Word count: 100 on the nose. Boo-yah!

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: skunk. Dean considers that the family business might need a financial overhaul. Saving people, killing things is still the Winchester family business, but creative financing plans are available. Dialogue only.

"We should charge these folks. We could use ."


"What? Cash only, then. Get a few jobs in Cali. I'm thinking Beverly Hills. Get paid big money for once. I'm sick of microwaved mystery meat. I'd like to sleep in a soft bed for once."

"Dean, what we do is our own reward."

"Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that, Sammy. We're stuck here in Skunk Hollow, Georgia. Risking our necks for free."

"You gonna bitch all day about this?"

"I might. Pick up that iron stake and let's go. We're burning daylight and those goblins aren't gonna stake themselves."