metal" and the jump portal was now visible, albeit as a faint dot, in the distance.

"So, are we gonna beat the storm?" Robin asked.

Before Megan could answer the ships shields began to crackle with ionic energy as tendrils of power began to dance across the ship's protective shields. She checked her console and smiled.

"Shields are holding fine. Only a minute amount of radiation is leaking through, but at safe levels. We'll be making the jump in three minutes." She announced.

The 6 teen heroes watched as the distant dot grew larger as they approached. Soon they were able to discern the huge ring with their naked eyes, and it continued to grow.

"30 seconds." Megan announced as the tendrils of energy grew bigger and brighter as they continued to dance across the ships shields, which continued to hold.

"15 seconds." She announced as the portal slowly came to life. At first several beacon lights on the ring, which was 1 km in diameter, began to flash.

"5 seconds."

The area inside of the ring turned blue in color and rippled as if it were liquid.

"Prepare for the jump, it might get a little bumpy."

The ship passed through the blue barrier.

And all hell broke loose as the ship began to tumble violently inside of the artificial wormhole.

"Megan! What's happening?" Aqualad shouted over the din of blaring alarms.

"I'm not sure." She replied. "I think that the shield was excessively ionized … I've lost all helm control … wait … its coming back … sort of."

The ship stopped tumbling and regained its composure.

"Sort of?" Robin asked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Some of the engines are offline." She replied in a worried tone. "I've never seen anything like this before. The ship's pretty much been crippled. What do we do?"

Aqualad stared out into the wormhole as he pondered their next move.

"If the ship is crippled we should return home. If we crash land on Eridani 3 we won't be able to help the Rigellians. We should return home, repair the ship and resume the mission after repairs are completed. Megan, can you turn the ship around in the wormhole?"

"I think I can, but I'm not sure how we're going to land, at least without crashing."

"At least on Earth we won't be stranded. Turn the ship around."

The young Martian slowed the ship down to a halt inside the wormhole and carefully turned it around. Then using the ships single working thruster she got it moving again. Within a few minutes they were ready to exit through the Earth side portal.

"The shields are still up, so we should be OK with the storm." She announced.

As the small ship exited the artificial wormhole it lurched forward, shooting out of the portal like a champagne cork.

"Megan! What's wrong now?" Aqualad called out to her.

"I don't know but we're going really fast and straight towards Earth, something blasted us out of the portal, some kind of energy surge…"

"Speaking of energy, what happened to the solar storm?" Wally asked. "The shields are still working, right?"

Megan nodded, but was still alarmed as the struggled to slow the ship down.

"The storm's gone, but we're going to crash land on Earth."

"Where?" Connor asked.

"On the west coast, California to be precise."

"Can you avoid the metropolitan areas?"

Megan nodded. "I'll plot a course for the central coast. We shouldn't cause too much collateral damage if we crash land there."

"Are we gonna make it?" Wally asked.

"I think I can get us down. It won't be pretty though."

Megan began to broadcast a mayday signal as her ship entered the atmosphere in what was for all purposes a free fall. The shields continued to hold as the ship plummeted through the atmosphere, leaving a dark trail behind it. The ship brusquely decelerated as the friction of the atmosphere began to slow it down. Soon they were low enough to fly normally, which they would have had the ship not been crippled. It was then that the female Martian made an unexpected discovery.

"Kaldur! There's a city up ahead!"

"What do you mean 'a city'? What kind of city?"

"A big city! It shouldn't be there!"

"Are you sure we didn't go off course?" Aqualad replied.

"I'm positive! We're north of Los Angeles but south of the Bay Area. This city shouldn't be here!"

Megan struggled with the controls, coaxing the disabled ship to obey her commands.

"We're headed straight for the city!" She shrieked as the ship shot past a strange T shaped tower.

"There's a large park up ahead, I'm going to try to land there!"

