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"Hey, looks like he's waking up!"

Slowly, painfully, Benji came to. His spine, from his neck to his tail, was aching, and he had no idea where he was. He lifted his head slightly, trying to blink away the blurriness and make sense of his surroundings, which seemed to be obscured by strips of black.

Where ever he was, he wasn't alone. All around, he could hear whispering, and maybe he had just had a very hard knock on the head, but the voices seemed to be talking about him.

"I thought he was dead,"

"Well, didn't you see that knock they gave him? Anyone his size would be in pretty bad shape if they got a hit like that…"

"What is he, though? I mean, he looks a little like a Spoink and a Vulpix got a little close, if you know what I mean…"

With the blurriness almost gone, Benji groaned and pulled himself up. Now he realized why it had been so hard to see at first- the black strips hadn't been his eyes, it had been dark metal bars, attached to the rest of the cage.

He wasn't the only one trapped, though. In the dim light, he realized that cages were stacked high all over the little room, and all were filled with Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. Sad-looking Tympole clustered together, two Blitzles sparked nervously, and a Munna dozed, shuddering occasionally as it lost itself in someone else's nightmares. The other cages were full of creatures he'd never seen before- a pink cat-like Pokémon with large ears, a creature that looked like a Patrat with smaller eyes and buck teeth, a sturdy looking elephantine thing with blue skin, and a huge, hulking figure he only now just realized was not a rock.

Cautiously, he thrust his snout through the bars. "Hello? Where are we?"

"Hey," Said a round brown bird with large red eyes. "He is up!"

"Nice to see you up," Commented one of the Blitzles. "I'm surprised you weren't knocked comatose by that hit on the head!"

"What?" His head ached, true, but he remembered nothing. "What are you talking about?"

"You set up a mighty squealin' when they dragged you up, yup yup." Explained the buck-toothed Patrat. "You'd only just come around, too. The only way they could keep ya quiet was to whack ya, I guess."

Benji shook his head. "Well they must have hit me really hard- I don't even remember that happening!"

"Those men sure were rough," Shivered a Tympole. "What do they want with us?"

No one seemed sure of that.

"They said doing this was for our own good…" A wavering voice suggested.

"Oh yes, because locking someone in a cage does wonders for your health," Snapped someone else.

"Well, the other men the leader was talking to weren't like the Grey Men… Maybe that one is helping us?"

"Maybe they're taking us somewhere safer?"

"What if this is some new Trainer thing?"

"What if they're getting rid of Viridian Forest?" A green insect-creature wailed. That seemed to make things worse.

"They wouldn't! They wouldn't dare!"

"I want to go home!"

"Food! I'll tell you what they're doing!" The blue Pokémon raised its trumpeting voice above the rest." "They're gonna ship us off to slaughter houses, and then they'll slit our throats! The ones that won't get eaten will still have their coats worn for clothes, or put to work cleaning up the mess! That's what they do! That's what-!"

"Will you all SHUT UP ALREADY?"

Everyone shut up.

The voice had come from the cage beside Benji. Inside it was a small purple rodent. It looked like it had seen a lot more trouble than the others- its fur was scruffy, and one ear had a notch in it. It glared out at the other Pokémon with such ferocity that even the largest fell silent.

"Some of you," He said at last. "Would say that they're helping us. Others would say we're gonna be human-food. Well, you know what? Everything you lot is saying is a load of Tauros-crap. You get that?" He settled himself down, a little more relaxed. "I'll tell you what's goin' on. Whatever the Grey fellows want, their sure has different ideas. If you hadn't been so busy crying for your mothers, you'd have heard what's going on. Go on. Ask me."

There was a pause. Then, a yellow rodent, bigger than the speaker, asked timidly; "What's going on, Rattata?"

"We've changed hands, that's what. The Grey's boss was making deals. You see those folks that were loading us on? Do you know who they are?" He cast his gaze around the room. "Well, some of you might not, but those of you around Kanto and Johto will be pretty vexed to know that he just sold us over to Rockets."

There were murmurings of confusion and gasps of horror.

"That's right." Said Rattata with gloomy satisfaction. "And y'know how I know? This ain't the first time I've been shipped out. Nope, I got sent out before- but there sending me along with you lot for disobedience." He flashed a crooked smile, turning to Benji.

"Where you from then? And what are ya, anyhow?"

"I'm a Tepig. From Unova."

"Unova…" Rattata said thoughtfully. "Can't say I've ever heard of that before. Say, ya got a name, Tepig?"

"I'm Benji." He drew closer to the other Pokémon's cage. "What about you?"

"Tuss, that's what they call me." He closed his eyes. "To answer your earlier question; even I don't know where we are exactly. Somewhere in the ocean. We left Hoenn a couple of hours ago."

"The ocean?" Benji's heart leapt in his chest. "We're being taken away!"

"I believe I already explained that."

"Yes but… If these Rockets are as bad as they sound, shouldn't we be escaping? Maybe we could break the bars with a decent tackle-"

"If it was that simple, don'tcha think it would have been done?" Tuss snapped. "These bars are shock-proof, fire-proof, everything-proof. All I can say is get used to it."


"Or, if not get used to it, then at least don't bother me about it." The Rattata turned over on his side.

Sinking feeling growing in his chest, Benji spat a couple of embers on the plastic floor of his cage. It didn't do anything to it, but it did heat it up to make him comfortable.

Feeling miserable, and already used to that strange rocking feeling he now knew was the ship, Benji eventually dozed off, dreaming of Pinwheel forest as he was taken ever further from it.

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