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"Why did we break up" I kept asking myself the same question for the past 15 minutes. Instead of waiting for Lussuria and Squalo, I decided to walk to the castle. Couldn't I just call Levi to come pick me up? Yeah, I could. But I needed a walk to clear my head off of everything.

I don't know what happened. When I saw Fran and Dino kiss, its like... the world stoppped. And...I mean what the Hell? Since when did that damn Frog like that damn Bronco? Thy don't even look good together! That fuckin' pair makes no sense whatsoever. I didn't even know they knew each other. And there they were, making out in the back of the restaurant. I know I punched an already seriously injured Fran. Do I care? No. Do I regret it? No. Frankly, a fuckin' punch can lead to a very sexual display of affection! I knew I shouldn't have gone with Lussuria. Its just... I wanted to see Fran completely mess up the date, not to see Fran all up on him! It pisses me off so much! How come all of a sudden people start liking Fran? I liked him because he was different, unique than anyone I've ever seen before. But, damn, what is he now? Some...some man-whore? I wanna take my knife and just stab him right in-!

"B-belphegor?" The familiar voice of someone calling me name stopped my endless thoughts of how stupid Fran is. I looked at who called my name, but no one familiar. So I continued walking.

"Belphegor, wait!" I heard. Then I recognized the voice all too well.
I pulled myself together and turned around, "Ushishishi, you nheed my help, Tuna Vongola?"

Behing Sawada Tsunayoshi were his henchmen Gokudera Hayato and Yamamoto Takeshi. All three were panting after running up to me.
"I-I'm so glad...w-we found you..." Tuna Vongola tried to catch his breath.
"Ushishi, everyone's glad to be in presence with the prince."
"Oi! Cut it with all that prince crap!" Gokudera snapped. I looked at the weaker storm. His hands rested on his knees as he bent in exhaustion, also catching his breath. From the last time we encountered, he had grown. Well, he looked stronger. His eyes met mine.
"What the Hell are you looking at, psychotic bastard?"
Yamamoto laughed and patted his friends back, "Calm down Gokudera."
"Take your hands off me, baseball nut!" He stepped away from him.
I was surprised. Gokduera was frustrated in Yamamoto? Aren't the two going out?

"Shishi, you two get in some fight?" I asked both of them.
"Eh...?" Tsuna looked at the two.
"What are you talking about? We're always fighting!" Gokudera glared at Yamamoto, but he still kept his friendly smile.
"Oh? Ushishi, did you two break up?"
"What? Break? Since when were we even together?"
Yamamoto laughed it out carelessly.
"B-bel...what are you talking about? They were never going out..." Tsuna told me.
"Oh. Hm. Squalo was lying then," I shrugged.
"That sword bastard told you that we were going out?"
"Ushishishi. So then you're with Tuna Vongola?" I looked at the helpless brunette in front of me.
"E-eh? N-No! W-we're not together!" Tuna told me nervously, "I-I'm with Kyoya..."
"What the fuck? Oh I get it..." I widened my smile.
"Get what?" Tsuna asked.
"Why the Fucking Bucking Bronco is going after Fran."
"D-dino-san is with Fran?" Tsuna exclaimed.
"Does that even make sense...?" Gokduera thought.
"S-so why is he going after Fran then?" Yamamoto asked.
"Because, Tuna Vongola is with that Cloud guy. He's now go nowhere else to go. So he's going after Hibari's rival's student to get him jealous!"
All three of them sweatdropped.
"W-wouldn't he just go after Mukuro then?" Tsuna asked.
"Why the Hell would anyone wanna date an illusion?" I said.
"H-he got out...four months ago.."
I ignored him, "Well, so basically, Dino's just using Fran. Ushishishi!"
"W-wait, y-you're not with Fran?"
"Obviously not, he's too good for him," Gokudera said.
"Ushishishi, why thank you."
"I was talking about Fran, bastard," he told me.
I shot him a mean look, "Would you like to die? Then I recommend you shut your damn mouth!"
"Why don't you make me?" Gokudera threw his cigarette on the ground, stepped on it, and stood face to face with me.

"G-gokudera-kun," Tsuna looked at both of us warily.
I scoffed, " I don't wanna waste my time with you peasants."
I continued walking back to the Castle.
"Bel! Wait! W-we need help!" Tsuna called out.
I still continued walking.
"Juudaime, we can just find it ourselves."
"Come on, Tsuna."
I stopped walking, "What do you need help with?
I could just tell they too stopped walking.
"We just need to find the hotel we'll be staying at, "I heard Tsuna say.
I turned to face him, "Which hotel is it?"
"Holiday Inn." (A/N: Whatever, used a real hotel.)
"Ushishi, since you're begging-"
"No we weren't!"
"-I'll direct you to the hotel."
"Thanks Bel."
"Ushishishi, whatever."

