The Other Side of Me

By: hydro-serpent58

Kari: A-achoo! *sneezes*

Ruby: Wait! *grabs handkerchief out of pocket* Here.

Kari: *sniffles* Thanks.

Nellie: Sorry everyone, but Kari-chan caught a cold.

Kari: *shrugs* I know a lot of you are gonna be mad at me for not updating my other fanfic, and instead putting this one up. Recently I've been reading some Warrior Cats books, and was hooked. So yesterday, I was randomly searching the web and found this fanart of Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost in Gijinka form. It's a humanoid version of a character that's an animal or something along those lines. A creature that was originally an animal becomes human version of that creature, ex: Cat - Cat Boy. So I was inspired to write something in my notebook while I was in bed. I just recently had time to type it.

Important Points to Remember:

~There are 3 stages a cat can obtain. Every stage had 2 levels, meaning there are 6 levels in all.

~In Stage 1 Level 1, the cat is just a normal cat. Basically this level is the form all readers are used to seeing.

~In Stage 1 Level 2, the cat morphs into a wilder version. For example, in S1L1 Fireheart is the size of a domestic cat, in S1L2 he becomes the size of a wild cat.

~In Stage 2 Level 1, the cat is still in its normal cat form. However, a unique characteristic is added. For example, at this stage Silverstream could have a mermaid tail.

~In Stage 2 Level 2, the cat is in its wild form and has the unique characteristic.

~In Stage 3 Level 1, the cat takes on its Gijinka form. This includes the cat ears, claws, fangs, and tail.

~In Stage 3 Level 2, the cat is in its Gijinka form. However, the characteristic is also with it. For example, Scourge could be a neko-boy with red devil wings.

~Only a few cats can take on these forms. It is usually very difficult and a stressing thing to go under when they're shifting forms. It's very rare to get past S1L1.

Kari: Anyway, I wanted to focus on the different side of Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw is usually portrayed as a serious warrior. Hawkfrost is shown as a cat that followed in Tigerstar's footsteps. I know Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost, but if you think about it, Hawkfrost truly did love his half-brother. He wanted him to be the next leader for ThunderClan.

In an AMV If saw, it showed Hawkfrost fading into Tigerstar. His smile had looked extremely forced, trapped, and upset rather than evil. Hawkfrost hadn't been able to stand up to their father since he was younger and had been exposed longer to his father than Brambleclaw had. He couldn't keep himself separate from his father anymore. Brambleclaw could never understand that because he was able to escape before their father stole and began to control his soul too. I think this is one of the reasons why Brambleclaw was able to kill Hawkfrost.

Anyway, this story is to show a different side of both of them. Of what their relationship could have been before Hawkfrost lost himself. Tigerstar opened up Hawkfrost's eyes to the possibility of leadership and influenced him. I believe that if Bramblclaw had really tried, Hawkfrost would have realized what he was doing and change. I hope you Hawkfrost haters will be able to see what Hawkfrost was like before Tigerstar screwed up his mind.

Chapter 1: Born in Grief, Raised in Hate, Helpless To Defy His Faith

Frozen inside without your touch,

Without your love darling-

Only you are the life among the dead.

Brambleclaw sighed as he left camp. It was too noisy; some quietness would do him good. He padded through the ruff ferns and bushes. Finally the trees started to lessen, and he came upon a clearing.

Satisfied, he turned into his humanoid form and relaxed. He decided to sit down on a log and look at the sky. It was nice and quiet, no tumbling kits, whining elders, or annoying warriors. He sighed enjoying the light breeze that ruffled his hair.

Suddenly, he heard the bushes rustle behind him. His cat ears pricked up and he jumped to his feet. Whipping around he stared at the far side on the forest. A brown haired figure stepped out of the shadows and came forward.

"H-Hawkfrost?" Brambleclaw asked surprised. The other boy also stood in his humanoid form. He had own a white sleeveless shirt with the bottom torn and had on long brown trousers that had black stripes going through them.

Brambleclaw blinked. He himself wore a black shirt and black knee-length shorts. He wore a short sleeved dark brown blazer on top.

Hawkfrost stepped closer so they were only a few feet apart. At that moment the sound of footsteps and crunching leaves were heard. Three warriors came bursting out of the trees leaving the bushes rattling in their quake. They came to a halt and stared at the two neko-boys. The warriors were in S1L1 state.

Dustpelt narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here? This is ThunderClan Territory!" He hissed.

Rainwhisker stepped forward. "I thought I smelt RiverClan, and I was right."

"Go back to your own Clan!" Squirrelflight growled barring her teeth.

Hawkfrost smirked and suddenly snaked his arms around Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw let out a yelp as Hawkfrost's arms encircled him from underneath his arms drawing him in closer. He found himself leaning against the other neko-boy with his back pressing against Hawkfrost's chest. He blushed as he felt his brothers' body against his. Why do they have to be here damn it! He thought embarrassedly. It was humiliating the patrol had seen him in such a position.

"So? I can visit my little brother now, can't I?" Hawkfrost replied.

The warriors shifted uneasily. Dustpelt couldn't really say anything against that. After all, they were both Tigerclaw's kits. Rainwhisker stayed silent and just watched the two. He could find nothing suspicious with that, after all he wasn't hunting on their territory or anything. Besides, Brambleclaw wasn't complaining. Surely, if he was doing anything wrong, Brambleclaw would've fought him off by now. Squirrelflight on the other hand was glaring at the darker haired boy. She didn't trust Hawkfrost at all, it didn't help that they were in different Clans.

Hawkfrost looked down at the boy in his arms and smiled. "You look cute when you blush." He whispered into his ear.

