The Other Side of Me

By: hydro-serpent58

Chapter 5: Till' the Skies Bleed Ashes

Mother looking at me
Tell me what do you see?
Yes, I've lost my mind

Brambleclaw sighed strechting out in his S3L1 form. It was nice being in this form, the height advantage it provided was excellent. Not to mention not many cats could make it past S1L1, two of those being the "princess's" of Thunderclan. Oh, how he loved to rub that fact in the face of a certain ginger furred she-cat. Not even Sandstorm got to S3L1, but she did have a S1L2 form.

It has long since been known, that every Leader gained the potential to get to S3L1 from the moment they obtained their 9 lives. However, it is through there own strenght that they can achieve the final form, S3L2. The only Leaders known to have done this would be Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Scourge.

As his thoughts drifted the neko-boy looked up at the sky smiling. Sunlight filterred in through the tree tops lighting up the ground below. It was times like these that he enjoyed being alone. However, it was short lived.

"Yo!" Suddenly a force slammed into him from behind causing him to topple over.

"Gaaah!" He cried out as he went down with a loud thump. He felt weight shift on top of him as he was forced to lie on his back. Opening his eyes, a pair of ice blue orbs met his.

"Hawkfrost!" He hissed.

"How's it going lil' bro?" The neko-boy grinned at him.

"Get off me!"

"Awww, but I like it this way." He replied cuddling up to his younger brother.

Brambleclaw groaned. What in StarClan did he do to deserve this?

*cough*Maybebecause youmockedThunderClans'currentprincess?**cough* A snarky voice spoke in his head.

Oh shut up you! He snapped at his inner consciousness before turning back to the matter at hand.

"Hawfrost..." He started in a bewildered tone.

"Hmmm?" The dark haired tom murmered resting his head on his half-brothers' chest. His eyes were closed, but his dark brown tail swished indicating he was listening.

"Get off me."




"Why not?"

"I don't want to."

The honey-eyed neko-boy sighed exasperated. "If you do not get up, I'll scracth you." After all, he did still have his nails. (claws)

Hawkfrost lifted his head and stared at him. A shadow swept into his eyes and his face took on an unreadable expression.

"I dare you." There was no playfulness in his voice. The look on his face sent chills down Brambleclaws' spine.

Swallowing back his sudden intimidation, his golden eyes gleamed in defiance. "Oh yeah? Well fine!" He responded back heatedly. He refused to show Hawkfrost how unerved he was about that expression.

Raising his hands, he swiped out towards the older neko-boy, claws unsheated. (The nails are sharper than human nails, so really they just grew longer to extend out)

However Hawkfrost was quicker. Grabbing his wrists he pinned the younger toms' wrists above his head. The claws were useless now, unable to reach the target. In that swift motion Hawkfrost had shifted his position and was now straddling Brambleclaw.

Brambleclaw glared at him helplessly while darkened cyan blue eyes stared back. A midnight blue shadow swirling in its depths. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity Hawkfrost spoke, "Too slow, dear brother." The unreadable look slid off and changed into a smirk. The shadow retreated to wherever it had come from.

Relieved the dark haired tom was back to normal, the younger male relaxed a little before firing back a retort.

"Shut up! Why are you even here?" He complained feebly.

Hawkfrost chuckled at his brothers' pathetic defense. "Really Brambleclaw, that's all you have to say?"

The light-brown haired boy opened his mouth to argue before realizing he was indeed at a loss for words. Thus he resorted to shutting his mouth and settled for a death glare.

In response that damn smirk of his widened before the tom released his wrists and leaned back. "I just wanted to talk." He replied airily.

Brambleclaw blinked. "Talk?" He asked grateful he could move again since the older tom had moved off him. He sat up and looked at the other quizzically. Hawkfrost had his legs crossed Indian-style and was leaning back on the palms of his hands.

"You know what I mean." He responded in a relaxed manner.

"And you just had to jump on me for a simple talk?" The younger male replied drily.

"You're cute when you're surprsied, especially when you blush." He responded with a grin.

"Am not." Brambleclaw replied flustered. he felt his cheeks heating up at the comment.

"Oh yes you are, and you know it." The tom pointed out.

The light haired boy flushed, his face colored multiple shades of pink. His golden eyes sparkled embarrassedly and his small form shrunk away trying to disappear. In all, it was quite an adorable picture.

