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Summary - Alexandria was once an angel that gave up her grace to help mankind 25 years ago. Now that the world is in it's apocalypse she's reunited with 2 Archangels she used to call her commanders, and friends. GabrielxOC.

Tears Stream Down Your Face

The ECG was hypnotic. Every QRS complex was a sharp reminder that there was still hope. She wasn't going to leave me, no, not yet. Her eyelids remained sealed, I couldn't share what she felt, if she felt anything at all. My hand placed softly in hers, a delicate pressure onto her pulse - making sure the monitor wasn't lying to me. My entire body is stiff - and I still don't know what day it is. Her face is soft - unchanged since she got here.

Soft footsteps were coming from down the hall, and I straightened myself up to appear awake. I wasn't having some nurse kick me out to tell me to get some sleep. My tired bones cracked and complained as the night shift nurse walked in for her hourly check.

We said nothing, we had a routine built by now. I would not stare at her while she was writing on the clipboard at the foot of the bed and she would not tell me to go home. She flicked a small air bubble out of my mothers morphine drip before leaving as quietly as she came.

I stared at the soft features that I grew up with. They were showing signs of age after 25 years, but I would never call my mother anything but beautiful. Her hair turning a light grey - I smiled picking out ones that I may have caused myself. She was there for me always, I wasn't going to let exhaustion keep me from being there for her.

I looked down at her opposite arm and cringed. Despite the large hospital gown covering her, you could still see the ends of large bruises peeking their ugly heads out of the fabric. I knew I shouldn't be worried about them, it was the broken body that lied under the gown that scared me.

Hard to believe some jackass in a compact car could cause so much damage to hers. A shattered femur, five cracked ribs and a nasty contusion to her lungs is what my mother is suffering from. Meanwhile, besides incarceration for driving under the influence, the only thing that bastard is suffering from is a hangover and mild head trauma. Sometimes I wonder what the fuck this world is coming to.

"I need a soda mom." I said out loud to keep my own sanity "Be back in a bit."

Reality was I needed to clear my head - to get these spiteful thoughts out. I was alone now, and I needed to compose myself.

Hospitals always gave me chills, especially now that the lights in the halls were a mere dim glow to save electric. The machines were at a turn in the long hallway, I could see their iridescent glow as soon as I left my mom's room. There was a soft rush of air around my face, and chills raced down my spine. Only when I became so nervous that I froze did I realize what scared me breathless.

"Heating...classy Alex. Whenever you're ready to grow up now." I began my walk again, albeit a little quicker.

I reached the vending machines and picked up a Mountain Dew, hello caffeine. There was a clock by the machines, 1:08 am.

"So it's the 22th today, soon to be a very merry christmas for us. Cheers." I downed about 1/4 of the can before making my way back.

I passed by the intimidating air vent a little more confidently this time on my way back, laughing at myself a bit as well. When I changed my gaze to the vent an overwhelming pressure was placed on my shoulders and I knocked myself into the wall to try to gain support. It wasn't good enough though, and I shrank down to my knees while keeping my back pressed onto the cold drywall. I heard my soda can hit the floor and began pouring out in the middle of the hall. The room turned slowly and I closed my eyes to keep my balance.

"Do not fear my presence Alexandria." A voice, my own voice spoke in my head, however I wasn't willing it to.

I couldn't reply, although my manipulated voice continued without hesitation. "Listen to me. Leave. Go to the south, and do not stop until you cannot. Do not question, your mother is safe. Go."

As quick as the weight came, it left and I found myself covered in sweat. My pupils came into focus slowly, I only noticed the nurse was speaking to me when I figured out what the white shape in front of me was.

"Can you hear me?" She asked, her voice muffled as if a bomb went off and I was feeling the aftershock.

A "mmm hmm," was all I could do right now.

She was checking my eyes separately, making sure I wasn't suffering head trauma. I began to get up, but her hands kept me down.

"Easy, not yet."

"I need...see...mom." I blubbered.

I could see her eyes glance down, breaking my stare. It was a subtle move, but my blood ran cold. One thing I was good at was reading people.

"She's...?" I was able to get out before choking on my throat becoming swollen.

"She was gone before I could get into the room. No warnings...I'm...sorry." I could tell she wasn't good at remorse and comfort.

But I didn't care. Whatever voice stealing entity rang into my head was responsible for this. I could see clearer now, the clock read 2:45. Fuck, how long was I out? I scrambled to my feet, a new energy running through me. I could concentrate and forcibly shoved the nurse off of me. I began to run down the hall.

There was only one doctor and nurse in the room. I suppose there was no need for anymore. They looked up at me when I entered and tried to see what emotions I was feeling so they could justly comfort me. My mother had a sheet over her, the soft thin material conformed around the face that I had loved unconditionally since I was born. I broke down instantly and collapsed onto the floor.

Unknown arms embraced me for the next few moments as I shook with each sob. I had just lost my best friend and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. With each moment staying in this hospital, an unknown force made my pulses quicken and anxiety rise. Something wanted me to leave, not caring that I could or not.

All three excused themselves quietly from the room 5 minutes later. I was alone with an empty corpse, as well as my mother's body, in a hospital. This was the voices way of saying I needed to leave. I gathered my purse and coat on the chair next to my mother, kissed her on the cheek quickly, and silently exited the room. No staff was between me and the door, the voice didn't want me getting caught up in legal affairs and any bills I had to pay before leaving. The frigid December air greeted me as I opened the unlocked doors to the outside.

The parking lot was deserted, so I ran to my car, quickened by my rising heart rate. Pulling out quickly, I jumped onto the first major highway heading south. A quick tally over my funds told me I had enough to fill up my tank 3 more times, about 1,100 miles. I would pass through Wyoming and Colorado.

"New Mexico here I come." I wiped the last tear I would shed from my mother off of my face.

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