Brambleclaw's face turned ten shades darker. It felt as if his face was on fire. "I'm not cute!" He shouted incredulously. He turned his head around to meet Hawkfrost's icy blue gaze.

Hawkfrost chuckled. "Of course you are, considering you're just a kit." Brambleclaw's honey golden eyes shone like fire. "I am NOT a kit! I have a warrior name, and it's Brambleclaw!"

Hawkfrost snickered. "It just so happens dear brother, I'm a foot taller than you. So please forgive me for mistaking you for a kit." Mockery laced his voice as he said that.

If nothing had set Brambleclaw off before, that sure did. He began flailing his arms around wildly and kicking at the air.

"Let me go!" He cried struggling. He tried to pry Hawkfrost's arms off him but had no avail. Hawkfrost had an iron grip on him.

"You're weak." Hawkfrost commented offhandedly.

Brambleclaw stopped to glare at him. "It's not my fault you're stronger than me! You've had more experience!"

"Oh yeah? What happened to that, "I'm a warrior" thing?"

Brambleclaw growled in frustration finding himself at a loss for words. What could he say in response to that?

Hawkfrost looked down at him with and amused expression. "Are you stupid or something?"

"What?" Brambleclaw demanded.

"Compared to me, you're nothing but a kitten. I can easily tear you to shreds." He lowered his voice. "Just because you're my brother, doesn't mean I'd go easy on you." He spoke so only Brambleclaw could hear him.

Shivers ran down the neko-boy's spine at the double meaning of the phrase.

The three ThunderClan cats watched the scene silently. Squirrelflight couldn't help but feel amazed. She'd always thought Brambleclaw was a relatively calm and collected guy, but seeing how childish he was acting now was rather astonishing. She could never draw those types of emotions out of the tom.

Now that she saw the two side by side, she couldn't help but marvel at how different they were. Brambleclaw looked like a little kid arguing with an older sibling. It didn't help that his shortness made him look absolutely adorable in Squirrelflight's eyes. Her lime green eyes traveled to the other neko-boy. Hawkfrost practically towered over the darker haired boy. He had this cool rebellious look to him. His mysterious ice blue eyes shone with amusement in contrast with Brambleclaw's fiery honey golden eyes. Brambleclaw's hair was a chocolate brown color with cocoa colored streaks; Hawkfrost's hair was dark brown with dark coffee colored streaks.

She felt her hostileness slowly fade away. It was quite touching seeing them converse with one another.

"They may have the same father, but their mothers are different. One of them will walk in light and the other in shadow, it is destined for one of them to fall." Leafpool's words echoed in her mind.

I want to believe that Hawkfrost is the one to turn evil but… Her eyes traveled to Brambleclaw. What if it's him?

Suddenly a pale brown cat with pale toffee brown streaks emerged out of the shadows. There was a scar across the bridge of his nose. He was in his S1L1 form.

His aureate topaz eyes looked past them focusing directly on the two neko-boys.

Hawkfrost's smile disappeared from his face. He released Brambleclaw and stepped away leaving the younger neko-boy surprised at the sudden action.

'Hawkfrost' Tigerclaw spoke telepathically staring straight at his older son. His gaze was piercing as if analyzing his very soul.

'Father' He replied coolly locked in his father's gaze.

The two stared at each other in a dead lock. The cheerful mood was quickly disappeared. The air became thick as the tension grew. The cats shifted uncomfortably. The warriors looked confusedly at Hawkfrost. What was he staring at?

Brambleclaw's stomach twisted as he cauhgt sight of the tabby. Only he and Hawkfrost could see the deceased cat. What did he want?

After what seemed like forever, which were actually a few moments, Hawkfrost turned away breaking his father's gaze.

Tigerclaw had silently communicated a message to him, and he had understood.

'We'll have a talk about this later Hawk'

Gah…I knew I should've left sooner… If there was something he hated, it was spending time alone with his father. It was uncomfortable how intimidating he was, and how he spoke about the world in such a gruesome sense…

He began walking away in the opposite direction. "Hey! Where are you going?" Brambleclaw called.

"My Clan." He replied simply with his back facing them. Then, in a cloud of dust he was gone. The only proof he was standing there a second ago was the flying leaves and kicked up dirt.

Brambleclaw found himself envying Hawkfrost's ability to move so freely in his humanoid form. Brambleclaw was still getting used to his.

"Let's get back to camp." Dustpelt suggested.

The 2 patrol cats nodded and headed back. Brambleclaw transformed back into his S1L1 form and scurried after them. The entire time he felt his father's gaze burning holes through the back of his head.

Brambleclaw shuddered. I hope Hawkfrost doesn't get in trouble for having my scent on him

He could only imagine how the RiverClan cats would react to Hawkfrost walking in with ThunderClan scent on him. It didn't matter that they were brothers, they were in different clans. Being half-related didn't matter, if you're caught conversing with another Clan cat the stakes were high.

Chills went down his spine at the thoughts of punishment RiverClan could give if Hawkfrost was caught. He could be drowned half to death for all he knew.

Shaking his head, he raced to catch up with the patrol. Squirrelflight had waited behind for him. She smiled flirtatiously although she did wrinkle her nose at the fishy scent that lingered on him, the scent of RiverClan. He didn't know why, but he found the scent rather…appealing.

Rolling his eyes in response he thought: Why don't you go back to your dear Ashfur?

The cats sprinted back into ThunderClan camp leaving the forest rattling in their wake.


But I'd rather have them wear something than not wear anything. Besides, their clothes match the patterns on their furs. So just think their pelt transforms into clothes. xD

I don't really know where I'll go with this. This is my first story that will only be one chapter long. Hurray for my first one-shot! :D If you want it to continue, I really don't know what to say to you. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this with all the brotherly love moments. Lol, Brambleclaw's short. xD Please review!