The alien vessel hit the ground and began to roll, tearing up trees and any other vegetation that stood in its path, sliding hundreds of yards until it came to a halt, leaving a deep trench in its wake. The wreckage sat silently, the only sound being that of fire engines in the distance.

A two on two basketball game was being played on roof of the T shaped tower that stood on the island in the middle of the bay. One team consisted of a bionic man and green skinned male teenager. The other team was an orange skinned alien and a masked boy who wore a cape. The game was lively and the two teams exchanged friendly trash talk as the score was tied. Nearby, a gray skinned girl sat in the lotus position, levitating while she read a book that looked so old that a mere sneeze would disintegrate it.

"C'mon Raven! You never play with us!" The green lad complained.

"Yes Raven, come basket the ball with us! It is most stimulating!" The alien girl added.

Raven rolled her eyes.

"We all remember what happened the last time I played basketball with you."

"It's OK Raven, I've got whole box full of balls this time. It won't matter if you pop one this time."

The gray sorceress was about to tell her friends that she wasn't interested when they all heard a sonic boom. Looking up they all saw the alien looking vessel streak by the tower, plunging into the heart of the city. Seconds later they heard a loud crash. Robin tossed the basketball back into to box with the dozen spare balls.

They had been a team for a few years and knew their roles well, well enough to not need any instruction from their fearless leader. Nevertheless, he followed their time honored tradition and shouted the famous words:

"Titans go!"


The crash site was a scene of mayhem as the 5 local superheroes arrived. Park goers, who had all miraculously escaped injury, were fleeing the park anyway they could. The emergency response units had yet to arrive and the area around the crashed spaceship was blazing in flames. The Titans approached the ship through the deep trench that the ship had left in its path. They got as close as they could before being repelled by the searing heat. Robin reached into his belt and with a perfect arc motion of his arm launched 4 disks at the ship. They exploded, releasing their freezing action, which partially subdued the flames.

Meanwhile Raven became airborne. Using her dark energy she formed a huge shovel, and began to smother the burning ship with dirt. In less than a minute the flames had been subdued.

"We're clear! There's no radiation!" Cyborg shouted just before he, Starfire and Beast Boy ran to the ship. Using her mighty hands the Tamaranian dug her fingers into the ship's hatch and ripped it free. Beast Boy charged into the ship, ready to rescue any survivors of the horrific crash. He emerged from the ship, carrying Kid Flash's alive but unconscious form.

"What's Wally doing in that ship?" Raven asked in her monotone. "I spoke with Jinx an hour ago; they're supposed to be in Central City."

The changeling looked astounded.

"Something weird is going on. They're all alive. I don't recognize most of them, but there's a teenage version of Superman in there and … Rob … you'd better go see for yourself … you'll never believe me if I tell you."

The Boy Wonder dashed into the ship. As Beast Boy had said he didn't recognize the first few passengers. One was a green skinned girl who was seated at what appeared to be the pilot's seat. Another girl was dressed in an archer's outfit and the Kryptonian was also there, with the familiar S shaped logo printed on his black T-shirt. It was then than Robin saw him, and he gasped.

"What the hell is going on?" He muttered.


The Titans stared at the 6 strangers who were resting in the Tower's infirmary. Raven had contacted Jinx since their return and Kid Flash had arrived moments before.

"Dude he looks just like you!" Beast Boy remarked.

"He is him, and that kid, even though he's younger, he's Robin."

"Are you sure Cyborg?" The local Boy Wonder replied.

"DNA tests don't lie man."

Robin sighed.

"This had better not be one of Larry's pranks, or so help me I'll …"

Superboy leaped out of his bed, his eyes were betraying the confusion he was feeling.

"Stay away from me!" He shouted.

"Friend do not be concerned, we only wish to help you." Starfire attempted to reassure him. His response was to throw a haymaker at her, which she blocked with her forearm.

"You're strong!" He growled at her.

