AUTHORS NOTE. MUST READ TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING WITH THIS STORY: I have had this idea in my head for a while, I really hope you guys like it. Warning: When I write Dean talking I will write it like he has a deaf accent, I am somewhat involved with the deaf community and the deaf woman who gave me my sign name talked like how I will write Dean talking, so I'm purposefully spelling words wrong to make it sound like that. I do not mean it as an insult! Also when there is signing I will write it in spoken English order, and not ASL signing order.

I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1. How It All Started (Bobby's Pov.)

It had me cornered. I was able to exercise the other demons with little trouble, but this ones stronger. It lured me into a warehouse on the outskirts of South Dakota, I should have realize it was a trap.

"Bobby, Bobby, Bobby; you know that's not going to work" she states when I point a gun at her head. "Do you really wanna see this meat suit bleed?" I try to step closer to her but an unseen force pulls me towards the wall.

"Son of a bitch" I mumble.

"Well" here eyes go black and she walks closer to me. She grabs my right shoulder and squeezes.

"Ahh" I cry out when I feel snapping.

"Let the fun begin shall we?" she looks like she wants to say more but the happy expression on her face is replaced with one of pain. I see arms wrap around her neck, and a mans head appears behind her shoulder. "What…." The man brings a tape recorder up to her head, and turns it on.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursion" as the Latin goes on the demon starts twitching. The force that was holding me back disappears, and I hold my arm, not wanting to move my shoulder.

"AAAAHHHHHHH" Black smoke comes from her mouth and goes into the air, leaving the building through a window. The man catches the woman as she falls, and feels for a pulse. He looks at me with his green eyes and lowers the woman's body to the ground.

"Is she dead?" I ask, but I get no answer. He stands back up and I get a better look at him. He has spiky blonde hair, a muscular build, and looks to be around twenty years old. He looks at my hurt shoulder, then back to my eyes. He waves his hand for me to follow him and he starts to walk towards the door. After a few steps he turns around and raises his eye brow in question. "Fine." I follow him out of the building and he leads me to an old pickup truck. "We need to take care of the body son." I say, but again there is no answer. I place my hand on my hidden gun, not trusting what this silent hunter is doing. He opens the passengers side of the truck and turns to face me, a bag in his hands. He looks me in the eye and brings his right hand up to his face. He takes his pointer finger and points from ear to mouth a few times, then finally talks.

"I'm deaf." Wait how can he be deaf? "I can't hear wat ou say" his voice sounds muffled, like someone who has the worst cold ever. "Talk slow." I nod in understanding.

"We need to take care of the girl." As I talk he looks at my lips the whole time.

"I will" he coughs, "tha first." He says pointing to my shoulder. He points to the bed of his truck. "sit" I want to argue, but he gives me a 'do as I say' look. I sit down, still holding my arm.

"Are you a hunter?" I ask, and he gives me a 'duh' look. He gently takes my injured arm into his hands and touches my shoulder. I grind my teeth when a shooting pain goes through my arm. When he's looking back at my face I ask "who are you son?"

"Dean" I nod as he makes a sling using bandage and ties it around my neck, gently placing my right arm in it.

"I'm Bobby Singer." He gives me a confused look and I repeat myself, he nods and packs up his gear. "Aren't you a little young to be hunting by yourself?" he chuckles and looks me in the eye.

"Aren' ou too old?" I chuckle, rolling my eyes.

"Lets take care of the body" he gives me a pointed look, pointing to my shoulder.

"Stay ere." He goes back into the building, leaving me sitting on the bed of his truck. I don't know why I waited there for him, I should have driven off, but I felt for the kid. He comes back ten minutes later, pointing to me.

"What?" I ask once he's close enough to read my lips.

"Car" He says while walking towards the drivers side of his truck. I stand there for a moment, then get into the passengers side. I know I should put my guard up, but I can tell that this Dean guy isn't going to try something. When I close the door I notice him speed writing something on a tablet. He hands it to me and starts the engine.