About fifteen minutes I had showed the peasants to their commoner hotel.
"Okay, you can go now!" Gokduera told me.
Ushishishi, how easy to get the Storm mad.
"Why don't you stay for dinner?" The Rain's perspective was completely different.
"Oi! What the hell? Why would we invite this stuck up Varia over?"
"Ushishi, why would I want to eat commoner food anyways? Especially with you people," I snarled at Gokudera.
"Insult us again and I'll kill you!" He "threatened" me.
"Go ahead and try. Peasant," I hissed and pulled out a set of of my knives, ready to attack.
"Y-you guys! Calm down!" Tuna Vongola got in between us.
"Yeah, if you don't want to join us for sushi, you don't have to fight about it!" Yamamoto chuckled.
Then I stepped back and looked at the Rain, "...sushi?"
"Yeah," he nodded.
"Hm. Sushi doesn't sound too bad..." I muttered.
"Well you're not invited!" Gokudera snapped.
"G-Gokudera-kun...l-let's just have him join us..." Tsuna said, looking somewhat frightened. I liked it when I had that effect on people. My smile widened.
"Okay Juudaime!" Gokudera immediately responded.
Tsuna unlocked the door to the three room suite they were staying in.
"Ushishishi, so this is where your kinda come on vacation. It's not fit for-"
"Well its not like you're gonna be staying her for long, so shut up!"
Tsuna sighed and set his stuff down.
"I'll begin making the sushi," Yamamoto dropped his bags on the recliner and ran into the kitchen.
"Y-you can sit down...if you want," Tsuna offered me. I looked at the couch behind me and just decided to stand. It was the kinda of couch you see in... regular people houses! Tsuna scratched the back of his head and sat down.
"The Sun baby isn't with you?" I asked.
"He said he wanted to stay in Japan."
I slipped my hands inside my coat pockets, "So you're with that Cloud guy? How long has it been?"
A-a months and two weeks..."
"Hm," I examined the puppy-like boy, "I wonder what he sees in you."
"Shut up! What would anyone see in you?" Gokudera sneered.
"Ushishi, what a stupid question," I looked away from the bomber.
"S-so...uh...B-bel..h-how are you?"
It was a shock that someone would ever really ask me that. Or that he actually cared.
"What would it matter to you?"I rudely replied back, despite how kind he was being.
"Theirs no point in being nice to him, Juudaime."
Tsuna ignored him, "It's seem troubled."
I should have known he sensed something. He has his damn Hyper Intuition.
"I'm fine, alright?" I lied and crossed my arms across my chest.
"O-okay then..."
I peeked at the two, and when I did, I saw him looking at me. Gokudera Hayato.


It was 3:35 when both of use reached the Varia Castle.
"Hmm nobody's home," I said when I peeped inside. I know we left Squalo and Luss still eating at the restaurant, but where was Boss? His car was even gone...
"Not Bel either?" Dino asked.
I opened the door all the way and walked in,"Stupid fake prince senpai?" I called out. But no response.
"Nope," i closed the door once Dino stepped in.
"You're going to see Hibari Kyoya tomorrow to get him wet or something?" I asked and sat down on the couch.
He blushed, "Wh-what?"
"I didn't stutter Bronco," I looked at him with my usual expressionless face.
"N-no...I'm just going to train him..." he sat down next to me.
"Training him? On what?"
He chuckled, "Fran, relax, I don't like Kyoya like that!"
And then he took my hand. I was just making sure he wasn't into his student like that. Because their were a few rumors...Not that I like Dino or anything...
"Well you are staying there for a week," I pulled my hand away.
"At least I don't live with my ex," he remarked.
"You don't trust me? Plus he's me ex. I think you should be more scared for me."
He turned so his back faced me, "You don't trust me, I don't trust you."
I silently sighed and mentally slapped myself, "But we're not in a relationship."
He still didn't say anything, but he crossed his arms out in front of him like a pouting toddler.
"Okay, I'm sorry," I placed my hand on his shoulder, "I trust you."
Still nothing.
"Bronco? Dino...?" I shook him.
He remained silent. I rolled my eyes.
"You're being a baby," I said and climbed on my knees on the couch and moved closer to him. My other hand went on his other shoulder.
"I said I'm sorry," I whispered in his ear. I saw him shiver just a bit. His eyes shut abruptly.
"Why would you think I'd do something to senpai?" i asked quietly and kissed him on the cheek. It was hard to see his face sitting on my knees behind me, so I scooted in a little closer. His arms uncrossed now.
"I trust you not to do anything with him," I said and sent soft kisses down his beck. My hand went from his shoulder down to inside his shirt. He slowly turned to look at me.
"What is it? Want to be pleased or something?"
"How can you say that monotonously?" He chuckled.
"I'm gifted in a lot of things," i shrugged.
he blushed. I pressed my lips on his and then pulled back after just one quick second. When I saw the look on his face, I could tell he wanted more. Of course he does. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth unexpectedly. My hand went farther down his shirt. His fingers gripped onto the couch tightly as if it were too much for him. But I was just getting started. Still while kissing him, I got infront of him, sitting on his lap now. He removed his blazer. Things began to heat up. I messed with his Italian blond hair and pulled him closer to me. His arms wrapped around my waist. I slowly and gently brought him down so he laid on the couch. My hands unbuckled his belt and slit it out harshly. I dropped it on the floor.
"F-fran..." he moaned, "a-are you sure?"
I licked his lips slowly and bit him, "I know you want to.."
His hands moved to my pants. I smirked.
"That's right Bronco. You want me."
I unbuttoned his pants and slid my hand inside. He gasped.
"N-not here...Fran..." he whimpered.
"Yes, here. Why should we move?" I asked.
He didn't reply back, but he responded. The Bronco removed his shirt. So his tattoos do go farther down, huh? I began removing his pants until he only had his boxers on. and then the door swung open.
"Shit," I muttered.
"Oi! Is anyone-eh?"
Senpai's voice was the last thing I wanted to hear right now. Nobody in the room said anything. Senpai's moth was widely agape, looking at us. I got off of Dino and stood up (thank God I still had half of my clothes on).
" brought food," I noticed the three boxes in the hands.
"Haven't you eaten enough from your date?" He said in a low voice.
"I didn't say I wanted some stupid prince," I retorted, which led to a stab in my arm. Dino criss crossed on the couch, not shy or anything. Hm.
"Well, ushishishi, have fun..." he mumbled and quickly ran upstairs.
"Actually Fran, I should get going. I remember that I still need to pack for Japan," he said as he put his clothes on.
"Okay then," I handed him his shirt," tell shisho I said hi if you see him."
With a low chuckle and sexy grin he said, "Sure."
Dino stood up and gave me a quick kiss, "See ya."

