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Having wheeled the now-dead Kyne into the freezer, the rest of the group waited patiently as Ellie scribbled relentlessly on a piece of napkin. Disturbingly, she was giggling like a madwoman, and was now clad in a white scientist's lab coat which she had seemingly procured from nowhere. Isaac had said that crazy girls are always better, but now he was eating his words. He wanted the "crazy in the sack" sort of crazy, not "lobotomy candidate" kind of crazy. No one was courageous enough to get close to her, so they all stood around, awkwardly. As the minutes passed, they began to grow more and more frightened at Ellie's apparent spontaneous insanity.

Finally, Gabe had had enough. His legs were getting sore, and he was already a man of a rather short temper. This was becoming too much. He took a deep breath, cracked his knuckles, and took a step in Ellie's direction.

"Wait!" Lexine whispered, her eyes suddenly brimming with tears. "Don't go, Gabe. You-you may not make it back in one piece."

Gabe's frown deepened, and he realized that his wife had a point. But still, he did not care. He had a duty as a soldier to fulfill.

"No, Lexine. I have to do this. For all of our sakes," he answered. His tone was solid with resolution. Gently, he caressed his wife's cheek, and turned to the insane woman that stood before them. He took another step, intent on breaking the awkward silence that reigned throughout the darkened complex.

Suddenly, Ellie tossed a crumpled piece of paper over her shoulder. It proceeded to harmlessly bounce off the sturdy steel plates of Gabe's suit, but he freaked out nonetheless. As soon as it made contact with his body, Gabe Weller, a hardened security sergeant and an only slightly less badass necromorph killer than Isaac Clarke, squealed like a horny teenage boy with a newly-bought batch of porn magazines and fled in terror. He went to his wife, desperate for some form of solace and protection from the cruel, wicked projectile that was Ellie Langford's discarded scrap paper.

Lexine facepalmed, as did the other onlookers. No one dared to approach Ellie again.

"Isaac, hey," whispered Hammond. He had an interesting look in his eye. It was a mixture of fear and boredom, which sounds like it's impossible but whatever. The engineer turned to look at Hammond. Isaac's Advanced RIG helmet had been re-assembled upon his head and it concealed whatever emotions lay under it. Given that Gabe's helmet now covered his face as well, all the other unarmored individuals were somewhat envious of the only two armored ones.

"What is it Hammond? This better be important!" Isaac hissed, not wanting to anger the visibly unstable Ellie.

Hammond's tone turned from indifferent to serious. "It is. I think Ellie will snap out of it if you go and talk to her."

Isaac couldn't believe his ears. Hammond basically just told him to commit gory suicide. Though, he realized that they were all likely exaggerating Ellie's lethality, but he didn't want to take any chances. He had seen what she was capable of doing to a swarm of necromorphs. He didn't want to end up like them. He prepared to yell at Hammond, but soon realized that the man was not speaking with ill intentions. He genuinely believed that Isaac was the only person in the room who was capable of not being killed by Ellie. Isaac realized that Hammond really did have a point. After all, he and Ellie HAD endured the harrowing experience that was the Sprawl outbreak together.

But then, they were all making a mountain out of a molehill with Ellie's supposed threat. At least, Isaac hoped so.

Isaac groaned, then wordlessly went to Ellie, not even bothering to take caution. Behind him, Gabe stirred, fearful for his fellow badass's life, but Lexine held him back. Kendra, Tiedemann, and Mercer had long since realized that they didn't have to fear Ellie that much, since there was only one of her, and a lot of everyone else. They would easily be able to overpower her should she turn violent, which they didn't see as being likely. However, they were still cautious. None of them bothered to stop Isaac as he walked towards Ellie. He was the born leader of the group, after all. Many necromorphs had fallen to the swift deadliness of his plasma cutter and the pure brutality of his stomps and whacks. There was no way he could be beaten.

Isaac found himself reflexively bending his knees slightly as he neared Ellie. He couldn't help it. What if she was truly dangerous? What if Gabe was actually right to fear her? It didn't matter now. It was too late to turn back. If he did so, he would be forever regarded as a coward by his companions. At least, he thought so.

"Um, Ellie?" Isaac asked, rather quietly. "You alright? You seem a bit stressed."

Astonishingly, Ellie immediately snapped out of her seemingly random crazed trance, and spoke to Isaac with seemingly normal composure. "Just in time. I got the list ready for you." She proceeded to shove one of the many pieces of paper sprawled across the table, and left without another word. Isaac and the others looked on dumbly as she went to the elevator and ascended. No one was responsive enough to ask questions. They simply stared, because none of the events that had just occurred added up.

After watching Ellie shut her bedroom door, Isaac stared blankly at the sheet of paper in his hand. He expected a long, convoluted list of seemingly unrelated items which Ellie would make successful use of in her currently-unknown psychotic plan to bring Kyne back to life, because that's usually what mad scientists in movies do. But instead, he saw that there was only a single, well-written, very legible word scribbled on it:


Isaac stared at the word, a blank look on his face. Out of all the illogical and completely impossible things that had occurred since his unexplained return to the Sprawl, this took the cake. Isaac could feel his mind beginning to crack. None of this made sense. They were seemingly all out of character, as well. Hammond, for example, was no longer himself. Gabe was a weakling. He himself was only barely sane by now. The Marker's hallucinations were absolutely NOTHING compared to this craziness.

He could feel his mind beginning to crack. There had to be a reason for all of this nonsense. But he couldn't grasp it.