The other neko-boy snickered at his uncomfort. "My point exactly." He muttered closing his eyes. He felt back sprawled on the grass. "How long are you gonna hide? Cuz you're not doing a very good job of it." He spoke nonchalantly.

Brambleclaw hesitantly peeked and saw his bro lying down. Reluctantly he unfurled himself from his fetal position and catiously looked over at him.

Hawkfrost had his arms folded behind his head cutioning it from the ground. There was a peaceful look on his face that calmed Brambleclaw down. Slowly the blush started to fade away. While he observed him sounds of sparrows chirping filled the air. Clouds came into view blocking the sun casting shade upon the duo. Eventually Hawkfrost spoke breaking the silenece. (excluding the birds)

"How's your sister?"

Brambleclaw jerked his head up. "Tawnypelt?" He spoke startled.

"Do you have another one I'm not aware of?"


"Then yes, I'm talking about her."

Brambleclaw face palmed. Gosh, he just made himself look like an idiot. "Okay, I get it." He spoke wearily sighing. He flopped back unto the ground lying next to his brother.

"Last time I visited her, she attacked me thinking I was an intruder before she realized it was me."

Hawkfrost opened one eye and peered at him. "Didn't she catch your scent?"

"Yeah, but I smelt like any other ThunderClan cat—"

"No." By now both his eyes were open and was staring directly at him. "You are her kin. No matter where you are and what scents you pick up, underneath all the smells is your own personal scent cats use to identify you. As siblings your scent was ingraved into her memory at birth since you were her first litter mate. She should've been able to tell it was you all soon as she caught wiff of your smell."

Brambleclaw shifted away uneasily. The stare he was getting really unerved him, biting his lip he quietly spoke. "It's happened before..." [Note: Reference to Midnight]

Hawkfrost shut his eyes at that. "I see." It grew quiet once more. The wind blew shaking the trees while combing the grass.

Brambleclaw continued, "She still cares about me, but she's never visited me at ThunderClan. It's always me that visits her at ShadowClan...sometimes I wonder if it's worth the risk of seeing her." He lowered his eyes and clenched his fists.

Hawkfrost said nothing.

"I mean, when we were younger she would berate me for sneaking into ShadowClan to see her. That was when we were closer, but now she's grown distant from me. I'm still reaching out to her but she shrinks away from me...and seeks refuge in the Clan." Brambleclaw sighed.

"I know I have no right to complain, she's comfortable where she is, she's home. But, she's distant now. If I visit her she's indifferent about it, she greets me and smiles, but it's polite and formal. No longer compassionate or loving. She's neutral about me, well she ALWAYS has been, even before she left. She doesn't side with me, and I can understand that she's loyal to the Clan, but it hurts."

He took in a shaky breath. "She'd put ShadowClan over her own brother...I know she's following the code, but I just can't help but feel betrayed." He whispered.

The entire time Hawkfrost had remained quiet with his eyes closed, a blank mask on his face. Finally he spoke, "That's quite ironic."

Brambleclaw opened his eyes and turned he head to the side looking over at his still form. "Considering it's always me who visits you here at ThunderClan, and you've never once visited me at RiverClan." He spoke bluntly.

Brambleclaw flinched at that. "She may be neutral about you, but doesn't even acknowledge Mothwing as her half-sister and I as her half-brother. Infact she's made it clear that she loathes me." [Note: Reference to Starlight]

His eyes opened. "The fact she refuses accept us as kin nor acknowledge us as siblings shows she holds some sort of grudge against us, and me in particular." Hawkfrost narrowed his eyes, "I don't know if it's because we're rouges, or that she resents the fact Tigerstar mated with another cat, or if she see's us as another of "Tigerstar's Kin" to be grouped with. Wasn't that what drove her out of your Clan?"

Brambleclaw cringed. "Maybe she sees us as a reminder of our father. However..." Hawkfrost sat up and took in Brambleclaw's wilted form. "Never forget she still considers you a brother."

The dark haired tom stood up and walked away leaving the honey-eyed brunet alone.

Brambleclaw entered camp in his S1L1 form. Hawkfrost really knew how to emotionally exhaust him, whenever he hung out with him his emotions would go haywire. Brambleclaw sighed. Now that I think about it, I was the one who did most of the talking He thought humorlessly.