And with that, he left the Varia Castle.


I knew I shouldn't have come back so soon. I had a feeling something like this would happen. god, I could be so stupid sometimes. How far did they go? Well, Froggy's clothes were still on, so I guess that means the Bronco hasn't seen his body parts that I once claimed mine. I can't believe I walked in on that. Rather than take out, I should have stayed with them. At least no one is a lovey-dovey couple over there! Fuck! how can Fran suddenly be having sex? It was their first date, they barely even fucking know each other!

"Fucking revenge," I thought aloud and closed the window in my room. I mean, according to Xanxus, their is that Vongola Party Ball coming up. Maybe I could take someone. Someone that'd get Fran jealous. But I still have time to think about who to take.

"That fucking Frog!" I mumbled and threw four knives at the wall in anger.

Maybe I should just relax. I am the one that broke up with him in the first place. What should I be complaining about? And don't you dare to even think that I'm jealous. Not of Fran, not of Dino. Ushishis, not in a million years. I sighed and took a seat on my bed. Then I turned and saw the mirror across the room. When I saw my reflection, I swore I thought I saw...lonely. Crazy, yes, but vacant. Still sexy, ushishishi, but not confident. I stood up and walked over to it. The fact that I looked different made me wonder if it's because of Fran. It can't be, though. I don't love him. I don't love anyone. For some reason, I hat ethe thought of falling in love. I slowly moved my soft golden hair away from my eyes. The mirror showed a lonely prince with beautiful sapphire deep blue e eyes. Filled with shame, and hurt. Why the Hell do I look like this? I never looked like this! Is it obvious to see? Fuck, I'll need Lussuria's cover-up!
"Senpau, I think we need-" The voice suddenly stopped when I turned around. Neither of us said anything. He was staring at me, though. Why is he-? Shit, my eyes! I turned my back to him and quickly set my hair back in place. Dammit, he saw them. I clenched my fists and slammed them on the wall, ignoring the fact that he was still here.
"Fuck! Fran, what the Hell do you want?" I asked, still with my back faced to him.
"To talk," he said calmly, like fucking always.
"About what?" i faced him, "what in your right fuckin' mind thinks I want to talk to you right now?"
"I didn't think you'd be on your man period when I walked up here," he shrugged it off.
Tears began to well up on my eyes, it was embarrassing, :I don't wanna fuckin' talk to you! I don't even wanna see you anymore! Can you at least do me one favor and stay away from me? Go have sex with your boyfriend and leave me alone!" I shouted and felt tears rolling down my cheeks.
He just scratched his head, "Alright senpai, I understand that you're in a tough situation, I'll call a therapist if you want, but-"
"Fran," I quietly said and wiped my tears - though more kept coming ," leave. Please?
Fran looked at me for a moment and then he nodded, "Okay senpai."

He said nothing more, did nothing more, than open the door and leave my sight.

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