I think the bitch broke your collarbone; I'm taking you to a hospital. The note reads. I tap him on the shoulder and he looks at my lips.

"I'm fine, I don't need to go." He rolls his eyes and pulls onto the road, not replying to what I said at all. During the whole ride there's silence; I can't talk to him and he doesn't seem to wanna use his voice anymore. Twenty minutes later we pull into the hospital parking lot and he parks in a space. "This is unnecessary." I state when he's looking at me and he chuckles.

"Ya righ" We walk into the ER and he places his hand on my good shoulder. "Sit." I roll my eyes and find a chair. I don't know what the hells happening, I mean this guy is a perfect stranger. Why am I even letting him do this? He comes to me a few minutes later, a clip board in his hands. "Can ou fill this out?" He asks. I nod and he hands it to me. I place the clip board on my knee and fill the form out sloppily with my left hand. When I'm in the middle of writing a piece of paper is placed in my view.

I told them you were my Uncle, you don't mind do you?

"No I don't." He gives me a cocky grin and grabs a car magazine from the table next to him. When I finish filling the form I take the paper Dean wrote on and asked a new question: who the hell are you kid? When I hand it to him he laughs, and it sounds just like his voice.

I'm Dean Frasier. I got a message from a contact saying that there was a hunter here who had a demon problem and that you needed help; I was an hour away from here. I nod, Marcus probably sent him. The next question I write: why are you hunting?

Are you asking why a deaf guy is hunting?

"No" he gives me a look as if asking himself if he should tell me or not. He takes a deep breath and starts writing.

I woke up in a hospital when I was four, and the only thing I could remember was that my name was Dean and that my mother was burned alive while pinned to the ceiling. When I was seventeen my best friend was possessed by a demon and attacked me, but before she could hurt me a guy came in and shot her; I told him about my mom and he decided to teach me about the supernatural world. I've been a hunter ever since. I nod.

"I'm sorry kid." He rolls his eyes and gives me a small grin. I take the pad from him and start writing, knowing that he deserves to know a little about me since he pretty much told me his life story. I wrote about how my wife was possessed by a demon and I had to kill her, making me need to learn about the supernatural.

"I'm sorry." He says while taking his right hand, making a fist, and rubbing circles into his chest.

"Is that sign language?" I ask and he nods while moving his right fist in a knocking motion in the air, I'm guessing that means yes.

"Singer" I hear a nurse call and I stand up.

"I'll be ere." Dean states and I nod following the nurse into through the doors.

My fucking collarbones cracked, God Damnit! Because of where it was cracked they only needed to wrap the area so I wouldn't move it and put my right arm into a sling.

"Do you have someone who can drive you home?" the doctor asks two hours later. "You shouldn't be driving with those pain pills in your system."

"My nephew's here" I say, wanting to chuckle at calling a Dean my nephew.

"Good." He hands me a folder with instructions and business cards inside. "And here is your medication, take these for the next two weeks and don't drive unless it's an emergency."

"K, thanks doc." I say as we head back to the waiting room. When Dean sees us he jumps out of his chair and walks to us.

"So?" he asks.

"Cracked collarbone." He nods and looks at the doctor as he tells him some things before bidding us off. As we walk out of the hospital Dean hands me a piece of paper that asks where am I staying. "I live thirty minutes away from here." He nods and gets into the drivers side of his truck. "You don't need to take me." He rolls his eyes, and starts writing again.

You're on pain meds man, I'm taking you home. Don't worry, I'm not some psycho who's going to take advantage of you or anything. I laugh rolling my eyes and nod. I tell him how to get to my house and we drive out of the parking lot.

END OF CHAPTER 1! So what did you guys think? I know that Bobby seemed a little to accepting of Deans help but remember that in the show Bobby always had a soft spot for Dean. Thanks for reading! If you guys have any question feel free to PM me.

Next Chapter I don't know who's Pov yet. They get to Bobby's salvage yard.