"Brambleclaw." A feminine voice spoke. Turning around honey golden eyes clashed with flamming amber eyes.

"Oh, hey Leafpool." He replied back easily turning to meet her gaze.

The light hazel furred she-cat stopped in front of him and pawed at the ground. Her eyes hesitantly met his before asking, "Have you seen Hawkfrost lately?"

"What?" Brambleclaw replied panicking. Shoot, does she know I've been meeting with him?

"Why do you want to know?" He responded distractedly. Incospiosuly he tried to sniff his fur to see if he had any fish scent of him wondering if that was what had alerted her.

"Well..." She looked away uncertainly, "...just look out for Hawkfrost okay? He's needs someone to look out for him cause he's always taking care of someone else." She spoke vaugely. She subtly unsheated her claws and proceeded to draw an incorrehent figure on the soil unable to look at him. If he had looked closely he would've seen her white paw trembly slightly.

Brambleclaw blinked snapping out of his thoughts. " never cared about Hawkfrost well-being before, why do you care now?" He questioned raising an eyebrow.

A dainty blush flittered over the tabbys' face. "I—It's not like that! I'm j—just concerned, that's all she sputtered."

A good distance away, a lime eyed she-cat watched the interaction between the two. Her mouth was pulled into a frown.

Although she was too far away to hear anything, watching her sister blush and stutter was enough to give her the wrong idea. Her eyes narrowed. How dare she! I had my eye on him first. She thought in disdain.

As she continued to silently send death glares at her sister a voice to her left caught her attention.

"Yo!" A bisqure colored tom suddenly spoke pouncing. However, the sleek pale gray tom he was targeting smoothly side stepped the attack. The hunter ended up somersaulting right into a boulder.

"Owww..." He moaned.

The older tom sighed. "You're not going to catch anyone by surprise by yelling out your prescense."

The other cat rolled over shaking his head before grinning childishly. "Let's go explore around like we used too!" A bisque colored apprentice spoke happily wagging his tail.

A sleek pale gray tom with dark flecks on his back raised an eyebrow. "Birchfall, you're a warrior now. You have the Clan to take care of and aren't you courting Whitewing? Why would you spend time with me?"

Birchfall frowned standing up. "You're my mentor! We don't get to spend time together anymore, and I miss that."

"I was your mentor." The other cat corrected.

Birchfall paused, "That doesn't matter, you'll always be a mentor to me." He vowed. "Besides, I haven't actually approached Whitewing yet, we're still just friends..." He trailed off quietly.

The other tom shook his head. "Listen, if you just want to hang out to ask for mating tips, you're better off asking Ferncloud about that."

"What? NO!" He replied blushing.

"No...I just, want to hang out again. Not as apprentice and mentor, but as family."

The mentor watched him silently. His stare caused Birchfall to shift uneasily.

"Well..." The tom spoke slyly shifting position. "If you manage to pin me I might reconsider..."

Birchfall looked up surprised only to meet the other's challengeing smirk. With a grin he leaped at his idol.

Squirrelflight watched as uncle and nephew mocked fight with one another laughing. Those two were close, REAL close. She had a feeling since Birchfall was his sisters' young kit, the soot colored tom felt he had to protect the kit at all costs, therefore acted more like a protective uncle that could go into warrior mode at any time. His natural personality made the young apprentices gravitate towards him, and at times he would break out of his mentor exterior and just be a somewhat fun-loving tom. It was obvious Whitewing was fond of him and highly regarded him as much as she regarded Brackenfur, if not more. Birchpaw had already shared a connection with him from the begining with Ferncloud talking about the troubles he and Cloudtail would get into as kits.

At one point the soot colored tom felt her gaze on them and looked up. Royal blue eyes widened comically when they found themselves looking into calm lime green. The mentor quickly looked away, a light dust of pink coated his cheeks; however, Squirrelflight noticed it.

He quickly said something to his ex-apprentice before walking off. Birchfall titled his head in confusion before bounding off to follow his uncle.

As the two kin left her line of vision, a dark cruel smile slowly emerged on her face. Lime green eyes glinted maliously as two mischeavous words were spoked:

"Game on."

Daddy looking at me
Will I ever be free?
Have I crossed the line?

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