Note: I do not own Dead Space, Dead Space 2, or any of the characters used. This is simply written for entertainment. Also, this fanfic has a good amount of spoilers. Be warned.

Isaac woke up. He got up from the floor, and noticed that he was in a train station, with a board on the wall next to him reading "Welcome to the Residential area of the Sprawl". Isaac looked at it, confused. He also noticed that there were five other people lying around him, who were also beginning to wake up. He recognized them. Isaac called out their names.

"Nicole? Kendra? Hammond? Kyne? MERCER?"

The five were now fully upright, and just as confused as he was. Nicole went to hug Isaac.

"Isaac! You're alright!" Isaac was now thoroughly dumbfounded.

"…Shouldn't you be dead? In fact, shouldn't ALL of you be dead?"

Hammond, Kendra, Mercer, Kyne, and Nicole looked at him, bewildered, then, their jaws dropped. Everyone began panicking. Mercer was on his knees, screaming at the ceiling, Kendra and Hammonds' eyes were shooting daggers at each other, Nicole was crying and hugging Isaac so hard he was being crushed and Kyne was shaking, and backing away from Kendra, while pointing an accusing finger at her. Hammond shouted, silencing the group momentarily.

"Just what the hell is going on here? ANYONE KNOW? I distinctly remember getting my leg pulled off and getting thrown through a window before blacking out! Why is it still attached? Why are we on the Sprawl? And WHY are we all here?"

Nicole shouted as well," And what about the fact that I shot myself up with poison? Shouldn't I be dead?"

Kyne only glared at Kendra, and murmured, "Murderer…"

Kendra snorted," Oh please, Doctor. I only did what had to be done. Now, getting slapped to pieces by a huge tentacle? That's something to cry about."

Everyone saw that Mercer was still screaming at the ceiling. They opted to ignore him. Hammond began talking again.

"Alright, we need to find the best course of action. We need to find out why we're here, why we're still alive, and how to get out of here. Any ideas?"

Kendra was about to speak up when Hammond backhand slapped her across the face, knocking her out. Isaac was shocked,"What did you do that for, Hammond?"

"Oh please! I've wanted to do that for a hell of a while!"

It looked like the room was about to erupt into more chaos when suddenly, a door in the corner of the station opened. Everyone looked in the direction of the door, alerted, to see Hans Tiedemann and a black-haired, hoodie-wearing young woman next to him. Isaac called him out, "TIEDEMANN!" Tiedemann responded," CLARKE!"

Before anyone could stop them, they went at it, punching and kicking each other like two drunk men. The whole group looked on until Isaac finally kicked Tiedemann in the crotch, dealing him great pain and flooring him. Isaac spat on the ground next to him.

"Owned. BIATCH."

Isaac dusted himself off and turned to the woman who was with Tiedemann, "Sorry and you are?"

The girl responded, but she was obviously frightened out of her mind, "I-I'm Lexine. Weller." Isaac recognized the name,"Weller? Why does that sound familiar?" Lexine opened her mouth to answer when everyone heard the distinct sound of a train coming into the station. The train stopped near the platform, and two figures, supporting a third one, were inside the train. The doors opened, and it was apparent who they were. Isaac opened his mouth in shock as Ellie Langford and a man wearing a Patrol RIG who he did not recognize walked towards the group, supporting a bleeding, knocked-out Nolan Stross. Isaac began to call out to Ellie, when Lexine suddenly called out to the man, silencing Isaac.



The whole group watched as Lexine went up to the man now known as Gabe. She hugged him, crying, "Gabe… I thought you were dead"…

Gabe replied, "So did I, honey, so did I." They began to kiss. Everyone looked on as Lexine quite obviously, and provocatively, slid her tongue into Gabe's mouth. This pissed Hammond off, and only by the combined muscle of Isaac, Kyne, and the now-awake Kendra did they manage to restrain Hammond from beating the innocent couple up. Lexine and Gabe abruptly stopped kissing, staring at the manic man in front of them. Isaac, still struggling to help keep the furious Hammond in a grip, shouted at him, "What has gotten into you Hammond? Where'd your cool go?" This caused Hammond to stop struggling, and begin crying, dropping to his knees.

"I-I (sniff) I've had enough! Necromorphs, getting ripped apart… now-now this!". Everyone silently looked on as Kendra knelt down to comfort Hammond. Mercer was still screaming, with no signs that he would stop anytime soon, Gabe and Lexine were staring blankly at everyone else, Hammond was still crying, Kendra was comforting him, Ellie, Nicole, and Isaac stood next to each other and watched the scene, while Kyne was tending to Stross.

Then, Gabe noticed Tiedemann on the ground, moaning and clutching his family jewels. Gabe looked around, and spoke, "Who beat up Tiedemann?" Isaac raised his hand. Gabe walked over and high-fived him, "Good one, brother. No one calls a hit on my wife and gets away in one piece."

11 people, stuck in the Sprawl, for some mysterious reason, and most of them should be dead. What the hell will they do?

This will continue! See you guys later!