"As are you. Please believe me, we wish you no harm. Your spaceship crashed and we rescued you and your friends."

Conner recalled the crash and dropped out of his fighting stance into a more relaxed pose.

"Who are you?" A familiar voice called out to him. The Kryptonian clone turned to its source.

"Robin! You're OK!" He shouted before doing a double take. "You're not Robin! Who are you?"

"I asked you first. But you're right, I am Robin. I'm just not your Robin. Now will you please tell me who you are? And what's with the symbol on your chest? You're not Superman and you certainly aren't Supergirl."

Connor then saw the boy he recognized as Robin.

"Just relax man; your friends are fine, just shaken up from the crash. Now why don't you tell us who you all are?" Cyborg interjected.

Connor looked around the sickbay and saw that his teammates were all resting peacefully. He took a closer look at his alleged rescuers. There was something familiar yet different about some of them. He pointed at Beast Boy.

"Are you a Martian?"

"No dude, I'm a changeling."

Connor frowned as he turned to Cyborg.

"I recognize you. You're from Metropolis. Superman told me about you."

"I don't know what to say man, but I haven't lived in Metropolis for years."

Connor continued to take in his surroundings. He saw a violet haired girl with a blue cape and … Kid Flash?

"Let me guess, you're not my Kid Flash?"

Before Wally could reply the remaining members of the Young Justice Team slowly began to wake up. Aqualad was the first to sit up, followed by Miss Martian, then Kid Flash and Artemis. Robin was the last to get up.

Artemis was the first to notice that there were two copies of Kid Flash.

"OK, now I know I died and got sent to hell."

"What's her problem?" Titan Wally asked his counterpart.

"You don't have one like her?" Kid Flash replied.

"In a way I do."

Local Robin crossed his arms and addressed the strangers.

"OK, this is obviously confusing for everyone, so we're going to take the first step."

The 6 strangers stared at him in anticipation.

"This had better be good." Artemis growled.

"I'm Robin and these are Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. We're the Teen Titans and we're the protectors of Jump City. He's Kid Flash. He lives in Central City and is an honorary Teen Titan."

Aqualad stood up.

"My name is Kaldur'ahm, but I am also known as Aqualad…"

"Dude, we also have an Aqualad, but he doesn't look like you."

Robin raised his hand.

"Never mind that Beast Boy … please continue Aqualad."

"Thank you … Robin. These are my teammates: Miss Marian, Artemis, Kid Flash, Superboy and … Robin. We are the Young Justice League."

"We welcome you to our city friends." Starfire began. "But tell us, from where did you come? We are familiar with the Robin and the Kid Flash, but the rest of you are strange to us …"

Raven stood at the back of the room, carefully studying the strangers with her empathic powers. As far as she could tell none of them were being deceptive. Suddenly she felt a presence in her mind.

Who are you? Identify yourself!

Raven didn't need to wait for Miss Martian to come clean. She was able to sense it. Raven locked eyes with her.

I'm sorry; I was just reading your minds to see if you were telling us the truth.

Raven approached the green girl.

"Miss Martian, why don't you tell us what you read in my teammate's minds?"

Megan blushed.

"I'm sorry, I know it's considered rude to read minds on Earth, but … well, I needed to know if you were telling us the truth."

"And what is your verdict?" Raven asked in her gravelly monotone. "Are we friend or foe?"

"Friend." Megan announced as she turned to the other Titans. "Please forgive me for violating your privacy. And please believe me that we are also friends."

"I know. I'm an empath and while you are all very concerned and confused at this time, I did not sense any malice in your emotions."

She then pointed at Superboy. "You, however, are full of anger."

"Tell us something we don't know." Artemis sneered.

"Where are you from Aqualad?" Robin asked again.

"I know that this will make no sense, but we are from Earth."

"From another Earth." The YJ Kid Flash replied. "The question is, how did we get here?"

"And do we get home?" Aqualad added.